Part III The Record of Moroni; The Nemenhah called me the Salamander

Greetings all my relations,

It is with great honor that we will continue studying The Record of Moroni;

Chapter Three

1) Now, when I arrived at the city of Mentinah, the Council had not yet called anyone to take the place of Heinmet, whom they still considered high priest, though he had long been absent from the city.

2) And I took up a stewardship smelting ore and building implements and tools for use by the people. I used the skill that my father had taught me to smelt out various ores and to make durable metals.

And, because I felt comfortable and at ease at the forge, the Nemenhah called me the Salamander, which is an implement used in the drawing of the heated metal out of the forge.

3) And the granddaughter of Pa Natan, even the niece of this same Heinmet of whom I have written, did please me very much.

And we had known each other from our youths, but she had grown into a great
woman and had not married.

4) Now, I had not married, for I knew not what end I might make.

But when I took up my stewardship in Mentinah and I saw that the path before me was not one of war and continual hardship, I desired to marry and to live as other men do.

And I seized upon Pa-Hinent, the daughter of Pa-Hanat and she consented to
become my wife.

5) And we lived happily in Mentinah and had sons and daughters.

And these are the names of our sons:



Shinet and Pahoran.

And these are the names of our daughters:

PaNatanhah and PaHanatim.

6) And we desired not to live within the city, for the number of families in the city had grown to very many during the stewardship of Heinmet, and such is the same in all the principle cities of the Nemenhah of the mountains.

For, they had gathered in all the people round about to provide for their own defense and the population of the city was become very great.

Yea, there were in excess of two thousand families crowded in the city and many of their houses were built upon piers that extended out upon the lake.

7) But behold, this is much smaller than it was before Heinmet began to return to the tradition of the fathers.

For, before he went out to all the principle cities ofthe Nemenhah to preach a return to the policies of the past, there were more than twenty thousand families within the city precincts.

8) But I remembered that the Nemenhah did in times past restrict their cities to one or two hundred families and I did not want to raise my children in anything but a Nemenhah city.

And we departed out of Mentinah with a few friends and we did build a tower upon a prominence along the mountains north of Mentinah and below it in the hollow we established a new settlement in the valley of Mentinah.

And we called our settlement Elak-Kowat, which means to return again.

And we numbered four families.

9) Nevertheless, the people of the city of Mentinah considered our settlement to be part of that principle city and the Council of Mentinah, having left the seat of the high priest vacant since Heinmet’s departure, did call me to that position.

Wherefore, I became the high priest of Mentinah.

10) And thirty-eight years have passed since the end of the great Nephite and Lamanite war, and since I delivered up the records of the Nephites to the library of Corianton, which is near even unto Cumorah.

And I have traveled over all of the Land Northward;

Searching out those Nephites who might have escaped the war and have found only a few.

And when I found any of them in the waste places or residing in any of the cities or settlements of the Nemenhah;

I did exhort them to remove themselves and their families even unto Elak-Kowat.

For, I feared that they might infect the Nemenhah with that spirit which did drive them unto their own utter destruction.

And to assure that they turned not again unto that spirit;

I did bring them in unto my own city;

In order that I might help them in their repentance.

11) For behold, the Nephites, as also the Lamanites, had lost their minds in the war.

And they had no more the promptings of the Holy Ghost, nor any good gift, but went from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood.

Yea, revenge and the work of death were their only concentration and they were blind to all else.

And does a man lose such a spirit when the war is over?

I say unto you, It lingers long in the hearts of men.

Wherefore behold, I wanted a generation to pass away without that this spirit might take root anywhere among the Nemenhah.

12) For it is very true that the thoughts that occupy the mind, and the words with which a man speaks continually to himself;

Do cause the very same to take place in actual reality.

And this is according to the teachings of Timothy.

Yea, doubt it not, for Timothy taught that faith moves upon matter, and that matter
moves upon other matter, and so forth.

And as this movement makes its course outward, behold, it is also at the same moment returning again unto its source.

Wherefore, if the source is a mind and a heart so filled with hate that the man is capable of going from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood, then that faith returns again unto him magnified.

And behold, I say unto you, There is no more any place for the works of charity and kindness.

For the despair builds upon the despair and is sent out again;

Only to be magnified again and again.

13) It is easy for us to contemplate the workings of faith when they have to do with great miracles.

But, there is an opposition in the creation and none can retreat from it or avoid it in any way.

Truly, that thought or desire that does rise up in the heart of man is magnified, and if he acts upon that desire, it also is magnified.

And, if the thing is evil and he repents not of it;

The thing is magnified in him.

For the world is one eternal round.

Of a surety, when that evil returns unto him, for what man can avoid his actions returning.

Shall it not encounter faith?

I say unto you, It shall, though it be bent toward the doing of evil.
And, finding in the heart of the man that which is required by the universal law;

that evil found there shall be the very matter utilized to fill the void;

left by the first outcry.

Wherefore, great becomes the evil in the hearts of men, lest they repent speedily.

14) And if they repent, it is by this same law that the evil is diminished;

or even extinguished in him.

For returning unto its origin, the cause encounters faith of a different kind and this is utilized to fill the void.

And, if the penitence is great enough, even the evil might be extinguished.

15) And behold, if this is the way of men, can you see that it is also the way of a nation?

Can you see that, if men repent not, the nation does fall into greater and greater wickedness?

Believe my words, for I saw how that my father was constrained by the Holy Ghost to shut his mouth and cease to urge the Nephites unto repentance.

And behold, there were no Gifts of the Spirit among them and the Holy Ghost had
ceased striving with them.

And even my father could not write the things which he saw, for he wished not to harrow up the hearts of men by a description of the wickedness of the Nephites.

Yea, I may safely say, for I was there and remember, that the Lamanites pursued the Nephites into the Land Northward to destroy them only because of the horror that the Nephites had left behind them.

Yea, the Lamanites feared the Nephites and their wickedness and would rather exterminate them than risk the infection of their own people.

16) Yea, I say unto you, The Lamanites began more righteous than the Nephites in the Great War that overcame and destroyed their enemy.

But, the Law of Restoration works upon all things at once.

Look and see how the Lamanites, being more righteous than the Nephites, if only in degrees, became just as wicked because of the war.

Yea, observe that when the Nephite armies were all destroyed, and the more part of the survivors put to death, did the Lamanites return to their peaceful lives in the Land Southward?

Yea, they did return again down to their homes, but not to peaceful lives.

They turned again upon their own people ere they left and, after that the survivors returned again into the Land Southward, they so infected the people with their wickedness that there has been a continual state of war there to this day.

17) And there is no law in the land, for every city does rule its people according to its own policies without respect of that of their neighbors.

And they do trade one day with their neighbors and the next seek to take from them their goods.

Yea, and yet another day, they seek to take away their lives and carry away the inhabitants of the city as slaves.

18) Behold, we have no fear that the Lamanites might come up into the Land Northward again to assail the Nemenhah in our day.

What we fear is that their wickedness might find place in the hearts of the Nemenhah and infect the people with the spirit of the Gadiantonhem.

It is this against which we watch and labor.

For we know that, although we live differently than they, we are but men and are subject unto the same weakness of mind and of spirit.

Chapter Four

to be continued cj


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