God is the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ is His holy Son.

Greetings all my relations,

We will be concluding the the Book of Shimlei

Chapter Five

1) Now, I would write somewhat about the manner in which our children ought to be taught. For, I deem it of especial import that the children receive from their parents an understanding of the things of God while yet in their youths.

Behold, if they do walk uprightly before the Lord;

while they are yet tender and unhardened by adversity, how shall they retire from His presence when they are hardened and old?

Or shall they do that in their old age which is contrary to the things they were accustomed to do in their youths?

2) It is not to be expected.

For behold, we have become very proficient in the training up of our beasts of burden and it is daily observed by them that handle such beasts that the training that we do cause our beasts to receive is the more easily accepted when the animal is yet young. And when the animal is older, it does take to training the more easily if some work had been done when it was young.

3) I do not write these things in the suggestion that our children are so much like unto beasts. For, I know that there are great differences. But behold, in this thing, they do act in a similar manner. For, if a child learns to love and cherish the words of Christ when young, how difficult is it to break that sentiment when old?

And, if a child learns to discern the promptings of the Holy Ghost at a young age, how hard is it to be deceived when old?

And, if a child seek and find the face of the Savior when young, how hard is it to imagine that such a blessing should be abandoned when old.

4) But, if a child is brought up and taught in sin and in the workings of robbers, shall he become a prophet when old?

Though repentance is available to all, in the most part, if a child is brought up to love sin when young, a love of honesty shall be hardly bought when old.

5) And look! I remember that my grandfather’s brethren went down unto the people in the Land Southward to preach repentance unto them. And when they seized upon one who would repent and did baptize him, if we could stay with him and observe his doing, would we apprehend him teaching his children to evil or to do good? What think you?

6) And when my forefathers went unto they who attempted to bring into our regions the way of the Gadiantonhem, and successfully converted certain of them, did these then turn and teach their former way unto their children?

And behold, had they done this thinking to teach them the ways of the Lord later, can you believe that their children would have necessarily followed the ways of the Lord?

7) Behold, it is a great responsibility to teach our children.

Do not leave the more weighty matters of the gospel until they are older.

Teach them all that they might expect to want as a man or a woman.

8) And do not leave the teaching of the children to they whom the Lord has called over the churches. It is not to be left to the church or the synagogue to teach our children.

It is a thing most fitting to the parent, not to the minister.

Yea, the parent will not be held blameless in the sin of their children if they
engendered them but gave them not wherewith they might attain to heavenly ends.

9) Nay, they shall not be held blameless when an accounting is made of their stewardship.

For, is our stewardship a thing of cattle alone? Is it restricted to fields, and storehouses?

Nay, our stewardship will require an accounting of all that the Lord sees fit to bestow upon us out of His great store.

And is it not out of His love for us that we have our lives?

Is it not also a great power and a gift which He shares with us to bring forth children?

Then, stewardship is more than to manage our stuff, but to put all that the Lord does give unto us to the best use and purpose.

10) Wherefore, for what purpose has the Lord given us this great power?

Is it so that we may raise up a generation of men and women to bow down to us and to serve us? Behold, many believe that this is the purpose of childbearing, if not in this world then in the world to come.

Behold, I say unto you, This thing is great sin and they are mistaken.

11) Behold, it is said among many in the Land Southward, and in other places, that the man has stewardship over his house and is the master of it. And if he do all that is required of him in his station, then he can expect for his posterity to follow and obey him.

Many believe that when there is strife in the home and in the community, it is because the man has not seen to his stewardship and ruled properly his house.

12) And behold, because of this doctrine, the hearts of the mothers and of the children are broken and there is strife and distress in the home.

And the children do learn from strife to give strife.

I write this as a warning and a forewarning.

For, there shall come a time in this land when men shall esteem themselves masters over all the Lord has given them, and not the steward of it.

And behold, even the elect shall believe and extol such things.

In that day, there shall be trouble in the land and peace shall be a memory.

13) Behold, I declare this unto all who would read the words of this book, in the day in which men shall proclaim their own sovereignty over that of the King of Heaven, yea, when they shall call themselves lord and king in the home, there shall be strife in all the land.

14) Wherefore, you who are fathers in Israel, see to it that you teach charity in your home.

For, if a man have not charity, all the wealth and power and authority, right and might avails him nothing at all.

For, if he teach not his children in the way of the Lord, who rules and reigns over the children of men already, how is it that he lays claim to rule over his own posterity?

15) For, the children of men choose to keep the commandments of God, and herein are they His to rule.

And His reign is right and just.

Behold, because of this justice the very elements obey His will and His word.

Wherefore, you men who seek to usurp your God, have a care.

Or do you think that your rule can be more just than His?

Or your strength greater than His mighty arm?

Or your judgment more wise than His tender mercies?

16) And unto they who keep not His statutes and walk not in His ways, there shall no stewardship be given, neither in this life nor in worlds to come. For, even God shall send them back unto their own and He will have no governance over this creation. And this is not because He could not reign over such like.

Nay, it is because He is a loving father unto His children and would not wish to govern in such a house.

Wherefore, see that you do not make of your own house a place where the Ruler of Heaven would not wish to reign. Yea, make not of your own house a chamber wherein the Lord your God would not bear to take homage.

17) Behold, this is the manner in which I have taught my children and they do honor mein all the things they undertake to do.

Yea, Pac Almanah, my wife, did also strive to teach our children the ways of the Lord, for she was a great prophetess and guide to our people all the days of her life.

And behold, our children, yea, both sons and daughters, have followed in our steps, remembering the things that their mother taught them in the days of her ministry, as also how greatly the Lord did favor her in gifts of the spirit.

Yea, and they did also see how she did contend for truth in all the days of her life and, when the time came for her to give up the ghost, she did so praising and testifying of Jesus Christ.

18) Now, if this be the training that our children did receive in their home in the days of their youth, I do not wonder that they do give honor and glory to their parents in the days of their maturity.

If an example may be made of my life and my household, then let it be made to good effect unto the people of God.

For, all agree that my children do their parents honor in all things.

Yea, they do walk uprightly before the Lord and seek His face.

Yea, they do seek His counsel in all their doings and they do give thanks for the blessings of which they do enjoy an abundance.

19) Wherefore, do as we have done, as I believe the Nemenhah do, and teach your children to walk uprightly before the Lord their King.

Yea, teach them from the good books and from the writings of their fathers.

Teach them the words of the Lord and His revelations to their relations, that the words become wonderful in their sight. Yea, give them opportunity to feast upon the words of the Savior and of His prophets.

20) But this is not all, teach them to be industrious, that their wants be provided. For the Lord gives strength unto His children for this purpose. And, if it so be that one lacks strength, help that one to recognize other talents with which the Lord does bless His children.

Yea, and aid and assist that one in such talents, that there be no want in your house.

21) Wherefore, if your children learn industry, they shall also learn gratitude and charity. For, from their parents, if they raise up their hands to the heavens and sing a song of thanksgiving unto the Lord for all wherewith He does bless them, then the children will also learn this custom.

And, following this custom, they will not lack the manifestations of the Holy Ghost that attend such devotion to the Lord. And behold, if they learn at the feet of their parents that charity whereby the Lord blesses the needy, they will surely not shun charity in their own homes.

22) And, in like manner, if you do teach them the principles and the covenants of the High Place when they are tender in years, they will honor their parents when they are grown.

And, if they were taught the right ways of the Lord, then they will also teach them unto their own children. And thus is the truth preserved in the land.

Yea, peace is preserved in the land.

23) And do not neglect to teach your children to confirm all things by the manifestation of the Holy Ghost.

For, in teaching there may be at times an element or appearance of compulsion.

Yea, when one who is older and more knowledgeable does undertake to teach the young, the younger often submits to the older.

But this should not be the basis for that which you teach your children.

Teach them to seek the confirmation of the Spirit in everything that you do teach them and let no compulsion enter into your home.

24) For behold, if a child learn by compulsion, and it makes no difference the matter, they do learn no principle except the principle of compulsion of the older over the younger, the mighty over the weak.

When they are older, they will remember this teaching to teach it even to their own house.

Behold, before three generations have passed, there shall be naught but compulsion and strife among the people and all households shall be broken up.

25) The same ought to apply in all stewardships.

The Lord God speaks and the elements obey.

But, do the elements obey simply because He is God?

For behold, He is also of that same element.

Wherefore, all that is of Him does obey His voice.

But, He does give unto man his agency. Wherefore, if He did compel, then men would serve him in a compulsory state and would be his slave.

But he asks for a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Wherefore, His children do serve Him not because they are compelled to do so.

And this is reason, for what ruler seeking the good of his people delights in the bondage of the free man?

And shall God delight in such a kingdom?

26) Behold, God does give stewardship in many ways unto the children of men, but He never gives authority to anyone that takes away the free agency of His children.

When He raises up one such as Ougou or Nephi, He does not do it to raise them up as rulers, but as the servants of all the people.

Yea, they are become the servants of the people. Let not any who have been called up either by God or by the people become the masters over the people.

This thing comes of evil and will bring great evil upon the people.

Chapter Six

1) Behold, the Nemenhah of Mentinah did enjoy continual peace in the land in all the days of my stewardship. Yea, there were no disputes or strifes and we did have all things in common one with another.

And in all the regions where the people called themselves Nemenhah, there was peace continually.

2) And we did build up the church and did spread the word of God in all the region round about. And we built churches and temples unto our God.

But we did not lift ourselves up in these things, wherefore, the people did not become puffed with pride, but gave thanks continually to God for our prosperity.

3) And behold, the councils of our cities and of our churches did carry forth the words and will of the Lord. Yea, we did strive to accomplish all the things He taught us when He visited the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

4) And in the thirty and third year of my ministry, I began to be old and very frail. Wherefore, I did ask my son to assist me in my labors for the church and for the city.

And he being young and strong, and also very committed to his Lord, he did ascent to be my assistant.

For behold, though my mind continued, yet my legs failed me completely, and my son became legs for me that I might continue in the work the Lord had given me.

5) Behold, his name was Shigoeth and he was a great blessing to me.

6) And behold, in due time, the people of Mentinah desired that I deliver the seat of high priest up unto another, because of my great age and because of my frailty. For, they were concerned for my health in my old age and they wished for me to retire and rest in my final years.

7) Wherefore, I do complete this portion of my writings with my witness.

I know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I know that many people come to Mentinah who have other names for this same being, but to me they are the same.

This is the Son of our Heavenly Parents, even the same with whom the Father and the Holy Ghost did covenant to bring about;

The New and Everlasting Covenant.

This is the same who appeared unto my grandfather and He has made His presence and His reality known unto me.

8) Behold, I have spoken with Him upon the Way and I know that He is and was and will ever be, the Savior of the Children of Men, as also of all things living.

And I do go upon the Way and receive there of my grandfathers.

And the Holy Ghost does daily testify of the reality of these things unto me.

Wherefore, I cannot be gainsaid, and I may go even into the dust with a pure and certain knowledge that I have done the will of my God in all the days of my life.

9) God is the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ is His holy Son.

He made an atonement for all living and we are made holy also by and through that atonement.

We are made one with all living things, one in Him.

We become His, sealed up unto the resurrection with Him as our intercessor before the Father.

And behold, if we are sealed up His, then heaven and earth may pass away, yet shall we stand in the presence of the Father and receive of Him the fullness of all things.

10) Yes, these are the very things I learned at the feet of my parents.

But the Holy Ghost has also borne witness of it to my soul.

I have studied much out of the books of the knowledge of the world and I am considered wise among my people.

And I have listened to wise men and women from many parts of the world.

Yea, and I have even traveled to many parts of the world and read from diverse books.

Yet, in all these things there is always doubt in my mind as to their truthfulness.

Notwithstanding, I believe that I have received of the good of all these things, relying upon the confirmation of the Holy Ghost to guide me.

11) But, I say unto you, Of the truthfulness of the reality and the divinity of Jesus Christ, there can be no doubt, for I have seen His face.

Yea, I have walked with Him and talked with Him upon the Way.

And He has revealed to me many things, and called me friend.

12) Wherefore, I feel I may say that I go the way of the world, even into the dust, with a hope and an assurance that I will see again all those I love, and also that I will see the fulfillment of His great work and purpose for the children of men.


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