Part VI The Record Of MorHonayah; Yea, I Do See Your Day, There Shall Be Wars And Rumors Of War.

Greetimgs all my relations,

With great honor I present to you the Record of MorHonayah, Moroni see our day…

 Chapter Six

1) Now, I write these things unto you for what I deem to be a good purpose.

For, I could have laid down my stylus and made no more mark upon plates of metal than those which I have already made and hidden up in the earth.

Yea, I could have been done with all that the Lord had commanded me to write concerning
my stewardship among the Nephites.

2) But behold, He has not seen fit to let me remain idle now that my days are lengthened, but He has wrought upon me powerfully by the Holy Ghost.

And I deem it of some importance that I write these more personal words unto you who will surely read these things in the day that the Lord does bring them out of obscurity.

For behold, as I have said before, I have seen your day.

Yea, I have observed your doing.

And it is a good purpose in the Lord that you should receive the writings of one who has spent the more part of his life in the midst of war and of bloodshed.

3) Yea, I do see your day, that in it there shall be wars and rumors of war.

And your young men and even your young women shall for the sake of peace and safety run headlong into destruction.

Yea, they shall cry Peace and Safety as they charge their perceived enemy with horrible death.

And in this they shall but repeat that which they shall have heard spoken from the pulpit of the synagogues.

Yea, at the feet of their prophets shall they hear the preaching of war and the justifying of death and destruction.

And all the people shall pray for their deliverance and the death of all who might oppose them.

And this unthinking prayer shall fall from the lips of even the shepherds, and this shall be their teaching.

4) Yea, they shall cry Peace and Safety, Peace and Safety;

 Then speedily shall destruction come.

For, their young men and even their women shall speed to the fore of the battle with these words on their lips.

 And destruction shall be all their desire and all their prayer.

5) And their fathers shall likewise pray for the destruction of all who might oppose them. And their mothers shall also pray for their deliverance and for the destruction of their adversaries in battle.

Yea, and their tender brothers and sisters shall be taught also to pray for their success and that they might be preserved.

But they shall not know that in this prayer they but beg their God to deliver the enemy up to destruction.

6) And their pastors and their teachers shall justify this prayer and this oblation unto death and darkness.

And they shall stand them up on pulpits and on raised platforms and they shall preach all that is required to justify the death of men and of women, of boys and of girls, all for the sake of peace and of safety.

7) And they shall not see the folly in praying for the peace that is bought with blood and with terror.

Yea, the whole earth shall stink with it, and the field shall be darkened with it.

The song and voice of a generation shall be swallowed up in it and the sight of the seer shall be darkened by it.

Yet, shall they pray for the success of their own in it.

Yea, they shall pray to God in Heaven for the death of their enemy and shall call this a prayer for peace.

For behold, peace shall have but one significance to them, that all men shall see things their way.

And for this shall they take up weapons of war and they shall destroy fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and call themselves the very elect of God.

And they shall surely justify themselves, for did they not hear even the same from the Lord’s Anointed?

9)  But I say unto you, All you who would take up Zion again and plant her in your hearts  if you would be the messengers of peace, do not deliver your message with the sword. If you would raise up an ensign of peace unto your adversary in the field, let it not be withthe war cry that you deliver it.

If you would be a light unto the world and put your lamp upon the bushel before the household, have a care that it not burn down the house and the city.

Yea, let it not be in the name of the Lord that you strike off the head and part the body of he whom someone has called your enemy.

10)  For none shall bring again Zion by the work of destruction, even war.

Let none deceive you.

There is no cause that shall justify the taking of the life of man or woman, save it be by the word and will of God alone.

And you may believe it; He shall not use any lofty words to puff you up should it be His will that you take the life of any person.

11)  Nay, you shall hear the command and the Holy Ghost shall confirm it, and that is all. Nay, do not expect men to stand and extol you or your calling.

Do not expect prophets to cry over your worthiness.

Do not even expect to feel justified in it yourself, nay, not in any way.

And if it be so hard a thing to take the life of man when the Creator of Heaven and of Earth shall require it at your hands, do not allow mere men to puff you up in the work of destruction to but fulfill their earthly purposes.

12)  For, show me the man who has received of Heaven the vision of eternity yea, who has even the vision of all things before him who does then cast all such knowledge aside that he might throw young men and women into battle for the sake of earthly things.

Nay, you cannot. For, such a man cannot exist.

But the God of Heaven and Earth does have all things before Him, yet He commands no man to battle except inpreservation of His chosen people.

13)  What then? Shall you call yourselves His chosen people?

Do you live His commandments?

Do you keep His law?

Is it to preserve this that you cast your young men into battle in far away places among people who knew nothing of your way of life?

Do you call yourselves the People of God and walk in His paths that you may so justify bringing unto them from so far away the work of death and destruction?

14)  And because you claim to be the elect of God, do you suppose that He will justify you?

Behold, the Lord is bound when we keep His commandments.

Yea, He is bound by that same law wherewith He does command us.

If we observe to do all that He does command us, there is no changeability in Him.

But, if we turn from His ways and from His commandments, behold, He shall also turn away His face from us.

We have no promise at all and may not expect anything from Him if we do not keep His commandments.

15)  Now, did He command us to hate our enemy?

Or did He warn us to render equity to them that despitefully use us?

And if it so be that our neighbor becomes our enemy, did He admonish us to go to and dig a pit for him?

Or did He teach that when the stranger comes into our midst that we should strip him and beat him and cast him out?

And has He ever taught that we ought to carefully judge our neighbor and render unto him according to our own ways and our own customs?

16)  Yet, these are the things that you shall do even unto all your neighbors, small or great.

Yea, this is the vision of your day which the Spirit has shown me.

Behold, I say unto you, There shall be some few who feel the promptings of the Spirit in the day in which these things shall be delivered up unto men to judge.

And I speak unto you as if you were here even before me.

If you be among they who shall think to bring again Zion in such a land and among such a people, let no man, be he prophet or king, convince you to go up to war.

Do not think that you can speak peace with the sword.

Do not think that you may take up the seed of Zion to plant it in your hearts;

 With the sword in your hand still steaming from the fray.

17)  Wherefore, all you Sons of God. Go not unto any war nor up unto any battle unless it is God’s war and God’s battle and be careful what you lay at His feet.

For, the prize of victory has ever been the bodies of the enemy.

Shall not the heads and arms and legs, the swords and the shafts, the horses and the chariots that you lay at the feet of your Sovereign be any different than the heads you shall bow and the arms you shall raise up unto Him, or the knees that you shall bend?

And what difference is there between your swords and theirs?

If it be man’s conflict, flee from before the face of it.

Make no war upon anyone, for perchance you prevail, shall the God of Heaven rejoice in your spoils?

And what shall you add to His storehouse but death?

18)  Now, these are words rising out of the dust.

Yea, it is as a familiar spirit thatI speak unto you.

My words are the words of one who has raised the sword against his neighbor.

Yea, I have brought down the sword and I have relieved many men and women of their limbs and their lives, and can I call myself justified in the work of destruction?

I cannot!
19)  Behold, the war between the Nephites, my people, and the Lamanites was a war of men and not of God. My father was a prophet and a man of God.

Yet, he commanded the Nephites in an iniquitous war.

And there was no justification for any of them in it, for God was not in it.

The work of death had no purpose but death.

And even I commanded the Nephites in the latter part of the war.

And there was not one of them who raised up their sword because God had commanded them. They did so only to reap a vengeance upon their enemy.

20)  Behold, were the elect of God preserved? Did it profit any man to be a Nephite in the end? Are there any of the Fair Ones left in the land who call themselves Nephite?

And did not they who are called accursed prevail against us?

Yea, for the Nephites are a race that exists no more at all.

And though they raised up their voices in mighty prayer unto God for their deliverance, did He, hearing their prayers, preserve them?

He did not.

21)  I ask you, were the Lamanites righteous?

Of a surety they were more righteous than the Nephites.

But, were they righteous?

Did they live the laws and statutes and commandments of God?

They did not!

Yet they prevailed.

And this is the thing that I should like you to consider;

 All you who would call yourselves elect.

Yea, consider these things all you who would bring again Zion in this land.

The Lamanites were wicked, yet they prevailed against the Nephites.

The prayers of the Nephites were as sounding brass.

It is not to be judged who is elect and who is not.

The wars of men never have for their purpose to bring about righteousness, any more than the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites had for its purpose to establish righteousness in the land.


The Nephites desired only the death of the Lamanites and the Lamanites desired only the death of the Nephites.

If you take war into a foreign land and to a foreign people in order to establish peace in your own land, you shall harvest the hurricane.

You cannot sow peace with death.

You cannot get safety by killing your neighbor.

23)  Let this be a tradition and a custom unto you, as it has become a custom among the Nemenhah – that you go not up to battle until the Lord shall be your commander.

For, in the day that you raise up some man to command you;

 You have raised up a golden calf.

And in the day that you rely upon the arm of the flesh to establish peace in the land, in that day you shall have planted in the hearts of men an abomination that shall make the nation desolate.

Yea, the nation shall become as a barren woman who sits upon the ground.

For, the Lord shall not hear the prayers of that nation, and is this not desolation?

Chapter Seven

to be continued…cj

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