Covenant to Seek The Lords Face and Do His Will…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Peace be unto you with manifold blessings…

As has been noted, the process of obtaining a place in Zion is that of seeking and obtaining an audience with Christ. It is during that divine interview that we may ask for any righteous endowment, including the greater gift of being translated, and thus becoming a Zion individual. It is also worth observing that it is not necessarily the pathway of every individual to be translated—especially in days prior to the actual establishment of Zion. In these days the greater request may be many other things. But, the fact remains that to be in Christ’s presence is to become Zion, no matter what we may request of Him.

Beyond human unbelief, the enemy of our souls does not want us to believe such lofty things, and carefully steals the precious seeds of veil-rending belief before they even touch the rich soils of our soul.

Still, the promise stands, and all mankind is invited to enter in.

1 Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am. (D&C 93:1)

Let us begin by observing that we are literally commanded to seek His face.

And seek the face of the Lord always, that in patience ye may possess your souls, and ye shall have eternal life. (D&C 101:38)

“Seek the Face of the Lord” it may be of value to discuss why we should even try to achieve such a high and holy gift while in mortality. One might well ask “why not just wait until death brings us back into the Lord’s presence?” Isn’t seeing the Lord in this life intended for the apostles and prophets?

There is a path that leads to the celestial kingdom. There is only one path, and one way. Along the path there are specific events and ordinances we must accomplish one by one. We may not skip any of them and still arrive at our desired destination.

It is familiar to you, because it is the path you have been on since you first realized you were alive. It begins with recognizing your that your conscience is revelation and obeying it. This path leads up through all of the ordinances of the priesthood and into the presence of God. As members of Christ’s Church, we can name off the first half dozen easily. As we grow in understanding we eventually recognize and begin to yearn for the “greater things” of mortality, and when we are fully evolved in the things of God, we at last realize there is no limit to what we can achieve when we are willing to live the laws and pay the price required to obtain these lofty things.

As a mortal we inherited the effect of Adam and Eve’s fall from the presence of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother. The fall forever separated us from the Elohim. The path noted above takes us back into the presence of God by a sequential process, line upon line, principle upon principle, which through the atonement of Christ, overcomes the effect of the fall and brings us back into the presence of God, the Father of us all. Only those who walk the path eventually overcome the fall. Even death does not automatically return us to Father’s presence. Those who do not walk this path will find themselves separated from God until the judgment day, which will then send them into a kingdom of glory or damnation where God (meaning the Father) does not dwell.

The point here is that if we expect or hope to one day return to Father and Mother, and to live with them in the Celestial Kingdom, we will at some point walk this pathway back into the presence of Christ, who will then, because of His position as our Savior and Redeemer, bring us back to our Heavenly Parents.

Our First Parents Adam and Eve covenanted with the Lord to seek His Face and do His Will. Contained in this ancient pattern is the Key for all of us to follow this path…

(The Way)…So with this understanding we will continue where we left off at the end of chapter two, in the post title The Book of the High Place…

Chapter 3

1) Narrator:It is at this point in the ordinance of the High Place that marriages may be solemnized. This is the earthly marriage and begins the covenant of marriage entered into by the man and the woman. It is part of the Law of Obedience and the Gospel, but is only made eternal by the power of the Holy Spirit of Promise, the token of which is the Second Anointing.

Resume Session
2) Jehovah: We desire all to receive this Law and this Way. All arise. Each of you covenant, as this Man and this Woman have done, to seek My face and obey My will, in whatever form I may choose to give in the generations of your lives. Each of you bow your head and say, Yes.

3) Jehovah: It is enough. That will do. Because of the pure intent of your hearts, you shall be instructed in all that you must do to regain the state from which you have fallen. You shall learn how faith and commitment to the Thanksgiving Way makes it possible for the suffering of one to make up for that which you cannot change. Now go forth into the lonely world. Build a home and an Altar. Offer your oblations unto Me and I shall send messengers to you from time to time. You shall know them to be messengers from the Father because they will teach of four Sacred Directions. This shall be a token by which you may know them when they come. Now, you must go out of this Valley which I created for you and live in the wide world and I must place between us a barrier, or veil, which shall separate you from the place where I may dwell with you for a time. You must be apart from My face and My presence until you have proven worthy to once again be one with Me. When you come again unto Me and have been instructed and prepared, I will cause the veil to be taken up and I will take you back into the presence of Father.

4) Adam:I will follow this Thanksgiving Way.

5) Eve:I, too, will follow this Path. For I know that, though it may prove to be strait, the Path of the Creator is a good road.

6) Narrator:Adam and Eve emerged up out of the sheltered place where they had spent their spiritual infancy into the Telestial World and they called it a lone and dreary world, a world that was filled with wonders and also dangers, and a world where they could not daily walk and talk with all things living. A barrier was placed in their minds between them and the place where the Creator walks and they were left alone. Then Adam and Eve began to explore their new world and discovered that it was filled with the same plants and animals that they recognized from their previous home. They studied them and learned
what was good for food and what was not, what could be used for clothing and for shelter. They found that their new home was not sheltered and was filled with danger.

7) Narrator:They also found that it was beautiful and filled with wonders.

8) Narrator:The Man and the Woman are seen to walk about conversing and gesturing to the many plants and animals around them.

9) Adam:Let us do as we were commanded and seek the face of the Creator. We will take of this world, limbs, skins and stones, and we will build a place wherein we may seek His face.

10) Eve:It is good that we act upon the commandments we have been given.

11) Narrator:Adam took tree limbs, animal skins and stones and built a place where he and Eve could pray. And when they went down into the place and offered up their thanks for everything that they had learned, they began to be visited by spirit beings. Every day they were visited by different instructors. And Adam built an altar and offered an oblation to the Lord.

12) Adam:Oh God! Hear the words of my mouth! Oh Father! Hear the words that I am praying! Oh Lord! Can You hear the words of my prayer?

13) Angel of the Lord:Why do you offer sacrifice at this altar?

14) Adam:I know not, save that I was commanded to do so.

15) Angel of the Lord:That which you shall do in this place and upon this altar is in accordance with the Law of the Gospel. You shall offer sacrifice here that shall be in the likeness and similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of the Father. It is good that you are obedient to the commands of your Lord.

16) Narrator:And when Adam offered his oblation unto the Lord, Satan was also attracted by the commotion. He appears as a wise old man.

17) Satan:What is wanted?

18) Adam:I am praying for messengers from my Father.

19) Satan:Oh, you want religion. What you need is good, sound religion. I will have preachers come and teach religion to you by and by. Listen to them, for they are wise like me.

20) Narrator:The old man stayed with Adam and Eve for many years and he taught them all of the ways of men.

21) Satan:Adam, you must listen to me. You must believe that I tell you the truth. Women are weaker than you. You cannot have failed to have noticed this.

22) Adam:No, I know that they are weaker than men.

23) Satan:That is good. Your eyes are open and you see clearly the truth of what I teach you. Now listen to me and I will tell you why women are weaker than men. When Father made you out of the dust of this Earth, you were alone in the valley which He made for you. Then He asked the powers of Heaven if it was good for you to be alone and They answered, “No.”So, They made you give a rib of your own body up so that They could make the woman. Now, she is part of you, even a part of your own body. Does it not sound reasonable that you should have stewardship over your own body?

24) Adam:I believe that Father gave me my body that I might learn to steward it.

25) Satan:That is right, Adam. And when you stretch forth your hand to fell a tree, that you might use it in building a house, do you not have complete control over the faculties of your arm and of your hand?

26) Adam:I do.

27) Satan:Then listen to me, Adam, and I will teach a great thing that will be useful to you in all your days. The woman is made of you. She is bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh. Therefore, she is your property, just as your arm, or your hand belongs to you. She is weaker because she is only a part of you and has not the use of all of your strength. Therefore, keep her always in check. Do not let her lead you in any thing. If you do, you have lost control of your own body and you have brought disorder and chaos to the creation.

28) Adam:Father taught me that I should cleave unto her and she will be a help mete for me.

29) Satan:That is right. But never forget that she comes from your own body. And also remember that she brought the fruit of the forbidden tree to you and caused you to be cast out of the sacred place. Left to herself, she is capable of great mischief. Therefore, keep her in check, Adam. This is my advice and my counsel.

30) Satan:Now, you are the first created of all the men of this Earth. You are strong in the body and your eyes are open. You will fill the earth with people. But all men are not made the same. There will be strong and there will be weak among you. Indeed, most people are weak. That is why it is important for you to rule this people, for the weak must not rule the people. Make only the strong among you the Chiefs of the People. This is a true and right principle. The Creator gives the strong natural abilities that makes it only right that they should make subjects of the weak and to dominate them.

31) Satan:Look, Adam. Many of the children you have got from that Woman love me and reverence my counsel to them. They know that I am wise. You should take heed to what I teach you even as they do.

32) Adam:I will not judge these things. I will continue in the Thanksgiving Way given to me by the Creator.

33) Satan:Listen to me, all you children of Men. I am the God of this world. I reign from one end of it to the other. The people respect and worship me.

34) Narrator:Then the evil one took counsel in his heart.

35) Satan:Now are all things prepared and the bodies of these shall belong to me and to mine. All things shall be as they were and every man shall return unto his own.

36) Narrator:Adam once again cries unto the Lord at the altar he has erected.

37) Satan:What is it that you want?

38) Eve:Who are you that we should follow your counsel? Who are your parents, your grandparents?

39) Satan:Keep quiet, Woman! It is because of your foolishness, stupid one, that the Man must seek his own counsel! Men may take counsel, and women may hold their peace. Adam, I will teach you and you will know all of the ways of this world, for there is only one true way. Have no confidence in anything but what I tell you, for as you can see, I am old and I have learned all that the world has to teach. Stay in the way that I reveal to you and you, too, will know what I know. But, above all else, listen only to me, for no one has lived on this world longer than I. I will teach you and what I teach you, you must believe and

40) Adam:You are a changeable thing, nameless one. A snake of many colors are you, which tempts the eyes and flatters with beauty. You are like the coral snake whose looks are pleasing but whose bite kills the mind and cripples the body. Get away from us! We are seeking the Grandfathers!

41) Preacher:Now, now! What is all this commotion about?

42) Satan:Good afternoon. Are you an ordained minister of religion, and have you been trained in the ministry?

43) Preacher:One may not preach without having the proper authority, and what can one teach without the proper training?

44) Satan:And do you teach the orthodox religion?

45) Preacher:Yes, that is what I teach.

46) Satan:That is good. I want you to teach this man.

47) Preacher:Good afternoon. I understand you are inquiring after religion.

48) Adam:I am looking for messengers from my Father. Are you one of His messengers?

49) Preacher:I am glad that you are looking for messengers from Father. Do you believe in a God without body, parts, or passions? Who sits on the top of a topless throne, whose substance is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere? Who fills the expanse of space and yet is so small that He may dwell in your heart? Do you believe in this great Being?

50) Adam:I do not believe in any such person.

51) Preacher:You do not? Perhaps you do not believe in the Devil! He is a dragon with the teeth of a lion and claws of a bear! And perhaps you do not believe in the finality of this life. Perhaps you do not believe in that lake of fire called hell where all the wicked go after this life. It is a terrible place where the wicked must spend all eternity in a lake of fire. They will burn there, but they are never burned up. Can you imagine it? They burn with an all-consuming fire, but their bodies are never consumed.

52) Adam:I believe in the adversary, for I have been taught of him. But I do not believe what you teach.

53) Preacher:Well, I am sorry for you.

54) Satan:I am very sorry for you as well. I understood you to want religion, but obviously you want something entirely different.

55) Adam:I am looking for messengers from my Father.

56) Elohim Heavenly Father:Jehovah, send down Peter, James and John, in hidden form, along with those angels who guard the four curtains of Heaven, to the Man and the Woman in the world we have created. They shall teach them about the Gospel and the Thanksgiving Way. We shall soon confer upon the Man a preparatory priesthood and teach him to place the Robe of the Priesthood on the right shoulder, preparatory to officiating in the ordinances, oblations and performances that We will command of him. See how they are doing generally and see if Satan, our common enemy, is there. Then have them return
and report all that they have seen and heard.

57) Jehovah:Peter, James and John, go down to the man Adam. Peter, go as the Buffalo Spirit. James, go as the Thunder Spirit. John, go as the Lightning Spirit. Take these forms and teach the Man and the Woman. See if they are ready to receive greater knowledge, for I would that they receive a preparatory priesthood and that they be taught their duty in it. Give them a token whereby they may recognize you when you appear to them. Observe conditions generally. See if Satan is there. Ascertain the progress of the people. Then, return and bring Us word.

58) Peter:It shall be done, Jehovah.

59) Peter:Come, James and John. We will take with us the Guardian Spirits. Let us go down.

60) James:We will go down.

61) John:We will go down.

62) Narrator:Adam and Eve begin to have visions and dream dreams.

63) Narrator:The Eagle Spirit and his people taught them to look at the night sky and discern the seasons. The Eagle taught them when to come and when to go and in this manner the Creator gave them the gift of the Sees Far People by revelation.

64) Narrator:The Mouse Spirit and his people taught them to make coats of skin to cloth themselves that they might more fully control the desire they had one for another, and to set aside seeds, roots, and fruits of all kinds for medicines and food against times of illness, hardship and scarcity. The Creator gave them the gift of the Looks Within People by revelation.

65) Narrator:The Buffalo Spirit and his people taught them how to manufacture useful tools and other items. The Creator gave them the gift of the Seeks Council People by revelation.

66) Narrator:To recognize these great gifts, Adam and Eve built up a Hearth of stones within the Lodge they had built, and sang their thanks to the Creator in these words:

67) Adam:Hear me, Grandfather, for I have much thanksgiving in my heart.

68) Eve:Hear me, Grandfather, for my body sings with thanksgiving.

69) Adam:Hear me, Grandfather, for my whole soul is filled with thanksgiving.

70) Peter:Good day to you, sir.

71) Preacher:Good day to you.

72) Peter:What are you doing here?

73) Preacher:We are teaching religion to this people. They are learning how to get along in the world.

74) Peter:And how is your teaching received by them.

75) Preacher:Very well! The people receive it with great enthusiasm. Excepting this man and woman.

76) Satan:That is right. Except for these few who follow the strange teachings of this man and this woman, our instructors get on very well with all the people.

77) Peter:You do not like the teaching of these men?

78) Adam:I do not.

79) Peter:Can you tell me a little of it?

80) Adam:They teach of a god who sits on the top of a topless throne and who is everywhere but nowhere. And they teach of a monster who throws men and women into a lake of eternal burning. I do not understand it. They teach of strength and power and compulsion. I find no love or compassion in their teaching. To me, it is a doctrine filled with lust and desire, but nothing that elevates men from the beasts. To me it is a mass of confusion. I have been taught to call upon Father. This brings peace to my mind. That is what I am looking for. That is why I am waiting for messengers from my Father.

81) Peter:Are these two men the only instructors who have come to you?

82) Adam:No, we have seen visions and dreamed dreams. These have been more beneficial than all of the instructors this one has provided. I know that Father will send messengers to me.

83) Peter:How will you know the messengers of the Father when they come to you? Have you any tokens or signs?

84) Satan:You can have all the tokens and signs you want. If you have enough stuff, you can buy anything in the world.

85) Peter:Do you trade for stuff the things you have learned?

86) Adam:I do not! I teach them freely to all who will listen. I hold them sacred, and do not sell them.

87) Peter:That is right. We commend you for your good faith and integrity. We will probably visit you again.

88) Narrator:The three depart and Satan again takes counsel in his heart.

89) Satan:Now is the time of my great power. I am the authority over this earth. I rule from one end of it to another. If there are any who try to hurt or make afraid, I shall punish them. All men obey my will and all men follow me.

90) Peter:Jehovah, we have been down to the man Adam and the woman Eve, as You commanded. Satan is there with his ministers. He is teaching all manner of false doctrine and trying to lead the posterity of Adam astray. But the Man and the Woman have been faithful to the things they have been given and walk in a sacred manner. They do not bend to the wind of popular opinion or to convention and convenience. They are true to the revelations, visions, and teachings they have been given.

91) Jehovah:Elohim Heavenly Father, Peter, James, and John have been down as You commanded. They found Satan there trying to lead the posterity of Adam astray. But he has remained true to all that he has been given thus far. This is their report.

92) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is well, Jehovah. Send down Peter, James and John in their true character as apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ to the man Adam and the woman Eve. For, they have been faithful in the Law of Obedience and of the Gospel. Cast Satan out of their midst. Have them confer upon the man Adam a preparatory priesthood and instruct him to wear the robe on the right shoulder. Have them remind the woman Eve that she has received the priesthood from Elohim Heavenly Mother and that she has a duty
to serve the Lord with her husband and to be a help mete for him. Give them the Law of Sacrifice by covenant and teach them their duty in it. Then return and bring Me word.

93) Jehovah:It shall be done, Elohim Heavenly Father.

94) Jehovah:Peter, James and John, go down again to the man Adam and the woman Eve. Cast Satan out of their midst. Confer upon the man Adam that priesthood which pertains only to the preparation of the living. Instruct him to place the robe on the right shoulder and set him at the door of the High Place and teach him his duty therein. Remind the woman Eve that she received the priesthood from Mother. Let her place the robe on both shoulders and instruct her that she is to be a help mete for her husband. Teach them
the Law of Sacrifice and have them receive it by covenant. Teach them to officiate in the priesthood you have given them.

95) Peter:It shall be done, Jehovah.

96) James:We will go down.

97) John:We will go down.

98) Peter:Good day to you, sir. I am Peter.

99) James:I am James.

100) John:I am John.

101) Satan:Yes, I thought I recognized you. So you have looked around and seen my great power. Do you also see how easy it is to corrupt the hearts of these men and women? You will surely see more, for I will not cease my work. You may have these few, for what do I care for a tiny minority? They will be swallowed up by my will in the end. But I do have a word to say to all of them. If you do not keep all the covenants you make in this Holy Place this day, I shall have power over you to do with you as I will. Then you will beg me for mercy and I will give you justice! My judgments will be harsh, but you will thank me for them someday.

102) Satan:Now what will you do?

103) Peter:We will dismiss you without further argument.

104) Satan:By what authority?

105) Peter:In the name of Jesus Christ our Master, and by His commission.

106) Narrator:Then Satan shook with rage, but left the Thanksgiving Lodge. Nevertheless, he stayed in the village, for the people still thought him wise. He continued to teach them even though Adam and Eve would not listen to his words.

108) Adam:How may I know that you are true messengers?

109) Peter:You shall know by our giving you the token you received before you were driven into this lonely place and which have been confirmed to you by revelation. This is the token, along with its name.

110) Peter:Oh! Wah-hiay-kin Ougou! Oh! Wah-hiay-kin Nemenhimen Hay-min-ay! Oh! Wah-hiay-kin Mayn-ish-tay-nah! Oh Wah-hiay-kin So-hil-stay-nah! There is no other token or sign by which you may know it, and even my giving it to you in this way must be subjected to the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. Go now with your wife and pray earnestly to the Father if we are not His messengers. The Holy Ghost will tell you what to do.

111) Narrator:Adam and Eve went a little way off and they prayed to the Father. When they returned they were certain that the Angels before them were true messengers of the Father.

112) Adam:I know who you are now, for the Spirit bore record to me of the truthfulness of your words.

113) Eve:I also felt the power of the Holy Ghost. You truly are messengers sent from Father.

114) Peter:You do well, Adam and Eve. Adam, we have been sent to confer upon you a preparatory priesthood and to instruct you in your duty in it. Will you submit to it?

115) Adam:I will submit.

116) Peter:It is well.

117) Narrator:Peter motions for Adam to kneel upon the ground. Peter, James and John place their hands upon Adam’s head and confer upon him the Priesthood after the Order of Levi.

118) Peter:Adam, by the authority of Jesus Christ which He has given us, and by His commission which we have received of Him, and by the power of the Holy Ghost which makes this possible, we lay our hands upon your head and confer upon you that priesthood which has to do with the preparation of the living to see the face of their God. Stand now at the door and knock. Amen.

119) Narrator:Adam arises.

120) Peter:Adam, you have received the priesthood which will be called the Priesthood after the Order of Levi, or the Levitical Priesthood. This order gives you authority to prepare the mind and soul of men and women to come up to the High Place, to receive instruction from Angels and the spirits of just men and women made perfect by the Atonement. You will be instructed in certain ordinances, which will change from time to time according to the needs of your posterity. Place a robe over your right shoulder
whenever you are officiating in the ordinances of this priesthood.

121) Peter:Eve, you have already received the priesthood from Mother. You will be instructed and reminded of your duty in the priesthood in the same manner as your husband. Place a robe over both shoulders whenever you are officiating in the ordinances of the priesthood, and be at all times a help mete for your husband in all that he is called to do.

122) Peter:We will now teach you the Law of Sacrifice which you must receive by covenant. It is that each of you will submit yourselves to the will of the Father through His son Jesus Christ, offering that sacrifice which He asks of you. The manner of this sacrifice may change from time to time depending upon that which the Lord sees you need. In these ordinances, you shall be called Peli. We will now teach you the manner in which you shall sacrifice.

Break for Instruction
(It is appropriate to break at this point and discuss the ordinance of the Itsipi or “Purification of the Ammonihah. See Appendix One.”)

To be continued…




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