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Good Morning to all my relations…

I feel so much in my heart today…Gratitude and Thanksgiving for all of you and our Great Creator Jehovah…He has a path that leads you back into His presence, where He wants to have a conversation with all His Children…and teach us all things from the beginning to the end…

So it has been three months, since the creation of this blogspot. It is growing so fast! already 61 articles and 126 comments and all so positive…Thank you all for being a part of sharing this ancient knowledge and wisdom with all our brothers and sisters of the world…

I would like to state clearly the mission of this blogspot is a sharing of special information in a most sacred manor…not disrespecting anyones beliefs but as we are all seeking for truth and light…and I believe to are to help everyone…

According to the Temple Writings of the Nemenhah Prophet, Ougou, the principles, teachings, covenants and ordinances of the Temple, or High Place, were taught to all people, regardless of their sex, nationality or religious affiliation, and most especially to all children from the time they were old enough to understand the instruction.

It was the custom of those who officiated as Peli (the Order of Levi) to teach all the people the story of our Heavenly Parents, as well as the creation and of our first earthly parents, and to be certain that the recipient understood as best as they could the principles of the temple, prior to their being presented at the High Place to make sacred covenants there.

The teacher would make liberal use of that understanding of these things which the Holy Ghost confirms in the minds and hearts of the participants.

In the spirit of the Temple Writings of our forefather, Ougou, we present this work in the same manner in which it was presented to all the Nemenhah in ancient days. All of the translators listed on the title page of this book are descendents of that same Ougou and we have taken the responsibility as his children, and also as teachers and as Healers, to convey this information to all of our children, both of our bodies and also of the Nemenhah and other Bands to whom this book may go.

This is our gift to our children. It is given in the most sacred manner we know. Therefore, because we are only men and women, we suspect that you who read these pages will find fault here. We ask you, to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost, that you may have discernment and that you will not reject because of the faultiness of our hands the very things of God.

If it be wisdom in God that you receive these things, then judge them by the same spirit by which you have received them.

Great emphasis is placed upon what Telestial (earth) people may do in this life in order to be introduced into the Terrestial World and receive revelation and instruction from Angels, the Spirits of Men and Women made perfect in Christ, and even from the Savior Himself, preparatory to being introduced at the veil to converse with the Father.

So a big thanks to all of you, keep sharing and caring about each other…

Let’s proceed forth for the next three months and see what instruction we can receive from Angels, Moroni etc… The Three Nephite-Translated Beings, Apostles, Prophets, even the words of Jesus Christ Himself…       With Love and the Peaceable Things, of The Kingdom of God, and Things of Immortal Glory, to All…CJ


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