Part 5 The Book Of Shi Honayah Akektim

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It is such a great honor to meet here with you to study the Sacred Records of The Nemenhah.. We are privileged to learn from our ancestors and also the Nemenhah of today! Bless us to become one people one in purpose.. With The Spirit..

Today we are continuing with our reading of Volume 5 of ;

The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah

Part 5 The Book Of ShiHonayah Akektim

The son of Mor Honayah

Shi Honayah Akektim wrote the peaceable words that Mor Honayah preached as he and others traveled among the Nemenhah.

He also wrote about the rise of the Tucantorhah and about the importance of the Common Consent as the ruling law among the Nemenhah.

Rather than lose their peaceable ways, all of the Nemenhah of Menintah Valley moved to Nespelhem and Potalekt areas.

He told about the arrival of a group of people from the West Sea Islands who are
called the Nemen of Hin.

Who become part of the Nemenhah of the Coast. Timothy’s visit to the Nemenhah of Nespelhem and Potalekt and some of his teachings to them, including the restoration of Zion in the Last Days, were written.

Chapter 5

1) And it did not take much time for the news of the outrage of Mentinah to reach the ears of the families and friends of those whom Tucantor had imprisoned there.

And they were wroth with the people of Mentinah and with the high priest in particular, insomuch that they did gather in the cities and settlements closest unto Mentinah.

2) And a particularly large body of people did gather at Elak Kowat. And the people did call for the Great Council to take up the matter of the immediate relief of the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

And it was the decision of the Council that I should write an epistle one last time unto Tucantor and request that he release the Nemenhah from the city, that they might gather with their own people in other places.

3) And behold, I did write an epistle unto Tucantor, even according to the will of the people, saying:

4) Behold, Tucantor, I write unto you from the city of Elak Kowat for and in behalf of all the Nemenhah of the mountains.

And I do request that you let the Nemenhah come out of the city of Mentinah.

Yea, let them come out from Mentinah and join their families in other places.

5) For, it is clear that you do not esteem them as you ought.

Yea, because that they are of other beliefs and customs than you, they are made slaves in their own city, even the city which they have built up with their own hands.

Therefore, release them that they may take their beliefs into another place.

6) It is not good that you should shut them up and keep them in bondage.

Behold, do you not know that a great multitude has gathered here in the valley of Menintah because of your determination to hold the Nemenhah hostage in their own home?

And do you not fear that this steadfastness in your wickedness shall bring upon your city the wrath of all the people? Come, Tucantor, put aside your pride and let the people come out.

7) Behold, I am commissioned by the people to tell you that if you do not open up the city and allow the Nemenhah to depart from out of it in peace, verily, the people shall descend upon you and take them out by force.

And never before has such a thing been in all the history of this land since the days of Father Hagoth. Do you wish to be known in all the land as one who brings down the peace and sows the seeds of death and destruction?

Yea, the first of your race to do such things, you shall leave an inheritance unto your children that will win them the onus of all the world.

8) Wherefore, cousin and brother, seek reason! Open up the gates of the city and let the people go!

9) And behold, Tucantor answered him, saying:

10) Behold, we know that we are righteous and the Lord has chosen us because we do steadfastly adhere untoHis word and His commandment.

And we do also know that you have stirred the people up against Mentinah because of your wickedness. For you are of the ways and wickedness of the Nehors, teaching to all people that they may decide for the Lord what is right and what is wrong.

Behold, you shall not prosper in this wickedness and must repent.

11) For you do teach that all people may discern the mind and will of God and we know this to be false.

For, He has always called up prophets to serve Him and to be His mouthpiece upon the earth. But you teach that all people may approach His holy throne and impose upon Him in all things.

Behold, you must repent of this evil.

12) And we also know that you do teach the people that they may form councils and act in the name of God.

To act in His holy name requires His authority. Do you not know that He does not give this authority except by the word of His mouth unto His servant the prophet?

Behold, you call up your priests and your prophets by the word of the people.

Wherefore, how can you declare yourself high priest? You are nothing but a puppet of the people.

13) And again, your councils are called up by women. This is an abomination before God.

Do you not read the scriptures?

Do you not recall that Adam is the head of Eve?

Wherefore then, do your women act as the head of the body?

14) But, we do acknowledge that you have greater strength in your wickedness than we have in our righteousness.

Wherefore, we will release the wicked into your hands. Do with them as you will but do not expect good to come of them.

For they are full of sloth and are unprofitable. They are the most idle of the people, wherefore, take them and do with them as you will.

15) But behold, they shall not take out of the city any possession. For we are the chosen of the Lord and have all things in common.

Wherefore, how can they take from the city ought that does not belong to them? Let not anyone think that these idlers may rob from the industrious because that they will not hearken unto the Lord and unto His prophet.

16) And this was the language with which Tucantor did abuse Shi Honayah in his epistle. But behold, Shi Honayah did not allow his wrath to be kindled against Tucantor, but he did rejoice that the people of Mentinah were to be allowed to come out of the city without that the people of Menintah should have to rise up with force of arms to take them out.

17) Behold, it was not the desire of Shi Honayah that all people should agree with him or with the majority. Rather, he only wanted the freedom of the people to move away from that which did enslave them.

Wherefore, he did rejoice that he had obtained the freedom of the people.

18) Now, when the people of Mentinah who were prisoners there were allowed to come out of the city, they were miserable indeed. For Tucantor had ordered that they be flogged and stripped of their clothing before they were allowed to depart.

And they presented a scene of woe and despair as they proceeded through the deriding shouts of the people in their naked and miserable state.

And the wicked people of the city, who had once been their brethren, did cast stones at them as they passed, and many were injured.

19) And the people who had gathered in to succor them took blankets and covered them as they passed out of the gates of the city.

And they gave them wine to drink and food to eat. For behold, many had not eaten in many days and some were dying for want of food or drink.

20) And the angry wrath of the people was kindled against Mentinah because of the miserable state of the refugees. But Shi Honayah did calm them and they brought the sufferers down unto Elak Kowat to nurture and to comfort them.

21) And the priests of Elak Kowat did go straightway even unto the archives in the mountains and they did gather together all the records of the people quickly, lest Tucantor take possession of them too.

And they did leave copies in the archives, but they did also take out all the histories of the people since Hagoth came out of the Land Southward, that they might not be lost to the people because of the wickedness of the high priest and the people of the city of Mentinah.

22) And the mothers of Elak Kowat called upon me to convene a Great Council again to discuss what must be done. And I did call for a Great Council and delegates from out of all the peoples who called themselves Nemenhah came to the Council.

23) And when the delegates from every city were gathered, I did call for a count of the delegates. And these are cities that sent delegates unto the Great Council at Elak Kowat:

24) Phaynith-Im and Phenith of the new settlement of Phenith Ee-it;

Midgan Idi and Da In of Elak Kowat;
Kamiakim and Toniah Lotnah of Potelakt;

Nohonaya and Pa Sineth of the city of Elgiah;

Parah and Nomiah Min, of the city of Pagwit, which is also called Michim-Mic; Monoriah and Mineat of Hagoth;

Pingwit and Kayith of Sevim;

Pa Wayat and Panah Nin of the women’s refuge of Korinah;

Ealekoet Akekt and Kochets Kunnin of Nespelhem;

Peliah and Beleuh of the Pahshi settlement of Porinor;

Tlin Gee-it and Tso-Tsit of the city of Tliningsah and of Haydahats;

Rhen and Kaboret of the city of Witchittim and Kodahah; Megnem and Pa-in-nah Waylit of Corianton and Winebag.

25) And there were many cities of the Nemenhah represented, but these were the delegates that were chosen tohear the matter.

26) And the Great Council of Elak Kowat determined that the city of Mentinah had committed a great evil upon its own people, insofar that the Council recommended to all the Nemenhah that Mentinah be no more considered part of the Nemenhah of the Mountains or of the Plains and the Lakes.

Yea, the Council recommended that there should be no more trade of the surplus of the Nemenhah to the city of Mentinah and its inhabitants.

And they did also recommend that the old city be no longer recommended to the sojourner or the traveling sage, for it had become perilous to anyone who believed not the doctrine of Tucantor.

27) And when word went out from the Council and the Common Consent of the people was sought, behold, the voice of the people did rise up in condemnation of the people of Mentinah.

And the recommendation of the Great Council held, and Mentinah was cut off. And when this was published throughout all the land, many families did come out of Mentinah secretly and did also join with their people in other cities.

28) And Mentinah did at once become an impoverished place. For, without the surplus of the Nemenhah, who was left to support the priests and the teachers?

Yea without the support of the surplus, Tucantor had not great riches at his disposal and all the people were made poor.

And they had not all things in common and they did contend with one another to find trade and to sell their wares and their produce.

For the Nemenhah did no longer find use for their goods and avoided the city altogether.

29) And the Council of Elak Kowat did also meet to discuss the outcome of the Great Council.

For Elak Kowat was only a day’s ride from Mentinah and it was very close to the place where Tucantor had begun the division of the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

And the Council decided to make preparations for all of the inhabitants who wished to follow them to depart out of the valley of Menintah and go even up to Nespelhem.

30) And the people did also give their Common Consent to this plan and great preparations were made ready.

It was determined that, when the snow melted and the ice passed from off of the rivers in the following spring, the people of Elak Kowat would be no more and they would take of all their goods, and their houses, and their animals, and all manner of things with which they did administer their stewardships, even up into the north country.

Yea, and it was the plan of the people to make a new settlement near unto Nespelhem and Potalekt.

31) For behold, the people of Elak Kowat would not live in the same place as a city of people who would do wickedness such as the Tucantorhah had done unto the people of Mentinah.

Nay, they would not have such people as their neighbors. Wherefore, they made great preparations to leave the valley.

32) And it was to the great surprise of the people of Elak Kowat that their council did receive an epistle from Tucantor and from the priests and teachers of Mentinah.

And in this epistle the people of Mentinah did beg the people of Elak Kowat to remain in the valley and continue to be their neighbors and allies.

But the Nemenhah have always avoided the Gadiantonhem and they have always shunned them and worked to shelter their people from them.

And if this was the way of the people concerning the Gadiantonhem, who conspired daily to overthrow all that is good, how then could they do otherwise with the Tucantorhah, who had conspired to take away the liberty of the land and of the people?

33) And in the space of the remainder of the summer, and with the passing of winter the people, having made all manner of preparations, took up their burdens and removed out of the valley of their forefathers, just as Nephi of old took his people out of the place of their first inheritance in the Land Southward because his brethren did conspire to destroy the people.

34) And the whole of the north of the valley of Menintah, as well as half the habitations in the south of the valley were made desolate at once.

And houses were left empty and became the habitation of vermin.

And farms were left unworked and unplanted. And shops were left unattended and warehouses were left barren.

35) And the people of Mentinah were disrupted in all that they did. For, of a necessity they were forced to take up much more work than that to which they were accustomed.

And this was a sore trial for them, for the Tucantorhah had become enamored with the idleness that the new doctrine allowed them.

ButTucantor, seeing the ruin of his city, ordered them to take up once again the plow and the hammer.

36) For, with three quarters of the production necessary to feed the populace of Mentinah and to support them in the manner which they had chosen gone out of the land, it became expedient for Tucantor to press the remaining people into labor.

37) And even the priests, who had tasted of the leisure of their callings, were made to take up all manner of work with their hands.

And the priests were brought low again because of the impending hunger that they knew would fall upon the city because of the lack of production and of trade.

Surely, in but one season Mentinah was reduced to the poorest and hungriest of the cities of the Land Northward.

38) And the people of Mentinah complained bitterly against their high priest. Yea, they were wroth with him because of the disaster he had brought upon them.

And they did hold him responsible for all of their woes. For they had thought to become rich with the surplus of all the cities, and this because of the many things he had promised them. But now they were the poorest and most wretched of people in all the land.

39) For, whereas in the year before the ascension of Tucantor to the seat of high priest, the city of Mentinah might have been called the richest and best supplied city of all the Nemenhah, yet in one year it had been reduced to the poorest.

40) And Tucantor discovered that it was difficult to press his people into service one for another after that they had made prisoners and slaves of their neighbors. Yea, he found his flock troublesome to shepherd when the Nemenhah had gone from out of the land.

41) And the people that had once loved that their neighbors had once provided for them did quickly become idlers.

Wherefore, it was doubly difficult for them to take up a greater portion of work than they had been accustomed to do even before they had sustained Tucantor in his wickedness.

Yea, they were sore pressed to do even enough to survive, let alone to provide any surplus at all.

42) And behold, the greater portion of the valley lay desolate and empty. And the fields went fallow and were not planted.

And the streets were not filled with people plying their trades. And the warehouses were not filled even enough for the people who remained to pass through the winter without want.

43) And thus, a beautiful age of peace and prosperity ended for the valley of Menintah and all its inhabitants.

Yea, the people began to flee in haste and in secret, for they feared that another winter in Mentinah might devour them.

And the city of Mentinah was reduced to scarcely two hundred souls.

to be continued…cj


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