The Book of the High Place

Good Day All, peace be unto you with blessings from on high !!!

When the Creator Jesus Christ visited the Nemenhah of Mentinah (The American Indians) after His resurrection, He taught them the very secrets of Creation in their temple or High Place…These are His instructions recorded in…

The Book of the High Place
The Sacred Temple Writings of the Nemenhah, as recorded by the
Prophet, Ougou
With Appendices Added
Translated from the Original
With translations carefully compared
By the Translation Council:
Hemene Ot To Oh Yelo Akekt (Phillip Cloudpiler Landis) of Moroni, UT, Cesar Padilla de Ramarra of Guatemala, Tui Xiu of Guatemala, Menemi Shen of Taiwan, and Porfiro Munoz de Xiu of Ethiopia
Copyright © 2005, 2006 Numi’Pu Tsu’Peli Chopunish, 2006, 2007 Nemenhah Band and Native American
Traditional Organization
All rights reserved

Phillip R. (Cloudpiler) Landis
According to the Temple Writings of the Nemenhah Prophet, Ougou, the principles, teachings, covenants and ordinances of the Temple, or High Place, were taught to all people, regardless of their sex, nationality or religious affiliation, and most especially to all children from the time they were old enough to understand the instruction. It was the custom of those who officiated as Peli (the Order of Levi) to teach all the people the story of our Heavenly Parents, as well as the creation and of our first earthly parents, and to be certain that the recipient understood as best as they could the principles of the temple, prior to their being presented at the High Place to make sacred covenants there. The teacher would make liberal use of that understanding of these things which the Holy Ghost confirms in the minds and hearts of the participants.

In the spirit of the Temple Writings of our forefather, Ougou, we present this work in the same manner in which it was presented to all the Nemenhah in ancient days. All of the translators listed on the title page of this book are descendents of that same Ougou and we have taken the responsibility as his children, and also as teachers and as Healers, to convey this information to all of our children, both of our bodies and also of the Nemenhah and other Bands to whom this book may go.

This is our gift to our children. It is given in the most sacred manner we know. Therefore, because we are only men and women, we suspect that you who read these pages will find fault here. We ask you, to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost, that you may have discernment and that you will not reject because of the faultiness of our hands the very things of God. If it be wisdom in God that you receive these things, then judge them by the same spirit by which you have received them.

This is a continuation of the post titled Jehovah-The Arch Angel Michael and all of us…

In this part of the re-enactment of creation, we will learn about the creation of our first parents Adam and Eve… and how they are the model or pattern for us to follow in their footsteps that will lead us in the journey back to the presence of our Heavenly Parents…

Chapter 1 Verses 201-213 and Chapter 2: 1-115

201) Jehovah:Elohim, a new World has been created, and we have populated it with worlds of its own order. There are plants of all kinds and animals of all kinds upon the Earth, and the Spirits of the Holy Ghost People possess the bodies of all living things for a stewardship, worlds without end. Lucifer is bound to the Earth that we have created and cannot leave it. We have done all that you have commanded us. This is our report.

202) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is well. Jehovah. Is man found on the Earth?

203) Jehovah:Man is not found on the Earth.

204) Elohim Heavenly Father:Elohim, Jehovah, We will go down and Wewill take of the matter that We have organized and We will form a body like unto Our own body. And We will put into this body the Spirit of Michael. And man shall become a living soul.

205) Jehovah:We will go down, Elohim.

206) Elohim Heavenly Father:Look, Jehovah! This is the Earth, even the world where You will finish Your own work, the work that will bring together all the work of My children into one. It is also the place where you have consigned the spirits of my children who followed Lucifer. We will take now out of the stuff of this earth, the same which has been endowed with some of My power and also of the power of the Mother, and fashion a body like unto the body which You see that I have. Make it of ponderable matter. We shall give the body a head and in it place the seat of understanding. We shall give the body a neck to join it to the head. We shall give the body a left side with arm, torso and leg. We shall give the body a right side with arm, torso and leg. In all ways, We shall make the body of the man like unto the pattern of My body as You know it to be. Let its organs mirror My organs, only we shall make that which is vital to the life of the body in this creation bein accordance with the matter of the world. We shall do all this, in accordance with the last of the creations which You were about to make, even that final creation that would have caused You to become alike unto Us. This shall be the body of man and it will be for his good that he receive it.

207) Narrator:Then Jehovah took of the clay and made a body for Man. But, because Michael had been so valiant in defending the right of choice when Lucifer rebelled against the New and Everlasting Covenant, Elohim and Jehovah gathered and commanded more particularly that part of the creative matter that Michael had consecrated and this constituted the more part of the body of First Man. And Elohim breathed in him the Breath of Life, or in other words, the body, having been organized according to the Power of the Father, was quickened according to the Power of the Mother, and Michael did possess the
body as his own.

208) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Mother came once again to speak to the Council.

209) Elohim Heavenly Mother:The cosmos is about to change forever. We have learned that all things are not static, that the cosmos must progress, and when it does, that which We knew to be true does cease to be for Us. In the past our people followed a path that created much evil and suffering for the sake of just a little good, and in the orthodoxy of our own self-interest we were for an unfathomable period of time, entirely insensible of other people that are like us, yet not like us. Let this be instructive to us all. When we become orthodox, let us seek for alternatives.

210) Elohim Heavenly Father:This is right, Elohim Heavenly Mother. Lucifer was not wrong in his desire to remain in the Everlasting Covenant, for that was his right. His error was in trying to take away the freedom to choose from our children, and in trying to enslave the Holy Ghost People. Let all choose the way they wish to follow. Should Our children choose the New and Everlasting Covenant, let the Holy Ghost imprint upon the very matter of their soul the continuation of the lives. Should they choose the
Everlasting Covenant, we will allow them to return to that labor with all those that follow Lucifer after Our work is finished.

211) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother spoke to the Man.

212) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Adam, you are a living soul.

213) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam, awake and arise.

Chapter Two

1) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam, look around you. What do you see?

2) Narrator:Then the Man looked in the Four Sacred Directions. First, he looked to the East and he beheld the rising sun. Then he looked to the South, as the sun arose in the sky, and beheld the green mantle of the earth. It was then that Adam stretched out his hands in front of him and perceived his own body. Then he cast his eyes more fully upon the world about him and looked to the West, as the sun set in the sky, and perceived the wide world and all of its wonders. Finally, he looked to the North and perceived a star whose course never wavered or faltered. When he did this, the Holy Ghost whispered to his spirit and
prompted him to give thanks in his heart for the life he had been given. And the man wept and did give thanks.

3) Elohim Heavenly Father:Surely, this is the First Man of the New and Everlasting Covenant.

4) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Mother also looked upon the new world that had been created. She saw how well made, how wondrous and beautiful it was. She also saw Lucifer and his people hiding, waiting to attack the man.

5) Elohim Heavenly Mother:This cannot be. Lucifer and his people are like the Holy Ghost to this man. Their voices will drown the still voice of the Spirit and all men will choose the evil over the good. Man will not subdue the self in this way. He is a builder by his nature and he will use up the good of the earth.

6) Elohim Heavenly Father:I see that what you speak is true. Jehovah, is it good for man to be alone?

7) Jehovah:It is not good for man to be alone, Elohim.

8) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Mother caused the Man to sleep and from his substance Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother formed the body of woman. And Elohim Heavenly Mother commanded that substance that it should bring forth fruit after its own kind and no other. Then the Woman received her spirit in the same manner as the Man. Yea, then Mi-Ahrah, who was great among the Daughters of Elohim Heavenly Mother and among they unto whom She had given Her Endowment of
Power, did possess the body of the Woman, even as Michael, who was great in the Father’s Council, had possessed the body of the Man.

9) Narrator:But this is not all. Elohim Heavenly Mother laid Her hands on the Woman and ordained her to a holy calling, and gave her substance the injunction to nurture all living things, but most especially, her children. Then Elohim Heavenly Mother gave to the Woman Her own name and called her name, “Mother.”

10) Elohim Heavenly Father:The gift you have given mankind is the key to the sealing. Woman has inherent in her creation the drive to sacrifice for her children. She will provide the man with a right model to live by. She is a help mete for him, for he has not that within him which draws one to subdue the self. His own nature alone is enough to thwart our work because of Lucifer. If he will look to his wife, their experience together will teach Man the fundamental steps toward subduing his nature. Then shall the Holy Ghost be able to speak to him. In this way shall the man and the woman be sealed with that same quickening that associates us all together. Then, if they remain true to the counsel we give them through
the Holy Ghost, they will have power to overcome Lucifer and his people.

11) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is well. Now I can rest My mind.

12) Elohim Heavenly Father:Jehovah, We will make a garden valley, eastward in Eden and place the Man and the Woman in it.

13) Jehovah:It shall be done, Elohim.

14) Narrator:Then Adam and Eve awake and arise.

15) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam is your name and We give unto you this world. You shall have stewardship over all that is living. You must give names to all the living things and be a husbandman unto them. We have also created this woman and she is tobe your wife and help mete. And we give you this commandment, that your desire shall be only unto her, and that you keep yourself faithful to her and cleave unto her, for without her you are not complete. Observe to keep this commandment – that you shall remain faithful to your own wife and enter into no form of intimacy with any other woman than her. If
you will do this, then your seed shall be potent and shall fill the earth with people.

16) Elohim Heavenly Mother:We give unto you this Man, and this world. You shall nurture them. And We give you this commandment, that your desire shall be only to your husband, that you keep yourself faithful to him and cleave unto him, for without him you are not complete. Observe to keep this commandment, that you shall remain faithful to your own husband and enter into no form of intimacy with any other man than him. If you observe to keep this commandment, then shall your womb be fruitful and you shall fill the earth with people.

17) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam, behold your wife. What will you call her?

18) Adam:I will call her, “Eve.”

19) Elohim Heavenly Father:Why will you call her “Eve?”

20) Adam:Because she is the Mother of all living.

21) Elohim Heavenly Mother:That is right, Adam. She is the Mother of all living.

22) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Mother left the council and went about Her own business for a season.

23) Elohim Heavenly Father:Here is a hallowed valley for you to live in. Of all the trees and plants of this valley you may eat without fear of consequence. But of the tree whose name is Good and Evil, you may not eat. For the fruit of that tree contains the seeds of death and if you eat of it, those seeds shall pass from generation to generation. Surely, if you eat of it, you shall bring death to all living. Nevertheless, it is also freely given to you to eat or not to eat. But remember, I forbid it. For, in the time that you eat of it, you shall surely die. Now, go to. Steward this valley. Take good care of it. Hurt no thing unduly and without cause or justification. If you are hungry, then eat. But hurt nothing except to provide for your own needs. Take good care of this Holy Place. Be fruitful and multiply, that Our work in this World may be accomplished.

24) Narrator:Then Eve set out to familiarize herself with all the plants and animals of the valley. She learned their natures and brought them to Adam. He gave names to all of the living things and had stewardship over all; because in one word, he could reveal everything about them.

25) Narrator:Eve delighted in all that the plants and animals did, and learned all of their natures. Adam called her “Mother” because she nurtured all living things in the Valley, and because the works of her were so many and so beautiful.

26) Narrator:Adam delighted in what the plants and the animals were and he made a language whereby they might be called, commanded and governed. Great and powerful was the language he made.

27) Narrator:Then Lucifer approached Adam in the garden.

28) Lucifer:Adam, look at the fruit of this tree. Of all the fruit of all the trees of this garden you should pay the most attention to this one. It is most delicious to the taste and more desirable for food than any other.

29) Adam:That is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Father commanded me that of every tree of the garden I may freely eat, except that one. For, it contains the seeds of death and in the day that I eat of it I shall die, and all my posterity.

30) Lucifer:That is ridiculous! You shall not die in a day, no, nor in a thousand days. Father needs you to be fruitful and fill the earth with people. Has He not promised that this would be so? How can you say that this one fruit, among all the fruits in the garden, will kill you? Look. There is not one other bad fruit in this garden. Why, there is not one bad fruit in this whole valley. Indeed, would Father place even one bad fruit in the whole world? Eat this fruit, for evidently you need knowledge, and it is knowledge that will make you as the Gods.

31) Adam:I will not eat of that fruit.

32) Lucifer:Oh, you will not. Well, we shall see.

33) Narrator:After Adam had departed from the presence of the tempter, Lucifer sought out Eve to tempt her also.

34) Lucifer:Eve, here is the fruit of that tree. It is delicious to the taste and very desirable.

35) Eve:It is the tree from which I know I must not eat, for it contains the seeds of death. Father commanded me not to eat of the fruit of that tree – that in the day that I eat of it, I shall surely die.

36) Lucifer:Do you know the difference between good and evil?

37) Eve:I know that there is good and evil, for the tree is so named.

38) Lucifer:To know the difference between them, and why the Creator commanded that you should stay away from it, you have to eat it.

39) Eve:It is forbidden. Besides, why should I know the good from the evil. Look at everything around you. Things just do what they do. To know that there is good and evil is enough for me. Why should I not leave the differences to the Creator?

40) Lucifer:Do you wish to become like the Creator?

41) Eve:I accept such a thing as possible.

42) Lucifer:Of course it is! The Creator has commanded you to take care of this Valley and to make many people. You have observed the animals and how they procreate, bear young and care for them. These are great gifts that the animals have been given. To create young is a power such as only a Creator may possess. Surely, this means that the Creator of all wants you to be like Him.

43) Eve:I have observed their doing.

44) Lucifer:Do you do as they do?

45) Eve:I do not.

46) Lucifer:To become like the Creator, you must create after the manner of your kind. I tell you, that to be able to create, you must eat of this fruit.

47) Eve:Is this the only way it can be done?

48) Lucifer:Look around yourself. Do you see any other way? I tell you, there is no other way.

49) Eve:What must I do?

50) Lucifer:You have been given freedom to choose. The Creator gave you all the good things of the earth. He also gave all the bad things. You may receive them or reject them. To become like the Creator, you must be able to learn from your experience and choose the path you will walk. You must choose to eat of the Tree called Good and Evil so that you may learn the good from the evil. That is the way Father gained his knowledge.

51) Narrator:Through Lucifer, Eve learned that only by choosing to partake of the deadly elements of the forbidden tree could she learn to know the good from the evil. She also learned that there is a very real reason to know such things. Now, we cannot know whether Lucifer spoke the truth to Eve or whether he spoke lies. For, although most of us believe he was truthful, and that there was no other way for her to progress in knowledge, we are never actually informed of it.

52) Narrator:Eve was beguiled by Lucifer. She knew the tree contained the seeds of death, for she had been forewarned. She had not been forewarned of what difference eating of the fruit of the tree would make to her knowledge. There had been no instruction on that aspect, except that inference one might gain from the name of the tree. She believed Lucifer, that there was no other way.

53) Eve:I will take of the fruit of the Tree called Good and Evil and eat it up.

54) Lucifer:That is good. Your eyes will be opened and you will be wise. To know the good from the evil, and also by way of the deaths, is how the Creator got His wisdom. You will become like Him now.

55) Narrator:Eve takes a piece of the fruit and eats it. Then, suddenly knowing the good from the evil, she
knew that she must convince Adam to eat some of it too. She took the fruit and presented it to Adam, just as she had taken every other living thing to him.

56) Adam:This fruit already has a name, Eve. The Creator named the tree which makes this fruit, Good and Evil. It is one of two trees that He named Himself.

57) Eve:I know that, Adam. I have not brought you the fruit to name it. I have brought it to you to eat.

58) Adam:The Tree called Good and Evil has the power to kill. I cannot eat it. It is not food for me.

59) Eve:Look at me. I have eaten of this fruit. I know the good from the evil. I may now choose good and reject evil. Can you make that claim, Adam?

60) Adam:Is this so important?

61) Eve:I don’t know. Perhaps you can tell me. Do you love the Creator?

62) Adam:Why, yes, I do love Him.

63) Eve:Why? How do you know that He is not telling you to do a bad thing?

64) Adam:I trust Him. I follow His commandments.

65) Eve:But declare to me what you know about Him. I can tell you of a surety that He is good. I can tell you that what He commands you to do is good and that if you follow Him, no bad thing will come of all your works. Can you declare these things, Adam?

66) Adam:I cannot. I know that there is good and evil, for I know that the Creator so named a certain tree. But I do not know what the name means. He commanded me not to eat of it, and since you say you know that He will not command me wrongly, I will trust you also, and I will not eat it.

67) Eve:Then you and I must part, Adam. For I cannot stay with a man who does not know the Creator within him.

68) Adam:What do you mean?

69) Eve:The Creator could command us to do this and do that. But we could not become like Him merely by His commanding it. Only in knowing why a thing is good or why a thing is bad may we be like Him. This is wisdom, and I would have a wise husband.

70) Adam:Where will you go?

71) Eve:I must someday die. Some natural or supernatural thing will overtake me, and because I have taken into me the seeds of death, those seeds will grow and my body will break down and disappear. When that happens, you will be all alone, for there will be no children between you and me.

72) Adam:Why is that?

73) Eve:Because you would have to raise them and nurture them. I would have to know that they too would be raised in rightness and in truth. Can you do that, Adam?

74) Adam:I do not know.

75) Eve:That is right, Adam. You do not know. I will not leave children to be raised in such a manner.

76) Adam:But how can we be together this way?

77) Eve:We cannot. I must go to another place, for I have grown to love you and I do not wish to see you unhappy. But I know the good from the evil, Adam, and you do not. This must always separate us.

78) Adam:I, too, love you, Eve, and the Creator commanded also that you and I should always be together. He also gave us this Valley to care for together and He commanded that we should create many people. How can all this be, if we must be separated? I see that this cannot be. Give me the fruit and I will eat. You and I may die, but perhaps we might still have time to do the other things He commanded us to do.

79) Narrator:Then Adam took the fruit and ate it. Then he, too, could declare the good from the evil. The Man and the Woman were committed to the same program and they rejoiced that they could continue to be together.

80) Lucifer:This is all very good. Now that you know the good from the evil, you can become as the spirits and the deities of heaven. You can create and command all things.

81) Eve:I know who you are. You are he who rebelled against our Father and was cast out of His presence.

82) Lucifer:See, the eyes of your understanding are beginning to open. You see more clearly now.

83) Eve:Why do you come appearing so wise and old? You must have known that we would recognize you after our eyes were opened.
84) Lucifer:I am the god and lord of this earth. I may appear as I wish. I am wise and my age is a symbol of my wisdom. I have traveled to and fro all over this whole planet. You have learned much in the Valley, but you have taken on the seeds of death and you will not have time in your lives to see all the things of the world. Therefore, I will be your counselor now and I will help guide your understanding. You will learn wisdom as you follow my advice. Now, go. You are naked. Make some protection for yourself, for you know not what dangers to your bodies there are in the world.

85) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam! Eve!

86) Lucifer:I hear the voice of Father! He will see you in your nakedness and be angry with you. Run, hide!

87) Narrator:Then did the Man and the Woman put on the Natural Man and almost immediately began to speak and act in terms of self-interest and self-preservation. When the Creator approached, calling the names of the Man and the Woman, they thought first of their naked or natural state, and tried to hide themselves from him. They made crude coverings to mask their natures. Their focus was instantly upon themselves and their own needs.

88) Elohim Heavenly Father:Adam! Adam, where are you?

89) Adam:I heard Your voice and hid myself, because I was naked.

90) Elohim Heavenly Father:What do you know of nakedness? Have you eaten of the Tree called Good and Evil?

91) Adam:Yes, I did eat of it.

92) Elohim Heavenly Father:Do you not remember that I commanded that you should not eat of it – that in the day that you did, you shall bear the seeds of death within you?

93) Narrator:Having considered their own needs prior to responding to the Creator, Adam and Eve then proceeded to give reasons for their disobedience.

94) Adam:Did You not command me that Eve should stay with me always? And did You not command me that we should together take care of the Valley and create many people? Without knowing the good from the evil, it was difficult for me to discern which of Your commandments was of more weight than others. Furthermore, I could not know the consequences of my choices. I did eat the fruit that Eve brought to me so that I could gain understanding of things.

95) Elohim Heavenly Father:Eve. What is this that you have done unto your husband?

96) Eve:The Tempter persuaded me saying that there was but one way to become like unto the Creator, and that was to partake of the fruit. I believed him, and I did eat. Is it not better to know the good from the evil, even if it means that we must suffer and die because of it? I would rather beable to say that I know that the Creator lives and is good, and that His commands satisfy a good purpose, than to be ignorant of such things and live forever.

97) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is not good that you have chosen disobedience. Now you have the ability to know the good from the evil, but that does not mean that you already know all things. Lucifer neglected to tell you that. You will learn the good from the evil through your experiences, and there is nothing that guarantees that you will make right choices. Still, there is much good that comes from choice and that is why I gave you the freedom to choose, even from the very beginning. Each of you now has within you the
seeds of death. If you will choose now to be obedient and follow the instruction which I shall give you, either by My voice or by those whom I shall send to you, then you will be preserved in physical health and many children will be born to you. Notwithstanding your health will be preserved for a long time because of your faithfulness, you will eventually die and that which you have taken upon you will transform your physical bodies back into the elemental materials from which they were created. If you will call upon Me often, giving thanks for all that you now experience, I will counsel with you from time to time and, if you remain faithful in this thanksgiving way, I will cause that you will be able to return to a state of unity with Me once again.

98) Elohim Heavenly Father:Lucifer! What have you been doing here?

99) Lucifer:To all other living things in all the worlds of this creation, you have given the key of knowledge without calling it good or evil. I have given that key to these people, proving to them who their real God ought to be. Look at me. I reveal all and withhold nothing. They know in whom they may place their trust in this world. They will worship me because of what I have given them. Those spirits that follow me will take up the bodies you have made for this people and possess them.

100) Elohim Heavenly Father:The Mother has placed enmity between you and the seed of the Woman. You may have power to hurt the man, to drive him here and there, to tempt him and cause him to leave the path of righteousness, but the woman has in her the power to overcome all that you can do to thwart his progression. She will have enmity for all that threatens her family.

101) Lucifer:Then with that enmity, I will cause the heart of the man to be filled up with the things of the world. Combined with his drive to husband and control, this very enmity will burn in him and he will build. There will be nothing in this earth that will not become lucre to him, and I shall be able to buy any thing and any person with it. Because of this enmity, I will reign with blood and terror on this earth!

102) Elohim Heavenly Father:Depart out of My presence!

103) Narrator:Then Lucifer slinks away.

104) Elohim Heavenly Father:Jehovah. Because the Man and the Woman have chosen disobedience, they must leave Our presence. Cast them out of this beautiful valley into the lonely world. Place a veil in the Man and the Woman as wards to guard the valley so that they may not come back into it and eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever in this fallen state.Provide a way for them to return again into that state of being capable of withstanding and sharing the glory of Our countenance. We will provide a Savior for them, in accordance with the Atonement to which We covenanted before the world was made. If they choose obedience and strive with their might to rise up again from their fallen state, we will bring them upon the Way and instruct them. If they remain faithful and do good continually, they will finish their work.

105) Jehovah:I will do all that you have commanded, Elohim Heavenly Father. I will take up the valley We set apart for the Man and the Woman and I will make of it a Way to which they may attain only if their intentions and their hearts prove to be good and faithful. Upon this Way they may be instructed by their grandfathers and also by My own presence.

106) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is well. Jehovah, make coats of skins and place them upon the Man and the Woman. Cause them to understand that this will be a protection for them and a symbol of their devotion one to another. They shall show not their nakedness unto any other than their own spouse and this will be a help and a protection for them.

107) Jehovah:It shall be done.

108) Narrator:Each of you have covered your nakedness with clothing. See to it that this clothing is always modest and it will serve to protect you from the temptation that Lucifer places in the hearts of men that leads to the corruption of the gift of procreation. The evil one will use any means to corrupt the work of the Father. Always remember this and cover your nakedness accordingly.

109) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father retired to the Heavens and watched from a distance.

110) Jehovah:Adam. Because you chose to listen to the voice of Lucifer instead of that of the Father, you are cursed to live in the lonely world. By the sweat of your face you must earn your living, for you have chosen the natural Man and, if you remain in that choice, dust you shall be.

111) Jehovah:Eve. Because you chose to listen to the voice of Lucifer over that of the Father, you are cursed also. In suffering shall you bring forth children. Nevertheless, it is by this gift that mankind is saved.

112) Jehovah:Adam. If you will covenant with Me that you will seek My face and obey My will, I will teach you the Law of Obedience and the Gospel. Through this Thanksgiving Way, you may overcome your fallen state.

113) Adam:Jehovah, I now covenant with You that I will seek Your face and obey Your will.

114) Jehovah:Eve, if you will covenant with Me that you will seek My face and obey My will, even as the Man has done, I will make you Husband and Wife, and I shall teach you the Law of Obedience and the Gospel. Through this Thanksgiving Way, you may overcome your fallen state.

115) Eve:Jehovah, I now covenant with You that I will join with my husband and seek Your face and obey Your will even as my husband has covenanted.

Break for Instruction…To be continued…Have a blessed and highly favored day !!!



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