The Power of The Holy Ghost

Greetings all my relations…

With great humbleness we honor The Holy Ghost-Third Member of The Godhead

Conformation of The Holy Ghost is required …

Invocation of The Holy Ghost is required …

The Power of The Holy Ghost is required …

We will be concluding the Book of Manti:

Chapter Twelve

1) And I now say unto you, Because that you have brought your hearts unto the Fathers, the hearts of the Fathers are brought unto you.

Wherefore, you have received these writings and do ponder them in your hearts.

I would beseech and admonish you to submit all these things unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

And if you do this, your mind will be enlightened and you will receive of Him the truth of the things you do read within them.

And behold, if you do read them with good intent, having faith in that One who is mighty to save, then the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of these records unto you.

2) Now, I cannot say how this manifestation will come, for, the manifestations and gifts of the Spirit are many and diverse. But you shall know that the things that the Spirit does manifest are true because that to deny them will cause a great confusion in your mind and in your heart.

And when the Spirit does manifest the truth of a thing, behold, you will have peace with regard to the matter. Remember, to deny such a thing is to deny the Holy Ghost.

Deny not the Holy Ghost, for it is by the power of the Holy Ghost whereby the atonement is made whole and operative within you.

And without this power there could be no New and Everlasting Covenant,no, nor atonement, nor righteousness in this creation.

For, the covenant our Heavenly Parents made with Christ and with the Holy Ghost makes all things possible in this creation.

Wherefore, without the Holy Ghost, our Father which is in Heaven would still be God, as also the Mother. And Jesus would still be the Christ.

But what would such things matter to you and me?

I say unto you, They would not mean a thing, nay, not one whit. In this covenant we may deny the Father and still be forgiven. Yea, and we may deny the Son and there is forgiveness.

But, I say unto you, If you deny the Holy Ghost nothing in this creation matters and you must return unto your own.

3) Wherefore, it is by the power of the Holy Ghost that you may know the truth of these things, as also the truth of all things.

Rely not upon the words of any man, be he living or long dead, as I know that I shall be when you receive these records.

And you should not rely upon the words of any person living at the time in which you shall receive them, but upon the Holy Ghost.

4) For, how shall a man who has not received these things tell you of their worth?

He may read them, but if he does not subject all things unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, he cannot know the worth of my words.

Wherefore, you may not subject these things unto the wisdom of the wise, but unto that still small voice within you.

The Holy Ghost is the only test of truth that you may rely upon in the day that you will receive these things.

Yet, He is given unto you, wherefore, use this test in all things. For, if you rely upon the wisdom of the wise, you have fallen into a trap.

If you cannot receive truth through the Holy Ghost, then you cannot think to be capable of serving God, for you are overcome by the Babylon in your heart.

Repent and know God!

5) Now, I am adamant in these things because I have seen your day and all that you do in it. Yea, it is by this same Holy Ghost that I have walked upon the Way and I have looked and seen you.

And behold, the things that I have seen are not so different than those things which we see now and then begin to grow in the hearts of men. But behold, they have not taken hold in our communities, for we labor diligently to prevent it from doing so.

But I say unto you, Should the day come, and I perceive that such a day will come unto my people, when we cease to diligently labor to keep such things out of our communities, then
the same will befall our happy state and we will also succumb.

6) I am thankful for the time in which I live, that I may be able to describe unto my descendents the great and blessed state in which we do live because of our strict adherence to the precepts which the Christ did teach us.

I am also happy and consider myself blessed that I should be privileged to live in a time when the prophets of God do seek His face and also teach us to do so continuously.

7) And I do consider the Nemenhah blessed, for, not only do the Nemenhah of Mentinah enjoy blessings of prosperity and happiness, but we have also spread across the face of the land and all of our communities do also enjoy all those blessings which makes our lives so happy.

8) Yea, and we do welcome the many people who continue to leave the Land Southward to join our communities.

And behold, from the Land Southward even into the far reaches of the north, there are communities of the Nemenhah. And when one travels over the great mountains into the east, there are communities of the Nemenhah connected to that great city Corianton, and they are our brothers also.

They, too, take unto them refugees from the Land Southward and their communities cover the face of the land. And all this in the space of but a few generations from the time Hagoth left the Land Southward.

9) And we do enjoy commerce with the Land Southward and our brethren there, for they, too, grow and prosper at this time. But behold, their way of living the covenants of the Lord are different than ours and some strife does still arise from time to time which they labor diligently to subdue.

And I believe that, if they would but adopt the Nemenhah way of life, such things might be done away.

10) But behold, lest I fall into the same pride that shall befall the people of this land in times to come, I must repent me of such thoughts.

For, who am I to say that the manner in which the Nephites do live the laws of God are lesser or greater than our ways? For, they are also blessed of the Lord.

11) Notwithstanding, they have all things in common and their property is administrate unto them as the governor sees fit. And if the governor remains strong inthe faith, I see no impedimentin this.

But, if the day comes when the Gadiantonhem do again possess the land, as they did in times past, this system will not continue to bless the people as ours does.

12) For behold, our system is governed not by one man, but by all the people and it is administered not as one wise man sees fit, but as the whole community deems necessary.

And it is this system that has attracted men and women who have traveled from afar off to learn of us and our ways.

13) Yea, we have entertained emissaries from over the sea both west and east and they have lived with us and learned of our ways. And behold, they have also taught us of their ways and have established trade routes with us and there is much traffic between our land and theirs.

Chapter Thirteen
1) And behold, this is the state of affairs in the land of the Nemenhah of Mentinah in the days of my stewardship. And the days of my stewardship have been long among my people and I am become old.

2) And I have delivered up the seat of the High Priest unto the Great Council of Mentinah and they have chosen my own son, Shimlei, to sit in the seat in my stead. And he is a righteous man and has assisted me in my work for forty years.

Indeed, since he became a man and took to wife the granddaughter of Alma and Pa Sabel of Corianton, he has always been at my side and has been a support and help to me in all the things the Lord has called upon us to do. Yea, he has been a counselor unto me and a great help in my labors.

3) And now I give my last blessing and warning unto you who are my descendents.

Remain faithful unto the statutes of the Lord and remember Him in all that you do.

Yea, sing praises unto Him in all things and render up all your pride.

Call upon Him in all things and trust only to the administration of the Holy Ghost for a guide to truth.

4) For, I say again unto you, in the days that these writings shall come unto you out of the dust, there shall be great pride in all the land.

And if it be the desire of your hearts to fulfill the commandments of the Lord and come out of Babylon, it shall be difficult for you to discern how you may begin to truly establish Zion in your hearts.

But when you read these things and ponder them in your hearts, let the Holy Ghost teach you how that they may become a chart unto you.

I know that, if you follow the ways of the Nemenhah, or at least if you use our ways and apply them to your times, you shall be successful.

5) Now, I bid you farewell.

Remember me and all your grandfathers.

Our hearts are turned unto you and, behold, if you will seek us, we will manifest ourselves unto you.

Howbeit, if it be the Lord’s will, we might be guides unto you in seeking the right ways of the Lord.

6) For, the Spirit has testified to me that you shall build again a Zion in this land and it shall come to pass even as has been foretold.

And this same Spirit has shown me in a vision that you shall build a place of peace, a place of safety,

a place of understanding and of learning,

a place of holiness to the Lord,

even a High Place in the tops of the mountains.

Wherefore, hearken unto the words of my mouth.

7) For, the Lord has shown me the tabernacle in the wilderness that you shall build and that it shall be by and through those ordinances that you have received of my father Ougou that this little tabernacle shall begin to grow and become a temple unto the Most High God.

And the Sons of Levi, even the Peli, shall begin again to purify their hearts after the manner of the Ammonites of old and also in the manner taught by Jesus.

And they shall once again begin to offer up a righteous sacrifice unto the Lord ere the end come.

8) And this shall be a sign unto you that you do live in the time which I have seen and of which I have written unto you.

9) The Sons of Levi shall build a tabernacle and shall place it in the wilderness, for there shall be no room for living sacrifice in the synagogues and temples in their day.

Wherefore they shall build a temple and an altar in the wilderness. And it shall not be in the form of the temple in days of old, but it shall be made of stone that shall not have been cut by hand and of earth and of the covering as if of a tent.

This shall be the first of many such tabernacles wherein the people of God shall resort to purify themselves and to prepare themselves to come out of Babylon.

10) Yea, the altar shall not be of cut stones but of natural stones. And it shall be a depression in the center of the room which shall be a hearth wherein the stones of the first day of creation are laid.

And the wall of the room shall not be the height of a man but shall require that a grown man must bow down unto the Lord to enter in the door thereof. And the roof shall be of timbers and twigs, as also of any suitable material that might be
found at hand.

And there shall be a path leading from the hearth toward a place of fire and this shall be toward the rising of the sun and shall be mounded up with stones. And at the end of the path there shall be a mound of earth upon which natural stones have been set up.

But these stones shall not be cut by the hand of man, nor shall any man raise his tool to them, lest they be defiled. For, this is the altar of the temple.

11) Yea, look and see!

For, in the days about which I have spoken, they who are of the house of Levi and of Aaron shall once again build an altar of stones.

And behold, it shall be for the purifying of the hearts of men and women untosacrifice. And it shall appear unlike the great structures and mighty and beautiful buildings of the day.

For, in it are the hearts of men and women purified and made ready to meet their God.

12) And behold, within the room, when you look up upon the roof thereof, you shall see thirteen limbs or beams which shall extend from the wall thereof to a high place in the center. And it shall be bound with seven circlets of joined twigs. And upon these twigs shall smaller twigs be placed as a thatch. And upon this thatch shall earth be thrown up.

13) And between the floor and the roof, there shall be suspended from twelve points a veil which shall have painted upon it the scenes of the creation as taught by my father Ougou. This shall hang as a ceiling above the heads of they who will be seated in the room.

14) And round about the walls of the tabernacle shall be a continuous seat which shall be of thrown mud and hardened. This shall be a place to sit and hear the Book of the High Place. And there shall also be a place upon the floor for to sit which shall encircle the hearth.

15) And behold, this tabernacle shall be used by that little gathering of people as a place of resort and refuge against the teachings of the world and of Babylon.

And they shall teach there the ordinances of the High Place and also they shall purify themselves in that place according to the purification of the Ammonites.

16) Look for such a place among the people of your day, my children. For, in that day the Lord will complete and culminate His great work, even His strange work, even the restoration of all things that have been spoken by the mouths of the prophets since the world began.

17) For, in that little tabernacle, the Lord shall accept the sacraments and the offerings of His people.

Yea, a light shall begin to shine forth from the door of the lodge and a light shall fill the whole earth. And when it has filled the whole earth,

none shall say:

Behold, I am a Nephite or Lamanite or Ishmaelite or Mulekite or Ammonite.

But all shall say: Behold, I serve my Lord. Yea, all shall be disciples of Christ.

18) And the little flock that gathers unto such places as I have described, for you will build them in diverse places, shall begin to have all things in common and shall begin again to build a new a Zion unto the Lord their God.

19) Rejoice in that day, my children! For, if you are among they who gather to such curious and unusual places, behold, it is because you have received the things that shall have been delivered unto you out of the dust of the earth from your grandfathers.

Yea, rejoice exceedingly,

for the coming of your Lord is nigh and you shall see His face!




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