Hosts of Heaven The Holy Ghost People

Good Day Brothers and Sisters,

The Holy Ghost ,The Holy Ghost Elders, and The Holy Ghost People…They are Gods…They Love Us!!! and we love Them…

The first part of The Heavenly Hosts…

 Holy Ghost:

Therefore now are my people become one part of the Hosts of Heaven who rejoice and do consecrate to the work.

For even The Holy Ghost Elders see that the intentions of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother are good.

And see!  The greater portion of the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother also rejoice,

and they became a second part of the Hosts of Heaven and they consecrate to the work.

An Unspeakable Gift, from our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, and Their Only Begotten Son in The Flesh, and The Covenant with The Holy Ghost and The Holy Ghost People…

An Unspeakable Gift from God, compiled by cj


Then Holy Ghost returned to His own people and, when He had repeated to them all the counsel of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, they rejoiced, for the covenant was a miracle to them.


And all the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother were assembled into the Great Council. Now some had just begun their labors and others were very much under way. Some few were very near to finishing, but there were few indeed who had but one life left to live. One of these was the Firstborn of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother and he was mighty indeed.

Elohim Heavenly Father:

My children. You have heard the plan which We propose, that each of you shall take of your creations and consecrate it unto a New and Everlasting Covenant.

This shall greatly foreshorten the time your labors will take to accomplish and it will do away with eternities of suffering. This is according to the Universal Law of Restoration.

This new thing will bring the necessary experience together for all to receive exaltation in as little as one life more.

Elohim Heavenly Mother:

It is true. In this New and Everlasting Covenant, all of the creative
experience can be drawn together into one life.

Every individual, through the organizational power of the Creator, the instrumentality of the Chosen One, and the peculiar power of the Holy Ghost, and through the Atonement of the lives, can attain the Celestial Glory –

even that glory possessed by Us,  your Heavenly Parents.

Elohim Heavenly Father:

Each of you must subdue your own desire for eminence for one lifetime and
set self aside, submitting to the will of Elohim Heavenly Father, Elohim Heavenly Mother, the Chosen One and the Holy Ghost.

Each of you must give up all that you have already created and become as one just starting out, a little child at the beginning of the long and arduous labors.

Nevertheless, though you shall be as one only just embarking on the journey, because of the New and Everlasting Covenant, you may be blessed with all that I and your Mother in Heaven have.

Elohim Heavenly Mother:

One of you will be required to take upon you all of the consecrated experience and descend to the very beginning, to condescend to give up all that you have already accomplished, to accept the aggregate of all the creative experiences into one, and then to sacrifice it all for the good of all.

The result of this consecration, sacrifice and Atonement will bring about a new thing in the cosmos, a new order, a New and Everlasting Covenant. Through it, all who are willing will become like Us, even Your Heavenly Parents.

Holy Ghost:

Therefore now are my people become one part of the Hosts of Heaven who rejoice and do
consecrate to the work. For even the Elders of my people see that the intentions of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother are good.

And see!

The greater portion of the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother also rejoice, and they became a second part of the Hosts of Heaven and they consecrate to the work.


But there was a lesser portion of the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, and among this third part was one who wished to attain the Celestial Glory without subduing his own will to that of any other.

And some few joined with him and were of like mind. They counseled against the New and Everlasting Covenant.

He was one like unto the Firstborn of Elohim, having nearly completed his work and was known to all as a child of light, even Lucifer.


The Holy Ghost, and The Holy Ghost People work in perfect unity with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, fulfilling many important roles and distinct responsibilities.(and Heavenly Mother)

A child like wonder reawakened in me a deep sense of gratitude for this unspeakable gift from God—the gift of the Holy Ghost and The Holy Ghost People

Who Is the Holy Ghost? (and His People)
The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead, and, as such, like God the Father and Jesus Christ, He knows our thoughts and the intents of our hearts.3 The Holy Ghost, The Holy Ghost Elders and His People love us and want us to be happy.

Since He knows the challenges we will face, He can guide us and teach us all things we must do to return and live with our Heavenly Father once again.

Unlike Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, who have glorified bodies of flesh and bones, the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit who communicates to our spirits through feelings and impressions. As a spirit being, He has the unique responsibility of being an agent through which personal revelation is received. In scripture, the Holy Ghost is often referred to as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit of Promise, or simply the Spirit.

What Is the Mission of the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost works in perfect unity with Heavenly Father an Heavenly Mother and Jesus Christ, fulfilling many important roles and distinct responsibilities. The primary purpose of the Holy Ghost is to bear witness of God the Father and of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to teach us the truth of all things.

A sure witness from the Holy Ghost carries far more certainty than a witness from any other source.

“the Spirit of God speaking to the spirit of man has power to impart truth with greater effect and understanding than the truth can be imparted by personal contact even with heavenly beings.”

The Holy Ghost is also known as the Comforter. During times of trouble or despair or simply when we need to know that God is near, the Holy Ghost can lift our spirits, give us hope, and teach us “the peaceable things of the kingdom,” helping us feel “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.”

Several years ago as our extended family gathered for a holiday dinner, my father began playing games with many of his grandchildren. Suddenly and without warning, he collapsed and quickly passed away. This unexpected event could have been devastating, especially for his grandchildren, raising questions that are difficult to answer. However, as we gathered our children around us, as we prayed and read the words of Book of Mormon prophets about the purpose of life, the Holy Ghost comforted each of us personally. In ways that are difficult to describe with words, the answers we sought came clearly into our hearts. We felt a peace that day that truly surpassed our understanding, yet the witness from the Holy Ghost was certain, undeniable, and true.

The Holy Ghost is a teacher and a revelator.

As we study, ponder, and pray about gospel truths, the Holy Ghost enlightens our minds and quickens our understanding.

He causes the truth to be indelibly written in our souls and can cause a mighty change to occur in our hearts. As we share these truths with our families, with fellow members of the Church, and with friends and neighbors in our community, the Holy Ghost becomes their teacher as well, for He carries the message of the gospel “unto the hearts of the children of men.”

The Holy Ghost inspires us to reach out to others in service. For me, the most vivid examples of heeding the promptings of the Holy Ghost in the service of others come from the life and ministry of President Thomas S. Monson, who said: “In the performance of our responsibilities, I have learned that when we heed a silent prompting and act upon it without delay, our Heavenly Father will guide our footsteps and bless our lives and the lives of others. I know of no experience more sweet or feeling more precious than to heed a prompting only to discover that the Lord has answered another person’s prayer through you.”

I share just one tender experience. While President Monson was serving as a bishop, he learned that a member of his ward, Mary Watson, was in the hospital. As he went to visit her, he learned that she was staying in a large room with several other patients. When he approached Sister Watson, he noticed that the patient in a neighboring bed quickly covered her head.

After President Monson had visited with Sister Watson and given her a priesthood blessing, he shook her hand, said good-bye, and prepared to leave. Then a simple but amazing thing happened. I quote now from President Monson’s own recollection of this experience:

“I could not leave her side. It was as though an unseen hand [was] resting on my shoulder, and I felt within my soul that I was hearing these words: ‘Go over to the next bed where the little lady covered her face when you came in.’ I did so. …

“I approached the bedside of the other patient, gently tapped her shoulder and carefully pulled back the sheet which had covered her face. Lo and behold! She, too, was a member of my ward. I had not known she was a patient in the hospital. Her name was Kathleen McKee. When her eyes met mine, she exclaimed through her tears, ‘Oh, Bishop, when you entered that door, I felt you had come to see me and bless me in response to my prayers. I was rejoicing inside to think that you would know I was here, but when you stopped at the other bed, my heart sank, and I knew that you had not come to see me.’

“I said to [Sister] McKee: ‘It does not matter that I didn’t know you were here. It is important, however, that our Heavenly Father knew and that you had prayed silently for a priesthood blessing. It was He who prompted me to intrude on your privacy.’”17

How Does the Holy Ghost Speak to Us?
We all have experiences with the Holy Ghost, even though we may not always recognize them. As inspired thoughts come into our minds, we know them to be true by the spiritual feelings that enter into our hearts. President Boyd K. Packer has taught: “The Holy Ghost speaks with a voice that you feel more than you hear. … While we speak of ‘listening’ to the whisperings of the Spirit, most often one describes a spiritual prompting by saying, ‘I had a feeling …’” It is through these sacred feelings from the Holy Ghost that we come to know what God would have us do, for this, as stated in scripture, “is the spirit of revelation.”

What Does It Mean to Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost?
In teaching our six-year-old son, Ben, I thought it important to differentiate between what he was feeling, which was the influence of the Holy Ghost, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, which he would receive after baptism. Before baptism, all honest and sincere seekers of truth can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost from time to time.

However, the opportunity to receive the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and the fulness of all the associated blessings is available only to worthy, baptized members who receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands through those holding the priesthood authority of God.

Through the gift of the Holy Ghost, we receive added capacity and spiritual gifts, increased revelation and protection, steady guidance and direction, and the promised blessings of sanctification and exaltation in the celestial kingdom.

All of these blessings are given as a result of our personal desire to receive them and come as we align our lives with the will of God and seek His constant direction.

As I reflect back on my experience with Ben in the Bountiful Utah Temple, I have many sweet feelings and impressions. One clear recollection is that while I was absorbed in the grandeur of what I could see, a small child near my side was recognizing the powerful feelings in his heart. With a gentle reminder, I was invited not only to pause and kneel down but also to heed the Savior’s call to become as a little child—humble, meek, and ready to hear the still, small voice of His Spirit.

I bear witness of the living reality and divine mission of the Holy Ghost and that by the power of the Holy Ghost, we may know the truth of all things. I testify that the gift of the Holy Ghost is Heavenly Father’s precious and unspeakable gift to all who will come unto His Son, be baptized in His name, and receive the Holy Ghost through confirmation in His Church. Of these sacred truths I bear personal witness in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

What is the Holy Ghost?
February 21, 2009
By Arthur
One of my favorite parts about BYU-Idaho, or rather, one thing I actually liked about BYU-Idaho, was the religion classes. Systematic, academic study of the Standard Works was something I’d never experienced before and I loved it.

One thing that hit me like a ton of bricks in the middle of a religion class at BYU was this: I don’t know who the Holy Ghost is. Even my religion instructor admitted ignorance on the subject, though speculation abounded.

The identity of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, is a big deal to us, so much so that it is one of the defining characteristics of our faith. The first Article of Faith asserts the separate identities of the members of the Godhead, turning 1700 or so years of theological history on its head. From the Bible Dictionary, under the entry for God:

We learn from the revelations that have been given that there are three separate persons in the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. From latter-day revelation we learn that the Father and the Son have tangible bodies of flesh and bone, and that the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit without flesh and bone (D&C 130: 22-23).

Fair enough. So in the scriptures we learn about Heavenly Father:

1.He is our Father in a very literal sense.
2.He has a physical body (hands, arms, legs, eyes, etc.).
3.We worship Him.
4.We pray to Him.
5.He is a God.
Similarly, Jesus Christ is very similar to His Father.

1.He is our spiritual brother.
2.He obtained a physical body during His time in mortality on Earth.
3.We worship Him.
4.We pray in His name.
5.We do ordinances in His name.
6.He is a God.
The Holy Ghost is a “personage of spirit.” We can conclude from this and a couple other passages in the scriptures that a personage of spirit looks like a man, but has no physical body.

To illustrate our ignorance, and the relative scarcity of information on the subject, I took the liberty of interviewing myself about the Holy Ghost:

1. Is the Holy Ghost our spirit brother? A: Umm. I would guess so? I think?

2. Is the Holy Ghost a “God”? A: He’s in the Godhead, right? So I would have to go with Yes. I think.

3. Do we worship the Holy Ghost? A: Not really. It’s not the Church of the Holy Ghost. We don’t pray in the name of the Holy Ghost. We definitely use the Holy Ghost. He’s our constant companion. But we don’t worship Him. If I prayed to the Holy Ghost, I would definitely feel like I’m doing it wrong. So the answer is no, probably.

4. Will the Holy Ghost obtain a body? A: That would only be fair, right? I have no idea. Maybe?

5. So that means the Holy Ghost is inferior to God or Jesus? A: That doesn’t sound right. Maybe? It would seem so.

6. Is there only one Holy Ghost? A: Probably?

7. Why don’t we know anything about the Holy Ghost? A: Good question.

See what I’m getting at here?

Now, before this turns into another “Unbridled Speculation” thread, let me say that I’m not necessarily looking for the answers to these questions, per se. What I’m really wondering is, why do we know so little about the Holy Ghost, his identity, his relationship to the other members of the Godhead, etc. compared to Christ and His Father? Or if the information’s out there, why don’t I know it, even in light of me being a 25-year-old member who has served a full-time mission and has studied the scriptures pretty darn well for my whole life? Is his/her/its identity so irrelevant that we simply don’t need to know? So the Holy Ghost’s identity is just majorly de-emphasized in our curriculum? And yet the Holy Ghost’s function is fundamental to our theology, our search for truth, people joining the Church, finding out its truthfulness, etc. Take the following things into account:

1. The Holy Ghost is our constant companion. We don’t know the identity of this being that is supposedly with us always? Not only that, but the Holy Ghost “dwells within us!” How comfortable are you with the idea of a being you don’t know living inside you? Is this figurative or literal?

2. The Holy Ghost is essential for salvation, in a roundabout way. We must have a testimony of Jesus Christ in order to be saved, and the only way to truly have a testimony of Christ is through the Spirit. Yet we don’t know what the Holy Ghost actually is?

We learn from the temple writings of Ougou he recieved at Jesus’s visit to the Nemenhah…

The Instruction
The Lord taught many things to many people by employing stories and parables. These conveyed to the heart and mind of the hearer a true sense of things even if every detail may not have been related. The following relation speaks of times before times, when men and women worked their way to exaltation following an ancient and set path. The players in the relation are our own relations. Each of us are also included in the story.

Therefore, it is our story as much as it is theirs. All my relations!

For clarity, we have translated names into their corresponding English meaning. Some of the names are difficult to translate. For example, “Elohim” means “Heavenly” and is a plural, feminine denominative. In Nemenhah, “Pa Elowe” means Mother in Heaven, and “ShiElowe” means Father in Heaven. “Elohim” means God the Father and God the Mother in Their united sense and connotes the Sealing Power.

We have, therefore, sought to make the names correspond to something more meaningful to the English speaker. There are several voices in this relation. When the ordinances of the High Place are performed by the people, each voice is represented by a separate person. This avoids confusion.

The voices are:

Elohim Heavenly Mother                      Satan
Elohim Heavenly Father                       Peter
Holy Ghost                                               James
Holy Ghost Elders                                  John
Jehovah                                                   Preacher
Lucifer                                                     The Voice of the Mob

Those who participate in the ordinances ought to have good and clear intention, for God will not be mocked. There should not be any manner of ill-will between those who participate together in the re-telling or reenactment of this relation.

Only the best of feelings should prevail.

The ordinances of the High Place are specifically designed for the Living. Because of this verity, they are distinguished from the vicarious ordinances performed for and in behalf of the “Dead” in holy temples. This distinction does not intend to denigrate the sacrifice for the dead…

but great emphasis is placed upon what Telestial people may do in this life in order to be introduced into the Terrestial World and receive revelation and instruction from Angels, the Spirits of Men and Women made perfect in Christ, and even from the Savior Himself, preparatory to being introduced at the veil to converse with the Father.

The vicarious work for the dead is carried on in another place, by other people of good intention, and the Holy Ghost does attend their sacrifice for the sake of deceased family members. It should always be remembered that the Nemenhah lived in a different time than we do and they received from God that which was expedient for them. That they wrote specifically so that we in these days might learn from their experiences makes these records of some importance to us.

The Relation of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother
Chapter One

1) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Ponder the deep, Elohim. Is it not a great question?

2) Elohim Heavenly Father:Look out into the deep, Elohim, and tell Me what You see.

3) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I see space there – space to fill, space to build, space to do a great thing. Long have I pondered the deep and wondered why it remains so dark and empty. Should it not be filled with light? Should it not be filled with wonder and beauty? Where We are, there is light and truth. Our own parents provided this for Us and We rose up by line and by precept to become like them. Why do We look out upon the deep and see emptiness? It is a thing that should not be.

4) Elohim Heavenly Father:We look upon where We are and see what is real. Out yonder there is no one to see Us. Indeed there is no one to see at all. What need then, has the deep of light, and wonder, and beauty? Our work is for the world in which We find Ourselves. Why should We ask for more than what is?

5) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I am not “no one,” Elohim. I look upon the deep and I would see what I would see.

6) Elohim Heavenly Father:That is right, Elohim. Now, because someone sees the deep, I perceive that there is substance there which fills the expanse and the emptiness. It is matter but it has no order.

7) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is the same as the world in which We now labor except that, unto the matter with which We do Our labor, someone has given order. Therefore, the question still exists – why should the deep remain so? What ought to be done with the matter? Why should not We venture to do the same there as has been done heretofore? Or shall We remain always here to act upon another’s work?

8) Elohim Heavenly Father:To act upon what has always been is not a bad work, Elohim. Indeed, it has brought Us to exaltation. In this way all spirit children do arise, line upon line and precept on precept, even unto the state and stature of their parents. This is the Everlasting Covenant. Do You think to rashly abandon that which We have learned from Our own experience?

9) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I do not wish to abandon anything, Elohim. But let Us cause light and truth to expand and grow. Else, why should We be endowed with power at all?

10) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is right, Elohim Heavenly Mother. Let Us leave that which We now know by virtue of another’s work and make works of Our own.

11) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother separated Themselves from each other for a season and set about the work of organizing matter. Elohim Heavenly Father found the task easier than Elohim Heavenly Mother, for His endowment was to create by combining matter into organized unions.

He made stars, worlds, moons, and other astral bodies. He caused all of these to coalesce into great swirling formations and clouds. He experienced all this creation first hand by placing Himself within the creation – giving of His own substance by way of pattern and form, and the deep matter willingly obeyed. Then He stood back and observed His work and pondered it.

12) Narrator:Elohim Heavenly Mother found creation more difficult, for Her endowment was in becoming a wellspring of life unto matter. She caused the deep matter to recognize itself as a living soul, and taught it to seek patterns of order, and the matter did live;but, without experience, it could do nothing but ponder itself. Then She too stood back and observed Her work and pondered it.

13) Elohim Heavenly Father:See, Elohim, that I have been able to cause the matter to become organized. I have made moons, worlds, and stars, such as We have heretofore seen. But the bodies have no life. Organization alone brings no real order to the matter.

14) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is so, Elohim. Look how I have given self knowledge to the deep matter and it does seek patterns of order. But the matter does only ponder itself and is confused. Life and existence alone brings no real order to the matter.

15) Elohim Heavenly Father:Our work alone does not accomplish anything. Our previous work was fruitful because there was organization and life brought together by fathers and mothers. When one is without the other, the matter remains in chaos.

16) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Why should We work thus alone? Why should We not combine Our work together?

17) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is right, Elohim. I shall work by the endowment of My power to bring together the deep matter and organize it into all the astral bodies We have heretofore seen, and I shall consecrate all that obey Me unto the endowment of Your power.

18) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I shall work by the endowment of My power to give Your organizations self knowledge and they shall become living beings capable of perception.

19) Elohim Heavenly Father:I do covenant with You, Elohim, to share all My creative works with You, that the endowment of My power may be combined with the endowment of Your power.

20) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I do covenant with You, Elohim, to share all My creative works with You, that the endowment of My power may also be combined with the endowment of Your power.

21) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Then were Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother bound by Their covenant one to another, and They became one in heart, one in mind, and one in purpose. This is the first covenant made by our Heavenly Parents.

We desire that all do likewise. All arise.

22) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Each of you do solemnly covenant to share your work in this life and in the life hereafter with your own spouse. Each of you bow your head and say “Yes.”
23) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is enough. That will do. You may be seated.

Break for Instruction

(The participants now pause in their re-telling or re-enactment in order to receive instruction from the Peli about the nature of the covenant and bond between men and women in this creation.)

Resume Session

24) Narrator:Then did Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother become truly united, essentially bringing into being living things in the deep that could both perceiveand be perceived, beings that could act and be acted upon – the Father, by causing deep matter to coalesce into astral bodies such as He had theretofore seen, and the Mother, by giving the bodies life.

Thus, they were bodies indeed because of the Truth bestowed by the Father, and they were bodies indeed because of the Light bestowed by the Mother.

25) Narrator:The Father placed His own matter in the bodies so that all things became His. The Mother placed Her own understanding in the bodies so that all things became Hers. Therefore, were all things of the Father and of the Mother, and all things were one.

26) Elohim Heavenly Father:Elohim, behold My relations!

27) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Elohim, behold My relations!

28) Narrator:And They stood back and observed Their creation and saw that a portion of the deep was now filled with light and beauty in abundance, and They rejoiced in Their accomplishment.

29) Narrator:Then the Father and the Mother begot spirit children after Their own kind and They did populate Their creation and They did begin to teach them to become like unto Themselves by line and by precept.

From the smallest particle to the largest astral system, the Father and the Mother taught Their children to learn and to grow by participating in the creation personally.

They bestowed upon Their own children portions of Their own Endowment of Power, that they also might create worlds and thereby progress toward the state and stature of their Parents.

30) Narrator:And when they had received these great gifts, and when they had each undertaken the work of creation, the children no longer enjoyed the presence of the Father and the Mother. For, they had all entered into the Everlasting Covenant and the matter of their creations could not abide the presence of Celestial Beings until those creations had progressed into that glory.

Should any of them come into the presence of a Celestial Being before such progression had taken place, their matter would disintegrate and they must begin that portion of creation again. Therefore, the Father and the Mother refrained from making Their presence known unto them, but waited upon the plan to bring them together once again.

Notwithstanding, They could still observe from a distance the creations and works of Their children without disrupting them.

31) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Each of you created worlds in the pre-earth life. In the creation of these worlds, you participated in every step of development.

32) Elohim Heavenly Father:When the first atoms combined to form the clouds of matter from which worlds were made, each of you lived in that creation. Your matter was part of it, and it was part of you.

Because of this, in the face of great faith, the atoms respond and miracles take place. They know you, for they are your relations.

33) Elohim Heavenly Mother:When the first atoms combined into molecules, each of you lived in that creation. Your matter was part of it,and it was part of you. Because of this, in the face of great faith, the molecules respond and miracles take place. They know you, for they are your relations.

34) Elohim Heavenly Father:When the first molecules combined into cells, each of you lived in that creation. Your matter was part of it,and it was part of you. Because of this, in the face of great faith, the cells respond and healing takes place. They know you, for they are your relations.

35) Elohim Heavenly Mother:When the first cells formed into tissues, each of you lived in that creation. Your matter was part of it, and it was part of you. Because of this, in the face of great faith, the tissues respond and rejuvenation takes place. They know you, for they are your relations.

In every stage and step of development – from mineral, to plant, to animal, to human being, each of you lived in that creation. And, in every advancement in development, your matter was part of it, and it was part of you – particles, and worlds without end – lives and deaths without end – joy and sorrow without end – light and darkness without end.

All this because the Father gave organization to the matter of creation, and because the Mother gave thought to the organized matter. Because of this, an atom may recognize itself as well as that part of you in it. Because of this, all the matter of creation may recognize itself and that part of you in it.

36) Elohim Heavenly Father:This is the continuation of the deaths and the Everlasting Covenant, for through it all things become subject unto they who transcended from the matter into the fullness of light. And ages and ages of lives of men, even eternities,are consumed in this everlasting progression. And immense is the joy, and also the suffering. Nevertheless,eternal life is finally attained in this way, line upon line, precept on precept.

37) Narrator:And the Father and the Mother knew that Their work was good, for it is by this Everlasting Covenant that They attained to Their stature and to the endowment of Their power.

38) Narrator:And Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother were not alone in the bosom of eternity. There were others like Them, as well as Their own Spirit Children. But a time came when all Their children were occupied in making their own creation and following the path of the Universe. It was in that time that Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother took counsel with each other:

39) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is long since I have traveled about and observed the many creations of Our children. I know that We will not be able to speak with any of them personally, lest We destroy their work because of Our own glory, but would it not be interesting to go and watch them in their labors?

40) Elohim Heavenly Father:It would be interesting.

41) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Perchance, We may see something different.

42) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother traveled for a long time observing the development of Their children and of the new worlds they were building. This gave Them much joy in the knowledge that each creation was one of Their children in the process of becoming like Them.

43) Narrator:After a very long journey and much observation, They came to a place where They did not expect to find people (for They knew the creation, and were acquainted with the nature of things), but They were surprised and delighted to find a small group of people living next to a river. The people had built rude huts of the sticks and of the reeds that grew along the edge of the river, and they were subsisting on fish and mussels from the river and on roots and tubers from the river banks.

44) Narrator:As They watched these surprising people, They saw a curious thing. Moving about among them was a Being that the people evidently could not see. From one person to another, this one darted, whispering in their ears. Then one of the men of this small family group took down his hut and moved it to higher ground. He also began gathering edible tubers and planted them extensively along the shoreline of the river and in the swampy places.

As They watched, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother noticed that most of the people began to do the same thing. When the river flooded, only a few of
the people who were left on the river bank lost their homes and belongings. This They found very curious. For, They knew that the people were developing well ahead of that rate of development They had heretofore seen.

45) Narrator:On another occasion, and on another world, They observed two opposing armies readying for battle. The defiant people were all on horseback and arrayed for war, each believing themselves justified, each ready to face death to prove it. Then once again, a Shadowy Figure, visible only to Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, moved from the one great leader to the other, whispering something to them.

46) Narrator:Suddenly, one of the leaders rode out into the middle of the field of battle accompanied by two of his companions. They stood there like statues until the leader of the opposing army rode out with a small party of his men. After a lengthy discussion, the stern faced warriors turned and rejoined their ranks. Then all at once the two hosts began to break up and go in opposite directions. The discipline gone and with it all need to justify their position. The conflict was over.

47) Narrator:Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother decided to follow this Shadowy Being as It moved from one project to another. It looked here and looked there and They followed It. They called the being Holy Ghost and for a long, long time They watched Him change and influence all of the men and women who would listen to His whisperings.

They began to notice that it was only at crucial points of emergence that Holy Ghost intervened, and that His actions had the effect of reducing the time it took for societies to move into that point where self-mastery and discipline is attained.

Not once did Holy Ghost speak to the children of the Father and the Mother while they were yet in states of development in lesser kingdoms. Never did Holy Ghost suggest to the stone that it change its position. Never did Holy Ghost suggest to the willow that it alter its course. Never did Holy Ghost whisper to the lion, the bear, the horse, or any other being other than a man or a woman.

It was only in the final stages of development that Holy Ghost sought to alter the course of progression.

48) Narrator:Finally, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother decided the time had come to make some kind of contact with Holy Ghost.

49) Elohim Heavenly Father:This is a thing not seen anywhere in the Everlasting Covenant.

50) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Surely, this is a new and a curious thing.

51) Narrator:As They thus counseled together, They realized the impact Their discovery would have on all aspects of human existence and progress. Surely, if one knew an unknown thing could exist, could not many?

The cosmos is a place of immenseness and, although such a thing might not overturn all things as they stood at that time, was this not an indication that alternatives do exist? That a thing had always been done one way no longer required that it must always be done in that way. Such a thing does not unmake the Universe, but it does remake it, in terms of the infinite possibilities and alternatives to action.

52) Narrator:So, They approached Holy Ghost and spoke to Him.

53) Elohim Heavenly Father:

Lo, Shadowing One.

We are the creators of these with whom You meddle.

What are You and where do You come from?

54) Holy Ghost:

I greet You.

I am as You see, and I am just as You, from this very place.

55) Elohim Heavenly Mother:

Look, Elohim, this One is intelligent.

Tell Me, Shadowy One, who of Us
created You and sent You?

56) Holy Ghost:

I am not made by any such as You, but I am.

57) Elohim Heavenly Father:

Elohim, this One is not as We are, but I perceive that He is a personage of Spirit.

Observe how He does interact with Our children, yet He disrupts them not in their progress.

This thing surely is new in all the world.

58) Elohim Heavenly Mother:

That is right, Elohim. This is a new being, indeed, and fortunate are We that we may hold concourse with Him.

59) Holy Ghost:

I am. Neither new, nor old am I.

But My kind is many and we have always been.

60) Narrator:

Holy Ghost was not surprised by Elohim Heavenly Father’s and Elohim Heavenly Mother’s curiosity.

He had also been curious about Them, but it was not His way to openly address anyone.

His way was one of more gentle influence.

But once the Three began to counsel together, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother realized that there was a great deal yet to be learned about the cosmos and that there was much that needed to be done about it.

61) Holy Ghost:

Your children have I always loved. For, of all the physical creations, they are capable of sensing My influence.

I know that not all unto whom  I whisper will respond.

Nevertheless, I have learned that the men and women, although they are alike to the other creations in their corporality, yet they seem to posses a more refined center than their physical bodies alone. Should they be moved upon to exercise it, they do expand and grow until that center can be made to fill their whole creation.

I have seen this produce such a transformation in them that they become easy to influence to do good one to another.

Behold, I have made this My own work.

62) Elohim Heavenly Mother:These, Our children, are striving, through almost endless toil, to become like unto Us. They are passing through their creative works utilizing a portion of the Endowment of Power within Us. Indeed, this is the nature of our race. We are all engaged in it until we progress to that point wherein we may command matter, of our own selves.

This is Exaltation. All people like unto Us are so engaged.

63) Elohim Heavenly Father:Thus has it always been unto us, even to act and to be acted upon in the body, but striving to gain that glory wherein we may act and be not acted upon only.

Thus we pass from one state into another. Yea, thus we emerge into the exalted state, after worlds without end.

64) Elohim Heavenly Mother:

Tell Us of Yourself, Shadowy One.

Who are You, and of what kind of being are You?

Are You an unfinished being, like unto Our children before they begin their creative work? For, they are born in Spirit and have no ponderable matter until We loan it to them of Our creation. Thus are they placed upon the road that leads them to the acquisition of their own matter.

Are You like unto them before they took upon them Our matter?

65) Elohim Heavenly Father:

Nay, Elohim, I think the body of Holy Ghost is discernible only to those of us whose spirits are bound to their bodies.

Our children cannot see Him.

He is, I perceive, like Us, and yet unlike.

66) Holy Ghost:

My people are able to act upon matter in certain ways, but we are unable to organize it or give life unto it.

We can cause Your children to act upon their power to create, but we have no creative power of our own.

67) Elohim Heavenly Father:You do cause Our children to learn and grow at a remarkable pace.

68) Elohim Heavenly Mother:

You cause them to advance in their progress. This is something different, Elohim Heavenly Father.

Let Us stay with Holy Ghost and have joy in watching Our children grow.

69) Holy Ghost:

Why do You not do as I do?

70) Elohim Heavenly Mother:

We cannot interfere without great risk to the bodies of Our children. Should We interfere when they are not prepared, their bodies cannot withstand Our glory, and they disintegrate.

They then must begin again and even more time is required for them to become like Us.

71) Holy Ghost:

The Law of Restoration is a cosmic verity.

No matter whether your nature be ponderable or spiritual, that which is begun anywhere has physical consequences everywhere. It is probable that the process of progression You have described to Me originates much discord and disharmony in the cosmos.

For every singularity of harmony and order, how many singularities of discord, disorder and disharmony are created as your children struggle for eons through the process of emergence?

72) Elohim Heavenly Father:

In consequence of the Everlasting Covenant, a great many errors are made which, eventually, lead to one singularity of truth.

73) Holy Ghost:

It is a way that attains the desired end. That much is proven in abundance, if only by the
fact of Your own existence. But consider, You were unaware of Me and of my kind. That You knew not of Me is no commentary upon Your intelligence.

It cannot be forgotten however, that I did nonetheless exist, even though You had no knowledge of Me.

You speak of things that have always been thus and so. And you speak of a plan that causes much suffering. I tell You that this suffering is what caused Me to come from the place of My abode even out into the deep to ascertain the source of it.

It is this suffering that I strive to relieve.

74) Elohim Heavenly Father:

The Everlasting Covenant is the Way of Heaven. It has always been and shall always be. If it causes much suffering, We are comforted in the knowledge that, in the end, Our children do emerge out of the suffering to become like Us.

75) Holy Ghost:

I am not convinced that because this Everlasting Covenant has always created vast amounts of suffering, but in the end Eternal Life, that it must necessarily signify that there is no other way to attain Eternal Life.

76) Elohim Heavenly Mother:What has always been is changed. What We knew to be true of a surety was true. But here is a truth We knew not of, but is also assuredly true.

77) Elohim Heavenly Father:The World is a very big place.

78) Holy Ghost:Let us make an experiment. I am always alert to the opportunity to meddle for good. Look at Me, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother. I am not corporeal in the same sense that You are. I have often, as You have Yourselves witnessed, made My sort of contact with Your children without any ill effect to their bodies.

79) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Indeed no. We have witnessed the contrary. Your influence has only been for the good in all that We have observed.

80) Holy Ghost:Let Me whisper what counsel You might have to whichever of Your children You might choose. Let Us observe conditions as a result of that personal interference. It may be that We can work together to fulfill the Everlasting Covenant and, at the same time, overcome some of the disorder it causes in the cosmos.

81) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is well. Our Firstborn Son is very near to finishing His work already. We will take You to where He is laboring. If such interference harms Him, less of His creative work might be affected.

82) Elohim Heavenly Mother:This is the World of Our Firstborn, who has progressed almost to the end of the mortal cycle. Everything in this creation will become part of Him. The very elements which We have loaned Him for a season obey His voice because He is in them, He having descended through them all. At each crucial point where evolutionary change has taken place, He has been there in the life of the entity making the change.

In this way, the Creator becomes part of the Creation. It is the only way that the Natural Man may be subdued and the Spiritual Man, or Man of Holiness, arises out of corrupt matter and becomes master of it. In the final phase, the Firstborn will take on mortality one last time to overcome it. In the last of the Lives and the Deaths, He will become exalted with all of His Creation. Then shall all of this matter become His.

83) Holy Ghost:Now is My understanding made clear. This does fill Me with sadness. Nay, I repent of the experiment that I first proposed. You have shown Me a hard thing. To become like You, countless many lives end miserably without hope. In all the cosmos, I have never encountered an end so good require means so bad. Do You not see that this is the very beginning of misery? In this beginning is misery made immense. For, as it proceeds out into the deep, it gathers and gains until it returns again unto its own, manifold greater. It is doubtful that what little help Our experiment might provide will prove any great difference in this constellation of pain.

84) Holy Ghost:You have shown Me much about You and Your kind. Now, come with Me. I will show You my people.

85) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother went with Holy Ghost to the place where the Holy Ghost People dwelt. There They found an innumerable host of Holy Ghost People.

86) Narrator:

Now Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother observed that these were not corporeal beings.

They had no flesh and bones, as Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother have, but were personages of spirit.

Each of them had a recognizable form, but, though their presence could be discerned, their substance was not physically ponderable.

They could only be seen by the spiritual eyes. Nevertheless, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother could feel their proximity in every particle of their tangible bodies.

87) Narrator:

They remained with the Holy Ghost People for a long, long time, for they were fascinating and complex beings.

They discovered that each had the ability to enter into very close association with matter, even dwell within and around the ponderable matter of corporeal beings.

Thus, their presence could be discerned by the very matter itself. In this way, Holy Ghost was able to be such a great influence in the progress and development of the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother.

Nevertheless, they were unable to command matter and take on physicality themselves.

88) Narrator:Because of this close association, many ofthe Holy Ghost People grew to love Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, and some began to desire to experience physicality.

89) Holy Ghost Elders:Elohim Heavenly Father, we would that You might take of matter and make a physical world wherein we might experience physicality.

90) Elohim Heavenly Father:I shall take of the matter of the Deep and make a world wherein you may dwell for a season. I shall put in this world all manner of life and command it to fulfill the measure of its creation. This is all part of the world which Elohim Heavenly Mother and I did create in the beginning. I give it unto you for your own experience. Yea, I shall cause the elements of this new world to allow the Holy Ghost People to enter into the bodies and dwell therein for a time.

91) Elohim Heavenly Father:Look, Elohim, at what We may learn from the Holy Ghost People in this way.

92) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Yes, We do learn intimately of them. I perceive all there is to know of the individual when one of the Holy Ghost People enters into one of Our creations. All that they are becomes part of Me through that matter which obeys My will. All that they are becomes part of You through that matter which obeys Your will.

93) Elohim Heavenly Father:That is correct. A great measure of the past, as well as the present experiences of that person are imprinted upon the matter of the corporeal body which We have loaned unto him. Since that matter belongs to Us, all these experiences become Ours also.

94) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Through this association, Elohim, We are greatly enlarged, having gained many of the experiences of countless finished and complete beings who have lived perhaps even longer than We have.

95) Elohim Heavenly Father:The Holy Ghost People are also enlarged by the experience of corporality, for they take upon themselves experience that can only be obtained through the body. They also gain a measure of Our experience by that same imprinting whereby We gain a measure of their experiences. All are greatly enlarged.

96) Elohim Heavenly Mother:This is a good thing, and yet I am troubled in My heart.

97) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is true. I, too, am troubled. This thing must cause Us to pause and to ponder the Everlasting Covenant and all that it entails. I feel the suffering and disharmony that the Covenant causes in the Cosmos.

98) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Surely, the lives and deaths of Our children, as they labor through the almost endless process of exaltation, causes immeasurable disharmony and even destruction throughout the cosmos because of the Universal Law of Restoration. The Holy Ghost People felt this disharmony and sent Holy Ghost to investigate it. What one sets loose upon the cosmos, be it even the smallest thing, for good or for ill, traverses the Universe and is amplified by it so that it returns to its origin magnified for good or evil.

This is a Universal Law.
99) Narrator:The Holy Ghost People who participated in the world Elohim Heavenly Father made for them also gained from Him an understanding of the Everlasting Covenant and of the manner in which the children of Elohim become exalted. They became more aware of the suffering caused by the plan. After that fewer and fewer of the Holy Ghost People came to participate with Elohim Heavenly Father in the world He had created for them and His heart was downcast. The elders of the Holy Ghost People dissuaded their people from it.

100) Elohim Heavenly Father:I have pondered the Everlasting Covenant. Holy Ghost is right. The process of exaltation for Our children’s sake brings about great suffering.

101) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is evidently true. To bring about the transition of man from spirit to Exalted Being, from natural to spiritual man, causes the creation of evil and pain. Opposition must be overcome so that transition may be made. It is the way it has always been.

102) Elohim Heavenly Father:Yes, You are right. But, We must ask again, does it follow that because a thing has always been, that it is the only true way that it can be? We have found things in the cosmos that We never knew existed. This contrasts with what has always been.

The Holy Ghost People have taught Us this. Because Holy Ghost brought Us to meet His people, and they have experimented upon physicality through us, I see the way to a New and Everlasting Covenant. I see a way to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man without the creation of endless torment in the cosmos.

103) Elohim Heavenly Mother:What is it that You propose, Elohim?

104) Elohim Heavenly Father:The Endowment of Power that We have attained – to organize matter and to give it life and perception may be combined with Holy Ghost’s ability to influence the actions and progressions of Our children without disturbing their bodies.

When We allowed some of the Holy Ghost People to occupy the bodies We created for them, a measure of our experiences was added unto theirs. All that we know has been imprinted upon them, worlds without end. All that they know has been imprinted upon us, lives without end. Do you begin to see the Endowment of Power of the Holy Ghost People?

105) Elohim Heavenly Mother:I do see it. Let Us speak to Holy Ghost and see if He will not covenant with Us to assist Our children.

106) Elohim Heavenly Father:Holy Ghost, I have learned that when You whispered into the ears of My children Your influence was imprinted upon the very matter of their bodies. They do not so much hear the whisperings but the influence became part of their being, felt in every fiber, undeniable.

107) Holy Ghost:That is true.

108) Elohim Heavenly Father:I have also learned that My own life’s experience, everything I learned through the Everlasting Covenant, was imprinted upon the souls of the Holy Ghost People who participated with Me in the world I created for them.

109) Holy Ghost:That is also true. Though we may not be creators without corporality, yet the light and truth which motivates each individual was added to that provided by the Creator. The Holy Ghost People gained experience thereby which they could never have expected to gain.

Because the elements are part of their Creator and obey His will, those Holy Ghost People who participated in the experiment with You gained some insight into the relationship You have with Your children. They have learned to desire the ability to create. It is because of this that the Elders of the Holy Ghost People begin to dissuade many from participating in the world You created for them.

110) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is not well. For I love all of the Holy Ghost People and despair that I might have caused them grief. The desire to create without the ability will bring hardship and sadness to the Holy Ghost People.

111) Holy Ghost:You speak the truth. Now those who became part of Your creation, as well as those who still wish to, are sundered from the rest of the Holy Ghost People. Some only desire to experience physicality. These would not shun participating in what might be learned in Your creation, but they are satisfied to remain as they are. Others desire to become like You.

They are no longer satisfied, as I am, to be the complete being which they already are.

They wish to become Your children. Thus, my people are divided into three groups; those who are satisfied with who they are, those who want to experience physicality but desire to remain incorporeal, and those who wish to become Your children.

All may be satisfied, if You wish it.

112) Elohim Heavenly Father:Tell Us how it might be accomplished.

113) Holy Ghost:One who has finished the Everlasting Covenant may do it. Then, having completed the work, if that One were to receive Me prior to the ending of one last creation, I would receive all the experience necessary for Your children to overcome the natural man.

Then, unto those of Your children who receive Me, I will imprint that knowledge in the same way Your experiences were imprinted upon My people who participated with You in the world You created for them.

Let a covenant be made between Us such that every person who receives that Chosen One and the Holy Ghost might through this Atonement be made perfect like You through the transference of experience like that which You have seen take place in the world You created for the Holy Ghost People.

But, the Chosen One must allow this transference to take place before that last death. Then, because of this great gift, it may be possible for many of Your children to attain to Your stature in but one lifetime. But One so chosen must make the sacrifice freely. It is the only way that all of the experiences may be brought together.

114) Elohim Heavenly Father:This is the thing about which We desired to take counsel with You, Holy Ghost.

115) Elohim Heavenly Mother:If this thing were possible, it would prevent eternities of suffering.

116) Holy Ghost:There are many of my People who wish to become like You. You have given them a taste of a new way and they see dimly a new path. I will befor Your children an Holy Ghost. Be You for My people who wish it a Creator, even a Father and Mother.

117) Elohim Heavenly Mother:We cannot. Once exaltation has been attained, the exalted one may never die
118) Elohim Heavenly Father:That is right, Elohim. We will present this New and Everlasting Covenant to all of Our children and, if they choose this plan, We will appoint one from among them to be their Savior and Redeemer.

119) Narrator:Then did Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother and Holy Ghost summon all the people together into one Great Council. And this interference suspended all the progress each of the Sons and daughters of God had made in the life in which they were laboring when they were summoned.

Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother called all of Their children out of their creations, and Holy Ghost called all of the Holy Ghost People from their place of habitation, and then Elohim Heavenly Father presented the Plan to them…Amen cj



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