Part XVI MorHonayah; And Behold, We Know That This Is The Work And The Purpose Of Priesthood – Yea, It Is To Bring Men And Women Unto The Peacemaker

Greetings all my relations,

It is a great blessing to have these words from the Great Indian Prophet MorHonayah (Moroni). We are going to continue studying today, from the Sacred Records of The Nemenhah;


The Record of MorHonayah

The Son of Mormon

Chapter Sixteen

1) Now, this event did disturb the people greatly.

For they had always thought that the high priest did act in accordance with that which is confirmed by the Holy Ghost.

And it did seem that this high priest did speak contrary to that confirmation.

Yea, even he did speak in contradiction of those things which the Lord Himself did teach when He visited our forefathers.

2) But there was some truth in his words.

For, the Lord did give the orders of the priesthood to be a means whereby men might learn to do the things that He does.

And also, He did give the priesthood that men and women

might learn to serve one another.

3) But He did by no means teach that the priesthood is the font of salvation.

For the Holy Ghost is that holy being by whose power we may know

The truth

And have a remembrance of all things.

And also that same Holy Ghost does seal up the righteous unto Christ.

Wherefore, He is called the Holy Spirit of Promise and it is by this sealing that we may come unto Christ and become His.

For, the Peacemaker is the font of our salvation.

4) And behold, we know that this is the work

And the purpose of priesthood.

Yea, it is to bring men and women unto the Peacemaker

And to be sealed up His.

Wherefore, heaven and earth may pass away, yet shall all that is His stand forever.

And therefore, if we are His, then when the earth does flee and the heavens melt away, yet shall we stand in our lot and live.

5) But Tucantor would have it believed that this same Holy Ghost is secondary to the priesthood and that His purpose is not as has been taught by prophets and by God Himself.

Yea, he would have us all believe that the power of the priesthood supersedes that unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost and that we ought not have the right to seek a confirmation of the truth of all things.

6) But this is contrary to the work and the will of God.

For, are we not taught that we must seek His face?

And how shall we know of a surety that God even exists?

Shall Tucantor declare and all simply believe?

Is this sufficient?

I say unto you, Nay.

7) Behold, I do believe that the land of Jerusalem, from whence came our forefathers, does truly exist far away to the West.

But I have never stepped upon that land.

Nay, I cannot testify of my own knowledge that Jerusalem is real and that in that city there yet stands one stone upon another.

Indeed, how may I do it?

For, unless I see the city with my own eyes, I cannot testify anything about it.

8) But behold, I can and do testify of the existence and the divinity of my Lord, yea, even every day of my life.

And how may this be done unless I have seen Him with my own eyes?

Behold, by the power of the Holy Ghost has the truth of the identity and the character of God been made known to me.

9)  Does the high priest make a thing so simply by declaring it?

Or does God exist because the high priest declares it?

I say unto you, Nay.

Behold, the high priest may only testify of what he knows by and through the gift of the Holy Ghost which is in him and then invite others to seek that same confirmation.

10)  But, if I receive not the same confirmation as the high priest, shall I be condemned as a sinner?

Believe it not.

Or shall I be cast out from among the people because I receive not the same confirmation as the high priest?

I say unto you, Nay.

Or is it the high priest unto whom I must come

to obtain a remission of my sins?

Or is it unto the high priest that I must seek to be sealed?

11)  Behold, the people of Mentinah took from Tucantor the mantle of high priest of the city, but can they remove from him to be known as Peli and high priest?

Not at all.

It is verily so, he does not agree with the voice or common consent of the people, but that does not make him a sinner or miscreant.

The intent of his heart shall continue to define him.

12)  Behold, the priesthood of God is a tool for him and through it we may work to perfect ourselves and better our lives through service to our fellow beings.

I am not given to be high priest in the city of Elak Kowat because I am perfect already.

Nay! But rather, I am called up by my people to serve them in all things, and in this way I am edified.

Yea, in this thing I am given a means whereby I might to do more for my neighbor than I might have otherwise been able to do.

13)  And behold, I am high priest to my city.

Does this give me authority to do more than my calling allows?

Yea, does this give me authority to order the lives of my neighbors?

To say unto them, you must do this or you must do that.

And behold, if you do not this or that, you shall not be blessed of the Lord?

 Does the high priest, or any office of the priesthood,

give anyone the right or authority to declare worthiness

or to withhold ordinances?

Is the priesthood mighty to save, or is it the priesthood that which brings salvation?
I say unto, it is not.

And does the priesthood convey dominion over any thing?

I say unto you, It does not.

to be continued cj…

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