Part XI The Record of Mor-Honayah; For, if the ways of the Nemenhah are to be preserved, the people must do it.

Greetings all my relations,

It is with thankfulness of heart and mind, that I meet with you here today…

I am thankful to Chief Cloudpiler, and the Nemenhah People, for sharing their family records with us… and for restoring the deeper meanings of the sacred ordinances and temple covenants…For sharing their ways and customs… for us to model ourselves after these ancestors called Nemenhah…meaning The People of God or The People of The Spirit

I am also thankful to Heavenly Father and Mother for their plan of salvation called the New and Everlasting Covenant and how we, all of us can and did, participate in this Plan with them….

It is the family story about Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother Their Chosen Son and The Holy Ghost and our First Parents and All of Us…

The story of the daily life of our first parents and all of us…

 This road is called “The Thanksgiving Way”

cj note: Mother Eve says to Jehovah when she says yes and covenanted to Obey His Voice and follow His Commandments, she saw that this was a good road…

cj note: a path…a path leading to Zion…Zions Path…

It is Their Story…

It is Our Story…about Family Life, Love, Sacrifice, Covenant Making, Forgiveness, Redemption, etc…it is also about establishing a government with councils and laws…

cj note: please read The Nemenhah constitution and all the recent documents listed on The Nemenhah website

Our First parents Adam and Eve followed Jehovah’s instructions…Together they brought a little piece of heaven to the earth…Zion, The four covenants and Pillars, The Plan of Salvation

Behold, our first parents did build up Zion in their hearts.

They did build a house and a city, a temple unto the Lord their God.

They knew Him as He really is

And that He was mighty to bless and mighty to save.

Wherefore, it seemed good and profitable unto them that they should obey His voice and His commandments,

Yea, even before they set out to attend to the necessities of life.

The very secrets of creation and The fullness of the Teachings of Jesus Christ given to the prophet Ougou…Abt 33 A.D.

Vol 2: The Record of the High Place contains the whole plan beginning times before times…

Today we are studying the record written by the prophet Mor-Honayah. (Moroni)

Vol 4; Chapter Eleven

1) Now, when I had filled the seat of high priest of Mentinah for the space of twenty and five years, the people of the city numbered too many and the land became burdened.

Yea, and the people did begin to take too much from the land and from the mountains, and they began to hurt the land.

Wherefore, it was determined in the Councils that the residents must split up and divide into smaller communities.

But there was some strife in deciding who would go and who would stay.

2) For, many of the families of Mentinah had lived in the city for many generations and they loved their city.

Wherefore, it did come to pass that some refused any method of determining who might go and who might stay.

And they denied the right and authority of the Council to make such determination.

Yea, and it did seem that the people were about to experience contention and dissent in the city.

3) But, I would exhort you to consider the rights of the people of the city.

Did the Council have authority to decide who must go and who must stay?

Or what power does the Council have over the people of Mentinah if no complaint of injury against any person has been placed before them?

I say to you, they have none.

Wherefore, the Council did attempt to take up authority from the people to which they were not entitled.

And this thing did cause much strife in all the city and much dissension.

4) And it became my duty, as high priest of the city, to ask the people to recommend what action must be taken.

And the people decided to dissolve the Council of Mentinah and called a Council of Mothers to elect a new Community Council.

And this decision was accepted by the Council of Mentinah and the members did stand down.

5) And the Mothers of all the families of the city and the environs round about it over which the city held sway, did meet together and they did prayerfully consider names.

And they did nominate twelve people to recommend to the people.

But behold, the people did not elect all of those nominated and the Council was not filled.

Wherefore, the Mother’s Council did meet again to consider names and they did nominate seven and recommended them to the people.

And behold, only three of them were elected by the people.

And the Mothers met again and nominated four more and the people did elect them.

6) And the Peli Council did also meet and compiled a list of all the names of the greatest Healers in the community

And did send the list to the new Council of Mentinah.

And the Council did elect from the list of names one person and she became the Talking Feather of the Council.

7)  And these are the names of the men and women who sat on the Council of Mentinah before the election:



Pa Parim,

Shi Melek,






Pa-Penith, and Mentineth.

8)  And they did step down from the Council.

9)  And these are the names of the men and women who were elected by the people: Ayimlekt,


Pa Parim,

Shi Melek,






and Hemeniet.
10)  And the Council chose Natanhim to be the Talking Feather.

11)  And behold, when the Council of Mentinah met, they too determined that the population of the city had grown too great and that the city must be depopulated.

But they did not seek ways whereby the people might determine who must go and who must stay.

They counseled the denizens only upon the great peril to their city and to the environment around it should they not reduce the burden upon the land and did not
seek to take up authority to act upon the matter.

12)  And the people of the city did begin to assemble together and discuss the matter, and many made preparations to take their stewardships

to another place and to create a new city.

And this was after the designs of my heart, for I desired that the people make the decision themselves.

For, if the ways of the Nemenhah are to be preserved, the people must do it, and my heart was gladdened that the people of Mentinah discerned the risk, both to their good land, but also to their ways and customs, and they did correct themselves in the right way.

13)  Now, there were cities in that place where Hagoth and his little band of sojourners first made their settlement, which had been all but abandoned because they did not heed the earth’s warning.

Yea, the people of that city refused to leave when they had grown too large and they did entirely use up the good of the land.

And behold, they were forced to leave all at once and in haste, abandoning home and shop, barn and field.

And they left behind them ghostly and empty cities

wherein only a few lonesome people now live.

14)  Behold, I say to you, this would have been the fate of Mentinah.

For, the land may bear only so many souls without hurt. And when the land we walk upon is hurt, she does not giveof her bounty.

Shall any city do this in this fair land you shall see want and hunger.

Yea, you shall see drought and famine.

And young men shall do hurt and young women also.

15)  And this they did even to the utter collapse of their cities in the land where the great river turns to the north, where our fathers set up their first place of settlement.

And behold, this was not just one city, but many, and they all collapsed seemingly at once because they would not divide and walk gently upon the earth.

Yea, and they did continue to cut down the trees for their houses and their fuel.

And, when the snow melted in the spring, the water ran out of control into the canyons and was taken away.

Wherefore, there was nothing for the crops when the sun did beat down upon them.

16)  And behold, the soil also was carried away by the spring running and also be the summer winds.

And there remained not enough to nourish the crops through the season and they failed.

And the people did use up their surplus hoping that the next year would be better, or that there would be rain, or that the snows would not run so swiftly from off the mountains.

But behold, there was no change and they all became beggars and, like beggars, they did all put their things upon their backs and they left the place of their habitation and came even into other cities of the Nemenhah for refuge.

17)  Now, this was a complete collapse of their society and of their cities.

They did not stray one by one out of the place of their habitation.

Rather, they left all at once leaving behind home and hearth.

18)  Now the streets of their cities and settlements are left empty and the dogs gambol in the alleyways.

Their gardens wither and their vines do not give fruit, for there is none to tend them.

Their houses stand as testimony against them and the voice of laughter and singing is not heard in their synagogues.

19)  There is no provender in the storehouse and those very few who remained continue to seek the succor of their neighbors until they too may leave in safety.

20)  Yea, Zion is left desolate because of the intentions of the Nemenhah of that region.

21)  Their granaries are barren and their cisterns are dry.

Their vats press out no wine and the Nemenhah wander in search of what help they may find in the desert places.

22)  The wind sings through the streets and only wild animals enjoy their avenues.

The lonely sound of their empty cities call out to the traveler and cause him to turn the foot from its ghostly welcome.

23)  For the Nemenhah of that region have all left their homes and come unto other places.

They have come away all at once and have left nothing behind them but their memories.

24)  Behold, this shall be the future of all the Nemenhah, should they fail to keep the commandments of God and follow Him in His paths.

Yea, if the people cease to strive with God,

He shall cease to strive with them.

Or, shall He reveal unto us

the ways in which we might

live peaceably with our fellows, 

and also with the earth

and we turn from that revelation?

And, if we do, what shall be the outcome?

Shall we not reap that which we sow

because we are Nemenhah?

Are the Nemenhah so favored of the Lord that

He will ignore us when we disobey His voice

and give no heed to His counsel?

25)  For, we do rely upon the Lord to cause the rain to fall upon our crops.

And we do believe Him when He says that He is the font of living water.

And shall we use up the good of the earth before His very face

and cry to Him for protection?

Shall we lift up our stiff necks and praise Him?

Or shall we raise ourselves up on a pillar and cry unto Him, that all might see us?

Are we so favored that the decree of the Lord concerning this land shall no longer be esteemed by the Nemenhah?

26)  The Lord of the Harvest has established this place as a land flowing with milk and honey.

 Shall we throw it in His face and tread upon His counsel?

If we do, we shall do it to our peril.

For, who can follow the Lord in this thing and yet set that thing aside for another time and another people?

Shall we choose out from among the revelations this one or that one to which we shall take heed?

 Or shall we set one set of books aside and esteem them of no value?

27)  Shall any people rely upon their own counsel and set aside the counsel of God, they shall surely be left alone to reap their reward.

For, the Lord gives of His bounty freely unto they who will listen unto His voice.

And He shall even bless them that know not His voice, but do well.

But, unto that people who know His voice and openly defy Him,

He shall not pour out a blessing upon them

and the earth shall not give of her generosity.

And it matters not what such a people call themselves, be it Mentinite, or
Witchitite, or Nespelite, or Nephite, or Lamanite, or Levite, they shall all be the same who tread upon the counsels of the Lord God.

28)  Now behold, the valley called Menintah, wherein lies the city of Mentinah, is not so unlike to the valley called Hagoth that we might enjoy a different fate should we do as the Nemenhah of Hagoth did.

Yea, our valley shall not be filled with fields and meadows and our mountains crowned with great towering trees, if we fail to walk gently upon the land.

Yea, our streams and our springs shall dry up also, should we do the
same, and our beautiful garden place shall become a desert and wither.

29)  And behold, what became of those cities in the place of Hagoth’s first habitation in this Land Northward, shall become of all they who gather into multitudes of people too large for the land to bear.

Yea, the land shall carry them only so long, even as an ass does bow under his load.

But load the ass too heavily and push him too harshly and he will kick off his burden and run away from you.

So too shall this fair land kick off her burden and turn her face from us.

to be continued cj…

Chapter Twelve

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