Part X The Record of Mor Honayah; Finding That Stillness That is Needed to Walk Upon The Way

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Let’s continuue our readings of The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah;

Volume 4, the Record of MorHonayah

Chapter 10

1) Now, I am one who must set aside

more than simply the things of the world

in order to find that stillness

that must be acquired if one wishes to walk upon the Way.

Yea, I have seen and done things that in moment of war must be justified by the mind of man, that the work of death might go forward.

And behold, this is a thing that prevents the mind and the heart from finding that stillness that is needed to walk upon the Way,

and it is the reason that hardly shall any man of war be admitted there.

2) And there are many such distractions

in our daily walk

that might prove

to be an impediment to us all.

Wherefore, it is expedient to choose that way of life that will most effectively remove from our minds the clamor and the noise of daily living,

that we might choose a better thing.

3) It is for this cause that the Lord led our forefathers out of the Land Southward.

For they saw in the Nephite way of living an obstacle to the continuation of peace.

Yea, the Nephites did begin to lust after the things of the world and to gather to themselves all manner of riches.

This did quickly become an obstacle to them and a stumbling block.

4) And we cannot discern any difference in their manner of living and their manner of worship in the end.

In every thing they did seek to heap up rewards and to deliver punishments, both at home and in the synagogues.

This is a thing most ruinous to a nation.

5) But the Nemenhah do choose a better way and, because of this choice, they have no impediment that may not be overcome.

Yea, their manner of worship does remind them everyday that their peace does come
out of the sacrifice of every member of the community.

And they feel no need to heap reward upon each other for their goodness, for the Lord does abundantly reward them out of the natural consequences of their choices.

And they have no need of punishment or coercion in their dealings with their fellows, for
they esteem all people equally and do not set themselves up as the judge of their brother’s worthiness.

6) Yea, the Nemenhah do exercise great faith at home and in the synagogue and their every action does serve to remind them of the nature of the creation and also their part and duty in it.

7) The purification of the Ammonihah is practiced among the Nemenhah, but it has become an ordinance that is practiced more often by men than by women.

For, it is expedient that men learn the way of sacrifice,

even to the extent that they may make a living sacrifice

for the sake of all living.

Women do make this sacrifice by and through their very creation and nature.

Wherefore, it is not expedient for them, howbeit, there are those who do participate in it.

But the men must find living ways to learn this manner of sacrifice

and they set their feet upon this path

by and through

the ordinance passed down to us from our forefathers.

8) And this purification does cleanse the body of evils that can inhibit the spirit.

That which this purification does cast out of the body does often contribute to clouding the mind and this can become an obstacle to obtaining that inner peace that is required in order that one might walk upon the Way.

9) And the men and women of the Nemenhah do use those ceremonies in which the use of sacred and healing smoke is employed.

This kind of purification does also help the mind and the body find peace.

And they also use ordinances and ceremonies

which do utilize the essences of plants,

even the pure essences of them,  and this does have effect upon

the body and the spirit 

in many ways beneficial to the attaining

of that state of mind

necessary to walk upon the Way.

10) And behold, the Nemenhah do also fast often with their families.

And this they do not in the sight of others, but they do it secretly.

And they do not communicate their fasting to others, to be seen of them,
but they do it often and in private.

11)  And also the ordinances of the High Place do cause a change

in the character and countenances of the people.

For, in them they are introduced into the Terrestrial World

and this does remind them of their purpose.

12)  And behold, because of the nature of the Nemenhah way of life,

even the Law of Consecration,

men and women are constantly reminded of their purpose.  

For, it is certain that, as men and women serve each other and work diligently to shoulder the burdens of their fellows, their burdens are indeed lifted.

And this applies to their physical burdens and to their spiritual burdens equally.

13)  For, it is very often the carnal burdens that do create obstacles and impediments to attaining to that peace that does allow us to walk upon the Way,

and to live as the Nemenhah do relieves many of these burdens.

The relief of the earthly does often cause an enlightening.

And, in addition to the obvious physical blessing of our way of life,

we do also enjoy much spiritual liberty because of it.

14)  Now, what man may not admit that in the midst of strife and worry over the getting of gain, there is burden?

And who will deny that such a striving does not begin to consume every hour of the day and every thought and feeling of the heart?

It is entirely true and proved daily.

Or what beggar does not spend all his day begging and wondering when he shall next eat and where he shall next lay down his head to rest?

And what father of the Nephites had any time to contemplate anything greater than bringing in the crop?

And, in the end, did he not hurry in all things so that the Gadiantonhem could not make away with his living?

15)  Behold, the Nemenhah are not bound up in such worries and such pursuits. 

Because we provide in all things for one another, there are no beggars.

And because we do not heap up riches, we are not desired by the Gadiantonhem.

And this is a great blessing to us.

16)  And because our men and our women do not strive day by day against nature simply to live, they have time to contemplate the beauty of nature.

And, because we are not set upon by our neighbors in competition for our goods, we have leisure to enjoy the company of our fellows.

And because we have a surplus, we also have time to give thought to the blessings and wonders of creation and to approach our God.

17)  Is this not ample proof that the Nemenhah way is good and to be recommended to bring about happiness?

to be continued cj

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