The Book of Shimlei

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The Book of Shimlei

The son of Manti

The son of Manti assisted Manti for 40 years.

Shimlei paid great tribute to his wife and children. He recounted the history of the people of the son of Hagoth who were lost at sea. He gave a discourse on the parable of the rich man, on seeking Christ and becoming His, on the sacrament, on the manner in which children should be taught.

Chapter One
  I am Shimlei, the son of Manti and these are my generations.

Behold, Hagmeni, who was the companion of Moroni, the Captain of the Nephites, when he was but a young man and he did follow him all the days of his life.

He lived forty and two years and begot Hagoth. Hagoth lived thirty and eight years and he begot Hag Tlouah, whom many called Hagothah, and Hagmeni. Hag Tlouah sailed into the West Sea and was lost.

Hagmeni followed his father into the Land Northward when he forsook the Land Southward and the Nephites, his brethren.

Hagmeni lived fifty and eight years and he begot Sanhempet. Sanhempet lived twenty and three years and begot Ougou.

Ougou lived twenty and eight years and begot Manti. Manti was my father and I was born to him forty years after he did see the face of his Savior.

Behold, I have stood beside my father for forty years as he filled the seat of high priest to the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

2) And I did learn of my father and my mother all the learning of our people, but especially did I delight in the knowledge of our history and our writing.

And when my father became old and desired to give up the seat of high priest unto the people, he did entreat the council to elect someone in his stead.

And when they met together, they did elect me to fill his seat.

3) Now, because I have served my father and the city all the days of my life, I did put off binding myself in marriage to any woman for many years.

But behold, I did seize upon the granddaughter of Alma and Pa Sabel,

even the same Pa Sabel who ministered unto the Savior when He did visit the Nemenhah of Corianton.

4) Yea, I did travel to that great city and ask to be adopted into the family of Shimuel and Corianton, that I might learn of them all their history.

And while I did so labor in the library of Corianton, Alma did suggest that I look upon his granddaughter to marry her.

And I did look upon her and found favor in her sight.

Wherefore, she did consent to marry me and come back with me to Mentinah. Wherefore did Pac Almanah, the prophetess, join herself to my family and I did bind myself to hers.

5) And it is one hundred ninety and two years since my father Hagoth forsook his country in the Land Southward and traveled into this land to create a new nation. And behold, my father did see the face of the Savior when He did appear to the Nemenhah of Mentinah. And eighty years has passed since the Christ walked among us.

6) Behold, this is my reckoning and it is approved even by those written records which we do keep in the fast mountains of Mentinah.

Wherefore, we do now reckon from that day and use it as a standard in all of our

7) Now, it came to pass that, in the hundred and twelve year after the coming of the Son of Man, my father did give up the ghost, he being one hundred twenty and one years old.

Yea, my father did live a long life, and he begot many sons and daughters.

8) And I am, at the time I write these things, seventy and two years old.

And, being less vigorous than my father, I am weakened much by age and I do not look for many more years to be added unto me in this life.

9) Notwithstanding, Pac Almanah did bring into this world four daughters and three sons.

And the names of the daughters are Pac Manti, Pac Shimuel, Pa Sibal, and Pawna Mentinah.

And the names of the sons are Shi Muel, Shi Menti and Alma Im.

These are the names of our children and I honor them daily for the great care and support they have been unto their parents all the days of their lives.

10) Now behold, in the days of my ministry, I have sought to strengthen my father’s teachings and to cement the faith and commitment of the Nemenhah in the commandments and covenants into which they have entered.

For, I deem it of greatest import that our children learn and know the statutes of God, as they have been delivered unto us by the mouths of His prophets, as also from the sacred writings of our people.

11) And I have also striven, just as my father did in his ministry, to cause the people to never cease seeking the face of the Savior.

Unto this cause have I dedicated my life and my ministry.

And I do attribute the faithfulness of my family unto the dedication with which the Nemenhah do align themselves with truth and righteousness.

Yea, I do attribute the character and faith of my own children to the care with which the Nemenhah do observe to follow their God and seek His guidance in all things whatsoever they do.

Now, when I did return unto Mentinah with my wife;

the people did rejoice at the sight of her.

For, she is a woman most fair.

But I say this meaning not only that she is fair of face and of figure, but also is her countenance of a strange beauty that none who look upon her can abide the moment without that tears of joy do spring out of them.

Many did call her an Angel among us and the whole city did honor her.

But behold, this is not all.

Notwithstanding her great beauty, she does also possess a singular gift of the Spirit.

Yea, she does daily walk and talk with her Savior upon the Way, and He does give much counsel that is useful to all the people through her.

13) Now, I know that many will dispute the matter, but I do believe that, when the Great Council of Mentinah was called up to elect from among the high priests one to fill the seat of the high priest of the city, they did seize upon me because of my wife, attributing to me those gifts that she did possess.

Let not anyone chasten me for this belief, for, I will ever and always believe it to be true.

14) Howbeit, what a great blessing it was for me, as high priest of the city, to have by my side always such a one as Pac Almanah!

For my gifts are not as hers.

Behold, my gifts are in scholarship and in the interpretation of characters and in translations.

How great a blessing was my companion to me when all the city begged of me to counsel on things beyond my scope!

I bless every day the day that I looked upon the granddaughter of Alma!

And behold!

She has filled my house with souls such as her own! And she has provided that I, in my old and feeble age, have never wanted for care and the love of daughters and sons whose gifts are great and whose hearts are filled with the best intentions toward a dotard who does continually intrude upon them for his own needs and wants.

How they serve me without complaint! How they provide my every need and delight me with kind words and loving acts!

16) And that is not all!

Each one of our children have given an old and foolish man the greatest gift that a child may give such a one.

I am surrounded daily with cheerful, noisy and loving grandchildren!

How my heart soars within me when I contemplate the great goodness of my God in blessing me with such souls as do surround my every hour. How sweet are myhours, my days, when I may spend them with such persons!

17) Yea, my heart does soar and my soul does rejoice because of my God. For He has given me the best of all things.

I have enjoyed the love of my people.

I have been blessed to immerse myself in that work from which I derive the most pleasure, even the studying of the scriptures and the histories of my people.

I have been surrounded in all my days with the love and support of my family.

I have lived to see not simply that those of my body whom I shall leave to this world, but also they whom they shall leave, are good and kind and righteous persons.

I am the most blessed of all the Nemenhah of Mentinah!

To be continued…cj

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