He walked the Americas in Golden Sandals…

Greeting again My Brothers and sisters from the beautiful Mexican Baja,

Christ Also Visited Ancient America:

To this, the City of the Great Cross of Waters, up the river called the Father of Waters,
one golden morning, came the healer. The streets were mosaiced with flowers strewn in homage on the path before Him as He walked toward the Temple. Greatly beloved now was the Pale God, known as the Lord of Wind and Water. His every move bespoke His kindness; His very touch revealed His divinity; and before Him all the people bowed down.

“Through rows of worshipers He moved to the Temple, in quiet solemnity, holding up His
hand in blessing – that hand with the strange palm-marking, for through it was engraved True Cross which He had taken as His Symbol. The Prophet went both north and west with His long staff, in His golden sandals and His snowy garment.

“Once there was a great stir among the villages. Messages had been flashed with obsidian mirrors and the smoke-puffs of more distant signals. They spoke of an array of nobles who were coming to the Sacred City from a land called Golden Tollan. At first the people were much frightened, for though long had we traded with distant Tollan, yet if these emissaries were to be followed by their mighty metal-clad armies, the Puan Cities would be lost!

“The Prophet was the least disturbed. He gathered about Him a council of the merchants, and soon had mastered the Toltec language. These men inpeace were coming northward, He told the frightened people, and shortly the messages confirmed his story

“Before long well confirmed were his statements. Indeed they were coming to take back the Healer to the city of Golden Tula, a fantastic place of magnificent beauty.
“Grand preparations were made toreceive the emissaries. Long were the lines of chanters; the dances most elaborate; and much practice went on with conch shell trumpets, flutes and tom-toms for the grand celebration.

”Then at last the day dawned and the long boats were sighted coming up the river. In the
lead, as was proper, came the ships of the Puans, laden down with goods of commerce, and
following them the ships of the Mayans and some other forgotten peoples. At last came the
beautiful ships of Tollan. From that first ship camethe guards all clothed in metal, and then a ship load of glittering musicians playing upon many strange instruments of music.* The last two ships were filled with the emissaries.Most lordly-stepping were these nobles, as they came down from ship’s houses, and all the people were hushed with admiration.

“Long and thick were their emerald feathers, unlike any seen by the Puans, flowing
backward like rippling water; their costumes were made of colored cotton embroidered with gold, with pearl and emeralds and even their sandals were shining with beauty. Proudly they walked behind their honor guard as they made their way to the Great Temple, where framed in the painted great-log doorway the Prophet stood quietly waiting with His shining hair and wearing His snow white mantle embroidered with crosses about the hemline.

“It is said that the strangers brought many presents, among which were snowy garments
and a pair of golden sandals, which indeed He wore forever after. The Mayans, too, laid gifts before Him and received from Him the Blessing. However, when after four days passed the ships departed without the Healer, the joy of the people was tempered with sorrow when they learned that the Pale God had given His promise to go one day soon to Tollan, after He had visited first with other nations. The Mayans, too, and the other peoples, all returned happily down the river, for they all carried back a promised visit. For them this was a thing for rejoicing, for it was a well-known fact that the Healer never broke a promise.

“The Prophet went both north and west with His long staff, in His golden sandals and His
snowy garments, and nevermore was seen by the Puan Peoples Word came back some four years later that He was on His way to Tollan where a kingly reception awaited His coming. He went by the way of the Chihuahua Valley which means the Highway of Ancient Power. Then came the fabulous tales of the merchants of His entrance into Tollan, when on a day that has never been equaled since among all the nations, the earth stood hushed and breathless when that wondrous divinity we call the Pale God walked down the highway into Golden Tollan.

He walked in the Americas wearing His Golden Sandals…The Lord of the wind and the water…The great Healer…The Creator …Peacemaker…

He is coming back soon…Amen




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