Part V The Record of MorHonayah; Moroni Goes Upon The Way and Sees Us In Our Day

Greetings all my relations,

MorHonayah sees us in our day.

It is a great honor and privilege to continue with the ancient record of MorHonayah.

Chapter Five

1) And the Nemenhah did remain in the ways of the Lord.

Yea, they did not depart from them and, indeed they had never departed from them, except in the forty years of the stewardship of Heinmet.

But behold, they had not actually left the path of righteousness during that time, only that they had not all things in common.

In this they had left Zion and had returned unto the ways of the world. But they did no mean or low thing, nor caused that anyone should sin, but continued to follow the precepts of righteousness.

Yea, they did justify themselves in building up their armies and their cities in preparation to defend themselves against the Lamanites and the Gadiantonhem.

And in this was no sin.

But they did not preserve Zion in their hearts as their fathers did before them.

2) And in this I see the seeds of a great wickedness.

For, had they remained in it even after Heinmet had seen that he had led the people in the wrong path and made efforts to correct his error, behold, the Nemenhah would have been no more, just as the Nephites are no more.

Yea, they should have all been destroyed from off the face of this land.

For, their fear of war would have overcome them, even as that
fear overcame the Nephites.

And it was fear of destruction that brought upon the Nephites their own lust
for the destruction of the Lamanites.

3) Behold and heed my words all you who would read these writings and ponder them in your hearts.

You shall have prophets among you who will be of great use to you in deciding your paths.

And when you have confirmed their words by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, and that Holy Ghost has confirmed that the words they speak in prophecy unto you are indeed the word and will of God, and you take them up and act upon them, see that you do not then turn from them.

For if you do, the Lord shall turn from

4) And even if you do not turn altogether from the thing in which the Lord shall direct you, but only in some particular or another, repent quickly.

For the Lord will hold you to your promises.

And should you covenant with the Lord in a thing and then break from that stewardship, it would be better for you that you had died in that moment instead.

For you shall surely suffer the curse that is upon this land and your suffering shall be great.

5) And if as a people the Lord does lead you and guide you and give unto you commandments, the fulfillment of them shall bring great blessings unto you as a nation.

But if you turn from that guidance and make laws unto yourselves that are contrary to the commandments that the Lord shall have given you, woe unto you!

For this is what the Nephites did and their collapse and destruction was complete.

6) Or do you suppose that the Lord will confirm you in your disobedience?

He shall not!

But you shall be under His condemnation as a whole people until the day in which He does lift the curse from off of this land.

But behold, desire it not!

For in the moment that He does lift the curse from off of this land, then shall the peculiar blessing upon this land also be removed.

Behold, this blessing is great and is put upon this land in order that it might be a place wherein the Lord might nurture Zion in peace.

7) Now I say these things unto you, as a voice speaking unto you out of the past and out of the dust, because I have seen your day and your doing.

You are as the Nephites in this respect, for the Lord has shown unto you His great power and also His great love.

And He shall have given unto you commandments which you shall take up with a covenant.

And you shall call yourselves a covenant people and blessed above all the people of the earth and elect.

8) But I have also seen that you shall reject the counsel of God in respect to that manner in which the People of God ought to live.

And you shall altogether take back into your bosoms all the things of the world.

And you shall desire again the esteem of the world over the love of God.

And even you shall shrug and wink at the condemnation of God until it become a thing of naught in your minds and a thing to be discounted and ignored because of all the other things that you do for the Lord and His righteousness.

9) Yea, I have seen how great shall be the preaching of religion among you.

But behold, you cannot preach the truth if you do not live it.

Yea, your preaching will have a form of godliness;

But it shall deny the power thereof.

10) And I have seen the Church, as you shall call it in your day, with its temples and synagogues that you shall build up unto the Lord.

And I have seen your dedications and your oblations of money and costly things in these great buildings that you shall raise up unto Him.

But can a temple built by your hands be the Lord’s house, and can you expect the Lord to abide in it when you do not His commandments?

11) Behold, you may dedicate every rock on the face of the earth to the Lord, but if you dedicate not your own hearts it will avail you nothing.

Yea, there shall be countless many who walk within the halls which you shall dedicate.

But I say unto you, Only they who dedicate their hearts shall feel the presence of the Lord in such places.

12) Behold, all this did the Nemenhah in the days of Heinmet’s stewardship.

Or do you think that they did not dedicate their earthen works of defense unto the Lord?

And did you think that the great army that they built up was comprised of unworthy and unrighteous men?

Do not think it.

13) But in it the Nemenhah pleased not God in all that they did in preparing for the war that should soon come into the Land Northward.

With all their prayers and all their dedications;

They built up a great and mighty idol;

  Athing of power that took all their efforts and occupied all their thoughts.

And is this not worship?

Did they not create a great golden calf to worship?

Behold, I have seen your day and your great golden calf!

14) Behold, the Nemenhah have rescued themselves.

Yea, they have left the path they chose for themselves and have returned again unto the right ways of the Lord, and they are preserved from all that they feared.

Could their earthen walls and works have saved them?

The Nephites had greater and yet they were driven.

Could the great army raised and supported by the Nemenhah have saved them?

The Nephites had greater and yet they utterly destroyed themselves.

15) But when the Nemenhah tore down their towers and their battlements and abandoned those that could not be torn down and when they dismissed their men of war and their army and when they returned again unto that which the Lord had commanded them, they were preserved.

Can you tear down your battlements?

Can you return again unto that wherein the Lord did command you, but because of your fear of the world you left in the dust in the place of your birth?

16) Or what shall make you any different than the Nephites or the Nemenhah?

Is it that you are so elect and so chosen that the Lord shall give you immunity to that accountability to which He has held all the rest of His children since the world was?

Can you believe that the same that befell those who walked this land before shall not befall you also?

17) And what is it that shall have so qualified you?

Are you more righteous than we?

Do you greater acts of charity?

Do you love the Lord more than we?

Do you follow His commandments with greater purpose of heart?

Are these the reasons that you shall escape the curse that has been placed upon this land and enjoy the blessing only?

18) Behold, I say unto you, Nay!

I have seen your day, and even I have read the writings of your own people.

I have heard the voice of God in the day that He shall condemn you as a nation if you do not repent.

Behold, and this before one generation had even passed from the day in which He shall have shown Himself unto you.

19) The Nemenhah have enjoyed peace in this land for hundreds of years and that peace was unbroken until they departed from that which they had covenanted with the Lord. You shall have departed from your covenant even in the first generation and shall not have returned to it even until the day the Lord shall come again.

20) As a people also you shall not have had peace, nay, not even in one generation. You shall go from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood until it shall become a way of life unto you.

Yea, I have seen a day among your people and among your nation, in the day that the Lord shall bring this record into the light, when all your citizens shall celebrate your wars even when you shall have escaped destruction by them.

21) And I have seen you raise up your symbols and make oblations and praise yourselves because of your successes in war, and your heroes shall all be warriors.

And I have even seen how you play at war and teach your children to exercise themselves in it so that when they are older they shall be the more easily trained to put aside all goodness.

Yea, your warriors shall not be taught to pray for deliverance from battle, but they shall only pray for victory and praise themselves for their might.

22) And shall your leaders and your prophets stand upon the battlements and upon the walls decrying these things?

Shall your great men warn against them?

They shall not, but they shall comfort themselves and speak of the good purposes which the governors have for their wars and for their constant contention with the nations.

And they stand up before the people and teach war.

They shall extol the virtues of those few who are able to feel of the spirit even after they have engaged in the horrible work of destruction.

23) I do not say that such a thing is evil, for to feel the spirit at all must be a good thing.

But is this enough?

I say unto you, It is not.

For so taught also my father, and so also did I in the midst of the Great War, and
yet the Nephites were utterly destroyed.

24) And what is it that destroyed them?

It is that they were engulfed in that awful darkness in which men and women must sink in order that they might lift up the sword in wrath to destroy another human being.

And it is a peculiar teaching that takes a young and tender youth from his mother’s bosom and from his father’s knee and makes of him a monstrous thing.

I know whereof I speak, for it was my business to do such things.

And even I cannot escape the memory of it today – how that I took the young men among the Nephites and made them an army of warriors.

This memory continues to harrow up my soul, and though I spend the rest of my life atoning for my part in the destruction of the Nephites, I think I shall still feel the anguish of it all the days of my life.

25) Wherefore I ask you, ought not every prophet spend a lifetime in decrying this awful wickedness?

Should there ever be found a true prophet who can condone the work of destruction and remain a prophet?

This, I think, is a thing impossible to ask.

26) I know that I shall be called a prophet in the latter days, but I say unto you, How could the Nephites see me as prophet and commander all at once?

How could I speak words of peace in their ears and then lead them into the work of destruction?

Nay, the commander in war is never a prophet unto his people, for, one cannot say in one breath, Love Thy Neighbor, and then put him to death by the sword.

27) Now, there have been great men and women whom the Lord has called out particularly to take the life of man.

Nephi of old was one, as was also Hagmeni and his sons.

Behold, for the sake of a nation, they did take life.

But this is not the horrible work of destruction, even war.

For war takes not only the life of the individual wicked man or woman, it robs a generation of peace.

It does not simply root out a singular wickedness, but creates a general desire to do wickedness both night and day and out of necessity justifies itself.

28) And it is because of this that the Lord speaks peace unto the soul. He speaks peaceable things of love, gentleness and charity.

He stirs no man up to open and wicked war.

He justifies no man in it.

Nay, this is not the way of the Lord.

It was not the Lord who called the Nephites up unto battle against the Lamanites.

Behold, my father knew and so did I, that had the Nephites left the field of battle, so too would the Lamanites.

For the battle had become so sore that both armies would have left it many times and returned unto their own country.

29) But the Nephites would not.

They burned in their hearts against the Lamanites.

And so too did the Lamanites burn in their hearts against the Nephites to destroy them.

In the beginning, they sought only to defend themselves against the Lamanites and the Gadiantonhem who led them.

But they were very soon so carried away with the desire to avenge themselves upon their enemies that thoughts of defense no longer entered their minds.

Or did you think that it was defense of their homes that drove them across the Land of Desolation in pursuit of the Lamanites?

And was it in defense of the Nemenhah and their lands that caused them to prosecute the war into the Land Northward even thousands of miles from their own homes?

I say unto you, Nay.

It was their lust to destroy their enemy utterly that drove them, and in the end, brought upon their destruction completely.

30) Do you seek after peace?

Do not think that I, who have seen your day and your doing, have not also seen those few who shall seek to come out of Babylon and touch not her uncleanness.

Yea, I have seen even that little flock that shall bring again Zion in this land.

But how shall they do it?

What example shall they use?

Shall it be the Gentiles and their ways?

Or do you suppose that the Jews might have some counsel for them?

Where shall they turn to learn what they must know in order to live in peace upon this land and enjoy the blessing of it instead of enduring the curse laid upon it?

31) Behold, shall they look up to their shepherds in that day – they who have all been warriors and who come of warrior stock and creed – they whose notions about freedom shall overturn their understanding of the commandments of God – they who shall justify even wars prosecuted in far away places whose people had not even seen their own fair homes or known their people?

Shall they teach the laying down of the unclean thing?

Shall they teach any man or woman anything about that Zion which must be built up in the
heart before it may be established in the earth?

32) I say unto you, Nay.

But, they shall surely look to their fathers to find an ensample to follow.

Yea, their hearts shall indeed turn unto the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers shall turn again unto the children.

And the whole earth shall not be wasted at the coming of the Creator.

I say unto you, Men and women shall once again walk upon the Way, and because of this, the records of the fathers shall come again into the light and be had for an ensample unto them.

Then shall they take of the things they read of the ways and customs and covenants of their fathers and, seeing distantly as if through a fog, they shall again begin to live in peace.

33) Yea, they shall have all things in common even in a time when all else is in turmoil.

And when all other peoples are at conflict one with another;

They shall have peace and shall sustain and support each other.

They shall find ways to serve one another and assist each other in coming out of the world.

And they shall spread their way of life to other people and assist them also.

Great shall be the work of a tiny flock of the children of Lehi in the last days.

34) For behold, were it not so, the world would of a surety come to naught and shall have been wasted at the coming of the Lord.

And how shall you feel, oh son of man, at the end of all things, to have as your report to the Creator of Heaven and Earth that the world was not good enough for peace and the hearts of men were not pure enough for goodness?

How shall you feel, you mothers, to have as your report unto the Creator of Heaven and Earth that the daughters of Eve could not find love enough in their hearts to preserve the Earth and they had not gratitude enough to give thanks for the good things of the Earth?

And how shall the Earth respond when she must report to her Creator that all things are wasted and that it should have been better never to have been made at all?

35) I say unto you, All you who shall seek peace in the day of which I speak, beat your swords into plows and your spears into hooks.

Put forth your hand to heal the Earth and take good care of her.

Lay your hands upon no man or woman to do them injury, but lay your hand to the plow and the sickle to cultivate the good earth and to partake of her generous harvest.

36) Send not your sons to any war for any reason.

Let not your leaders convince you that any cause for war is righteousness, unless the Lord does command it, but lay yourselves down before the blows of your enemies if need be.

Yea, in fine, do all that you see that the Ammonites did.

Make peace.

Live with peace in your hearts.

Love your fellowman and do not use him, but provide a surplus in all that you seek
to do, that the beggar might not put up his petition in vain.

37) Yea, in fine, unless the Lord shall command it, make no war at all.

Be no part of, but rather shun the work of destruction.

For, I say unto you, Unless He does command it, He shall not justify it.

And, if He justify it not, it is an abomination of desolation, even like as has been spoken of by the prophets.

Chapter Six

to be continued…cj

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