The Record of Shigoeth

Greetings all my relations,

We are studying from The Mentinah Archives Vol 3:

The Record of Shigoeth

As Shigoeth assisted his father in his calling as high priest, he also assisted Hag-Hal and Ishim.

Shigoeth become high priest of Mentinah.

As peoples from other lands moved into Nemenhah lands, missionaries were sent to teach them the ways of the Lord.

1)  Behold, Shimlei is dead and we have buried him according to the ways and customs of the Nemenhah of Mentinah. And all the people of Mentinah did come outto bid my father farewell.

But there was little of sadness, except insofar as we shall all miss him greatly, and the people did rejoice in the long and fruitful life of so wise a man and high priest.

2)  Now, before my father had given up the Ghost;

he did recommend that Hago-Hal, a man of great knowledge and also one who had served many years in his stewardship, be made high priest to the people of Mentinah.

And Hago-Hal was descended of Mishim, who was one of the twelve whom Ougou chose to be an apostle of the Lord.

And Hago-Hal was also chosen by Manti as one of the twelve who served the people of Mentinah in his own day.

3)  Wherefore, this great high priest became a prophet and seer unto our people. And behold, he did also ask me to assist him, as my father did before him.

And I did assist him in his work.

4)  And Hago-Hal did not write a record as was the custom of all the high priests in Mentinah, for, though he read much from the records, he had not the ability to write, for his hands were bent and crippled.

Wherefore, I make a record for him of his stewardship.

5)  Hago-Hal filled the seat of high priest in Mentinahfor the space of four years and there was continual peace in the land during his ministry.

And he did all that the Lord required of him and of his bishopric.

Wherefore, when he died, there was not much sorrow.

For, it is the custom among the Nemenhah to rejoice in the death of the righteous and only mourn the passing of the wicked.

And this is a thing that Hago-Hal did preach in all his days.

6)  Yea, he did teach the people to include in every prayer that they did utter a blessing upon all those who lived not in the state of happiness in which we find ourselves. And also he did teach that we should mourn in sorrow for they who die in their sins, but that we should rejoice and sing songs of praise for they who die in righteousness.

7)  And Hago-Hal did give up the ghost, having served the Lord and the Nemenhah all the days of his life.

8)  And the Council chose Ishim to fill the seat of high priest unto the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

And he too was aged when they did call him to serve.

And he was a righteous man and worthy.

And behold, he did fill the seat with honor and with dignity, dealing rightly with all people.

9)  Ishim is the father of the husband of my sister Pa Natan, whose husband perished in a fire when they were but five years married.

And Ishim took his daughter in and cared for her.

And behold, she did learn at the feet of the old men and great became her wisdom and knowledge.

10)  And Ishim filled the seat of high priest of Mentinah for twelve years and he died.

11)  And behold, when Ishim died, the Council did elect me to sit in the seat of high priest of Mentinah.

And I did not reject the honor.

For, I do esteem service to my city and to my God a great honor and worthy of all effort.

12)  Behold, I am not a scholar like unto my father, but I have been clerk to many scholars and I have learned many great things from them.

But my talent has not been in scholarship but in administrations.

Wherefore, I do not write much in this record.

13)  But the people of Mentinah do enjoy a state of happiness and of prosperity and of peace alike to that which has been our pleasure in all the years that have ensued since the coming of Jesus.

This I do attribute to the manner in which the people do live and carry out their lives.

For, nothing has changed in all the days of my life, insofar as I can ascertain, over those things that the people did following His instruction to them.

Yea, we have faithfully kept His statutes and His precepts.

14)  But behold, in the lands to the east of the region of Mentinah, the Nemenhah report that some of thepeople who have come up into the land from the Land Southward have brought with them stirrings and deceits.

And, when these were made known unto the Council of the City of Corianton, behold, they did send out emissaries to teach them after the manner of our forefathers.

15)  And when they had heard all that the emissaries did teach, behold, they did turn from their strifes and did begin to live more peacefully in the land.

16)  And again, in the land far to the northward of the region of Mentinah, there are some who have come over from across the west sea who have brought with them strange doctrines.

But we have also sent unto them missionaries to teach them and they have also turned from their ways and have joined with the Nemenhah.

Yea, even my own brothers went up to them and the Lord did bless their efforts.

17)  But behold, in the region of Mentinah there has beenno dissent and we have enjoyed continual peace in all our dealing with our neighbors.

18)  And behold, we do receive, from time to time emissaries from the Land Southward and they do inform us of their doings. And we do also maintain a constant state of trade with them, wherefore, we know that they also are striving to remain faithful to the Lord in all that they do.


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