Know this, Oh House of Israel

Greeting to the House of Israel all my relations,

On this very beautiful day, I would like to present to you all, the prophecies of the last days recorded by The Prophet Manti…

Especially written to those of us who have made this covenant in the temple to keep the law of consecration and to build Zion The Kingdom of God on the earth…and also written to all those who want to learn about the covenants of The Lord…especially in the last days…

The Law of Consecration and Building Zion…

Know this, oh House of Israel! When the Law of the Tithe shall be esteemed greater and more praiseworthy than the removal of Zion from the bondage of Babylon, it shall be a sign unto you that all is not well. But, in that day, men shall cry,

“Peace and Safety! Peace and Safety!” Then speedily shall come the destruction of all they esteem, and all that shall remain to them shall be the books out of which the Remnant of the Lord’s House shall teach. Let them repent then of the sin they shall have committed against the gospel and be grafted into Zion and numbered among the remnant left in the land.

Old Testament Malachi 4:5-6

5 ¶Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet cbefore the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

This is a continuation of The Book of Manti Part 5;

Chapter Seven
1) Behold, I have taught you to turn your heart unto the children, and if you do this, you shall be greatly blessed. But you must also turn your hearts one to another. And, in this, I perceive that the Nemenhah shall be an ensample unto all the world. For, you do follow the admonition the Lord gave you when He visited you after His resurrection.

2) And this is a doctrine that is very clear to you and not confusing. But behold, it shall be a matter of great confusion unto your descendents, and they shall spend much time and energy experimenting upon the precepts and principles that they learn from you.

3) Indeed, most of them shall be sundered from their own people by blood and by culture. Yea, they shall be part one people and part another, and the blood of Israel, as also the blood of the gentiles shall flow through them. They shall be a remnant of all people who shall dwell upon the face of the earth. Wherefore, their confusion in many things shall be great and they will call upon your wisdom, or rather that wisdom which you have seen fit to record and set down for them.

4) And your experiences shall be an ensample unto them insomuch that they will have much which they might use in experimenting upon the words of Christ that they cannot find in their own time and in their own customs. Therefore, see to it that much is written unto them about the Law of Consecration as you do live it, for the manner in which the Nemenhah do live this great law is approved of the Lord.

5) But behold, looking forward into your generations, communities will be formed without regard to the welfare of its members. Each person shall think to own their property and any who do not must become the tenant of one who does. And also each person who has substance and uses it to produce or manufacture more substance, shall employ those who have not to do their bidding, and shall pay them what they think such labor is worth. But they shall not impart unto they who have less than they need from out of their great store, but will enslave them because of their lack of substance, and through their need to make a

6) Yea, as difficult as it may seem for any who now lives among the Nemenhah, a time will come in this fair place when the poor shall be in bondage to the rich for their very subsistence, and the rich will feel perfectly justified in such a state of affairs, yea, and even extol the virtues of such a system.

7) Do not be confused. Their wise men shall stand up and teach them and instruct them in the importance of rising above such bondage, and they will suggest many means by which they may do it. But none of their suggestions will have any resemblance to the manner in which the Nemenhah do live the Law of Consecration.

8) For, they shall teach the poor that they must wear out their lives in serving they who have more than themselves and, setting aside their surplus each year, they will eventually rise out of their poverty and bondage and be free to enter in among the ranks of the rich and have what they have. This they will present as a means by which they may arise out of their state of want and have what they need for more than mere subsistence.

9) Hearken to my words, ye Nemenhah. For the day comes when even the Shepherds of Israel shall teach this for doctrine from raised platforms before the face of the people.

Yea, even they who lay claim to the keys of the priesthood of God shall stand up and teach this false doctrine in the hearing of all people as a means, and really the only means, whereby a poor man may rise out of his poverty.

Yea, in this way the very leaders of the people shall teach and support the doctrine that brought upon the Nephites their great destruction.

10) And what, I ask you, marks the great difference between the people of the Land Southward today and their grandfathers before the coming of the Lord? It is the manner in which they observe to keep His commandments. And do they own each man his property and withhold it from those who are in need? I say unto you, They do not. But they do give freely one to another and there is no want or poverty found in their midst.

11) Look you to the manner in which the Nemenhah do conduct their business today. When the fishers go out on the great lake to catch fish, do they retain all the catch and sell it for money? They do not, but take unto themselves what they need or desire for the use of their own family and bring the surplus into the marketplace and the people take of the catch freely.

12) And when the potter makes his wares, does he retain all in order that he might sell it and take the spoil thereof? He does not. He takes for his own needs and the needs of his family. The remainder he brings into the marketplace and the people take of it according to their needs. And, if it so be that one potter cannot produce enough for all to have pots, then he does train up another to work with him. And in this way are the needs of all the community provided for.

13) Now, when one region contains a product that cannot be had in another, the communities in that area do produce the product for they who cannot, and they exchange that product for something they cannot produce. In this way do the communities of the Nemenhah sustain and support each other in the same manner in which individuals sustain and support their neighbors.

14) And behold, I look forward in your generations and I see men and women joining their substance together in order to purchase property and gain the ownership of the land, and all it produces, unto themselves. For, such is the state and degree of Babylon in their days. But I see great hardship in this system. For, they do begin to dispute the worthiness of their neighbors to live in such a system and to enjoy the community ownership.

15) The earth is the Lord’s. Yea, it is His footstool.

Can you or I own any of it?

Can the people of Mentinah, this great city, own the land and all the blessings the Lord does proffer because of it? I say unto you, Nay.

In all this we may become stewards only of that which is rightfully the Lord’s property.

As stewards, we have a responsibility to provide for the needs of as many of our neighbors as our stewardship will support, in addition to our own needs. This is our surplus, and our great blessing of the Lord.

We labor according to our strength and our ability to provide for ourselves. And we also labor for more that we might have wherewith to share with our neighbors who might need. This surplus is also the gift of God and part of our stewardship. In this, we take good advantage of all wherewith the Lord does prosper us, not wishing to dishonor the Lord in His great desire to provide for all that we need.

16) And this great desire to prosper us in all things is reflected even in the ordinances of the High Place.

For, the Lord does ask us all to receive the Law of Consecration by covenant.

And what is this law?

It is that each of you covenant to dedicate all with which the Lord has blessed you, all with which He does now bless you, and even all with which He has promised that He will yet bless you, to the building up of Zion.

17) Does this mean that we must wear out our lives in laboring to build our homes, our workshops and our orchards and our fields and our flocks, only to give them into the hands of another? It does not. The Lord asks us to dedicate our substance, even all that wherewith He has prospered us. Yea, and He asks us to take up the task of being the steward of all these things.

And, if we have the Spirit of God in us, then we will be instructed of the Holy Ghost in the proper way in which to dispense the blessings we have received of the Lord.

18) I say we, assuming myself to be Nemenhah, for I do also so labor, and I do dedicate the product of my labor in the same manner in which the Nemenhah do.

Wherefore, I feel part of a great community of Saints who do shoulder each other’s burden and lift up the hands that hang down. And I have been blessed that I shall not have need of much of that which you need to sustain your lives.

Even so, I do labor with my might to produce a surplus, in order that someone less fortunate than I may receive a blessing from the Lord at my hands.

Wherefore, if I, who have little need of provender, for I have been blessed and relieved of such need, do work to provide for the support of my fellow man, and I do esteem such labor worthy and expect to receive a blessing by it.

How much the more ought you to do the same who have greater need of such blessings than I?

19) And behold, it is easy for you to look about you and see the blessings that come of such a system, for you live it in its fullness. But behold, I say unto you, There shall come a time when your own descendents shall not know how to live this law.

Yea, they shall be convinced that they must covenant to keep it, but they shall neither have any understanding of it, nor shall they have much opportunity to live it. They shall pay but a meager portion of their surplus to the church for its upkeep and shall be taught to neglect the greater law.

Note: This prophecy is fulfilled now in our generation

In that generation there shall be a dearth of the light of truth and knowledge that ought to prevail and the people shall languish in a form of darkness not of their making and of a character and kind they shall find themselves almost powerless to either recognize or overcome.

20) Yea, and I declare unto you that there shall be some few who feel moved upon to attempt to live the higher law. They shall be persecuted and cast out from among the people. Yea, you may believe it!

21) Wherefore, write in a book all the ways in which you do observe to keep the Law of Consecration in your towns and in your villages. For there will be many unto whom the light of restoration does begin to shine in the last days who shall look unto you for an ensign in this matter.

22) Yea, and there shall be some particularly from among the descendents of Hagoth who, reading these records, shall make an attempt to live this law in its fullness after the very manner which you do observe to live it. And their efforts shall bring about Zion in every place wherein they do congregate.

23) Yea, I prophesy unto you that your descendents shall awaken to the truth of the covenants they make in Holy Places and they shall gather in many places and form communities that shall set aside the teachings of the world.

They shall come out of Babylon and shall turn the desecrated land of their forefathers into a beautiful garden with every delight-some herb.

24) Their husbandmen shall work for the good of their potters. And their potters shall work for the good of their fishers. And the fishers shall work for the good of their weavers. And their weavers shall work for the good of them among them who work in timber and in stone.

And they all shall work for the good of the widow and the fatherless.

All this shall they do in a time when such things shall bring upon them the wrath of the shepherds of the church and the on us of their neighbors. Wherefore, their consecration shall be consecration indeed, and they shall do it at their peril.

25) Nevertheless, though they lose much of what the world esteems as valuable, they shall be added upon in virtue, in righteousness, in blessing and prosperity, and in the gifts of the Spirit.

They shall be blessed and prospered when their neighbors shall fall by the wayside for want of bread. And even they shall take up their burdens and bring in among them they who ridiculed them and persecuted them for their strange belief.

26) Nay! Do not wonder!

For in the day that the Lord shall move upon the hearts of your descendents to begin again that restoration which He shall have commenced among the gentiles, which restoration shall have faltered because of the unbelief of the gentiles, the understanding of the consecration shall have been so corrupted as to fit itself neatly into the doctrines and the teachings of men.

Wherefore, when your descendents do make an attempt to restore the things which you now enjoy, they shall be esteemed as evildoers and shall be driven from the halls of the church.

27) And even they shall be prevented from going up into the Lord’s Holy House because they think to receive a revelation from God concerning the covenants of that sacred place, but it shall be contrary to the teaching of the shepherds of their day.

How strange this must sound to you, but I say unto you, Such shall be the trials of the righteous in the last days.

28) How wondrous and strange it is that they who would truly labor to live completely the Law of Consecration shall be they upon whom fall the condemnation of they who claim the oracles of God.

Woe unto the shepherds of Zion in that day. For, the persecution of the Saints shall not be covered nor erased because that they do it in the capacity of apostles and prophets.

29) Believe me when I tell you that they shall have the Law of the Tithe in that day, but the more part of the people shall shun the Law of Consecration.

How absurd this must sound, and how far from sound reason, I must admit.

Nevertheless, thus shall be the state of affairs in the church in the day that the Lord moves upon the hearts of the remnant of your descendents left in the land.

30) And behold! Because of this Law of the Tithe, which shall be the concentration of the people, the Lord shall fully tithe His people Zion.

Yea, one in ten shall abide the day, but they that are left shall be those who shall have exercised to live the Law of Consecration.

Behold, all others shall consider themselves the servants of the Lord, but He shall turn His face from them for a season and shall give the kingdom up unto the administration of them who shall have been driven and persecuted for their integrity in following His counsel above the counsels of the world.

31) Now, the things I say unto you concerning the Law of Consecration should in no wise dissuade you from offering a tithe of your surplus to the church for its support. For, the Law of the Tithe is an ancient law and is also ordained of God.

But it is not the Law of Consecration, whereby the Lord has ordained that His people should bare each other’s burdens, but it is a law by which they who have the church but no communities do sustain and uphold the body of Christ and His work.

But where Zion is established among the children of men, the Law of Consecration shall also be established such that there shall be no need for the Law of the Tithe to support the church.

32) Know this, oh House of Israel! When the Law of the Tithe shall be esteemed greater and more praiseworthy than the removal of Zion from the bondage of Babylon, it shall be a sign unto you that all is not well. But, in that day, men shall cry, “Peace and Safety! Peace and Safety!”

Then speedily shall come the destruction of all they esteem, and all that shall remain to them shall be the books out of which the Remnant of the Lord’s House shall teach. Let them repent then of the sin they shall have committed against the gospel and be grafted into Zion and numbered among the remnant left in the land.

To be continued…cj



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