Part XIII MorHonayah; Emerging Out Of This Telestial Into A Terrestrial Sphere That We May Be More Fully Instructed By Angels

Greetings all my relations,

It is such a blessing to be able to meet with you all, and have this sacred talk …

And that we would walk in a sacred manor as taught to us on The Way by our Nemenhah ancestors and other just men and women made perfect in Christ.

Emulating the kind of acts, as taught to us, by The Lord Himself, recorded in The New Testament and other Volumes of Scriptures…

What are we to do?

What Jesus would do if He was here? …standing right next to you?


WWJD=What Would Jesus Do? Let’s Pray for His Will…In The Circle (hoop)

The High Place on The Way and meet together as one people in heart and mind and continue on the road to Zion!

I have dedicated this website to the study of The Gospel of Jesus Christ…

Behold, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

that we should all come unto the knowledge of the Son,

and unto His wisdom,

and His stature as a son of God.

Yea, this is the will of the Lord 

that all might emerge out of what we now are,

into that which we must become,

if we are to be the sons and daughters of God

in more than mere words only.

Today’s message speaks to us from out of the dust and sands of time…

just as was prophesied by Nephi, in the Book of Mormon…

From The Prophet MorHonayah (The Angel Maroni ) to the discovery of more records.

The Prophet Moroni’s very own family history records now called in The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah.

Let’s begin today’s study.

Vol 4: Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen
1)  It is written that Noah did plant for himself a vineyard, for he was an husbandman. And he did harvest the fruit of his vine and he did make of it pure wine.

And when he did drink of his wine he became drunken with it and he went into his tabernacle for to sleep.

2)  And behold, his son Ham did enter into the tent and he did see his father’s nakedness. And when he had done this thing, he did return out ofthe tent.

And when his brethren discovered the act, they did the opposite of their brother Ham and they did walk with their father’s raiment upon their shoulders, being chaste.

Yea, they obtained all the teaching of their father and they were priests and prophets to their people.

3)  And Noah did curse his son Ham and he was denied the thing that is most to be desired, even that which allows a man to gain access to heavenly beings

and to emerge from out of this clay and set aside the beast.

For, this is that heritage which might have been sufficient to correct in Ham that aberration of character which led him into unnatural love.

But Ham, being caught up in the carnal lust of his heart, knew not what he had lost.

4)  And Pharoah, his grandson, though he was reported to be a righteous man and a righteous king, nevertheless he did preserve a heritage of wickedness because of that thing of his father’s that he chose to continue.

Surely he did no injury to his fellowman.

But he was caught up in the carnality to which his grandfather fell prey.

Behold, this is the curse that was preserved by Pharoah and by Egyptus,

for through them this same curse continued.

5)  And behold, the scriptures assure us that Pharoah desired what he thought to be the right of priesthood, but he was denied because of the curse which he had helped to preserve.

And all his descendents who would not repent of this evil, were also denied the commission of the Lord.

6)  For, it is only through the bonding together of the unique endowment of power of the mother and of the father that we may hope to become as our Father and Mother in Heaven.

And it is only by emerging out of this telestial into a terrestrial sphere that we may be more fully instructed by Angels, the spirits of just men and women made perfect, and by the Lord Himself.

7)  And behold, it would have been for Pharoah just as it is for any man.

If we want to become like our Lord, then we must do what he does.

Yea, we must receive of Him the commission to do His work and His will,

subduing the flesh.

Verily, this is priesthood.

But we are commissioned to do the Lord’s work only upon the principle of revelation by and through the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost.

8)  Wherefore, because Pharoah took up again the sin of his fathers, and also of Egyptus, the Lord denied him His commission and he had no right of priesthood.

And, though he ruled his people well and was a righteous king,

yet he subdued not his own flesh.

In this he did also deny the Lord’s commission to his whole generation and his entire nation. 

9)  Behold, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

that we should all come unto the knowledge of the Son,

and unto His wisdom,

and His stature as a son of God.

Yea, this is the will of the Lord

– that all might emerge out of what we now are

into that which we must become,

if we are to be the sons and daughters of God

in more than mere words only.


Yea, and the commission of the Lord is priesthood.

10)  He may give unto us authority to convey this gospel to all the world and to confer priesthood upon everyone.

But without the commission received by the gift of revelation,

the conferring of priesthood is as the sound of a drum,

beautiful but not lasting.

And when the sound of the drumbeat is gone,

what is left of priesthood but memory.

11)  Behold, it is also written of another Noah who was a King among the Nephites.

And he did confer priesthoods upon his favorites.

And behold, even though they claimed the priesthood and the authority of
God, they did commit whoredoms in the sight of the people.

12)  Wherefore, is priesthood in the conferring?

Or is it in ordination that the right of priesthood is transmitted unto men?

I say unto you, Nay.

For there was one among them whom the Lord took to Himself after that he had repented.

Yea, unto Alma the Lord did reveal Himself and He did give him His commission.

Then had Alma priesthood indeed, not by the word and will of a king, but by the word and will of God.

13)  Observe these two Noahs and remember the instruction.

For they being dead do continue to teach us still.

14)  Noah, our father of old, conveyed unto his righteous sons all that he could, but they did receive of the Lord according to their own commitment.

Noah could not have bestowed anything upon that son who sinned in his heart.

15)  Noah, the wicked Nephite king conveyed all that he could of his own unto those whom he chose, but they could receive nothing of the Lord because of their lack of commitment to His will.

King Noah could bestow nothing lasting and eternal upon any man, though he possessed all the authority of a kingdom.

16)  Oh man!

Never think yourself too big.

Puff not yourself up in the pride of your heart!

Do you think that you can lay hands upon any person and convey unto them that which is not yours to convey?

Know that the laying on of hands is only the physical token of the priesthood.

But nothing at all is conveyed except by and through the commission received directly from the Peacemaker by personal revelation. 

17)  Wherefore, we may perform the ordinances but they are hollow without revelation.

Yea, we may preach and teach, but our words are false if we are not on the Lords errand and under His commission.

And we may confer upon men the priesthood, but only in empty words and meaningless phrases without the direction of the Lord. 

And we may wash and anoint, but for what purpose?

We are filthy still without the word and will of the Lord.

And shall we stand together and declare ourselves the Friends of Christ and that our calling is made sure?

Behold, I say unto you,

Not without that the Lord Himself does stand up to declare it with us.

18)  All else is dross.

Yea, I speak clearly that you might understand clearly.

If anyone teaches ought of priesthoods and authorities more than these things,

they instruct in vanities.

Yea, they utter falsehoods.

Their teaching is a Jaguar woven in cloth.

19)  Let not language determine what is priesthood and what is not. Priesthood is notthe man. Nay, nor is it his calling or his station.

It is the commission of Christ.

And if a man has received the commission of Christ and the Holy Ghost confirms,

then you may know with a surety that it is done unto him by revelation.

And if the commission has been received by revelation, then let that man be ordained, for he possesses priesthood already.

Yea, he is a priest unto his God, wherefore, let him be ordained.

20)  And it is according to the words of Christ which we did receive of Him directly when He did visit the Nemenhah in the flesh,

that all women have received the commission of the Mother.

They too have priesthood already, wherefore, let them be called and ordained by the laying on of hands as a token of their covenant.

Let them administer in all things wherein the Holy Ghost does direct.

21)  And behold, they may also receive the commission of the Peacemaker.

Yea, and when they do, they are doubly blessed.

Let them be administered to with an ordinance, and ordained and sustained and supported in their calling.

22)  Or shall we not all rejoice that the Lord does see fit to visit His people in righteousness?

Shall we not raise our voices in thanksgiving and in praise?

Shall we not be as happy and satisfied with the word

and will of God that calls upon a woman to do His will,

even as happy as we find ourselves to discover that He has called upon

any man to administer for Him the works of salvation?

Shall not both bring joy to us?

Does not one testify of the goodness of God as well as the other?

Chapter Fourteen

to be continued…cj


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