Behold, our First Parents did Build up Zion in Their Hearts

Greetings all my relations,

It is with great privilege that we can all meet here together as the family of man…

And have a sacred talk and have peace with one another and realize we are all relations…

and follow the commandments of Peacemaker…Red or Yellow…Black or White…we are His Twelve Tribes of Isreal…that have been scattered…behold, we are Now, being gathered…

To help The American Indians… build Zion in America..

Many of us have mixed blood…I have some Cherokee from my grandmother Helen…she was German, Irish, and Cherokee…

We will all be sealed by The Holy Spirit of Promise… back to our first parents, Adam and Eve…and become one people…one heart…twelve tribes that act as one family…Israel…

Jacobs name was changed to Isreal


Psalm 87
Of the Sons of Korah. A psalm. A song.
 He has founded his city on the holy mountain.
The Lord loves the gates of Zion
more than all the other dwellings of Jacob.

 Glorious things are said of you,
city of God:
 “I will record Rahab and Babylon
among those who acknowledge me—
Philistia too, and Tyre, along with Cush
and will say, ‘This one was born in Zion.”
 Indeed, of Zion it will be said,
“This one and that one were born in her,
and the Most High himself will establish her.”
 The Lord will write in the register of the peoples:
“This one was born in Zion.”

 As they make music they will sing,
“All my fountains are in you.”

Zion is also called The Valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman or the place where Adam dwelt. It is located here in North America, in the place now known as Jackson County Missouri…..


The American Indian Prophet Memish

Chapter Eight

1) Now, doubt not because I say that we have changed the order in which we do observe the Laws of the Temple.

For behold, we have not taken ought away from the ordinances of the High Place because we desire first to know God before we make sacrifice unto Him.

And I do not do away with the Law of Sacrifice by placing it after the Law of the Gospel.

2) Yea, and I do acknowledge that the very first thing that Adam and Eve did when they left the protected place was to build up an altar and offer sacrifice unto their God.

But behold, who was it that commanded them to do this thing?

Behold, they knew their God prior to leaving the valley.

Wherefore, we esteem it better to know Him, also.

But behold, what seems best to you in latter days, for I do believe that the things I write shall be preserved for my posterity, yea, the things that seem best to you must be those things which you shall have learned of the Lord.

Wherefore, I am satisfied.

3) Now let us examine the first things that Adam and Eve did when they had placed their feet upon that path which leads through the lonely world even back into the presence of their God. Yea, let us be certain that we understand them as best we may, that our path may lead unto that same end.

4) Behold, ere even they had built shelter from the elements, the man and the woman did build up an altar unto their God.

Yea, they had walked and talked with Him in sundry times and they were aware of what He wanted them to do.

They could not lay claim to any understanding yet of the full meaning of the altar,
yet did they build it up all the same.

Behold, their desire was not unto themselves nor unto their own needs.

5) All men feel an inner imperative to provide for their own.

They must build a place of shelter for themselves and for all that depend upon them for support.

This is part of that endowment of power given them of the Father.

So also, all women are driven from within to nurture and protect all that pertain to them.

This is part of that Endowment of Power given them of the Mother.

How then?

Did Adam set aside that part of his creation and did Eve set aside that part of her creation,
when they built an altar unto their God?

They did set their own necessity aside for a moment, that they might first fulfill that which their Creator had commanded them.

And when the Angel did ask them why they did this thing which was contrary to their very nature, Adam answered Him, saying:

7) Behold, I know not why I built an altar.

I have no explanation for it, save that my God did command it.

I have offered my heart and my spirit upon this altar and I know not why the Lord has need of it.

But He did command me and I will obey Him.

8) And the Angel taught the man and the woman the nature of sacrifice.

For, this same Creator, who commanded the man and the woman to build an altar and offer their sacrifice upon it, had already sacrificed all that was His nature to bring to pass a better way.

This thing ought we to emulate.

9) And behold, did our first parents offer ought upon the altar other than their own hearts and their own spirits?

I say unto you, they did not.

Did they offer a turtle or a bullock?

Did they offer the ram?


But they did offer their first fruits.

Yea, before they had anything else, before ever there was lamb or ram or dove, they did break their hearts and they did offer their whole spirit and nature unto their God in
obedience to the commandment He had given them.

10) Wherefore did the Nemenhah give up the Law of Moses when the Lord did make His great sacrifice for mankind.

Yea, we ceased to shed the blood of the bullock and the lamb, for surely He did shed blood on our behalf.

But we have not ceased to make sacrifice in remembrance of Him.

Yea, we do offer up the very living essence of our bodies, even our water and our oil, that we may emulate Him.

Is this not the thing that our first parents did also?

11) Wherefore, we do teach all our little children of that Jesus who did offer all that He was so that we might become partakers of His glory, also.

Yea, we would that they seek His face and know Him.

And when they have done this, they do receive of Him His own commission.

This is the Priesthood of God and not of man.

To receive of Him that commission that only He may give;

This is power indeed and who can gainsay it?

12) And we deem it better that He should give His commission unto the sons and daughters of men than that they should receive the same from the lips of any man.

For, when they have been instructed of Him and of His messengers whom He shall send in His name, shall they distrust the teachings of their fathers?

Shall they doubt the words of their mothers? I say unto you, only if those teachings and words speak ought that receives no confirmation of the Spirit.

13) And what of the Law of Sacrifice shall they fail to comprehend, or how might they wrest the Law to justify themselves if they have first received of Him a knowledge of sacrifice?

Or can any man teach better the acceptable sacrifice than the Creator of Heaven and Earth? Or is there any whose opinion is of more worth than His?

Is there any science that is greater or any understanding deeper than that which He might convey unto all who diligently seek His face?

You may think there is, but you shall be in error.

14) Behold, the Law of the Gospel and the Law of Sacrifice go hand in hand and there is no teaching onewithout the other. For, behold even the Christ teaches unto all of obedience by demonstration of His obedience to the Father.

And how does He teach of sacrifice if not by and through His own?

This is the reason that we do diligently teach our children to seek Him and follow His ways.

Behold, without the attaining of these two Laws and the covenant that we make to abide by them all the days of our lives, there is nothing else that we might learn by observance of the ordinances of the High Place.

Without knowledge of God and without the setting aside of our own needs and desires, there is no understanding of fidelity nor of community.

Wherefore, it is good that the Lord did teach our first parents these things first
of all.

15) And the relation of First Man and First Woman are given that we may take of them that teaching that will most abundantly instruct us to serve our fellow man even if such service may appear unto some to despite our own needs.

For, what do we to distinguish ourselves from cattle, if we set not aside the natural man?

Or what do we that differs so greatly from the dog?

If we emulate the dog, then who is God?

If we emulate the cattle, then do we not worship the calf?

16) Nay, but God’s ways are wonderful and they are greater than the greatest thing that we may do in all the days of our probation.

Wherefore, if it be so that we may see the works of God and hear the words of the Creator, and these may become our works and our words also, wherein might we not prosper by aspiring unto every work and every word that may be?

Behold, we live because we are creators, also.

Then by all means, let us emulate not the cattle nor the dog, but He who is mighty to save.

17) But how might we best accomplish it?

Can we by listening to the wisest of men come to know God better than by hearing Him and speaking with Him as one man does even unto another?

Can the wise old man tell us ought better than the Creator Himself?

Wherein might we prosper in any instruction better than that we receive it from the very author of all wisdom and knowledge?

Or shall I do more with my own child than that the Creator of the world should become his tutor?

18) I do wish my son to learn and to know all that I have learned and do know. But behold, I would not that he should believe me in any thing because it comes of me. I would that he take of all knowledge and confirm it by the Holy Spirit of Promise.

For, it is by that spirit that all things might be brought unto his own remembrance.

And how unto his own remembrance, being a thing wholly his own.

Yea, I do say all things may be brought unto him as a thing of his own experiencing.

And this great thing may be unto him even as the Creator has promised by and through the Holy Ghost; the Holy Spirit of Promise.

Wherefore, my children, hearken unto my words, yea, my words which shall come unto you as if out of the dust. Behold, I speak unto you out of the past and my words are sure. Strive diligently and wear out your lives in pursuit not of riches or worldly wisdom, but to stand in the blessed presence of the Creator.

Know Him as you do your own lover and friend.

Become His through the power of the Holy Ghost.

And with such confidence, can there come into your hearts any doubt?

Can the words and acts of the wicked bruise you ought?

Nay, but you will be filled with power and you shall crush the head of your adversary.

For look!

Adam was surrounded round about with superior knowledge.

Surely, what could he know of the wide world and its perils.

Would it not have been wisest in him to take heed from him who was ruler of the world and master of its secrets?

Would it not seem the wiser path to follow him who, having experience of men, could lead in the safer way?

Is it not more natural and safe to seek the wisdom of the wise in any new thing?

Many are the men who would judge our first father for the foolishness that was in his heart.

21) For he did not step out of the valley and immediately begin to build a house wherein he might find shelter from the elements.

Nay, his first act was to obey that which he had received of his Friend.

He took up stones with his hands and he piled them up and he made a straight path from the creation even extending into the hereafter.

Yea, he did build up an altar unto his God even before he did set a roof over his wife’s

22) Yea, and Eve did assist him in all things.

Even before she sought the good things of the earth to fill the pot and the belly, before she took up any good fibrous thing to weave and to cover the body, she did lift up the stones with her husband and build up the house of God.

Behold, our first parents did build up Zion in their hearts.

They did build a house and a city, a temple unto the Lord their God. They knew Him as He really is and that He was mighty to bless and mighty to save.

Wherefore, it seemed good and profitable unto them that they should obey His voice and His commandments, yea, even before they set out to attend to the necessities of life.

24) In this are we to be instructed.

Behold, the Nemenhah are not mighty builders in stone.

Notwithstanding, our synagogues and our high places are beautiful to behold.

Yea, they are fashioned out of the finest workmanship of our hands.

Yet, they are meaningless and empty tombs if the Lord is not there.

Yea, if we might not come into His presence thereby, there is no going up to the temple.

We are walking in the footsteps of our first parents.

Yea, we walk the path that they also walked.

Wherefore, let us be instructed by them.

25) It is for this purpose that the Nemenhah do teach the little children to seek the face of God even as soon as they are old enough to discern their mother’s voice.

Yea, and in all trades and stewardships is the youth trained in love and compassion, for the very purpose of them is to teach the commandments and blessings that obedience to them brings.

Behold, it has ever been the purpose of the communities of the Nemenhah to teach by word and deed all that the Lord has revealed unto our forefathers.

Yea, and all these things are the foundation of our Lodges and our Communities.

26) Behold, for whom does the builder build? For whomdoes the weaver weave?

And does the carpenter build to aggrandize himself? Does he make himself fat?

Does the healer succor the sufferer to be praised in the sight of men?

Why does the husbandman plant, and unto whom is the vine harvested?

When the wine is laid in, unto whom is it laid?

Behold, there are none who can claim ought above their neighbor, for they work each for the other’s benefit and not their own, knowing that if they benefit their neighbor, they, too, shall benefit.

27) You may believe me, when such things are written in the hearts of your little children, then shall you lay claim on Zion.

Behold, the Law of the Gospel and the Law of Sacrifice do teach these principles and hardly may a man learn Zion without them.

Yea, where is the woman who has written Zion in her heart that cannot see her neighbor’s need and strive to fill it?

Is there any among you who fattens himself with the labor of others and I declare this unto you – there shall be no Zion in that man.

Howbeit, if all the saints do so fatten themselves, there shall be no Zion in the church.

28) Zion is not a city to be populated with the unclean.

Behold, Zion is a city built in the hearts of the saints.

Their walk and talk shall be Zion, then shall every city they build be a New Jerusalem unto them. And when the New Jerusalem of the Lord is built up even in the center of this land, it shall only be the semblance of all cities built by the saints, for they shall build upon plans written in them by the Holy Ghost.

29) And behold, I know that the Lord shall test His people and command them to move to and fro upon the face of the earth. But they shall never prosper in Him until they have learned Zion in their hearts.

They shall build houses and cities. Yea, and a nation shall they commence. But they shall fail if the needs of their neighbor are not as pressing as their own. Yea,if they make distinction between themselves and their fellow, then they shall reach for Zion but fail to grasp it. They shall stretch forth the hand desperately, but Zion shall fall away before them.

30) And this is not strange doctrine, for Jesus taught it when He did come even among the Nemenhah. Surely He did teach us to love our neighbor and esteem him even as we do esteem ourselves.

Wherefore do all Nememhah speak all my relations when they make themselves pure before the Lord. Is this not the gospel that He also taught? Do we not wish to emulate Him in all things?

31) Trifle not with these things and do not think that your little children will learn them without you. It is not certain that your children will seek the face of God without that you do, also, teach them. Do not leave this task unto other instructors. This thing you must teach them, yea, and with your own voice you must do it. Not with the rod, but with long suffering and charity, exhorting them to take all things whatsoever you may teach them and speedily inquire of the Lord as to their utility. And insomuch as they do ask of
Him, verily, the Holy Ghost shall write upon them the truth of the teaching.

Behold, this is the Law of the Gospel.

32) Now, when such a child has learned at the feet of their father and their mother, and after that they have made a confirmation of the things their parents have taught them, is it possible that they shall turn to men and their ways when it comes to the sacrifice?

I say unto you, Nay!

But they will go straightway even unto the Creator and learn of Him what manner of sacrifice is expedient in them.

Behold, this is the Law of Sacrifice.

33) Wherefore, teach your little ones.

Yea, I would that I might never to see a single soul come up unto the High Place if they come without a sure and certain knowledge of the meaning of the covenants.

Behold, it is as I declare it.

I would as surely never look again upon the Temple as see men and women go up unto it ignorant of its teachings.

Behold, let the principles of the High Place be understood before a man or a woman goes up to make covenants there.

Yea, let them first go up to that holy place for instruction and when they are no longer ignorant of the principles of the High Place, then let them enter into sacred covenants there.

34) Take them up unto the High Place first to be instructed.

Then, when all is finished in them, let them go up again to make a covenant with the Lord.

For can they do it without knowledge?

Is such a thing to be desired?

I say unto you, Nay.

Chapter Nine

to be continued….amen cj

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