He Is A Personage Of Spirit And Has Not A Body Of Flesh Or Bone

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Today we will continue with The Book of Remembrance, the stories told during the winter ceremonies, of the American Indians… The Nemenhah…Ammonites from The Book of Mormon…and The Mentinah Archives…Abt. 33A.D.

1 Pa Natan Chapter 7: 20

And Sanhagot continued to teach them along the way, saying: 

Take heed to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

For, He is not as you and I.

Nor even like unto our Father which is in Heaven.

Nay, nor even like unto the Savior.

 Who lives even now in the Land of Jerusalem.

Behold, He is a personage of Spirit and has not a body of flesh nor of bone.

 His substance is not tangible to any who live in the physical world, but is discernable only by the living spirit within each of us.

His voice is not heard by the ears of our body, but by the ears of our spirits.

Behold, this is why we feel His influence more than we see or hear Him.


Chapter Seven

1)  And the companions of Sanhagot did inquire of him, and Stephat, who was captain of the gate in the City of Josh, spoke for them, saying:

2)  Of a surety, the Lord is with you, Sanhagot.

For, even when you are in your wrath, you do great miracles.

For, who can deny that the mob would have laid hands on us and taken away our lives were it not for the power that is in you.

3)  And Sanhagot said unto him:

4)  Do not think that ought that I do is of me, or that it is by any power in me that these things are done.

Behold, in my own home I am a simple farmer and I grow fruit for the tables of my family and my neighbors.

The things which I say and do are only those things where in the Spirit prompts me.

5)  And Stephat was astonished at Sanhagot and pressed him, saying:

6)  How does one know what to say and do?

Does the Spirit manifest such things in certain ways?

For, I too felt a great thing in my heart, or I shall say, in my entire being when I heard your words, and I am sure that the people felt the same thing.

For behold, we were all alike amazed.

But, how do you know what the Spirit prompts as opposed to that which comes of your own emotion?

7)  For, I know that the warrior who goes into battle must stir up the emotion in his heart in order that he might do that which is necessary for him.

And it is a great part of the training of the warrior to know how to control and to use his wrath in the heat of battle.

8)  And Sanhagot answered him, saying:

9)  Nay, the Spirit usually leaves one alone in their ire.

But behold, the Lord did call me to go forth and preach unto my brethren in the Land Southward, and I was instructed to go even unto the more wicked and proud portion of the land.

Wherefore, my Lord, knowing my character well, preserves me even in my wrath.

And the Spirit does confirm in my mind and my bosom the things that I must do.

For, even in the midst of my righteous indignation, for who can deny that the things done to my sister and my brother ought to give rise to such, I felt a peace come upon me suddenly in the moment that I was to speak.

And that peace springing up from within my bosom, is the manifestation which the Spirit has used in me from my youth to teach me and instruct me and testify to me of truth.

Wherefore, I knew that the words were not the imaginings of my heart, but verily, the words of God.

10)  Behold, as you become more accustomed to the workings of the Spirit, you will recognize the ways in which He does manifest Himself in you.

It may be different than the way in which He does manifest unto me;

   But you will know it.

And, when the Holy Ghost confirms a thing in you, see that you always hearken unto it.

For, to deny the Holy Ghost is a perilous thing.

11)  And Stephat said unto him:

12)  I think I have experienced this thing.

For, when I knelt before the Lord, yea, when I prostrated myself before the judgment seat of the Lord, I felt a great welling up inside of me that seemed to fill my whole being.

And when He did proclaim to me who He was and showed me all my sins, I knew without doubt that the things He said were true and that He is the very Creator and Savior.

This is the thing that I cannot deny, for my soul cries out with it from every fiber.

Is this the manifestation of the Spirit?

13)  And Sanhagot answered him, saying:

14)  Yea. This is the beginning of the unspeakable gift which only God may give, even the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Rejoice in it this day, for you now know of a surety the manner in which the Holy Ghost does work in you.

Wherefore, where as I feel a peace deep within me, you feel a powerful welling up and every fiber cries out. When you feel this manifestation, see that you do the thing that comes into your mind and see that you speak the words that form there.

For, the things that come to you under the influence of the Holy Ghost are the very things that the Lord would do, were He here to do them.

Yea, in that moment, you become the Arm and the Mouth of the Lord God.

Would that the Holy Ghost could make arms and mouths of us all, but the wicked do prevent it.

15)  And Phezah did also open his mouth to speak, saying:

16)  It is with me even as Stephat has expressed.

WhenI did begin to examine the Pahorat I did begin in the manner of all legalists.

But behold, I felt as if it were someone else that was speaking.

I felt as if I were merely a bystander listening to my own voice, but the words belonged to another.

And behold, I knew the direction of the speaking and the desired end, but I felt as if some other person was pleading the case instead of me.

17)  And Sanhagot praised him, saying:

18)  Rejoice, Phezah, for you too have felt how the Spirit does foreknow our talents and abilities and use them to the Lord’s purposes.

Behold, when you did advocate for us before the judge, it was the Lord who was
our advocate through you.

19)  And Sanhagot continued to teach them along the way, saying:

20)  Take heed to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

For, He is not as you and I, nor even like unto our Father  which is in Heaven.

Nay, nor even like unto the Savior, who lives even now in the Land of Jerusalem.

Behold, He is a personage of Spirit and has not a body of flesh nor of bone.

His substance is not tangible to any who live in the physical world, but is discernable only by the living spirit within each of us.

His voice is not heard by the ears of our body, but by the ears of our spirits.

Behold, this is why we feel His
influence more than we see or hear Him. 

His substance is not tangible to any who live in the physical world, but is discernable only by the living spirit within each of us.

His voice is not heard by the ears of our body, but by the ears of our spirits.

 21)  And many prophets have described His influence as a still, small voice.

But the Nemenhah, being Healers, know that to hear a voice with the ears of ourbodies it cannot be still, for, it is the movement of the sound that causes us to hear.

Yea, it is the movement of one matter upon another that brings about the physical hearing.

Wherefore, the voice of the Holy Ghost cannot be as the voice of our bodies, for else, it could not be still.

22)  And we also know that the voice of the Spirit does break upon all the matter within us, and even upon the matter surrounding us.

Wherefore, we know that the voice of the Holy Ghost is not small.

But, I ask you, how does one describe so great a thing?

The still, small voice is figurative for me because the Spirit does speak like thunder unto me.

23)  And when the Holy Ghost does begin to manifest Himself unto you, He does transmit the actual thoughts and feelings of the Lord unto every particle of you.

Behold, this is the Endowment of Power that is peculiar to the Holy Ghost.

Do not expect Him to manifest Himself unto you as an Angel, for such is not His calling.

But He will always manifest through the feelings of your own body, for it is the movement of His spiritual matter upon that which is spiritual within you that causes the sensations, just as the movement of matter upon matter causes you to be able to hear the words which I speak unto you.

Behold, the laws that apply to both are similar laws and they are universal.

24)  And behold, when you exercise that which is spiritual in you to the extent that you begin to walk and talk with the Holy Ghost in a sacred manner, that which is spiritual in you begins to overcome that which is purely physical.

Then do the gifts of the Spirit begin to manifest in you also.

Then may you speak with Angels and in the tongue of Angels.

Then may you be introduced upon the Way and walk and talk with Heavenly Beings.

And again, then you may begin to take up vipers and be harmed not by them.

And then, by the word of your mouth, may you bless the sufferer and see them take up their bed and walk.

Yea, then may you lay hands upon the deaf and they shall hear, and then may you lay hands upon the blind and they shall see.

25)  For this exercise causes the movement of that substance which is Christ’s that fills the Universe.

Yea, and this exercise causes the spiritual matter within you to move upon the spiritual matter of creation.

And when matter moves upon matter, be it spiritual or physical, this causes change.

26)  Or which of you have not set your hand to a stone to move it out of your way?

Is it not the movement of the matter of your hand that causes the movement ofthe matter of the stone?

And behold, does the ground beneath the stone remain the same?

And does the stone not displace air as it moves?

And the movement of all these things cause movement in many things more until it begins to become difficult to record all of the movement.

27)  Behold, thus is it with the movement of spiritual matter.

And with each such swelling and movement of that which is spiritual within you, that which is spiritual in the Universe also swells and moves.

28)  And who of you, having begun to undertake a new task and exerting yourselves, do not feel the unfamiliarity of the muscles to the new task for a time?

But, after a while, the task becomes familiar and the difficulty subsides.

For, do you not become stronger and grow with each new task taken as you
accustom yourselves to it?

29)  Behold, thus it is with that which is spiritual within you.

As you learn and grow with the Holy Ghost as your guide, that which is spiritual within you grows stronger.

And, if you are steady in your course, the spiritual body grows, even as your muscles grew in order that they might effectively handle the sword or build a house.

Yea, the spirit within you grows and expands, even until it supersedes the physical.

30)  It is when this begins to take place that you are taken upon the Way and instructed by your grandfathers.

Yea, for they have an interest in your success and will always assist you.

And they have lived this life and have much to give you by way of instruction and experience.

And, in this way is your heart turned to them and theirs to you.

Yea, in this way are you introduced into the Terrestrial World while you are yet in
the body, even as has been by the prophets.

31)  Wherefore, it behooves us all to continually experiment upon this faith, for it is that which holds sway in the Universe, even the substance of it.

And behold, it is the movement of this substance that extends outward forever.

Wherefore, what little you do in the spirit of peace here in this mortality, does progress and grow throughout all eternity.

32)  And behold, eternity is a great hoop.

And all that you send out into it does grow and expand as it moves matter upon matter.

And because it is a great eternal round, that which you send out into it does return again unto you greatly magnified.

Wherefore, if there be some poor soul who suffers, and by the gift of the Spirit you relieve that suffering, behold, that working moves upon the expanse of creation to bring about a miracle in the sufferer, as also in you.

And the power of the Holy Ghost does also expand upon that which you receive according to this law.

33)  Can you see then, how miracles take place in the lives of them who believe on the name of Christ and do continually seek to associate with Him through the Holy Ghost?

And can you see how they who seek not that association seldom see miracles in their lives?

It is not to be expected.

For, it is only by the movement of the Light of Christ, which is that spiritual substance which fills the Universe and gives light and life unto the physical matter, that miracles take place.

And behold, it is only he who can associate with the Holy Ghost who can make exercise upon this matter, even upon this faith.

34)  Now, I do not say that this is the only way in which the Holy Ghost may effect a miracle, for, He may do many things by intervention.

Behold, this is how you were conveyed in your sinful state upon the Way, where the reality of Christ was made known unto you and your every sin was made manifest.

But, I do say that miracles come as two outcomes.

The first being that intervention which the Lord deems necessary, through the Holy Ghost.

The other is by and through that association of matter of which I have spoken.

35)  And it was after this manner that Sanhagot did teach his companions as they made their journey back to the place where they had left Shigath, Him-pah-neth and their companions.

36)  And behold, when they had returned unto the place, they found all well and ready to continue upon which the Lord had called them.

And, after they had recounted all that had transpired in the City of Gad, they
determined to pray to know which city to go to next.

For, they knew that the Lord had not sent them into the Land Southward to testify unto all cities, only those that were among the most wicked.

Wherefore, they did pray mightily unto the Lord to show them the direction they should travel.

37)  And the Lord did direct them to travel up into the City of Kishkumen, even that city which was the very capital of the Gadiantonhem in the Land Southward.

38)  Now, this was cause for some concern in the heartsof the seven companions,

to be continued…cj



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