Part 3 The Book of Shi Honayah Akektim;Now Mor Honayah, even that same man who was known unto the Nephites as Moroni did live and serve the Lord all the days of his life.

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Volume 5:

Chapter Three

1) Now Mor Honayah, even that same man who was known unto the Nephites as Moroni did live and serve the Lord all the days of his life.

And he lived one hundred and forty two years and he did give up the ghost.

2) And in his stewardship he did see the reuniting of the Nemenhah of the Mountains.

For behold, the Great War had caused the Nemenhah cities to become distant and dividing in some things.

Wherefore, the Nemenhah were not of one heart and one mind in all things and, although they did provide for their own people in their own regions, they had ceased for a time to interact as a unified nation of communities.

This spirit was restored to the Nemenhah because of the ministry of Mor Honayah.

3) For the cities did begin to send once again their representatives unto Elak Kowat to the Great Councils.

And they did also begin to organize again into the General Councils.

Wherefore, groups of cities did meet in councils as Nemenhah and not merely for their own communities.

4) And following the example set by Mor Honayah, many cities did also begin to send out their own Traveling Councils of Peli to visit other cities.

Now, this is the thing that did begin to most unify the cities one to another.

For, the people began to know each other by this mobilizing of their young men and
women and it became a great blessing unto the people.

5) Now, also it must be written and recorded here that, because of the teachings of Mor Honayah and because of the message that he sent by his own voice and also by the voice of the traveling Peli, the cities did undertake to construct their own temples.

And the ordinances of the High Place were spread to all the cities and many of the settlements of the Nemenhah of the Mountains.

6) One of the purposes of the Traveling Council of Peli was to instruct the people in the building of the Lodges and also to assist them in setting up and performing the ordinances.

Yea, the young people did go forth and teach the Nemenhah not only principles of the High Place but also in the actual performing of the ceremonies.

7) And being so united in purpose, and also having their attention brought back unto the principles of salvation, the people and the councils of the cities and the settlements did also begin to step out once again in the performance of their civic duties.

Yea, they did become more effective in their own councils and also they did become more active in the councils of the nation as a whole.

8) And thus we see how the great captain of the Nephite armies was instrumental in bringing into balance all that had been disturbed because of the war and the threat of war.

9) In this did Mor Honayah teach a vital message of healing unto all the people.

For, did not the people pass from a condition of war even unto a condition of peace?

And did they not pass from a condition of doubt and despair unto a condition of confidence and of hope?

And, whereas the disunity that arose out of the great preparations for war did threaten to undue the nation, the unity that arose out of the building up of the High Places in all the land did promise to edify the nation.

Behold, this is healing.

Yea, it is the healing of a nation, and it is in this healing that all people may emerge from one state into another.

to be continued…cj


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