Hemene Ot To Oh Yelo Akekt- Hemene Ot To Oh Yelo Akekt-Phillip R. Cloudpiler Landis

Greetings all my relations,

It is with great honor that we assemble to learn more about the teachings contained in, The Ancient Sacred Records of The Nemenhah… I would like to dedicate this post to Chief Cloudpiler and The Nemenhah Band…

The Book of The High Place… Recorded by The Prophet Ougou abt. 33A.D.

Temple instructions on how Telestial People may become Terrestrial.

These covenants and ordinances were personally given by The Creator, Jesus Christ, after His Resurrection, and the Earth Shaking Events that took place in the Americas.

These records were written for us to use as a model for a Zion People…

Ougou promises to visit in a future time to one of his decendants.

It is my personal belief that this modern day decendant is Chief Cloudpiler…I personally believe The Prophet Chief Cloudpiler Landis fulfills this prophecy, and has been taught personally by his ancestor Ougou on The Way and the Lord Himself….

Vol.I Mentinah Archives

179)  Behold, ye are My faithful flock

And I shall reveal unto you the very secrets of the Creation.

In order that you might do a great work here in the lands of the Nemenhah.

For, I would that all people hear My gospel

 Wherefore, I must give you power and the Holy Ghost

that My purposes shall be fulfilled.

180)  For ye have seen that I shall raise up a prophet unto the gentiles and because of him I shall gather in My children from out of all the four quarters of the world.

But his work shall be an initiation of the restoration not a culmination.

Yea, he shall begin to lay the foundation of a great work and Mine elect shall begin to
gather out of all of the nations of the Earth.

And many will move even to this holy land and they shall prosper.

Yea, even I shall prosper them exceedingly and try them.

181) And they shall begin to keep many of My statutes but they shall change some and forget others.

Yea, I shall bring forth the stick of Joseph from among them and they shall deliver it unto all the world.

In this they shall be blessed and shall be added unto the children of the covenant.

Yea, peace I shall bring them at the end of the travail and I will prosper them, and try them.

182)  But they shall utterly fail in gathering in the remnant of your posterity.

I say as a people they shall forget My commandment with regard to your posterity and shall even participate in the enslavement and destruction of your posterity

and of the posterity of your kindred in the Land Southward.

183)  Wherefore, from among them I shall raise up prophets who shall cry even against them and they shall cast them out and persecute them.

But out of their loins shall spring blood mixed with your own,

a prophet and seer, and he shall bring to light the writings of the Nemenhah.

Behold, he shall receive of that great gentile prophet, of whom I have spoken, and shall be gathered in from out of the loins of the Kings and Queens of the Earth.

And he shall forsake the world even to his hurt and shall prove

the more faithful because of tribulation.

184) Unto this prophet shall I reveal the writings of your fathers, and even of your posterity that he may also write it.

And I shall command him that he shall bring the book, even your writings, to light and shall show it unto your posterity.

Behold, I declare unto you that your posterity shall come unto Me

and they shall rise up when I shall subdue the nations in My name

 And they shall be a delightsome people

and shall bring
again My Zion.

185)  And behold, so that this record shall testify of him, I shall reveal unto you somewhat about him, that your seed may read these words and know My servant.

186) He shall be raised up unto the world, yea, the gentile world.

Yet shall he learn of Me

and forsaking his own heritage

Covenant unto Me.

Then shall he declare also his other heritage

 even that of a people

And his name shall be a vision and it shall treat upon every quarter of the earth and shall show forth great wisdom.

Yea, and his name shall rise up on heavenly wings and I shall visit him and he shall see what was, and what is, and what will be.

Yea, thus shall he see a very far off and this shall be a great
advantage unto him when I subdue the nations.

187)  Therefore, my children, teach your posterity to watch for this prophet,

for his name shall be like that great chief of his estranged people, yea, even the name of his fathers before him.

Wherefore, watch for him.

But this is not all, for his work shall move the nations out of their place

and in every city wherein he moveth,
Zion shall be established.

188)  But the gentiles will rule the land for a season and prosper and through them also will I do a great work.

Yea, I will begin to teach them and through them shall much be restored and I shall establish them according to My purposes.

Wherefore, your descendents will dwindle in unbelief

and shall be subdued by the gentiles.

And this is wisdom in Me

for your posterity shall be oppressed and enslaved.

189)  Yea, for many years they shall be as if asleep,

as a lion laying in wait for the prey. (Isaiah)

And when in My own due time I shall deliver them the prey,

then shall they spring forth.

Yea, they shall sleep no more but shall shake off their long nurtured disguise

 And putting on their beautiful garment

they shall arise amidst the nations.

But were it not for their long captivity, they would not eagerly desire a greater portion. Wherefore, I will test your posterity with a sore testing.

And after that they have been thus tried and tested

I shall take them unto My own work and with them I shall thrash the nations.

190)  For when a man planteth corn he first prepareth the ground.

Yea, he doth till it and he moundeth it up and dungeth it.

And after he hath prepared the earth, he planteth the seed;

and behold, it groweth and bringeth forth the ear.

And before the harvest, he draweth back the husk

and he testeth the kernels and counteth them.

191) Then, in due season, he plucketh the ripe ears

and bringeth them into the storehouse.

Yea, he doth not leave them for the birds or the robbers

but bringeth in the ears to be shaken out.

And when he hath shaken out the corn he layeth it out to dry in the sun,

or he placeth it near unto the fire,

that the water thereof be dried.

But the ears he shaketh not again but delivereth them up to be eaten by the poor,

for the kernels left thereon are not good for planting again.

Then, when the drying is done, the corn is brought into the
granary and the harvest is over.

192)  Even so is the work of a man and should My work be any different?

For I do prepare and I do plant.

And when the ear doth grow I test it.

Yea, I do try it and in due season, even in My due time I shall make My harvest.

And in due order shall all the ears be shaken and done.

This shall be the work of your descendents.

For even as the man doth call in his laborers and his bond servants to pull the husks and
shake the ears;

Yea, and even he doth call in his women to spread the corn and stir it.

Even so shall I fulfill my work, even my strange work.

193)  Therefore, be diligent.

Yea, befaithful.

Fulfill all My commandments and make strait My ways.

And write your doings unto your descendents and hide them up.

Yea, do ye this secret work unto futurity,

For I will bring forth your works in the day that I do cleanse Mine house.

194)  Now, when Jesus had finished with prophesying to us about our posterity, He taught us ordinances for our temples.

And they are sacred, wherefore, I do write them in another place.

But He did prophesy that He would reveal these ordinances to His servants the prophets.

And I am confident that, whoso receives these writings, receives them through the guidance of the Spirit and shall also receive the ordinances of the Temple

in like manner as we have received them.

195)  And when Jesus had finished speaking unto us,

He beckoned us go into the rooms of the Temple,

And He re-ordered them.

And behold, He touched us all and gave us power to bind on earth and in Heaven and to loose on earth,

whereby, if the Nemenhah made covenants and remained faithful,

they should be sealed up

His by the Holy Spirit of Promise,

which is the second Comforter.

And this He did so that all who entered into the temple

might learn to walk with Him upon the Way

and be instructed by Him.

Yea, that they might one day emerge from the Telestial sphere

 and be presented before the Father in their Terrestrial form.

196)  And when He had done this, He spoke unto us again, saying:

197)  Go now forth unto all the people of the land and teach My Gospel.

Yea, teach every person their duty and gather them together

 And prepare them to see My face.

 And ye shall receive the prophets that I shall raise up among you

and even those whom I shall send unto you from among other nations.

And when the brethren come from the Land Southward,

ye shall receive of them all that they bring unto you.

And ye shall teach unto them all that I have spoken.

And I shall visit he that is worthy and the righteous shall meet with Me upon the Way.

Wherefore, make and maintain yourselves clean, even this whole people.

For I go away from you, but I am not very far.

And where I go ye cannot follow.

But when ye are purified you may come even thither by and by.

198) Remember that I am your Lord, even Jesus Christ.

I have spoken all these words and my words shall surely come to pass.


The Temple Writings of Ougou

Principles of the Temple (High Place) were taught before one entered the Temple so that one understood the covenants that they would be making with the Lord in the Temple.

Chapter One

1)  Behold, the temple of God is dedicated to His holy work and purpose.

Wherefore, all you to whom the Lord brings these writings,

 See that you trifle not with them.

For, God will not be mocked, and woe unto him that makes a mockery of God.

The Book of The High Place Vol. II

Appendix Two
Revelation Given upon the Way to Cloudpiler

The Law of the Obedience and the Gospel
1) You have expressed your desire to know more precisely the meaning of the Law of the Gospel and what you must do to keep the covenant you have made with Me in an Holy Place concerning it.

Behold, this is a thing most expedient for you and it pleases Me that My servant has inquired of Me.

Wherefore, I will reveal to you more completely the meaning of this covenant.

And what I say unto you, I say unto all.

Let all who have covenanted with Me to keep this law learn the meaning of it, and then strive the rest of their lives earnestly trying to live the letter and the spirit of it.

2) The Law of the Gospel is the body of commandments that I give to them that believe in Me, and that rely upon My word.

Only those who know Me truly have this law given unto them.

All others take upon themselves this covenant in anticipation.

For, how can a person take up a covenant by an oath if they know not the terms of the covenant?

They cannot.

Wherefore, this is a strange thing that My saints do in these days.

They take upon themselves sacred obligations without understanding those obligations.

Notwithstanding, I will bless them and prosper them that strive to receive the law.

3) Any person may seek and see My face, and converse with Me.

This is the foundation of the Law of the Gospel.

Therefore, to accept and to covenant to keep the Law of the Gospel is to declare to the world that you know your Creator and your Redeemer and that you understand the creation and you accept the terms of your redemption.

4) This law applies directly to the individual, for I would have a relationship with all those who believe on Me and on Him who sent Me.

I would be their teacher and their instructor, even as I was Adam’s teacher and Eve’s instructor.

Let he who has ears to hear listen and understand.

5) In sundry times and in diverse places I have revealed My will unto My servants the prophets.

Sometimes these were men or women who governed many people.

Sometimes, and this most often, I have revealed My will through the power of the Holy Ghost unto individuals who had received that Endowment of Power that allows them access to My presence.

Unto them I have given instructions pertinent to their salvation and to their progress, either as fathers or mothers of families, or of communities.

6) In this day, when I have restored so much unto My church, there ought to be a great multitude of saints who seek My face and receive My law directly from My mouth.

For, I instructed My shepherds to provide a safe and Holy Place wherein My saints might learn how to direct their feet onto the path that inevitably leads unto Me.

Yea, and for many years, men and women went up to Mine Holy House for this
purpose and the work of the restoration prospered.

But that day is diminished and the power of the Holy Ghost is denied in the Holy Places.

7) I do not say that My servants deny the Holy Ghost in that manner which is proscribed by the Laws of Heaven and of Creation.

But the power of the Holy Ghost to bring unto Me the hearts and minds of those
who go up to the Temple of God to seek Me is diminished.

8) The teachings that I revealed unto Joseph Smith were rich with meaning and many there were that availed themselves of them and came unto Me.

But in the present day the meanings are muddied.

The Spirit may be felt,

but the power of the Holy Ghost may not be accessed except by intervention.

This is a thing in which I am not well pleased and the Spirit is grieved.

9) Therefore, the Law of the Gospel is this:

That you seek My face and receive of Me those particular commandments that I will give unto you of Myself.

And where I have spoken unto others by the mouth of My chosen prophet, you shall ask of Me for a confirmation of it by the power of the Holy Ghost.

And if the Holy Ghost gives you no especial confirmation of the individual commandment given by My servant to another, then you may know that the commandment was given to that individual and not as a general rule.

10) As a general law to the people, I have given certain commandments. These are part of the Law of the Gospel and they are to be found in the holy writings.

But again, you must seek a confirmation of every one of them.

For, there are occasions in which I shall give you special commandments and special
instructions which you must obey, though I give not them to all people.

11) Such was the case with my servant Nephi when I commanded him to take the life of Laban.

Had I not given a general commandment that man should not kill? Then how was Nephi justified in taking the life of Laban?

By the workings of the Spirit was he instructed in that particular thing.

I use Nephi (to instruct you) because the thing that I commanded him was particularly hard for him.

Yea, if not performed by express commandment, the thing that Nephi did would have been the cause of his destruction.

12) Behold, it was not the same with my servant David.

He sought not the Spirit but his own lust determined for him the law.

He took to himself the object of his lust by murder.

Because of this he has lost his stewardship and waits upon a just God.

Be not like unto him.

Allow not the arm ofthe flesh to determine the law for you, but the Holy Ghost alone.

13) I have instructed you, as also my Apostles of old did also instruct the saints, even if by My own voice you receive instruction, let that instruction be confirmed by the Holy Ghost, for this is His purpose and calling.

14) Nevertheless, notwithstanding I wish all people to come unto Me and receive of Me through the power of the Holy Ghost, I do choose one upon the earth to receive commandments for the body of the church as a whole.

That person was Joseph Smith in the day of his ministry, and that function has been passed to the presidents of the church who have been worthy to receive such revelation since that day, even unto the present.

15) But this does not take from the individual the responsibility to apply all things to the test of the Holy Ghost.

And behold, if there be any prophet who gives to a man or a woman a commandment, and they subject the commandment to the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, and they receive no confirmation, let that man or that woman return again to that prophet to be further instructed of him.

For, it may be that the commandment was not well understood or explained.

Then, if the commandment remains unconfirmed by the Holy Ghost, that man or woman is justified and may decline to obey it.

Then let that prophet refrain from persecuting them, for he knows the conditions upon which his priesthood hangs.

Likewise, let that man or woman refrain from judging that prophet.

16) But if that man or woman receive a confirmation of the Holy Ghost, and yet deny to obey the commandment, then they deny the Holy Ghost, a thing most perilous.

For, unto those who deny the Holy Ghost, there is no Atonement made and they must rely upon the strength of their own flesh to save them.

Wherefore, let all beware that they grieve not the Spirit.

17) Now, there may come a time in which the Holy Ghost may confirm that a thing be not right for the sojourn of one person, and yet is rightfor another.

There is no variability in this.

Wherefore, judge not your God in this thing, but be faithful in the commandments you receive of me through the Holy Ghost.

For, all people are not the same and many there be who may be at a greater or lesser point in their progress upon the path that leads unto me.

Even as all times and ages of the world are not the same, and I have given commandments unto some and not unto others.

18) Unto some I have commanded to take up the sword and throw off the violence of their oppressors even with violence.

Yet, unto others I have commanded that they patiently bear their affliction for the sake of
blessings to come.

You know not of which camp you may be, but I have all things before Me.

Wherefore, I shall be the judge of both quick and dead.

19) Do you see, little flock, how mete it is to know your God?

For this purpose alone did I reveal unto My servants the ordinances of the Temple.

For this purpose alone was Adam and Eve, your first parents, introduced in their spirits into the Terrestial world while their bodies still dwelt inthe Telestial.

For the Telestial World in which you now live

is a place designed for the test of your faith.

Having proven themselves faithful, Adam and Eve were brought into My presence and I taught them all that they needed to know.

20) When they were proved true and faithful in all things whatsoever I would command them, I introduced them at the veil which divides the Terrestial World from the Celestial. Even I, their teacher did this.

So ought it be for all who would believe in Me.

21) And the place prepared for this sacred purpose is the Way.

Surely, I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.

I have prepared all things.

Under the direction of My Father and My Mother, I made the heavens and the earth.

I prepared the bodies of men and women and made them to live and function in the Telestial Realms.

With my Father I prepared them so that they might learn to seek My face and become like Me.

22) But their spirits may reside in the Celestial World even as their bodies reside, for a season, in the Telestial.

It is by this truth that man may overcome the arm of the flesh and subdue it.

It is by this principle that Adam and Eve proved themselves faithful in all things and came into the presence of the Father, though their bodies remained in the Telestial World.

Then, when the end of the days appointed them had come,
they died according to the flesh and were resurrected to that state of happiness and perfection that they had already attained.

That glory that they could already abide was the glory they received of My Father in the
day of their restoration.

23) This then, is the Law of the Gospel to which you have bound yourself by covenant… that you receive of me all that you require in order that you may qualify for the blessings and the fullness of the Celestial Realms…

 While in your Telestial body.

Wherefore, you must walk the path that Adam and Eve set for you.

If you do, you will receive the same as they, even the presence of the Holy Beings, worlds without end.

24) I declare these things unto you, and it is I, even Jesus Christ who declares it.

Let not your heart be troubled and let not any man cross you in the path that your fathers have set.

But be faithful in keeping and fulfilling the commandments that I have given unto you, and that I will yet give unto you.

25) Seek the confirmation of the HolyGhost in all things, that your mind be comforted even as Nephi’s mind was comforted in the hard task that I set for him.

You may not know until it is appropriate in Me to reveal it, whether your task be as difficult as his.

But you may know with a surety that the comfort you receive of the Holy Ghost shall always be the same.

Yea, the Holy Ghost is your sure guide, even by and through the covenant that we have made together.

Wherefore, fear not and be confident in keeping My commandments, be they from the holy scriptures, or from the mouth of a prophet, by the promptings and inspiration of the Holy Ghost, or even from My own mouth upon the Way, it is all the same.

Let the Holy Ghost guide you and your confidence shall wax strong.


Words given to us by Chief Cloudpiler…

Thank You!!!

For The Beautiful Prophecy and Revelation…

Remember to walk sacred and talk sacred…

until we meet again here at zionspath…cj

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