The Way

Behold, I greet you my brothers and sisters, with eternal bonds of love. I Paniths Palojami, have emerged. And on this day October 12thth in The Year of our Lord 2016 from the time of His Death and Ressurection, and Visitation, to Grandfather Ougou. And that Visitation happened in The State now known as Utah.  The Lord visited, The High Place (Temple) in Manti, on this North America Continent in 33 AD.

Wherefore, I am writing this living record, blogging today with a feeling of great joy, like a singing bird is held captive in my heart, it wants to be free, and is prompted by the Holy Ghost.

Whitherwithall, I had been praying and reading the Scriptures, pondering the words I had read in a book from The Nemenhah Sacred Records: The book of Memish Akekt. I found this book, to be full of knowledge about The High Place .. written in the year of our Lord 732 AD ..

Nevertheless, I wondered, what to say today in this living record, called  electronic blogging not writing on paper or metal or leather or stone.. written in pure energy, electricity how interesting that must have looked to

Our ancestors, who were on The Way looking at us in the future and who wrote records to us ..some words from Memish;

28) And we do look upon the creation with eyes that see, for the gifts of the Spirit do quicken our sight and our understanding.

Who, therefore, having this knowledge, may look upon the world and not see it for what it is?

And when we do bow ourselves down and take upon ourselves a purpose which takes in all things created, as we enter into the little tabernacle wherein we do make a sacrifice for all living, it is easy for us to see and understand the first day of creation, for it is our creation also and one in which we do
continually take part.

29) It is this understanding that we call the First Lodge of the High Place and the instruction of it is made in the home.

Yea, the mothers and fathers of Nemenhah do teach their daughters and their sons in all these things in the home and in the field and in the shop.

Nonetheless, what I needed to say today, I dreamed about last night.

And, I talked with them in this dream, I was walking down the road, they cried out to me from the camp circle. They said, Paniths Palojami, and they said that many times over and over, Paniths Palojami, and I knew this to mean a woman who walks upon the way and talks to Heavenly Beings.. so I walked over to Them, and they called me that name, that’s how I got the name , and I sat down in the circle with them.

Behold, my ancestors and I were having a conversation, we were all sitting around the fire, and they were expounding the words of Memish, and expounding parts of the book to me, by high-lighting the words in bright yellow markers, brilliant light was shinning and blinding my real physical eyes of my body because of the fluid in the pens or stylus, I could see with the eyes of my spirit and understanding.

Therefore, I was able to perceive by this brilliant light a deeper meaning that caused an emergence in me, when I woke up, I was different than before I walked on The Way and talked with my ancestors  and Heavenly Beings.
Oh Wayaykin Oh Ougou !!
All my relations!
It’s good for us to here.

Therefore, it is with great honor that I do declare, to the Heavens, Earth, Nemenhah and All my relations, my sincere desire to help bring to light these ancient words and teachings from The Ancient Mayantenhah Archives, and other Sacred Records.

Therefore, I present, the bright yellow highlighted parts of The Book of Memish Akekt: The parts The Ancient’s Highlighted to me in a dream. this ancient truth.. light and knowledge.

Behold, it can and will become part of all of us living in the last days and us part of all of them just men and women made perfect in Christ. All my relations.

And, what we all must do, is seek in prayer, a conformation of this truth from our Heavenly Father, He only will send each of us a conformation, when we ask Him, sincerely from from our hearts , The Spirit of Conformation, The Holy Ghost, will come into us in our hearts and in our minds.

Therefore, and without further aw-do I present:

Mayantenhah Archives Vol VI
The Book of Memish Akekt

Chapter Four

1) Behold, I was about to make an end of my writing and my record, but the Lord does constrain me to write somewhat more than I had planned.

Wherefore, I do take up the stylus to write yet a little more unto my descendents.

2) It has been forty and seven years since the people of Mentinah begged me to move even into that city and
take up the care of the High Place there.

For, it had fallen into disuse and disrepair.
For behold, the people had forgotten the covenant that they had made when they came back into the valley, and this because that conditions had become so strait.

And all their time is now spent in tilling and harvesting and
there is not enough for all even with all of their labors.

Wherefore, there is want all around and we are all
driven into the forests to hunt and to gather what extra we can.

3) Wherefore, what thought can anyone give to the ordinances of the High Place? Yea, the people have given up the living sacrifice in my day because of the great change in the seasons, for they consider every day a day of sacrifice.

4) Wherefore, lest the teachings of the High Place be lost to my posterity, I do take up the stylus and add these words of instruction for the sake of those among the fruit of my loins that might receive again these records and begin to establish Zion in the land.

5) And it is my hope that this place may become a blessed sanctuary again, for it has always been a refuge for the Nemenhah since the days of Ha-ahgotl.

Yea, so that this place may rise up again a sanctuary for the Lord, I do take up the stake and I do again molten to make plates in order that I might leave a record of my
thoughts and the desires of my heart.

6) And behold, there is little left of the metal we have used to make the plates upon which we have always written.

And also the knowledge of such things is greatly diminished, even so much that, the plates that I do make are large and cumbersome.

Yea, and these may be the last plates of metal made to write upon which shall be used by the Nemenhah, for most of the people have taken up writing on leather and on a form of paper made from plant fibers.

Yea, the making of plates of metal and the manner of writing upon them such that little actual metal is used, has been lost to us.

Wherefore, this manner of writing must make way for another and I beg the Lord that our words might still be preserved.

7) I know that the writings that are made on leather and upon paper shall not be preserved for many generations. But I do not despair that the last generations of the Nemenhah shall go unremembered, for the Lord has shown me how, in the times of restoration, there shall always be they whom He does take upon the Way.

And upon the Way shall we speak in our own words the record of our people, and they shall be written. And unto they whom the Lord does give the gift of translation upon the Way, shall He also show our records, be they written upon metal or any other material, and they shall read them.

And behold, this is the great gift of the translator, that they, having read a thing upon the Way, may take it back into the Telestial World and write the thing read upon the Terrestrial.

8) And it has also been revealed unto me that my father Ogah-ohuh shall instruct them and he shall be a teacher and a minister unto them.

Behold, he who first recorded the Ordinances of the High Place, shall always instruct they who are blessed with the restoration of them, and this does comfort my soul.

For behold, these are the ordinances that have for their purpose the emergence of the Man and the Woman from out of this earthly and carnal world into that place and sphere where they may learn directly of the Chosen One, the very Anointed of God.

9) Behold, Ogah-ohuh, the prophet, also wrote of these things, wherefore, I will not repeat here the ordinances of the High Place, nor the relation of the parties. But I will make a commentary upon them, that my understanding of the principles might be preserved.

10) Now, the relation of the High Place, as it has been recorded, speaks of the Everlasting Covenant through which our Heavenly Parents attained to their exalted state.

And this portion of the relation speaks to me of times and times and seasons of times when men and women labored through lives, living and dying repeatedly for the space of many eternities.

And this covenant must be called good, for it achieved the

Yea, in and through it the Father organized matter together and called it creation.

And the Mother breathed life into the organization and called it a living soul.

And together they made heaven and earth as we know it.

Not one without the other, but together in unity did they create all that is in this creation.

And we must be happy and content in this covenant, for in the application of all that was before, there was a continuation of the family of Man.

11) And this same system did prevail for each of us who are true sons and true daughters of our Heavenly Parents.

Yea, behold, we did live many lives and die many deaths in the Everlasting Covenant, and great and eternal was the joy and the suffering of that covenant. This is according to that law which did prevail in the Universe whereby we were given to use a portion of the endowment of power possessed by Elohim to create.

And in this way did we pass through the very works of our own hands, descending even into the lowest that we might again ascend even unto the highest.

12) Now behold, it seems to me that many do remember somewhat in fleeting recollections, some of the days of tribulation when they did labor in the Everlasting Covenant.

Yea, many are there that seem to have memories of other lives or of things that never happened to them in this. I believe they do have some recollection of lives lived before the world was.

Yea, they do remember the lives upon lives and deaths
upon deaths through which they passed in the Everlasting Covenant.

13) Then a new thing happened, yea, a new thing in the Universe.

The Father and Mother came upon one Holy Ghost and they did make discovery that the Everlasting Covenant did create so much suffering that others in the Universe were adversely affected. Yea, their covenant of creation caused that others in the Universe, of which they knew not previously, should feel pain and suffer because of it.

14) But this is not all.

They learned also that this same Holy Ghost was endowed with a power that would remedy the suffering.

Wherefore, they made a covenant with the Holy Ghost to alter the plan by which their children might reach exaltation.

15) Now, these are the things which are taught in the High Place and is it useful to men and to women? I believe they are.

Yea, it is useful to know by what power the heavens and the earth are brought together.

Yea, and it is useful to know that the Father is endowed with power to bring matter together and because of this power the elements obey his voice in confidence.

And it is useful to know that the Mother is endowed with power to give life unto the organized matter that it might know itself and believe, and that because of this power the creation is a living thing like unto ourselves.

16) And this is a work of mutual endowment, one not being absent from the other.

Wherefore, we are taught what manner of lives we should live. For we are taught and we believe that the man is not without the woman, neither is the woman without the man in the Lord. But they are born as individuals.

Notwithstanding, they twain are not two but one. For we do also emulate our Heavenly Parents. Yea, the man may build up, but that which is built is no living thing. Yea, and the woman may engender, but that which is engendered is no living thing without the body.

Wherefore, we do see the pattern set by our Heavenly Parents and we are assured of our place in the Universe because we are like unto Them.

17) For, it might not have been so. Or should we have been created like unto some of the creeping things which are both male and female, shall we have felt any confidence in our affinity to God? I think it cannot be.

But we are given assurance of our likeness unto our parents and in this pattern we are also confident that we are like unto our Heavenly Parents also. I do not mean to say that the snail – a thing that is at once male and female – is not of the workmanship of God.

But, I do mean to assert that because of the relation of the High Place we are made aware of our likeness to God and this gives us peace.

18) Now, the first Lodge of the Ceremony of the High Place is appointed and set up in order to place us on the map of creation and to begin the charting of our course through it. I say it is useful to know who we are and out of what we came.

This knowledge gives us balance and a beginning. It is also useful to us to know that our Heavenly Parents are still capable of growth, without this understanding overthrowing our belief in Them.

For if we, Their children, ever hope to attain to Their measure and stature, it will be because of our growth.

And yet, consider this – if we are ever emerging out of one condition into another, and we are like unto our Heavenly Parents, then They, too, are ever emergent because of us. As we grow, so then do They.

19) Now this is the purpose of the First Lodge, and the Temple or Lodge of Adam does teach us principles that are vital to the understandings that continue. Yea, the ordinances progress from understanding to understanding and the First Lodge does place us in time and space and give us our foundation. It is good to have a starting point, even in eternity.

For although God lives ever in the present, there being no past and no future but all things are before Him, yet our minds find it difficult to perceive that light at first.

Therefore, He does provide for us a beginning place, while we learn to perceive the world as it really is.

20) It is also useful to know how our Heavenly Parents do esteem us, Their children. They did include us in Their eternal progression even before the foundation of the world. Their work was not selfish nor self centered.

Yea, and we do understand from the relation of First Man and First Woman that all things move through us, for They are in us and through us and round about us, and we have our being because of the matter which is quickened by the Endowment of Power of the Father and of the Mother. It is good to know our connection with all things living.

21) And we did make a covenant to work with our Heavenly Parents and to labor toward attaining to that which They had obtained through the Everlasting Covenant, which is life. Wherefore, we are all relations and we did work together in the labor which was the work of our fathers and our father’s fathers. But this work did cause great suffering, even beyond that which we can contemplate now, and this is the cause of the New and Everlasting Covenant.

Behold, were it not for the teachings and ordinances of the High Place, could we know of any of this?

22) Now, what was it that moved in the breast of our Mother that caused Her to look upon the deep and wonder?

What caused Her also to leave Her place of security and set out on a journey into the Universe?

It was the need to emerge and to progress.

Behold, this is a seed that She planted in all of us and we find that we are like Her in this respect. Each of us has an inner necessity to reach out and to learn, to grow, and to progress. To know this about ourselves is a good thing.

Behold, through this knowledge of ourselves, we come to know the Mother of All Living.

23) In like manner, what is it that dwells in us that causes us to seek an organized and efficient manner of living? Behold, it is that seed that is planted in us of the Father.

Yea, it is His Endowment of Power which brings order to the Universe.

In this thing that dwells within us all, we find that we are like unto our Father also.

To know this about ourselves is also a good thing. Behold, through this knowledge, we do come to know the Father of All Creation.

24) It is good to know that all things created flow through us. Yea, in this way we are reminded of our stewardship.

For, we do esteem all things as even ourselves. This knowledge makes it the more easy to esteem our fellows as ourselves and to love them even as the Peacemaker taught. Not with a heart filled with lust, but with bowels filled with mercy and justice.

For, if we make injury upon anything living, or in other words, if we make usury of any thing in a manner that is outside our stewardship, then do we not injure and make usury of ourselves?

But if we love our neighbor as ourselves, we do acknowledge the creation for what it really is, all my relations.

25) And it is good to know this first knowledge. Otherwise, once we discover that we are the sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents, would it not be easy for us to believe, in our pride, that the world is ours to make use of it as we see fit.

Yea, it is easy to say in our hearts, behold, the world is the footstool of God,
and, if we are heirs to the throne, why regard we the footstool? It is easy for us, whose knowledge is insufficient and who must beg revelation from God, to make division of things.

But behold, if the throne and the footstool are the same matter, and that matter is the same as the matter of our bodies and our beings, then it is more difficult to make abuse of it with impunity.

Yea, with this knowledge, it is difficult to disregard the needs of our neighbors, for they are in us and we are in them.

26) And behold, it is good for us to understand that we had all arrived at a different station and that we were not equal as yet in our understandings, nor in our emergence. But when we consecrated all things that we had created, even all through which we had progressed, yea, when we took of everything that we each were individually and gave it all up unto the Chosen One, through that wonderful power of the Holy Ghost, did we not take of our different lives and make of them one life eternal?

27) This is the beginning of that faculty whereby the Holy Ghost may bring all things to our remembrance. And it is a wondrous gift. Behold, we may remember all the things which we did offer up unto the Peacemaker in that great circle or council unto which our Father did call us.

Yea, He did call us out of our own work, wherein we did labor to save and exalt ourselves, and we were made aware of a new and better way. In it, we may continue to work to affect our own emergence out of the Telestial World into the Terrestrial, but we may also do a great work that is not in behalf of our own desires.

Yea, our work is eternal, even as our Father’s and our Mother’s work was eternal.

28) And we do look upon the creation with eyes that see, for the gifts of the Spirit do quicken our sight and our understanding.

Who, therefore, having this knowledge, may look upon the world and not see it for what it is?

And when we do bow ourselves down and take upon ourselves a purpose which takes in all things created, as we enter into the little tabernacle wherein we do make a sacrifice for all living, it is easy for us to see and understand the first day of creation, for it is our creation also and one in which we do
continually take part.

29) It is this understanding that we call the First Lodge of the High Place and the instruction of it is made in the home.

Yea, the mothers and fathers of Nemenhah do teach their daughters and their sons in all these things in the home and in the field and in the shop.

Behold, it is not knowledge that is left to one person to teach, but it is taught to all through the application of the stewardships.

And, when a person goes up to the
High Place, the Peli culminate this teaching by repeating the relation of the High Place and also by expounding upon it.

But behold, no one goes up to the High Place to make ordinances that does not already understand these things.

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