Ancient Nemenhah Medicine Wheel and Medicine Bundle

Greetings all my relations,

It is with great honor that we all meet together from the Four Corners of our Mother Earth, the four sacred directions of The Cosmos, all Nations and all People and tongues…

Hello Everyone in Cyber Space

Let’s talk Sacred,

The Instruction

The Lord taught many things to many people by employing stories and parables.

These conveyed to the heart and mind of the hearer a true sense of things even if very detail may not have been related.  (He uses Pattern Language, symbols,parables, objects and stories from everyday life… Situations from everyday life…common people like fishermen, not doctors and lawyers and politicians, they represent Babylon, this world kingdom …

He said, I come to do the Will of my Father, who is in Heaven…

His Kingdom is not of this earth…)

In other words He wants to show us The Way…

How to get back to His Father’s Kingdom…

The following relation speaks of times before times, when men and women worked their way to exaltation following an ancient and set path. (The path – The Way)

The players in the relation are our own relations.

Each of us are also included in the story.

Therefore, it is our story as much as it is theirs.

All my relations!

Itsipi -Ceremony…

Cloudpiler’s handbook UCNM page 263

Peter asked me one day Why we always say “All My Relations” when we enter the Itsipi Lodge. I said to him “Well Peter it is a declaration that we do not esteem ourselves greater than anthing in the created universe – that we are made of all that stuff, and all that stuff is made of us. We truly cannot be seperated from that which is us, anymore than we can claim that we do not posses within us the same elements that are also resident in the stars..

The universe is made up of us, and we are made of the universe…



Native American Purification;

Purification of the ammohnnayah (The Ammonites or The People of Ammon)

Known today as The Nemenhah.

The Law of Sacrifice

Those who participate in the ordinances ought to have good and clear intention, for God will not be mocked.

There should not be any manner of ill-will between those who participate together in the re-telling or reenactment of this relation.

Only the best of feelings should prevail.

The ordinances of the High Place are specifically designed for the Living.

Because of this verity, they are distinguished from the vicarious ordinances performed for and in behalf of the “Dead” in holy temples.

This distinction does not intend to denigrate the sacrifice for the dead, but great emphasis is placed upon what Telestial people may do in this life in order to be introduced into the Terrestial World and receive revelation and instruction from Angels, the Spirits of Men and Women made perfect in Christ, and even from the Savior Himself, preparatory to being introduced at the veil to converse with the Father.

All of Creation and all of us, Looking On The First Day Of Creation – The Dawn Star also called The Day Star or The Center of Time-Holy of Holies- The Holy One Of Israel,

The Choosen One;

( The Lamb – The Sacrifice- The Atonement-Jehovah-Creator-God)

For all of us!!!

The Morning Stars!!!,

We will sing a New Song, thanking Him for Redeeming us in His Zion

Going back in your mind to the point where we all sang together at the beginning of this creation!!!

The North Point-Haymehnay-Holy Ghost- The Holy Ghost People They were there – participating with us, That Special Part Of The Godhead…

Redman, Yellowman, Blackman and Whiteman
This is represented on the Nemenhah Medicine Wheel along with many other symbolic and eternal meanings, it represents the Universe so it’s meanings are endless… One Eternal Round …

Please bear with me because I’m learning, I was reading in Cheif Cloudpiler’s Handbook…

He says, “we are looking at pattern language.”

Colors and sounds and vibrations, smells and odors, medicine which can be represented by any number of things from The Creator and His Creation.

The Sacred Pipe – The Sacred Drum

The pipe bowl is female- The pipe stem is male

The drum is female- The drum stick is male

Especially those things inspired by The Haymehnay, The Holy Spirit – North Point- White Wolf

All of this is my own interpretation, if there are any mistakes they are my own…and not to be blamed on any other group or people…thank you for bearing with me…I’m just beginning and know so very little.

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