Part XV MorHonayah; How Is It That The Doors To The Temple Of Eve Stand Closed To Her Children?

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It is a great day to meet with you again.

Lets pray and give thanks for the teachings of our ancestors.

We return return to study;

Vol 4: The Record of MorHonayah

The Son of Mormon

Chapter Fifteen

1) Behold, the Nemenhah know unto whom they look for atonement.

It is the same today as it was when the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Did gather all living into that great council

wherein they did initiate the New and Everlasting Covenant.

Yea, we do know that we shall have all things brought to our remembrance

by the Holy Ghost, even the Holy Spirit of Promise.

And behold, I say again, we do know unto whom we look for exaltation.

We do look to our Creator, the Peacemaker, even the Son of God.

2) And we do also know that should any man, kindred or nation declare unto the world that salvation comes not through Him who is mighty to save.

Behold, it is a sign unto us that they have left the plan of happiness, and the path of truth.

Yea, if ever we begin to think of ourselves as saviors in that light, we know to turn ourselves again and repent of the evil which has come into our hearts.

3) Now, this thing did verily come to pass in Mentinah.

For there was elevated to the seat of high priest one who was mighty to prophesy.

Not long after the controversy was resolved in Mentinah over who should stay and who should remove to another place, in order that the people placed not too great a burden upon the land, the high priest whom the people of Mentinah had chosen died, as all men do.

4)  And they resolved upon another to take unto themselves a certain man to be high priest who was mighty in prophecy.

And his name was Tucantor, and he was descended

from Hagoth and from Hementah.

5)  And he did walk upon the Way for a time.

But behold, he ceased to subject all things unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, insomuch that he did begin to interpret every thought that did come into his mind and into his heart as the very word and will of God.

And because of this, he did begin to place constraints upon the personal revelation that is the right of every person.

6)  Yea, when he called upon his fellow servants to fill certain stewardships, he did declare unto them that they had no choice in the matter.

Or, in other words, he taught them that they ought not to importune the Lord in the matter because that he had already received the word of the Lord.

And also he did begin to teach that only the high priest had the keys to prophesy

and to receive revelation for and in behalf of the whole nation.

Wherefore, the individual had no more right to such things, for the Lord had chosen him to be His seer.

7)  Now, in this thing he did greatly err.

For, the seer is the servant of the Lord.

And if he is the Lord’s servant then he must also be the servant of the people.

Yet the high priest of Mentinah did manifest what he declared to be the will of the Lord unto all the people and he did not invite them to follow, but rather, he demanded obedience of them.

Wherefore, he became the taskmaster of all the people.

8)  And this was grievous to the people.

For the Lord had taught them that they must come unto Him.

But the high priest insisted that they must not importune Him nor weary Him with inquiry.

Yea, he even taught the people that to do so, or in other words, to inquire of the Lord concerning any matter upon which the high priest had already spoken, was to take the Lord’s name in vain.

9)  And behold, this teaching did go about the country and there were some of the high priests in other cities and settlements that took it up also.

Yea, and even some of the priests and the teachers did also take it up.

To the extent that a division developed among the people.

10)  And the people of my city did come unto me and they did inquire of me my opinion of the doctrine, saying;

11)  What think you of this new doctrine which the high priest of Mentinah does preach concerning importuning the Lord in all things?

For, he does teach us that we ought not to seek the confirmation of the Holy Ghost in all things, but that in all matters upon which our leaders have already spoken, we should
leave well enough alone.

For, if we importune the Lord, yea, if we weary Him, do we not endanger our own salvation?

12)  And I answered them saying;

13)  This doctrine is false.

Let us go up even unto Mentinah and inquire of the high priest concerning it.

For it is my understanding that the Lord has I do not recall where He has admonished us to pray unto the high priest.

Wherefore, let us go up even unto Mentinah and see what this high priest will say.
14)  And we did make a delegation and we did travel up even unto Mentinah.

And we did arrive in the middle of the day and the high priest and all them that he had called to assist him had gone up into the temple to worship.

And behold, when we came nigh unto the temple, behold, one of his servants did come forth and declare unto us that the high priest was at private service in the temple and we could not go in unto him.

15)  Now, this was a curious thing indeed.

For, have our forefathers not taught that the temple is the High Place of the Lord and that none should ever be prevented from going in unto it?

I say unto you, This is the custom of the High Place of the Lord.

16)  Wherefore, I did beat upon the door of the temple or lodge of Adam to find the high priest there.

And I found him not.

Whereupon, we did pass through.

And we did beat upon the doors of all the lodges of the temple until we had ascended the hill even unto the temple of Eve and the door thereof.

17)  And when I did beat upon the door, a servant did come out unto us and addressed us, saying;

18)  What is the cause of this noise that you make in the holy place?

Have you no reverence for the temple of God or of His priesthood?

19)  And I did answer him.

And these are the words with which I did make my response;

20)  How is it that the doors to the temple of Eve stand closed to her children?

Has this ever been?

Or when have the doors of the High Place become a bulwark to prevent entrance to the righteous?

21)  And the man did answer me, saying;

22)  Behold, Mor Honayah, if you were truly the righteous as you say, you would not come up to the High Place bellowing like a bull.

Those within are worshipping in reverence.

Be still and disturb them not!

23)  And these words did sting me to the center, and I did answer him, saying;

24)  I come to make a joyful sound with my brother the high priest.

Or is the worship of the high priest become so reverent that there is no joy to be found in the High Place under his stewardship?

How is it that the high priest does go into the High Place and lock the doors behind him?

When did the ordinances and the observance of them become private worship?

25)  And the man, whose name was Shan Rayin, did answer me, saying;

26)  Behold, the high priest did receive of the Lord a revelation and did give him new ordinances to be performed herein.

And only those called of God by the mouth of the high priest of Mentinah, who is the
seer and prophet of God, may go up into the High Place.

For the Lord has always given the management of the High Place and of the Archives into the hands of the high priest.

Wherefore, his are the keys of this priesthood and none possess them but him in this generation.

Wherefore, do not come up from out of your waste place, your refuge, and seek to order the house of God.

27)  Now behold, these words did kindle in me a wrath which I had not felt since the Nephite war, and I did pass by Sha Rayin and I did stand forth and cast down the door of the temple of Eve.

And when I had cast down the door, I did set it gently against the wall thereof, that none might think that I lacked reverence for the house of my mother.

But behold, I did pass into the lodge to confront the high priest.

28)  But, before I could stand forth to make my inquiry of him, behold we were set upon by armed men and we were forced to retreat from out of the High Place altogether, for we were not accustomed to carrying arms in the holy place.

And these armed men did stand forth to prevent any conversation with the high priest.

29)  Wherefore, I did take the delegation and we did assemble in the place of Counsel. Yea, and we did call upon and summon the Council to hear our grievance.

But behold, the clerk of the Council did inform us that by a revelation received of the high priest, the Council of Mentinah had been dissolved and done away.

Wherefore, there was none to hear our complaint.

30)  Now, all this had been done in the city of Mentinah by word of revelation received by the high priest.

And it was done quickly and under arms was it accomplished.

Yea, and so quickly was this done that none yet knew of it even within most precincts of the city.

So quickly had this man done this wickedness that the people themselves were hardly aware of it.

And he had done it under guise of priesthood.

31)  And we did voice the news abroad in the city, that all might know of it.

And a multitude did gather to hear the rumor, scarcely believing that such a thing could come to pass in Mentinah.

And when we had related to the multitude what had taken place amongst their fair city, they believed us not at all.

Wherefore, we did entreat them to go even up to the High Place and see for themselves if there were not armed men at the gate thereof to bar the way before them.

32)  And they did return unto us and they did testify unto the multitude that our words were spoken in truth.

Yea, they did testify unto all the people that the high priest had set armed men at the gate of the High Place to bar the way to any who had not received of him a new priesthood.

33)  Then were the people outraged and they all went straightway up to the temple to see the thing for themselves.

And behold, when the guards saw the number of the people approaching them, that it was great, they cast down their weapons and begged the crowd to hear them, saying;

34)  Behold, men and women of Mentinah, put this thing not upon us.

For did you not raise up to yourselves this high priest?

And is he not a man great in prophecy and in visions?

Wherefore, he did command us in accordance with his stewardship over this house.

And are we able to judge our master?

35)  And with these words they did placate the mob. 

For behold, never before was such a thing seen in Mentinah.

Yea, never before had the doors of the High Place been shut to any person.

And never before had a high priest ever sought to usurp the rights of the people and subvert the ways of the Lord. And their anger was hot.

36)  And they did place me at the head of the mob and we did pass through even up the hill to the door of the temple of Eve, and we did enter therein and found the high priest kneeling before an altar of stone cut by the hand of man, yea, with steps leading up to it, which he had caused to be raised up in that holy place.

37)  And when he did perceive that his guards had not kept the people from his private worship, he stood before us and was wroth.

And surely he did speak to us with hard words, saying;

38)  What is this evil?

How do you come up to this holy place, yea, even into the sanctuary of the High Place
to disturb my worship?

39)  And I did answer him, saying;

40)  Behold, I am Mor Honayah, the same who was high priest in this place, but am now high priest of Elak Kowat.

I came up into this place with that same spirit and countenance with which I have ever
approached the High Place.

But behold, I was met with locked doors and armed men.

What have you been doing here?

41)  And he answered me, saying;

42)  Go back to Elak Kowat, Mor Honayah.

Go back even unto your own city and rule it as you see fit.

The Lord has chosen me to be prophet of Mentinah and has given me priesthood and authority.

Wherefore, seek not to circumvent the Lord or His prophet.

43)  And I answered him, saying;

44)  I will of a surety go back to my own home, Tucantor, but not before you have answered my questions.

For I esteem that the high priest of Mentinah is a duty and a stewardship of some import to us all.

Wherefore, when strange news came even unto me in my own city, I determined that I ought to withhold judgment until I had spoken unto you concerning the thing.

45)  For behold, Tucantor, I believed not that such stories as were told to me could be true.

For, I was told of the undoing of all that the Nemenhah have stood for over the course of all the generations since we left the Land Southward.

But I could not believe that such a thing could have been done by one chosen by the
people to safeguard even that which is most precious to us.

46)  Wherefore, I shall leave and return unto my own place in good and due course.

But before I do, you shall surely answer me my inquiry.

47)  And Tucantor puffed himself up in his pride and he answered me, saying;

48)  Of a truth, Mor Honayah, you shall ask your questions.

But I say unto you, I shall answer only that which pleases me.

For I have received the keys of the kingdom and do not answer to you.

Wherefore, make your inquiry.

49)  And I did reason with him;

50)  I have been told that you have decreed that the Lord makes known His mystery and His will to you through revelation.

51)  That is correct, Mor Honayah.

The Lord has revealed to me His order.

Yea, I have received under the hand of His servant, even an angel of the Lord, that order of priesthood whereby He shall govern His people in righteousness.

52)  And I answered unto him; That is well Tucantor.

Surely the Lord shall give His commission unto whom He will, for it is His alone to give.

53)  You speak the truth, Mor Honayah.

The Lord does give of His authority sparingly.

And by the word of His angel He has given the keys of His authority unto me.

54)  And again I answered him saying;

55)  How may one know of a surety that what you say is true?

How may I know beyond the doubting in my heart that you are truly the anointed of God and that I may follow all your words with confidence?

Is there not some way in which the Lord might appease my anxiety?

56)  And Tucantor did answer me, saying;

57)  Do not trifle with the things of the Lord, Mor Honayah.

Nay, make not a play thing of the word and will of Him whose voice is like a two-edged sword.

For to play upon His words is to take up the sword not by the hilt, but by the blade.

Wherefore, have a care.

58)  Surely, what you say is true, Tucantor.

But I am just a man.

How may a mere man know the truth of what you say?

How may I test your prophecy?

59)  And Tucantor answered me, saying;
60)  You cannot.

You must obey.

The Lord will reveal what He will and you shall have no complaint.

And the Lord shall reveal His secrets unto whom He will and again you shall have no complaint.

61)  And I answered him; You are mistaken, Tucantor.

For the Lord has taught us and we have all that He has revealed unto His prophets.

And has He not entreated us to subject all things unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost?

Has He not taught that the Holy Ghost shall be a comforter unto us?

And shall the Holy Ghost no longer bring anything to our remembrance because you have seen an angel?

62)  And you declare that there shall be but one prophet.

Is this a sound doctrine?

Is this how the Lord has treated with His people?

Shall we throw out all the scriptures because you have seen an angel?

Shall we give over our responsibility to test all things, yea, and prove all things by the Holy Ghost because you are a man with gifts?

63)  And hearing this, the high priest was wroth and he spoke harshly unto me and unto all the multitude.

And the rumor of his words went out unto all the people.

64)  Mor Honayah, you are mistaken.

We live in different times.

Do not judge the Lord your God.

Surely, if He desires to work differently today than He did in generations past, what is this to you.

Will you dictate to the Lord how He shall do this, or will you regulate the Lord in how He shall do that?

65)  And I answered him, saying;
66)  I do not begrudge the Lord any thing.

Nay, I would not seek to judge my God.

Let Him do according to His word and will.

For, His ways are always good and just.

And if He has given you a new revelation which does illuminate His word and His will for us in our day, I am well.

I shall follow your revelation.

Yea, I shall bow to your prophecy, if the Holy Ghost does testify and witness unto me the truth of it.

67)  For, behold I say unto you Tucantor, there is more than one God in the Heavens with whom we have to do.

Yea, there is the Father and the Mother.

And there is the Son.

And there is the Holy Ghost.

And there are many Heavenly Beings.

And I know that they are separate beings, yet their purpose is one.

And they did enter into a covenant with each other to bring about this world and this creation.

68)  Wherefore, the Lord has taught that He shall surely reveal His secrets unto His servants the prophets.

But behold, He has also taught that we must submit all His words

and revelations unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

69)  Verily, he has taught that it is by the power of the Holy Ghost

 that we shall test all things.

Yea, it is by the gift of the Holy Ghost that we shall prove all things.

And it is by the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost

that all things shall be made know.

 Yea, all things shall become written in us as upon a book.

70)  But behold, you have declared that to test your words by this great gift shall be accounted unto us as sin and for unrighteousness.

Yea, you have condemned us for importuning the Lord, saying that we must not seek a confirmation of anything that has already been spoken by the prophet of God.

71)  But I ask you, what shall we do with all that has been spoken by his prophets before you?

If you are truly the prophet of God in our day, and if you possess the keys of the priesthood and of the kingdom, then do you also suggest that the archives be broken and the records be burned and melted down?

Yea, shall we throw out the revelations of God to His prophets because you have seen an angel?

Is this truly the will of the Lord?

72)  And what shall they do who walk upon the Way and speak with angels daily?

Have the angels locked the doors that give upon the Way as you have locked the doors of the temple?

Or does God no longer wish His children to come unto Him.

Does He have no time for us now?

Does He no longer welcome us into His presence?

And if this is so, then what is the purpose of this existence?

Shall you do away with the very creation because you have seen an angel?

73)  You declare that the Lord has conferred upon you a new order of priesthood and you deny the High Place and the ordinances thereof to all but they whom you authorize with this order.

But tell me, Tucantor, have you received His commission?

74)  And Tucantor answered me, saying;

75)  Behold, as I sat in the temple, an angel appeared to me and taught me concerning the ways of the Lord.

And he did teach me that we have all been misled.

Yea, we have been all these generations bound up in error.

For, we have believed a doctrine that has gone contrary to the gospel as it was given unto our fathers.

Yea, we have left the path of truth to go down a road that leads into oblivion.

76)  Set aside all that you have learned of men and listen to me, for I speak the words of God.

There is one authority given of heaven whereby the ordinances of salvation may be delivered unto the children of men.

And this authority is the priesthood.

By it and through it men speak and act in the name of God and only in this way may we avail ourselves of the ordinances and performances required by the Lord for salvation’s sake.

Surely, He will not admit anyone into His kingdom who has not received the ordinances
of the priesthood.

77)  And He has revealed through this same angel that, although many men might possess this authority, they shall nevertheless be governed by that one in whom the Lord shall invest the keys thereof.

And none shall have more authority than the anointed of God.

Wherefore, it is reasonable that when the prophet of God shall receive a doctrine by revelation, he is not to be questioned in it, neither by men, nor by spirit.

78)  For, the Gifts of the Spirit are good and they are useful, but they do not supersede the priesthood.

And shall one man have a gift and do away with the authority given to the anointed of God?

I say unto you, Nay, for this is confusion.

Yet have we been confused all these generations.

For, we have been taught that even Christ Himself may not speak without our rushing out to test His words by this Holy Ghost.

And shall the Holy Ghost, which is but a spirit, possess more authority than God, who is both body and spirit?

79)  And shall one man’s gift overcome another’s.

It has been revealed unto me that one man may have a gift and it may only be useful until it seeks to make conquest of the power and authority of the priesthood.

And this priesthood God gives in orders and He sets apart His chosen to govern it on earth, even as He governs it in heaven.

And behold, at the head of the orders of the priesthood, God places His anointed.

For, God’s house is a house of order and there is no confusion in it.

80)  Now, it is certain that they who act against the word and will of God, as it is revealed by Him to His servants the prophets, shall not enjoy the same blessings as they who obey His commandments.

And surely, they shall not go up into the House of the Lord if they will not obey His commandments.

Wherefore, it has been revealed unto me by the angel that only they who have proven themselves loyal to the commandments of God ought to enter into the holy halls of His home.

It is to keep out the filthiness of the world that the doors of the High Place are closed to all but the righteous.

81)  Wherefore, you were mistaken Mor Honayah when you said that the doors of the temple were unjustly barred before you.

For, they are only locked to those who lack authority to go up thither.

And did you come unto the high priest of this city to seek this priesthood?

I say unto you Nay. The word and the will of God is not important to you.

But you did come straight up unto the High Place as if it was your own house to do with as you will.

82)  And behold, you lied when you said that armed men assailed you.

For, it is you who assailed the House of God.

Those servants of the Lord whom He placed to guard the High Place intended no injury upon you, but can you claim the same?

I say unto you, Nay.

You came to do harm and injury upon the Lord in His own house.

Do not judge the servants of the Lord for their loyalty and for their desire to preserve that
which is precious.

83)  And after this manner did the high priest of Mentinah speak in the temple of Eve where we found him.

And the people were all struck dumb, not by any power of heaven or of earth, but by amazement.

For, never had they heard such doctrine.

But they had allowed this to take place in their own city and right under their own eaves.

Wherefore, they were amazed at the words of their high priest.

84)  And there was one man whose name was Micah, and he cried out to the people, saying;

85)  Let us call upon the Council of the City to hear this matter.

For surely these are strange doctrines and not like anything that we have heard or been taught.

86)  And I answered him, saying;

87)  A good thought.

Yea, that would be right, according to the laws and traditions of the people of this city.

But behold, the high priest has released the Council and has not called for a new one.

Who then shall hear the case?

88)  And the people cried out in one voice, yea, the common voice of the people was heard on the Mountain of the Lord’s House and it echoed down the streets and alleyways of Mentinah.

And they cried out in one accord that they did not sustain the high priest.

89)  And they took him and stripped him of the shawl and removed from him the seat of high priest.

And he walked through the midst of them in his pride even unto his own house.

And when he had reached his own house he did turn again and address the people, saying;

90)  Behold, I am still high priest in this city.

For, I did receive the anointing of God.

I did not become high priest upon your appointment, but under the hands of an angel.

Wherefore, how can you think to remove from me what has been given by God?

And behold, they who remain loyal to me shall labor under my direction day by day until

I sit once again to judge this city and its people.

Wherefore, think not that by the common consent of this people that I have lost ought because of you.

91)  And none of the ordinances performed for any reason by any person in this city, nay, behold by anyone in the whole land, shall be acceptable to the Lord until the people do uphold the right by which they seek to act in His holy name.

And when they do that, He will once again accept their sacrifice.

Until then, you shall all labor under the condemnation of God, a condemnation which shall not be lifted by the common consent of the wicked.

92)  And he went within his house and was high priest no more.

to be continued cj…

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