Come out of Babylon

To my dear brothers and sisters,

It is with humble desire that I present to you the prophecies of the prophet Manti …

The Book of Manti

Chapter Eleven

1) Behold, I say again unto those of my descendents who might read these my words, it is wisdom that you should receive them.

For, the Spirit has told me, and also I have seen your day in a vision, that even the elect of God shall be confused as to the right and proper way to live up to the laws and covenants they receive in the temple.

Wherefore, read these things and learn the ways in which the Nemenhah did them.

Howbeit, although I know that there are many ways in which a person who is of good intent may live the commandments of God, yea, the ways of righteousness are as diverse as those of wickedness; nevertheless,

I do believe that the blessings that we have received of the Lord do arise out of the manner in which we do live.

2) Wherefore, I do fulfill the admonition given to me of Timothy and write our ways and customs that you may know of our doing and of our intention.

Howbeit, you might find insight into how you might apply the things we have done, that have brought us such happiness, unto the things that you do.

And behold, if you do the things of righteousness, you shall receive of the Lord even as we have received of Him.

3) Now, as I said, I have seen your day and your doing in a vision given me of the Lord and through the Holy Ghost.

Wherefore, I know that the intent of the hearts of the men who govern and rule this fair land in your day is not the same as in mine.

Yea, in the last days, men shall have forgotten the blessing and the curse that is laid upon this land. They shall forget the covenants of God and they shall begin to follow the dictates of their own hearts.

Behold, they shall wrest and twist the commandments of God and they shall forget to acknowledge Him in all things.

4) And also those who shall think to govern the church, they too shall begin to do so with an eye single to the appeasement of men and not to the pleasing of their Maker.

They think that by satisfying men and rulers they will not be troubled by them. Behold, I say unto you, and hearken unto my voice all you who are of my household and do receive these things which I have written unto you, All they who seek the pleasure of men, hoping to appease them, shall be troubled by them all the more.

Yea, they shall trouble you in your laws and put you in bondage.

They shall trouble you with your children and your hearts shall be broken because of them.

They shall trouble you in the streets of your cities on the byways.

Yea, they shall come even into your homes, your churches and in your Holy Places to vex and trouble you.

All this shall be only because you do esteem them more than you do your God.

5) And in the day that my writings shall come up unto you out of the dust, there shall be such vexation in this land that some few may be found who look to the past for a pattern and a way whereby they may live more completely the ways of the Lord.

Yea, they shall for generations have looked unto their principle men, whom they bethought ought to have led them into righteousness and the ways of the Lord, for that ensign into the right way to keep the commandments and their own covenants in the days in which they live, only to find that they have not been led out of Babylon, but have built up Babylon in their hearts because of their teachings.

6) Yea, I say some few, and they shall be precious few, shall begin to ponder upon all that they have been taught and to seek a different path than that which their principle men, even the shepherds of Zion, shall have set out for them.

For, they shall have been taught from their youth that the only way to heaven is the way the wise men have taught. Behold, this is evil and comes of evil in the hearts of conspiring men.

7) But there shall be a gathering from out of the church of those who do ponder and pray about these things and seek to do a better thing.

Behold, in that day shall the words of my mouth, as also the words of all the Nemenhah who have been moved upon to write unto their descendents, shall ring out in their ears and they will be guided by the Spirit into new ways of experimenting upon the words of Christ and of His gospel.

8) For, my children, I say unto you with all earnestness,The way onto salvation is by and through that Holy One who made the atonement for us.

Yea, belief on His name and faith in Him is the only means whereby we, of this creation and household, may obtain eternal life. Or, I should say, it is the only way we may obtain the New and Everlasting Covenant and become as our Lord and return unto Him and our Heavenly Parents.

Without belief and faith in Him who is mighty to save, we must all return unto our own and suffer endlessly the deaths prepared for us.

9) Wherefore, if it be that you should be among those unto whom the Spirit has spoken and you live in the days that I have seen in the vision, read these things and take them as your model. For, we have been truly blessed of the Lord.

Yea, if you be of that gathering of which I did speak, rejoice and look back.

Yea! Turn your hearts unto us, your grandfathers, and learn from us how we did keep the statutes of God that you might take of the things you learn from our doing, following that counsel and guidance you receive of the Spirit and build a home and a community, a place of worship and a temple, even in the midst of adversity.

Yea, and you shall be a blessed and a happy people.

10) For, I would say unto you somewhat more about they who do govern the land, as also about they who do think to guide the church, they have forgotten the commandments of God and also their covenants.

It shall be unto them just as it has always been unto the children of men when they turn away the face from that holy Way into which the Lord their God does continually try to lead them.

They shall become so puffed in their pride that they shall esteem their own ways as the best and fairest ways in all the world.

Yea, even they shall say that their ways are the Lord’s ways and unless a man follow their words and dismiss all others, he cannot be saved.

11) This is sin. For, the Lord’s ways are those which He does speak into the hearts of men and women when they turn their faces unto Him.

And behold, it is true that when He does establish His church among the children of men, He does raise up prophets and seers to guide it.

And when they follow Him and seek His face, they are inspired as to what they ought to do.

But behold, in the day that such prophets and seers do esteem their words greater than the words of Christ and do teach the people to listen to their words and to seek not the face of Christ, then have they fallen into Babylon and do sin against the covenants of God.

12) Behold, they shall have no means whereby they may lead the people into eternal life, for they shall have turned unto Babylon.

Wherefore, if the hearts of the people are pure and they are faithful, they shall be saved. But their shepherds shall return unto their own for the great sin they have committed against their God.

Fear not for them, for they shall one day see the face of their God again. But it shall only be after they have returned unto their own and not through that atonement made by the Son of God.

Yea, it shall be by an eternity, eternities and an eternity that they shall be made ready to once again come into the presence of Him who condescended and sacrificed all so that they might come into the New and Everlasting Covenant of God and become like Him, through the atonement made for them, and through the transforming power of the Holy Ghost.

13) And again, in the day that you do read these things and you are that little gathering of the Lord’s people who would once again seek His face while yet in the flesh, look around you and behold!

A man shall build him a house and it shall be a possession unto him, not a stewardship. In this is he cursed. And the wise shall teach him that because his wife shall have a claim upon him, that he shall be responsible for the support of his family, and this is right.

But behold, the world shall teach him that he is to be the sole support for the family. And this shall the world use for a pitfall unto the man. For, the rulers of the land shall make the price of bread so high that he, with all his might, will be unable to provide for his family
and his wife shall be forced to labor as well.

But they shall labor away from the family and the rulers of the land shall take the children and they shall raise them up into bondage even greater than that under the weight of which their parents do labor.

14) Then shall every person labor away their lives for a tiny piece of land or a house or a conveyance and all shall be impoverished because of their need for property.

This is Babylon the Great which shall fall and the fall thereof shall be great.

And behold, none shall escape her fall except they shall have gathered out of the world and except they shall have given up the pursuit of her unclean things.

15) And behold, my children, be awake to these things and let not your eyes be dimmed so that you do not see them when they are ripe before you.

For, in the day that the children of men have embraced the way of the world, even Babylon, they cannot approach the Way of God.

And their prophets and seers shall be of no use to them in that day for they too shall have taught the ways of the world.

In that day there shall not be a single community in the whole face of this fair and blessed land wherein the inhabitants there of do succor each other as the Nemenhah do succor their neighbor, except for those very few who have come out of Babylon.

16) But behold, their wise men and their prophets shall have taught this way, even the way of the Gentile, for generations and they shall have been brought up in it themselves.

And they shall teach the man that he must labor all his life for the things of the world and for the support of his family.

And the day shall come that the family that labors together for their support, and not simply for their greater convenience and entertainment, shall be ridiculed and shunned.

That man will be persecuted by the wise and by the shepherds of the flock as one who is not worthy of the things of God because he does teach his children to labor with him in providing the things that they need and in order that they might have somewhat more to give to them that need.

17) Yea, you shall see them driven from among the people.Yea, even as has been written in another place, because they shall be poor in the eyes of men, albeit they are rich in their own hearts and in the eyes of God, they shall be driven from the churches and the synagogues and they shall not be allowed to worship with the saints.

Woe unto such a day! For the saints are become dross and shall find no comfort in their substance.

18) Yea, in that day the man shall not labor beside the woman, nay, nor beside the child, for his support, but he shall be separated from them all the day.

And the mother who must labor because of the price of bread, she too shall not labor beside the child for their support but shall be separated from them all the day.

And the child shall be taken into houses set up for their training that they too might be raised up into the ways of Babylon and labor out their lives alone and separate from the ones they love.

19) And behold, when the man and the woman do come out of Babylon and mend their ways such that the family is once again together in all their labors, the rulers and the prophets shall alike see this as a sign of evil and shall punish them.

Yea, they shall be cast out from among the people. And they shall be called negligent and abusers of children. And there shall even be some who shall be cast into prison for that they shall desire above all else to come out of Babylon. And they shall be forced to touch the unclean things again in order to come again into the community. How great shall be the evil of that day!

20) And yet, there shall be some few who are able to abide the day and begin again to build Zion in their hearts. These shall be most blessed. For the Lord shall raise them up an ensign unto all the nations.

And their works shall be works of righteousness. And they shall labor together, the father and the mother, the parents and the children, and they shall begin to build again Zion in their communities.

And men and women shall labor again a labor of love and they shall begin to build again Zion in all the land.

21) And behold, they shall take into their own homes they who have been beaten with stripes and cast out. And, while their neighbors shall shun them, they shall succor them. And they shall take the children of them that have been cast into prison and shall shelter them and teach them to love their parents because they have been abused for their sake.

22) And fathers shall labor beside mothers, and parents beside their children. And behold, families will be together all the day long laboring for their own good, asalso for the good of others. And children shall learn righteousness from their parents. The children shall not idle away their days in worthless learning, yea, they shall not learn to be the thralls of dishonest men and masters, but shall lift up their heads.

23) In the day of their sore probation, they who do experiment upon the principles of Zion shall not cast out from among their midst any who have not the things the world says they must have. They shall not judge them because of their lack of substance, but shall embrace them and labor with them also, side by side.

24) But still, they shall be persecuted by they who were once their prophets and the shepherds. And after they have been cast out from among the people because they followed not the dictates and ways of the world, they shall gather together to labor and to live, to worship and to serve and to observe to keep the commandments and covenants of God, following the dictates of their own consciences, as also the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

And in this they shall bring down upon them the judgments of men, the wagging finger and the shaken heel of they who would call themselves ministers unto the people. Woe be unto the ministers and the shepherds of the flock in those days! For they shall reap the judgments of a just and righteous God!

25) For the gifts of the Spirit shall be taken from them that should have possessed them in abundance.

Yea, the shepherds shall have no more of the visitations of Angels and they shall persecute them that do.

And the shepherds of Zion shall have no more of speaking in tongues and translation and shall persecute them that do.

And behold, the prophets shall speak no more prophecy and shall cast out them that do.

And they shall no longer heal or be healed by the power of God or the gifts of the Spirit and they shall cast in prison them that do.

And the blind shall not see and the lame shall not walk.

Yea, the widow shall go friendless and lonely and the fatherless shall be idle. And behold, the saints shall be covered in the blood and sin of Babylon.

Yea, how the Adversary shall rejoice in the face of him who holds the keys of God in that day!

26) And the pride of men shall wax gross.Yea, and they shall be cursed above all the people of the earth. For, a vexatious pestilence shall pursue all the families of the earth, but especially in this land.

And there shall not be one family in this land, in the day of which I speak, that shall not be vexed with the pestilence. And there shall be a wasting disease and a canker. And the flesh shall fall and the bones shall wither. Surely, the strength of men shall diminish. And this shall come to pass because of the pride of men in the day of which I speak.

Yea, because they shall think themselves high, they shall be brought low. But, even with the evidence of the displeasure of God on the right and on the left, even before their faces and following them in their path, the pride of men shall have waxed so great that they shall still declare themselves to be the strongest and most blessed people in all the world.

Yea, they shall judge themselves blessed even in the midst of the evidences that God shall heap upon them.

27) And I say unto you, It shall be the thing in which men shall take the most pride wherein they shall see their downfall. Yea, it shall be that thing they think is their greatest strength which shall bring them down into the dust. Yea, that by which they do judge all other men shall be the thing whereby, being judged by it, they shall be cursed and shall sink in the esteem of all the world.

28) Open up your eyes and look, my children! For, unless you forswear yourselves of the teachings and the principles and the ways of Babylon, then shall you be carried away in this tide that shall overthrow the cities of the mighty and the wisdom of the wise.

Yea, unless you follow the commandments of God, you shall fail and perish.

But, if you will remember that Christ did teach to come out of Babylon and if you hearken unto His voice, then shall you avoid the calamities of that day.

to be continued Amen…cj

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