The Gospel of Abraham

The church of the firstborn in heaven is Heavenly Father’s and Heavenly Mother’s Church headed by Jesus Christ Their Only Begotten Son in the flesh. The Holy Ghost seals you into this New and Everlasting Covenant, a family order the patriarchal and matriarchal priesthood is the Order of Heaven. The Lord is the great High Priest who rent the veil in the holy of holies. There are doctrines that belong to this high priesthood order of Melchizedek such as the;
1. The doctrine of translation 5. The gospel of Abraham
2. The doctrine of transfiguration 6. Elijah’s sealing and binding power
3. The doctrine of resurrection
4. The doctrine of seeking the Lord’s face
If you inter the Lord’s Holy House, aren’t you going there to seek the Master of the House? Aren’t you knocking at His door? Don’t you want to see Him? Isn’t that the objective, children of Israel?
He has to prepare you to be able to see Him; otherwise you will burn up…So… He gives you an Endowment of Power. He clothes you with priestly garments; He gives you keys and powers to begin instruction, by angels and heavenly messengers who prepare you, and walk with you and talk with you as you ascend up: to inter the Kings chamber. The King of Zion wants to anoint you a king and Queen…
Isn’t this the second anointing, the capstone of the endowment? To be anointed by Him…to know that you please God, as Enoch knew that he pleased God!
Joseph Smith was commanded to institute The School of the Prophets in Kirkland Ohio. When the saints were living the celestial law of consecration Zion, they were commanded to build the House of the Lord (Temple) D&C section 110; at this time the Lord appeared in a vision and accepted the House. Then three translated beings came.
This House was a preparatory House of instruction to prepare the saints for gathering of Israel to the land of Zion. They were to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth with its government, and the center stake of Zion; to be able to receive the King of all Israel, The Creator Jesus Christ.
These keys are always held by translated men, D&C 49:8 Wherefore, I will that all men shall repent, for all are under sin, except those which I have reserved unto myself, holy men that ye know not of, who at times share these keys and missions, with men (prophets) on earth. These supernatural Holy men hold these keys and powers, until the coming of the Son of Man in His Glory to establish His Kingdom on the earth.
1. D&C 110:11 Moses appeared and committed keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earth and the leading of the ten tribes from the land north.
2. My dream April 3, 2014 as I am writing and preparing this Moses appeared three times in my dream still holding His Keys. He told me write this in your book, Translated Beings hold all the keys of the priesthood above men on the earth with special missions to perform for Jesus Christ before His second coming in Glory! He told me write this in your book we (translated beings) can appear and disappear at will. We can be standing right next to you and you would not know it, unless we want you to see us. There is much work going on right now, and most do not know it.
These doctrines were studied, and taught in the school of prophets. Since there is no school of prophets on the earth today, I was inspired to dedicate my home as such. I have begun my journey seeking, and asking for further light and knowledge concerning the establishment of Zion and all that it entails. We receive line upon line precept upon precept, as fast as we are able to learn and be instructed.
Translated beings are an order of the priesthood; they are holy men and women, with specially prepared bodies designed for continuous missions on this telestial earth and other terrestrial worlds. They were given these special bodies, with certain supernatural powers, until the return of Jesus Christ.
3. D&C 110:12 the apostle John is a translated being AKA Elias (D&C 77:9, 14) committed the keys of the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham. So, John received these keys from Father Abraham who is an Exalted Man (A God) who sits on His Throne in the Celestial Kingdom. This priesthood and these keys are passed to mortal man by Translated Beings or Resurrected Beings, on the condition they seek to build Zion and live Her Laws (Celestial Laws) Adam conferred this priesthood on Enoch and called it the order of the Son of God, and taught him the doctrine of translation, with its laws and covenants, for establishing Zion, before Enoch and his people were translated, Enoch conferred this priesthood on Melchizedek, and called it the order of Enoch. JST Gen 14: 25-40 Melchizedek and his people established Zion (Salem) Jerusalem, by having everything in common, and living the celestial laws of the Kingdom of God. Before Melchizedek was translated with his city, he conferred this same priesthood on Abram and called it the Melchizedek priesthood, Abram received it with all the covenants. The Celestial law of tithes and surplus which is the law of consecration. The Lords gives him his new name Abraham. Abraham seeks for Zion a city whose builder and maker is God. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) Levi, Conferred this priesthood on Moses. The children of Israel reject the higher priesthood of seeking the Lord’s Face and coming into His Presence, which requires the doctrine of transfiguration or translation, under covenant of the Celestial Laws and orders of His Kingdom, by seeking to establish His Zion.
These Keys of this priesthood are committed to Joseph Smith, for the establishment of Zion, and the Kingdom of God on the earth. The latter day Saints fail to live the law of consecration, and so we as a people are not seeking Zion. We are told all is well; we will just stay the course. We will just be happy with the lesser law; it’s too hard to live the celestial law of consecration.
I say unto you would God give us a law we could not live? I say unto you nay! We need to seek for Zion with are whole hearts and begin living the law of consecration in our own families. Becoming Zion Families…Having all things in common with our own family. You received the abrahamic covenant!
The Gospel of Abraham
Go and do the works of Abraham, and glorify your Father in Heaven
We the patriarchs and matriarchs can establish Zion in our own homes, a sanctuary a refuge from the world, and have a holy altar, for worshipping the Lord in the True Order of Prayer, seeking further light and knowledge from Elohim Heavenly Father. Seeking the Lord’s face and confirming every doctrine and teaching with the Holy Ghost. Coming up to Mt. Zion and begin spiritually communing with the Church of the Firstborn. This means taking the sacrament in their presence, and dedicating a meeting to them, and worshiping in our homes. They will begin to give you instructions daily…
Becoming a People Prepared for the Lord’s Return and Zion’s return…
Does this mean we do not need the church? I say unto nay! The church is instituted for those who are not of the order of Abraham and therefore qualify for governing their own families. The church has many functions for the Lord’s purposes, many examples. The church maintains the temples through the tithes of the saints of God… In the temples there is work going on for the dead…We cannot blame the church on this telestial earth it is, the vehicle to get you to the temple; we cannot judge the church or those in positions of authority in the church. They belong to Jesus Christ; He alone is the judge of the churches (Revelations the Book, John the translated Being will come on a mission)
D&C 49:8 Wherefore, I will that all men shall repent all are under sin except those which I have reserved unto myself, holy men that ye know not of.
John committed the keys of the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham to Joseph Smith. What does this mean for us as a people the saints of God? It means you received this gospel under covenant just like father Abraham and mother Sarah to be Patriarchs and Matriarchs over your own families… To take responsibility of your own spiritual and temporal progression, not to wait for others to tell you how to get your family in order with God! You have a family government…to become Zion!
If you use your priesthood in the manor taught you in the temple, you will receive daily revelations, and be taught from on high. It is a living constitution for your family government.
Declaration of the Family-You are Adam and Eve, and need to be instructed how to return to the presence of your Heavenly Parents…and build a Zion on earth, because this earth will be the celestial kingdom of God…everything will happen right here on this planet earth.
What is the gospel of Abraham that John restored?
It is the oldest form of Government, a family government.
D&C 132:31-33
31 This promise is yours also, because ye are of Abraham, and the promise was made unto Abraham, and by this law is the continuation of the works of my father, wherein he glorifieth himself.
32 Go ye therefore and do the works of Abraham; enter ye into my law and ye shall be saved. (Do the works in your own family, live the laws, build a family altar) Therefore, glorify your Heavenly Father!
33 But if ye enter not into my law ye cannot receive the promise of my father which he made unto Abraham.
I say unto you receive the promises, take charge of your spiritual progression, don’t wait for someone else. Have Faith!
Since the oldest form of government is patriarchal and matriarchal, meaning that it was based on the priesthood ordinances of salvation and exaltation. The church of the firstborn is the divine order in its eternal form. This heavenly church has messengers that help us to build this priesthood family order on earth.
(I.e. the endowment) The ordinances of the endowment allow a person to become a firstborn of God.
After the savior fulfills the Law of Moses and introduces the Melchizedek priesthood and the ordinances of Godliness back to the earth. We are initiated into this patriarchal and matriarchal order of heaven as prophets-prophetesses, priests-priestesses, kings-queens this is part of your endowment of power.
These are the same priesthoods Adam and Eve were blessed with before the fall, but with divided responsibilities. Most understand the patriarchal order, and the priesthoods of Heavenly Father and His Son. Only a few understand the matriarchal order of Heavenly Mother and Her daughters…
The Matriarchal Order of Heaven…
All those who have ears to hear let them hear, and understand about the matriarchal order of woman and mothers. Let any man or woman, who cares to argue about the powerful priesthood given to woman in the Celestial World hold their tongues, and honor both his father and his mother so that his days may be long in the land. If you are supposed to honor your earthly father and mother, how much more should we honor our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother…
Eve was endowed with priesthood power from Elohim Heavenly Mother. This is how the drama of the endowment plays out … In the Celestial World, man and woman are created, after the image of the Elohim, the heavenly order of family…
Narrator: But this is not all. Elohim Heavenly Mother caused the Man to sleep from his substance Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother formed the body of woman. And Elohim Heavenly Mother commanded that substance that it should bring forth fruit after its own kind and no other. Then the Woman received her spirit in the same manner as the Man. Yea, then Mi-Ahrah who was great among the daughters of Elohim Heavenly Mother and among they unto whom she had given Her Endowment of Power, did possess the body of the woman, even as Michael who was great in the Father’s Council, had possessed the body of the man.

Narrator: But this is not all. Elohim Heavenly Mother laid her hands on the Woman and ordained her to a holy calling, and gave her substance in the injunction to nurture all living things, but most especially, her children. Then Elohim Heavenly Mother gave to the Woman Her own name called her name, “Mother.”
Elohim Heavenly Father: The gift you have given mankind is the key to the sealing. Woman has inherent in her creation the drive to sacrifice to her children. She will provide the man with a right model to live by. She is a help mete for him, for he has not that within him which draws one to subdue the self. His own nature alone is enough to thwart our work because of Lucifer. If he looks to his wife, their experience together will teach man the fundamental steps toward subduing his nature. Then shall the Holy Ghost be able to speak to him. In this way shall the man and the woman be sealed with that same quickening that associates us all together. Then, if they remain true to the counsel we give them through the Holy Ghost, they will have the power to overcome Lucifer and his people.
Elohim Heavenly Mother: It is well. Now I can rest my mind.
Elohim Heavenly Father: Jehovah, we will make a garden valley eastward in Eden and place the Man and the Woman in it.
Jehovah: It shall be done, Elohim.
Narrator: Then Adam and Eve awake and arise.
Follow just what Adam and Eve do…
They built an Altar, and began calling upon Father, for further light and knowledge. They would not accept a man’s teachings, only the messengers sent from heaven with the right tokens.
How are you going to get messengers? 

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