But Eve knew that she was a daughter of Divine Beings

Greetings all my relations,

With great honor we will be studying from the book of the American Indian Prophet Memish…written on metal plates about 732A.D….

And behold, the worlds which the Lord has made are numerous and they, too, are filled with marvelous living beings, each according to their kind.

Yea, the heavens are filled with bodies and each body has its matter and its spirit.

Behold, even the sphere upon which we live has its spirit. (Mother Earth)

12) But, were it not for Eve and the first emergence, none of this could be.

For, so long as the man and the woman remained in the valley, they could not replenish the earth.

Yea, they must have remained exactly as they were when they were placed in the garden.

For there was not space enough for the valley to support any more than there was.

Eve saw this, and because she desired to fulfill the commandment of the Creator to multiply, she did begin to contemplate the wide world.

She knew that she must emerge out of the valley.

13) Now, when the man and the woman yet lived in the valley, and before the Creator took it up, men say that they lived in bliss.

And this is because they felt no pain and they died not.

They lived yet in an artificial world prepared for them and they were not burdened with disease or with age.

Behold, they lived according to that endowment borrowed from their Creator.

Yea, they saw with eyes that saw not that which is real, and they heard with ears that did not hear.

They were innocent and ignorant of their own creation and the greater purpose and wisdom of the Creator in it.

14) But Eve knew that she was a daughter of Divine Beings and that she ought to progress even to become like Them.

This is the thing which she desired. She did not wish to simply exist, it was not enough for her.

Wherefore, she did look out upon the world and ponder it, even as  Elohim Heavenly Mother did look out and ponder the deep. And when she had done with wondering, she did reach out her hand and she did take up that which did exist in the world that would take away what men called bliss, even that unknown thing that would necessitate growth. Yea, she did eat of the forbidden thing, and she did step aside from the path upon which she had been placed so that all the beings who had chosen to participate in the New Covenant might
come and take their places in it. This was the nature of Eve’s transgression, and she knew it for what it was. In this was Adam inspired when he called her name Eve because she was the Mother of All Living.

15) Now, with this knowledge came a greater understanding of things as they really are. With this knowledge came an understanding of just how little she really knew about the world, and how much there was to learn.

Do we know how long the man and the woman had remained in the valley which had been set apart for them?

We do not, but we know that it might have been a very long time.

In that time, they had learned at the feet of the Creator all there was to know about that protected place in which they dwelt.

When Eve made the first emergence, behold, the first thing she learned was that she knew nothing about the world. Wherefore, she did mourn in her heart, for she also knew that she could not live long alone in the lonely world.

16) But behold, Adam was dedicated to his wife.

He had made a covenant with her and he did not shun neither that covenant nor she with whom he made the covenant.

He did not turn his face from her and cast her aside.

He did not abuse her nor chasten her. Behold, he did listen unto her words and he did take counsel with her.

Yea, and he was filled with compassion toward her and desired not that she should go away from him. And he also desired the greater thing which she did communicate unto him. Wherefore, he did also emerge with her into the lonely world.

17) Is it to be understood that only Adam and Eve made this emergence? It is not to be so understood. For the man and the woman are figurative in the relation of the High Place.

Behold, the Spirit whispers to me that all the True Sons and Daughters of Elohim were placed together in the valley which the Creator set aside and hallowed for them.

Verily, this is the reason that every man and every woman who goes up into the High Place to do ordinances there, do consider themselves respectively, Adam or Eve.

This is the reason that the first room of the High Place in Mentinah is known as the Temple of Adam.

This is the reason that the last room of the High Place is known as the Temple of Eve.

18) Wherefore, is it known as the Temple of Adam because only Adam may stand there?

And is it known as the Temple of Eve because only Eve may stand there?

I say unto you, Nay.

For we do all stand in these holy places and receive instruction regarding emergence in those holy places.

19) And behold, I declare it unto you, we did also stand with our first parents in the valley which the Creator did prepare for us.

And the man and the woman in the relation of the High Place represent all they who were begotten by the Father and the Mother, yea, even all they who are the brothers and sisters of the Creator.

This is why the man and the woman are figurative in the relation of the High Place, for when reference is given to the man and the woman, it is we of whom the relation speaks.

20) Does this sound strange? Or is this different from that which your shepherds have taught you?

I do not doubt it.

For, the Holy Ghost has shown me some of the things that shall surely come to pass and I know your doing.

But he who has eyes to see shall see a new thing and she who has ears to hear shall hear a new sound, and is the Universe big enough to hold it? It is.

21) But I beseech you, do not believe any thing until you have sought a confirmation of it of the Holy Ghost.

For without the Holy Ghost, all speaking is silence.

And without the Holy Ghost, all covenants are breached.

And without the Holy Ghost, all bonds are broken and all associations are done away.

It is by and through the power of the Holy Ghost that you shall know the truth of all things and not by word of any man, nor by prophecy, nay, nor by the mouth of angels, nor even by the voice of the Peacemaker Himself.

22) Behold, the truth must become a part of every part of your being, even as it is in all the creation.

Yea, it must become that light by which you are made, even as it is that light which fills the Universe.

And behold, only the Holy Ghost may make it so.

Chapter Seven

1) Now, I ask you once again, when the man and the woman did cast themselves upon the world, did all remain as it had once been?

I say unto you, Nay.

Behold, the Creator did first make laws, the obedience to which would cause the man and the woman to emerge out of the lonely world and walk again in His presence. And He did also take up the valley and all its matter. Yea, and with that matter He did build a place wherein the man and the woman might enter while yet in their mortality to learn of the things of immortality. Yea, in that place could they avail themselves of all the things that they would have had to have lived to learn them in the former covenant. And in that place, the Creator did provide for the further emergence of the man and the woman. Yea, for in order to come into that place, even the place we call the Way, a great and mighty change must first come upon the man and the woman, yea, and the Holy Ghost must begin to seal them up unto Christ in order that they might set foot there.

Yea, I declare it unto you –because of this change, which the Holy Ghost must make in the man and the woman, they may come even into the presence of Heavenly Beings and yet they shall not dissolve in their matter in the manner of all things Telestial, but they are preserved in the manner of all things Terrestrial.

It is this change, and also this place, whereby the Holy Ghost may bring all things unto their remembrance, even things which they did not personally experience.

And behold, this is the New and Everlasting Covenant.

2) But they did first learn the Gospel of the Peacemaker, even the Christ, and they did prove themselves true and faithful in it line upon line and precept upon precept.

Yea, there was much that they must do and learn before they could be admitted again into His presence.

This is the Law of Obedience and the Gospel.

3) And I would ask you to ponder if our first parents were left to learn all these things of themselves, or did they trust in the arm of flesh and their own understanding of the world?

Could they? I say unto you, they could not.

For, should they live ten thousand years, yet it would not be enough to learn that which they must do in order to come again into the presence of the Creator. Wherefore, did the Creator leave them to their own devices?

4) For behold, the man and the woman were intelligent beings. Yea, they had great capacity and a wide world to learn about.

But behold, the Creator knew that, left to their own understanding;

Men and women would learn only of those things that were natural and would not turn their hearts and their minds to things spiritual.

Wherefore, ere even they had left the valley, He taught them personally and commanded them that they should build a thing with their own hands that could have nothing to do with their own survival.

5) Or do you suppose some useful purpose for the altar which they did cast up together before the Lord?

Nay, they had need of shelter and of clothing.

They had need of the gathering of food.

They had many needs that must have crowded together in their minds and their souls must have been burdened at the mere thought of making their living.

These are the things which so burden us in our day and can it have been any different for them?

6) Wherefore, what purpose this altar?

Wherein did this altar provide for them shelter from the elements?

Could they take it upon themselves?

Was it any manner of raiment?

Did it gather in, or did it attract to it anything that could be taken as food?

I cannot imagine it.

But behold, this was the first thing they were commanded to build.

Is there any reason in it?

Not to the natural man.

But great was its purpose to the spiritual man, and that purpose has never diminished.

7) And did the Lord give commandments unto our first parents and then leave them to themselves without teachers?

Verily, He sent messengers unto them, and these were not merely to test the man and the woman, but also to assist them and to instruct them.

Yea, we know that the wisened one did hang about, and many people followed his counsel also.

But it must not be forgotten that Adam and Eve did also entertain Heavenly Beings who assisted them in all things.

8) Now, this is important.

For they learned the truth from they who have all things before them.

Yea, and they learned the gospel from Him who was the author of it. Did they rely upon the wisdom and the knowledge of men?

Or did they follow the teachings of the wise?

They did not, but they hungered and thirsted after righteousness and they studied at the feet of their Lord.

9) Behold, they received the Law of the Gospel from the mouths of Heavenly Messengers and they learned how that every portion of it had for its purpose to bring them closer to all that they needed in order to make greater emergences.

Yea, and it is right that they should learn the Gospel in this way and from such
as they did.

10) For, it is better to learn the ways of the Lord from the Lord.

Yea, or is it fitting that a son who, with his father seated in the room, should ask his uncle concerning him?

Or should he go even unto his neighbor to learn about his own brother with whom he does share a room and all his goods?

Or should he go down even unto he who cares for the flock to learn of him how to drive the oxen?

Or shall the mason be best to teach the making of raddles for the wheel?

11) I say unto you, all these things sound ridiculous when applied to mundane things.

And you may call me ridiculous for asking such obvious questions.

But men do insist that they know more about God than even God.

Yea, and some will declare that only they may have access to the truth of all things, even though their holy books do declare otherwise.

Yea, I have seen it as I have walked upon the Way, that in the days of my descendents there shall be some who insist upon the literal application of certain scriptures when it suits their purpose, but when it does not, there shall be no application of the scriptures.

12) Yea, for one doctrine, they will allow the application of the words of the prophets, but for another they shall not. For this, the words of one may be enough to support many practices, but for other practices, a book would not suffice, but only strict obedience to their shepherds and their rulers in the church shall be sufficient for salvation.

Verily, they shall call this a law of obedience and they shall judge each one the other upon it.

13) Shall one or another of their prophets proclaim a doctrine that is contrary to that which the Lord has taught, they shall be well.

For, if they follow such teachings, the sin shall be upon him that did proclaim the doctrine.

And this is because that they shall have allowed the principles of men to become mingled
with scripture and they shall teach it as the only way unto salvation.

14) But I ask you, what is it from which they wish to be saved? Is it from a vengeful God?

I say unto you, it cannot be, for God’s revenge is quick and powerful.

Surely, when God becomes ripe in His wrath, He does cause the people to perish.

But does He intervene so in the lives and hearts of individuals in their wickedness?

I have not observed it, else why are wicked men preserved in their wickedness.

15) Do they seek salvation from some state brought upon them because of their ancestors?

Behold, this cannot be, for the Lord has spoken it plainly that we each shall be judged of Him by the works of our own hands and the intentions of our own hearts.

Wherefore, can we be accountable for some thing that Adam did, or some thing that Eve intended?

16) Or, were it possible that God should deal thus with us, what manner of God would He be?

Shall a son, who daily witnesses his father do violence, desire to stay with him and become like him?

Or is it more likely that the son will wish to leave that place and do not like unto his father?

Shall a daughter who seeing her mother drunken and listless upon her couch desire to follow her in her sloth? I hope not.

17) Now, shall we watch the Father and Mother of our spirits judge us for another’s wrong and continue in faith and in reverence to emerge to attain to such measure and stature?

Or shall we believe in a fickle God and yet believe that when we are like them we shall yet not be like them? Then from what are we saved?

18) And this is the question which does plague me. From what does their obedience save them?

Their shepherds shall teach them that their obedience is mighty to save and that there shall be no salvation but through it.

Yea, they shall live every day by the words of their prophets, and this because they believe
they shall be called elect and exalted.

But from what are they saved?

Are they saved from sin?

I cannot think so, for they shall sin as much as any man.

Are they, then, saved from the effects of sin?

Then I ask you, of what efficacy is the sacrifice of the Peacemaker?

19) Or, what are the effects of sin from which they must be saved?

Behold, they shall read of the wickedest of men who did do the most awful things unto their neighbors.

Yea, they shall stand upon their stands and preach out of the good books of men who persecuted even the Christ, but yet became Apostles.

Behold, the effects of sin are that they do cause us to turn our faces from Christ.

And this thing does bring upon them a separation from the Peacemaker.

But behold, there is no power possessed of man that can separate God from him.

20) But then, why do men make such suggestions in order that their fellows might know God?

Shall I know my Creator better by listening to my neighbor’s description of Him than I would by seeking His face?

Or shall I listen to my neighbor’s recollection of his conversations with Him and be satisfied?

I say unto you, Nay!

I shall not be satisfied but to sit at His feet and speak with Him face to face!

21) This is the thing that our first parents sought. Behold, they did build up an altar in the wilderness. Yea, they were obedient, but unto whom?

The wisened one did counsel them, and most especially did he counsel Adam, but our first father did keep his own counsel and he did also hold faithfully to that which he had been taught by the Peacemaker Himself.

Yea, it is verily true that, when all the people around him were crowding to the Serpent Lodge, Adam and Eve remained faithful to that which they had been taught by the Lord and by His servants.

22) Yea, and behold, the old serpent gathered together all the people who would follow him and he did teach them doctrines according to the strength of the arm of flesh, and they were many who did gather unto him.

But, notwithstanding that all the people followed this other path, our first parents remained faithful to that which they had received.

Yea, they remained faithful to the Thanksgiving Way and they did not depart from it.

They did in all things continue to seek the face of their Creator and in this were they blessed of God, though their own kind cursed them and reviled them.

23) I would exhort you, seek not the approbation nor the affection of men.

Yea, seek rather, the face of the Peacemaker. For, look you and see the outcome of the teachings of men.

They who listened to the wisened one, even he whom Adam called Coral Snake, behold, they did not fare well.

24) Yea, the strong made distinction of themselves and they did oppress the weak. And is this the Gospel?

And the weak were discomfited and discouraged. But behold, the old serpent did also instruct them in the ways of the world and in all earthly wisdom. And when they sickened because of their belief in the strength of the arm of flesh and because of the wisdom and understanding of the world, behold, they did rise up and they made war upon the mighty and they, too, were overcome. And when they had overcome the mighty men, they made slaves of the children of they whom they had conquered with the sword.

Wherefore, in what good thing did any of them prosper who sought the approval of the world?

25) It is good that men and women learn of the world, for it is a wonder and a miracle.

Yea, it is meet that we ought to take every advantage in learning all that we can from our experience in creation. Verily, this is the great cause for which the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost did make a new covenant. Yea, we are created and have our beings so that we may be participants in creation and it is in our better interest that we take full advantage of this blessing.

26) Wherefore, we are made with that light and strength of intellect that induces us to desire to know many things. And it is upon this desire to know all things that the Creator has built in us the ability to attain to His knowledge and stature. This is the fullness of our desire, to become even as He is.

Yea, it was for this purpose also that we did enter into a great creative covenant with Him, dedicating all that we had already made to Him, and rendering it all up unto Him, that through that power peculiar to the Holy Ghost, we might attain all things, even that which we had not experienced – worlds without end.

27) And is this not a thing to be greatly prized?

Is this not a thing to be desired?

Or how else may we come into such great knowledge in any other way?

I do not say that we could not have attained to it by and through the Everlasting Covenant.

But I do say unto you, the New and Everlasting Covenant is a far better thing.

Wherefore, it is of a surety a thing to be desired.

28) But behold, with every good thing there comes opposition.

Yea, the crafty old serpent does make of every good thing something corrupt and evil.

See how he wrests nature and corrupts it to his own ends.

Yea, I would call your attention to that which he did teach the men who would not listen unto Adam and follow the Thanksgiving Way.

29) Yea, and the thing which he taught them to do was evil in the sight of the Creator who made them.

The strong men did take all the women who would follow them and they made them wives unto themselves.

And this thing they did because the serpent taught them that the strong must rule over the weak. And they took to themselves many wives and concubines and they did act upon them in their strength.

This is a thing that is abominable in the sight of the Lord.

For in it does the man become a beast acting out in the lust of his heart.

It is a thing that the Lord may command, but that no man or woman may take upon

30) For, behold the end which did come of such men who did this mightily wicked thing.

They did make much progeny.

Yea, it cannot be denied that they did raise up a great posterity.

But that posterity became the slaves of other men because of the wickedness of their fathers.

Let this be an ensample unto all they who raise themselves up in the strength of the arm of flesh.

Yea, let all who think to place the wisdom of the world over that of the Lord take heed and ponder this ensample.

31) And when the strong men took up all the women, yea, and even the girl children they did separate for themselves alone, this thing did drive the younger men and the weaker men into the wilderness of their despair and loneliness.

And they, too, were counseled of the serpent, that wise old man, and they did also apply that which the old one did teach them.

32) And who are we to judge them?

How can they have learned a better thing?

Behold how they, observing the leaders of their nation, did mimic them in all that they did.

Yea, did not the strongest among them take, also, the weak and use them in their lust?

And how is that different than their own fathers and brothers who were stronger than they?

Nay, do not say in your hearts that the thing which the strong men did was the more righteous than that which the weaker men did unto their neighbors.

Do not think yourselves better judges than you are.

If the world taught the strong men to do a thing and the weaker men follow them, do not make distinction between them.

For the one follows the other.

33) The Serpent Lodge did follow the ways and customs of their forefathers and from this arose great wickedness in the world.

From this beginning arose the doctrine among men that they with their power could be justified in oppressing the weak of all kinds. It is also from this doctrine that arose the idea that man is the master of the earth, and not the steward.

Wherefore, if master of the earth, then why not master
of his fellowman?

And if he is master of earth and man, then certainly he is master of the woman and the child, wherefore, all that he esteems in his heart to do, he will do, much to the hurt of many.

34) And shall we look on in surprise when they who had been esteemed lesser men damaged themselves and their neighbors because of their great desire to be that which men taught was the most desirable?

Shall we wink our eyes and deride them because that they sought only that which men thought favorable?

Judge not, lest you also be judged! But think not also to justify that which they did, but look upon this history with ears that hear and eyes that see.
35) Behold, the young and the weak men sickened because of their great lust which they did act out upon each other.

Yea, their love was unnatural and had not any motive but to satisfy their own bodies. They took no thought to the needs of any other than themselves.

They esteemed nothing but their own need. In this was found no good thing among them, and they sickened in body, as also they did sicken in their hearts.

36) And do not judge them, also, for what they did next.

For, having discovered their great sin, and the reason for their sickness, they did take great offense at all that the world had taught them.

Yea, they did rise up in their combined might and they did assail the strong men, and not withstanding their greater strength, the young men did so outnumber them that they were overcome and they were destroyed.

And the young men divided all that the strong men had amongst themselves and they enslaved the little children.

37) And why do I say unto you, do not judge them for what they did? Judge instead the teachings that led them into such actions.

What is it that drove them all into iniquity?

38) Wherefore, when the powerful spirits who were messengers of the Creator came in amongst they who followed Adam and Eve, yea, and who held true to the little thing that the Creator had commanded them ere they left the valley, they found only a little band of people who had not fallen under the teachings of men.

Yea, very few indeed were found in the Thanksgiving Lodge with Adam and Eve.

39) And this is because that the people had taken up the wisdom and the teachings and the doctrines of men and had not sought the face of their God for such things.

This is the beginning of wisdom. You have questions?

Then rely upon He who has answers to those questions.

Raise not up bodies of doctrine to justify yourselves in your beliefs, but rather, resort even unto the Creator to learn of His doctrine and uphold all that He shall teach you.

40) For behold, our God is great and He is mighty to save.

He shall surely teach you all things and the Holy Ghost shall write His doctrine upon your souls.

And does this require justification from any man?

Can this be learned at the feet of any man?

I say unto you, Nay.

Of a surety, we may hear the words of great men and great women, but how shall their words profit us if the Holy Spirit of Promise brings not a confirmation of them?

I say unto you, such wisdom is as sounding brass.

41) For this cause did Heavenly Beings come even unto the man and the woman and teach them of the Thanksgiving Way.

And they did subject all things to the confirmation of the Spirit.

And when they had received the confirmation of the things the Angels taught them, behold, they did proceed to act in obedience to the teaching.

Yea, and they did make a covenant to live the Gospel as they had been taught it
and they did seal the covenant with the works for their own hands as token of it.

42) And Adam and Eve did build a Lodge wherein the things that they had been taught might be taught unto others, that they, too, might be prompted to take all their inquiry even unto that God who is mighty to save.

Yea, and all they who followed them in this thing did receive of the Holy Ghost a confirmation of the truth of the things they were taught.

Even so much that the teachings became part of their beings, for they became written even upon the songs of their hearts.

43) Behold how this thing is best accomplished first. It is true that our forefathers did teach the Law of Sacrifice first and then the Law of the Gospel.

Behold, but is it not also written that the Lord did come even unto their temple and reorder the ordinances there?

Yea, it is certain that Ougou had the very voice
of the Lord to direct him in the order of all things.

44) In our day, we desire to know the will of God beforewe act upon such weighty matters, also.Therefore, we have been moved upon to place the Law of the Gospel before the Law of Sacrifice.

Yea, we prefer that our children know their God before making sacrifice.

For this cause do we seek His face first and then we attend to all else.

And we esteem this to be fitting for us, for even so has He taught us to do.

45) And behold how different was the state of they who followed God than of they who followed the teachings of the Coral Snake.

The wisdom of the wise did lead the mighty into great wickedness.

Yea, behold how they took privilege unto themselves and enlarged their own lusts.

46) And all they who followed them in their wisdom butwere not mighty, behold how they bowed to their judgment.

Behold, the weaker men and the young men did not separate themselves into the Serpent
Lodge because they did not agree with the mighty men,for they took their counsel even into their own lodges.

Yea, did they not do the same unto each other that which the mighty men had done unto them?
Wherefore, they did in full agreement even that which did cause them such misery and they did also enlarge their own lusts.

Behold, this is the way with the wisdom of the wise. One follows them even in
disagreement and perpetuates their folly.
47) But the Thanksgiving Lodge did no such thing. Behold, the man and the woman did hold true to the things they had learned from on high.

And the wisdom of the wise did wink at them and the wise men did turn their heel.

But they were steadfast and did not falter in the observance of that which they had been
given and behold, they did prosper.

For when the Serpent Lodge did rise up against the rulers of the land
to slaughter them, behold, they esteemed not the Thanksgiving Lodge at all.

For were they not also downtrodden by the mighty men and ridiculed of them?

And when the Serpent Lodge took of all the wives of the mighty men unto themselves and divided themas they saw fit, yea, and when the children of the mighty men they did make slaves unto themselves to serve their bodies, behold, the Thanksgiving Lodge and all the people who adhered to it were left unto themselves safely.

48) Behold, the Lord is meek and lowly of heart. He is not puffed up. So then, if the People of the Lord do emulate Him and do not puff themselves into great and mighty rulers of the people, they shall overcome the wisdom of the wise men and prosper even in the midst of great adversity.

Chapter Eight

To be continued…cj


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