The Endowment of Power and The Second Anointing

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters,

I would Like to share my testimony…I have learned and received, so much truth and light, from the Nemenhah Records and record keepers …The Holy Ghost whispers in my ear… They are true and I must share them with you…

These are the words of Timothy…

Timothy is a translated being…one of the three Nephite Apostles… He is an Immortal…

it is my privilege to present to you all;

The words of Timothy as recorded by the prophet Manti…

Chapter Eight of The Book of Manti

Chapter Eight

1) Now behold, no teaching concerning the ordinances of the High Place would be complete without that I instruct you as to the meaning of the Endowment of Power and of the Second Anointing.

2) The Endowment of Power is called such because of that which it provides to the receiver.

It constitutes all of the covenants and ordinances of the Temple when taken altogether.

Many have said that it consists of all the things that are provided to assist the recipient in passing through the veil into the presence of the Father. But I say unto you that its greater importance comes from that which is taken into the heart and soul of the recipient prior to approaching the veil of heaven.

3) Again I would ask you to reason with me and consider the meaning of the relation of the High Place all taken together.

Are we not instructed in many things pertaining to our past life?

And does that not give us that whereby we may take counsel which is above that which is taught by the world?Is this not an Endowment of Power in one sense?

4) And again, are we not also instructed in the manner in which we may pass through this life without taking upon ourselves the blood and sin of this generation?

And does that not give us that whereby we may take counsel which is above that which is taught by the world?

5) And again, are we not also instructed in the manner in which we may remove the veil from before our eyes and off of our hearts, that we may freely walk into the presence of the Father and receive instruction from Him directly?

And does that not give us that whereby we may take counsel which is above that which is taught by the world?

6) Wherefore, is it not true then that the covenants and ordinances of the High Place have for their motive to provide the means whereby we may take counsel which is not of this world?

Indeed, I say unto you, that is the purpose of these holy things. Is that not the journey that our first parents made when they came upon this mortal road? And do we not also place our feet upon that same path?

7) Now, this is somewhat hard for you to understand; for, are we not mortal, and are we not taught that we do live out our lives here in this Telestial world?

But behold, this is our Endowment of Power – to yet live in the Telestial, but have access to that which is Terrestrial.

Yea, even as Adam and Eve were introduced into the Terrestrial World while yet in their mortal flesh,

so shall we also be introduced into the Terrestrial World.

8) And behold, is there any part of the relation of the High Place that indicates how that Adam and Eve died before such an introduction could be made? I say unto you that you will find no such utterance.

Wherefore, do not believe, nor let the belief take root and grow in you, that mortal beings may not come into the presence of the immortal.

9) I am one for whom mortality has been suspended. Wherefore, I know more than perhaps you can about translated beings. But I say unto you, I am still mortal in exactly the same sense that you are. I shall taste of death when my Savior does come again, but it shall be but a glimmer of it. Nevertheless, I shall taste of it well enough. And though my body shall tarry until He comes,yet it is Telestial in nature.

Even so, I do walk and talk with Angels while yet in this Telestial shell.

Behold, I ask you, how do I do it?

10) This is the Endowment of Power. To walk in the presence of Heavenly Beings is a blessing and an endowment indeed. And it is for this purpose – that men and women might progress in grace and in wisdom, in faith and in virtue to that point of perfection whereby they do overcome the veil in them that does prevent them from entering upon the Way and taking instruction from Angels, from their kindred dead, and also from Jesus Christ – that the works of the High Place are given.

Behold, the covenants and ordinances of the High Place are given for no other purpose than to bring the souls of the children of men out of darkness and into the light of truth. And when this is accomplished, they do see visions and dream dreams. They walk with their ancestors and receive instruction of them, and, when they have progressed to that point where they may withstand His presence, even with the Lord of Heaven, even Jesus Christ.

11) Now, this may not seem difficult for you who have seen the face of your Savior even in your flesh. But, you may believe me that many generations shall not pass away but that the children of men shall find it a hard saying, that they might stand in the very presence of the Savior and be instructed of Him.

12) But now I would call your attention to the veil of the Temple. Why, when we are brought to the veil, is it rolled up and done away? It is because of that which we have received upon the Way that causes the veil within us to be rent from the bottom to the top. For, it is said often and shall be written in another place that it is fitting for some who are below to go up, as also it is fitting for some who are above to come down.

13) But this may not be accomplished so long as man lives in the Telestial world. It is for this cause that the Lord gave unto Adam and Eve, our first parents, all of these things. He wanted them to be able to return into His presence while yet in the flesh.

But behold, the Telestial cannot stand the very presence of God. Wherefore, it was important for the children of men to receive, by their obedience and faith, an endowment that would change their mortality enough to allow them to stand the presence of Heavenly Beings.

14) Now behold, you must believe that such a thing is possible, and I see that you do believe it. But, I say unto you, There will be many, nay, even the more part of the people in the last days shall be taught that such a thing must wait until after the resurrection. Yea, it shall be taught even unto the elect of God that they may not stand in His presence except that they must die first.

And they will shun revelation and despise prophesying because of this thing they shall have been taught by the shepherds of Zion. And, because of this teaching, many shall reject the restoration of the gospel and shall persecute they who do receive such things.

15) But I say unto you, This is the Endowment of Power – to gain the ability to stand upon the Way and converse with your kindred dead, with Angels, with guides and guardians, and with Jesus Christ Himself.

16) And this shall be a sign unto all they who might read my words and wonder whether they live in the times of which I speak:

They shall stand at the veil of the Temple with an assistant standing near unto them that they might be reminded of the things they suppose they must say in order to pass by the sentinels, or so they suppose, that have been set there to guard the way into heaven.

And they shall not know who it is that that assistant represents, who stands near to them and whispers into their ears the words which they must speak.

17) They may think that He is Peter or James or John. They may think that He represents Father Adam. But, I say unto you, They are mistaken in all that they think, unless they realize that the assistant represents Jesus Christ.

Now, if the assistant represents Jesus whispering in the ear of Adam, whom you represent at the veil, I ask you to instruct me in this thing. What does such a representation teach us about the veil?

What must have occurred in us that might cause that we may stand in the very presence of the resurrected Christ, that He might whisper in our ears words of wisdom?

Who is it that presents us at the veil and pleads our case before the Father?

Who is it that, after we have said and done all that is required of us, parts the veil and speaks on our behalf?

Who also, when the veil is rolled up and the obstacle no longer exists that would separate us from the Father, is it that takes our hand and places it in the hand of Him whose dwelling is the bosom of eternity?

18) Now, you who might read my words, and I tell you it can only be by the grace and wisdom of God that you shall receive these things, can it be that the Temple is a sham? Are the covenants and ordinances performed there mere farce? I say unto you, Nay!

19) Behold, it is the purpose of the Temple to take Telestial beings and teach them in such a manner that they may be introduced into the Terrestrial World while yet in their mortal form.

And I declare unto you that a change is verily made in their mortality that allows this to come upon them. And in the Terrestrial World, of which the Way may be said to be a part, they are to be instructed by Angels and Heavenly Messengers, even as Adam and Eve were visited and instructed by messengers of God.

And, when they progress in knowledge and truth as Adam and Eve did progress, it is the purpose of the Temple to effect such a change in they who go there to take up sacred covenants and perform sacred ordinances that they shall see Jesus Christ, and He shall present them at the veil in order that they might come into the presence of the Father.

20) That they may do this for themselves, as also for and in behalf of the kindred dead, is a surety. But I declare unto you, as for the purpose and the function of the Temple, anything more or less than this comes of the world and not of God.

21) It is for this cause that Jesus bade us come unto Him. He did not bid us to go unto the wise men of the world and thereby learn enough of Him that we might find ourselves justified in the day of judgment. Nay, He bade us come unto Him. And is this commandment vanity? Shall the Lord Jesus Christ give a commandment and yet shall the thing which He does command remain impossible? I say unto you, Nay. A wickedness must come upon any people who uphold such a doctrine.

22) And now, the Second Anointing is that ordinance which does prove unto the hearts and the souls of the children of men that the things that I have taught concerning the Endowment of Power are true. For it is that holy and sacred ordinance which is performed only by the Man and the Woman who have been sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.

And behold, they shall know that this sealing has taken place, not because some man has placed hands on them and declared it unto them, as shall be the custom in the latter days, but because that same Spirit shall have manifested the very truth of it unto them. And when this more sure word of prophecy shall have been delivered unto them, nothing may controvert it.

They are sealed up unto Christ forever, and though heaven and earth pass away, their covenant one to another shall never pass away, but is eternal.

23) Now, when all this is done unto them and they have received all the laws by covenant and performed all the ordinances of the High Place, and the Holy Spirit of Promise, which is the Holy Ghost, has made their election sure, they do enter into the most Holy Place in the Temple, even the Temple of Eve, and they shall wash and anoint each other in a most sacred manner.

And behold, they shall lay their hands upon each other and the Lord shall lay His hands on them and anoint them.

24) And they shall see Him and speak to Him face to face.And behold, this is because they have received the Endowment of Power through taking upon themselves by covenant the Law of Consecration, the Law of Chastity, the Law of Obedience and Sacrifice and the Law of the Gospel.

These things are taken up within the Temple by and through the ordinances of the High Place. And they are lived without the Temple in their walk and talk and in every part of their lives.

25) Now, I speak to you about this last ordinance in the Temple because it shall have been lost by that time when the Lord shall see fit to cause the record of my words unto you to come forth out of the dust, by way of the gifts of the spirit and of the Seer that shall be given unto that one from among your descendents whom He shall raise to fulfill this calling in the last days.

Yea, there shall be none in the time of his calling that may avail themselves of the ordinances of the Temple which shall be had in his day who may lay claim to this Second Anointing. You may believe it, Nemenhah! Such shall be the state of affairs in his day!

26) But I see that this revelation does cause your countenance to fall and your souls to be filled with sorrow. You may well lament the times in which your descendents must live.

But take comfort in the knowledge that it shall be through them that the Lord shall complete and culminate that restoration which is to be commenced and which has been spoken of by the mouths of the prophets since the foundation of the world.

Yea, it is because of your righteousness that your generations shall produce a race of people in whom the Lord shall entrust even the establishment of Zion again on earth.

27) Wherefore, rejoice with great joy today with all your hearts, and let that rejoicing reach forward upon the courses of the stars, that they unto whom this great calling shall come might feel of your love for them.

Yea, turn your hearts forward unto the seed of your bodies. For, out of you shall spring a nation such as the world has not seen since the City of Enoch was taken up into the bosom of heaven.

Yea, none the like has any man seen since Father Enoch took up his city unto the Lord. Even so shall the fruit of your loins be exalted above all the people of the earth. For, they shall surely establish Zion in their hearts. And, though heaven and earth pass away, they shall stand in the presence of the Savior when He comes again to take up His footstool once again.

28) And, if your hearts are turned unto them, I declare unto you, they shall surely feel it. And, of a surety you too shall feel their hearts turn unto you, even as you record these things and preserve them.

For, think not that you shall not see them in their day.

Nay, nor think that they shall not see you as you are.

For, they shall walk upon the Way and all things shall be unto them one eternal round.

Thus speaks the Spirit unto my soul, and so shall it be. Amen.

To be continued…cj


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