Part XVIII MorHonayah; Surely, There Can Be No Greater Blessing From Heaven Than That We Do Walk And Talk With The Lord Our God

Greeting all my relations,

As we meet again this day, to share the last heart felt messages and prophecies from MorHonayah… That Great American Nemenhah Indian Prophet and Angel…

MorHonayah’s (Moroni’s) words…

31) Yea, the Nemenhah have been blessed beyond measure.

And this is also a blessing unto me, for I am Nemenhah also.

I would just like to thank and honor Chiefs Cloudpiler and Wellamotkin for sharing and restoring these ancient records and ceremonies, from their family history… and giving all of us a chance to become Nemenhah through Spiritual Adoption… and learn their ways and customs…

Come and join with us  “all your relations” and learn from the Temple Teachings of The Great Indian Prophet Ougou Abt. 33 A.D

Jesus Christ visits The Nemenhah and teaches them the very secrets of creation…

….just where the story began… Before The Great Consensus Council in Heaven… Learn The Great Plan of Salvation for all of us…

How it all began Times before Times…

found in Vol.2 The Book of The High Place…

To begin your healing and spiritual journey today just…

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Also a big shout out and thanks to all the Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women for their special gifts of healing that they are using to help fullfill the Sacred Five-Fold Mission…

Founded in unique indigenous culture and essential non-denominational religious principles that harmonize with countless Faiths and Belief Systems, Nemenhah Ministers across the globe operate within the Five-Fold Mission to bring ceremony and ethics to all walks of life in a pro-active and exciting restoration of the Sacred in Healing.  Whether as a practitioner of a healing modality, a student of spiritual self-improvement, avid gardener, or homemaker, Nemenhah Ministry empowers every aspect of life with universal High Principles that become the “Pillars” of our core foundation.


Our Mission:

Every Member enters into a Sacred Order of the Native American Church of the Nemenhah ITO through the ancient indigenous covenant of Spiritual Adoption,
which is the Ceremony of “Making of Relations”. 
This initial “Taking of Orders” is part of the inter-tribal, inter-discipline relationship
and religious structure that defines the essence of Nemenhah Ministry. 
We are not a “Tribe” as defined by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other government agencies, nor do we wish to be; our Mission is best served within the precepts of the United States Code (RFRA) as well as other Laws of the Land in other countries. 
Each part of the Five-Fold Mission represents a single Point on a Hoop, neither beginning nor ending, and no point supersedes another in relevance.  To date, Nemenhah ITO stands alone as the only organization of its kind
in the United States and many other countries.
Healing Individuals
Our Ministers forge the way through which individuals suffering from ailments both physical and spiritual may find Emergence and the structural organization of the Nemenhah People provides the security and safety to fulfill this sacred work.  Our Ministers operate within their Stewardships, as Custodians of bona-fide Ceremony of the Nemenhah, free from the inhibitory and exterminatory regulations of outside agencies (USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B § 2000BB–1, RFRA).

Healing Families
The ceremonial practices and principles of the Nemenhah place utmost importance

on the development and support of the intrinsic Family Unit,

 a concept rapidly losing relevance in today’s modern world. 

Nemenhah Ministers place no greater significance than that over little children or for caring for our loved ones through the administering of sacred healing and sustainable living practices such as Permaculture and Sacred Giveaway. 

Nemenhah Ministers, whether as practitioners of a specific modality or not, inspire their children and families toward developing ethical High Principles through regular spiritual activities, physical disciplines and youth activities, and also the broadening of young minds through education both at home and abroad.

Healing Communities
Nemenhah Ministers work to extract themselves from the Commerce Serpent where the buying and selling of goods and services, merely for the getting of gain, drives families and entire communities into the slavery of debt and endless consumerism.

 Our Ministers rise above Commerce by transforming their practices and “clientele”  into parish establishments founded and administrated by sound ethical principles

and ceremonies that promote essential charity, tolerance, civility and sustainability

for the practitioner and his/her “clients”. 

Clients become Parishioners, Congregants, Supplicants and members of a highly spiritual local congregation of like-minded people within a global community supported by “Pillars” of High Principles.

Healing Society
The especially high standards of practice, excellence and ethics promoted by Nemenhah Ministers is administrated universally through the implementation and practice of an

Indigenous Consensus Council System passed on to modern Nemenhah

By our Ancestors. 

Nemenhah is self-regulating with local, regional and global administration designed to provide our Ministers with every level of authoritative instruction and guidance they could possibly need, as well as the crucial religious infrastructure that provides for RFRA implementation and protection in the face of exterminatory persecution.  Our Ministers introduce the concept of governance that is based in universal moral and ethical religious orientation to Peoples and Nations by their own participation and by promoting the sound community-building practices found within Nemenhah Society in general.

Healing the Planet
By applying principles of personal, local and community sustainability through essential charity, moderation and ethical governance, Ministers of the Nemenhah strive to reduce the horrific impact of modern consumerist practices on the environment

 and our Mother Earth. 

By expressing our devotion to “All my Relations” through the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices such as Permaculture, waste reduction, recycling and community based production and environmental awareness, our Ministers take a pro-active approach to restoring the health and vitality of

this motherly sphere that sustains all life as we know it.

Thank you…
For your interest in Nemenhah and we hope this information was helpful in illuminating our purpose and Organization.  Feel free to contact us any time with questions and comments at the contact information provided on this website.

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We Walk in a Sacred Manner, We Talk in a Sacred Manner;
We Are All Relations!

It is a great honor to share with you all…

The last chapter of The Record of MorHonayah and the last book of Volume 4 of The Mentinah Archives or The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah…

Chapter Eighteen

1) And under the direction of the high priest, the people made a regulation of the church and of their religion.

But behold, they required no man or woman to comply with their directives as Tucantor did, but all were invited to seek a confirmation of the truth for themselves.

2) And behold, if any person received not the same confirmation as the rest of the people, they were not punished or shunned.

But because all the people were admonished to receive the Holy Ghost  in all things, and also the direct commission of the Lord, the influence of those who would control the people or take authority over them was made the lesser of their concerns.

3) But when a person broke the laws of the city, they were dealt with according as the people did dictate.

And this was done to insure the peace, but never as a means of demanding that one person believe the same as any other.

4) And behold, there were those who continued to believe the teachings of Tucantor and this did create a division among the people.

But such division was not against the law of the people and, even though Tucantor would have taken the control of the entire city, his followers were still considered part of the
community and their vote had as much weight as any other’s.

5) And Tucantor took some few of his followers and they did request of the council a piece of land on the which to build a synagogue.

And the council did grant the land and they did build.

And the followers of Tucantor worshipped God after their own conscience and most ways their worship did resemble the ways of the Nemenhah, except that the priesthood was elevated in an extreme manner and almost they did appear to worship the high priest and extol him instead of God.

And the priesthood and all public service was withheld from all women.

6) But behold, they were full of charity and good works, and they did speak peaceably to all the people.

And they did teach baptism with water and also the purification of the Ammonihah.

And they did marry and were given in marriage.

Yea, in all ways they did resemble the Nemenhah and they did do the things the
Nemenhah did, except in the power and authority they rendered unto the priesthood, and also in the manner in which they did subjugate women.

7) And the more part of their beliefs did appear well to the people and they did allow them all freedom to act and be acted upon in the city, just as they did any other citizen.

But behold, among the followers of Tucantor, there were those who had much, in terms of spiritual things, and there were those who had less.

And behold, among them there were even those unto whom the ordinances and the gifts were withheld because they were deemed unworthy by the high priest.

Wherefore, there were divisions among them and hard feelings and harsh words, and this thing was seen by the council of Mentinah and by the Peli as troubling, and they watched them silently.

8) But the city and its citizens did prosper, as did all the cities and settlements in the land, with the exception of certain cities away down in the south by the gulf of the sea.

In some of these cities there was division and unrest.

For some of the people there had ceased to give of their surplus and began to heap up their substance as in days of old.

9) And this thing was because of the remnant of the Gadiantonhem left in that region after the Great War.

And they did pervert the ways of the Nemenhah.

10) But in the northern regions and in the mountains, the ways of the Nemenhah continued unchanged and the people did prosper and grow.

And behold, they did also prosper in the things of the Spirit.

For they did seek the face of Christ and the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

Wherefore, in their daily walk and their daily talk, they did seek the sacred

and they were highly favored of the Lord.

11) And in my own city there was peace.

Yea, in all the remainder of my life, I saw no reason to grieve or to hasten away to settle any conflict at all.

The people of Elak Kowat needed little admonition to seek their God and this was a great comfort to me.

12) And behold, I became old, having lived well past the age of a tree.

And I began to feel my Lord call me.

Yea, I began to feel that He would call me home.

Wherefore behold, I did beg the people to call another to sit in the seat of the high priest in my stead.

But they would not, preferring that I ought to be high priest to them until the day that I should be taken from among them.

13) And I do finish my record.

For I do believe that I shall surely lay down my life soon.

Yea, I shall go unto my grandfathers and enter into that rest of the Lord that He does promise unto them who love Him.

14) For I do love the Lord with all my heart.

And with all my might I do worship Him.

Yea, He is my wellspring, and the bread of my life.

He has promised that I might be filled with His love and

 Behold, He has done it.

Yea, He has promised that I might have His light and

 Behold, I do walk daily in that light.

15) Behold, I have been blessed beyond all that I had thought possible.

Yea, I have been blessed greatly.

I have bound myself to a daughter of God and we have seen His face together.

16) Our children do honor us and do us honor in all their walk and talk.

Yea, in all that they have done, they have given us cause only to praise our God in them.

Surely, our children are a blessing unto us.

17) And behold, we have prospered in every good thing that we have undertaken.

Yea, our crops do grow and our beasts multiply.

Our work has been hard and sometimes we have been greatly burdened.

But, with every burden under which we have bowed our backs, giving thanks unto God, behold, He has blessed us and succored us.

18) And behold, has He hid His face from us?

I say unto you, Nay!

He has led us into His presence.

And it is a great blessing to us that He does not require us to wait

until the day of our death to come unto Him,

and a great blessing that we may approach Him even in our bodies.

For behold, He has prepared the Way before us and we do make good use of it.

19) And this is the key to our prosperity, our success, and our happiness.

For is it possible that we could have been so prosperous and happy without

His presence in our lives?

It may be possible that we might have succeeded in the wilderness, but could we claim such happiness?

Or can anyone say that greater happiness can be achieved than that

the Lord should prepare all things before them?

Nay, but we have been blessed and prospered because of the goodness of our God.

20) For the world is a wilderness and we are lost in it without the Lord.

Yea, we do walk alone in darkness, hoping to find truth and health,

and hoping to be able to provide for our needs.

And the sun does rise upon us each day, but so also does it rise upon our enemies.

Lone and dangerous is the world and filled with calamity.

21) Yea, the world is full of war and of rumor of evil and without the love of God we would be as the beasts of the field and of the mountains.

For, surely He does love them also, but they are left to make their way in the wild.

Behold, short and bitter is the life of the wild animal, and so too would be the life of man if it were not for the Lord and His grace.

22) For behold, because of Him we may become more than we are.

Yea, because of His atonement, we may hope to emerge from darkness into the light of the day of His grace.

Yea, and we have hope that our lives may account for a greater thing and a greater work.

Behold, we may arise out of this darkness into a blessed state of happiness.

23) And behold, He has provided that this life might be a type of the life that we shall enjoy hereafter.

Yea, even in the midst of darkness,

yet may we walk upon the Way with Him and see His face.

And behold, walking with Him and in His way,

we may be instructed in all things and emerge,

putting down this clay and taking up great glory and exaltation.

24) We shall not remain as we are but shall become even as He is.

And if we are perfected in all things, then are we not made as the Father?

Then are we not become as the Mother?

And is this not a greater thing than we could ever imagine?

Yea, is this not a blessing?

25) For it is beyond hope that we could have overcome our natures without the assistance of Him who overcame all things.

Yea, it is beyond hope that we could have, in this carnal, put away all carnality.

Behold, it is beyond hope that we could have arisen with our mortality into immortality. Great is God and holy,

for He has provided for us a way out of darkness.

26) And behold, we shall rise into immortality and eternal life.

 Yea, because of His atonement, we shall cast aside all that is beastly.

The night of our tribulation shall bring again the dawning of His glory in us.

And we shall learn war no more.

Surely, our swords shall we make into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks.

And the science of war we shall teach no more unto our children.

For the Lord is our vanguard and our rearguard.

Yea, He shall go before us and we are girded up in His love.

27) Behold, the Lord is our foundation and our sure wall.

He is the buttress that does protect us from the forces of the world.

He has revealed Himself to us and does not hide His face from us.

We do live in His presence and He does instruct us.

28) And we do come into His presence and He does make His abode with us.

Surely, there can be no greater blessing from heaven

than that we do walk and talk with the Lord our God.

For, what calamity can compare and what tribulation can make conquest of that peace which comes only from the presence of God?

29) And His yoke is not heavy.

We are not bowed down by His commandments.

His doctrine is simple and it is easy to live.

We are edified by His spirit and the Holy Ghost is our constant companion.

There is no want in our souls and we do hunger and thirst, but not for bread and wine, for of these things we have plenty.

But we do hunger and thirst after righteousness because the Lord is with us.

30) Behold we do honor the Lord in all things, remembering Him and His sacrifice for us.

He has taken us into His household and we are His children.

Yea, we do sit at the feet of our Lord and we do learn wisdom, even as a little child does sit at the feet of his grandfather or his grandmother and learn wisdom.

Such is our Lord unto us.

31) Yea, the Nemenhah have been blessed beyond measure.

And this is also a blessing unto me, for I am Nemenhah also.

And in all that the Nemenhah are blessed and prospered, I do esteem it blessing and
prosperity unto myself.

32) And even in my rememberings, of a life long past, which are full of grievous things, yet I do rejoice in my Lord.

For all of my sufferings have become joy and all of my pain also.

And that field of blood and crimson which I thought was all that I had left in my stead, by which the world must surely have remembered me, He has turned up and made of it as a field of white.

Surely, I am the most blessed of men.

33) Wherefore, I do give up this stylus and also all my tools unto my son, and I go unto that rest which my Lord shall provide for me.


The End of Volume 4 cj…

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