Part II The Record of Mor-Honayah; The Great War, Whereby The Nephite Race Was Extinguished

Greetings all my relations,

With great honor I present the words of Mor-Honayah;

Chapter Two

1) Behold, I have written an account of all my dealings with the Nephites and they are kept safe and sound in the library of Corianton in Cumorah.

And I will not write them here;

For this record is for another purpose and for another people.

Wherefore, I have sealed up that other record in a sacred place for a good purpose in the Lord, and also being directed by Him.

He has also shown me upon the Way that the same who receive my records of the Nephites and Lamanites shall also receive of other records;

Among which shall be these words that I leave for the remnant of my own seed and that the combination of all the records preserved and brought forth by the Lord shall be of great use to them who shall receive them in the last days.

2) This record I write in accordance with the will of the Nemenhah, among whom I do now live.

And it is also for a good purpose in the Lord that I write on these plates the things that transpired after the great Nephite war, a war wherein a good people became filled with evil, even to their own destruction.

For behold, there are no more Nephites in the land.

Yea, they are all gone.

And if any survived the horrible work of death that swallowed up their people, they have become Nemenhah and are no more called Nephite or Jacobite, Josephite or Zoramite.

3) Now, when the last of the battles ended, and thus ended the Nephite race and nation, behold, the Lamanites did search diligently and with much energy in all the land for any Nephite who had survived.

And, when they found any, they subjected them to horrible torture and caused that they should deny the Christ.

And any who would not deny the Christ was put to death.

4) And behold, as they sought their enemies, they did often come upon settlements of the Nemenhah.

But behold, these they esteemed to be of no interest or benefit to them because they represented themselves as nomadic wanderers in the wilderness.

Wherefore, the Lamanites could ascertain no gain from them and left them to themselves.

5) And these wanderers never had any knowledge of Nephites, or of any other manner of Ites, being uncivilized wanderers.

For they presented themselves as simpletons unto the Lamanites, and primitives.

And behold, in this way they did camouflage themselves before the Lamanites, that they might not be recognized as the great nation that they were.

But they did always move before the Lamanites and were never found in the same place twice.

6) And it was not long before the Lamanites were forced to give up the search for the escaped Nephites.

For, they were concerned for their own nation and had already felt the need of provisioning their armies.

And behold, this proved the undoing of the Lamanites, just as surely as it had almost undone the Nemenhah.

7) For they had become a ravenous people, going from plunder to plunder.

And even before the war they were a wild people and did not much to maintain themselves except to hunt and to steal, and those who had maintained homes and fields had long since left them far away in the Land Southward.

And this had been their way of life before the war, to take from the land what spoil they could.

For they went from battle to battle and had no means of support but the land.

8) But when the war was completed and the enemy utterly destroyed, the Lamanite armies still lacked any support.

They were quickly disbanded and the land was filled with roving bands and brigands. Behold, some of them gathered together for their own protection.

But, the greater part of them continued with the war, fighting their own people and killing even their own brethren because of the great want of food.

9) And before three years had passed all organization had utterly collapsed and the more part of the Lamanites had returned into the Land Southward.

Those that stayed behind formed small settlements and villages in a string of outposts along the shore of the sea from far in the north down even unto the gulf region.

And they progressed not at all from that time but subsisted on what food and shelter the forests could provide.

And behold, the Lamanites that stayed in the Land Northward after the great battle became exactly as they perceived the Nemenhah to be, for they moved about idly barely able to provide for more than themselves alone.

10) And the Nemenhah kept aloof from them, except to keep abreast of their movements. But they did not trade more than animal skins with them, that they might continue to support the belief that they were no different than themselves.

Wherefore, they kept up a deception with the Lamanites and did not interact
very much with them.

11) For behold, had they allowed the Lamanites knowledge of their cities farther inland and to the north, they would have sought to make war upon them, being attracted to their prosperity.

Wherefore, they continued to deceive the Lamanites.

12) And behold, this deception was adequate to prevent the Lamanites from discovering them.

And the villages and settlements of the Lamanites left in the land did very poorly and many failed.

And this is because they knew not much about the land and the seasons of this new land.

And they knew not how harsh the living was.

For, they had come from a lush land that was full of provender.

But the Land Northward required great effort during the growing months in order to survive the winter.

And the Lamanites were unaccustomed to such labor.

Wherefore,the more part of them died in the first winter and more died in the second.

Behold, by the third winter, there were precious few remaining.

13) And those that remained were humbled by the land and they had ceased to strive one with another and to live by plunder, but had used the year to lay aside that which was needed for the winter.

And they built structures and shelters and ceased to run naked among the forests.

And in all ways they began to behave more like men than beasts.

14) And unto those did the Nemenhah send emissaries to teach them.

Yea, they did send first some here and some there to trade and converse.

Then, when the character of the settlements that remained was ascertained, they did send teachers and healers to live with them.

And behold, the Lamanites that remained in the Land Northward did begin to see wisdom and they did begin to change in their hearts and repent.

15) And this should come as no surprise.

For, even unto the end of the Great War, the Lamanites were the more righteous than the Nephites.

I do not mean for any to believe that they were less ferocious than the Nephites, but they were more easily taught and more easily humbled because of the exceedingly humble
circumstances out of which many of them had come before the war.

16) And also I would have you recall that these were left in the land by the end of the third winter only because they had cast off the work of death and of wickedness to which the more part of the Lamanites had turned, that they might work to secure their own survival in the new land.

Wherefore, they were ready to be taught.

17) And unto these did the Nemenhah venture and they were converted.

And when they were converted, they did not advertise to the Lamanites of the Land Southward all their doings.

For, the Lamanites who had returned unto the Land Southward returned unto their own places and each city ruled its own people.

And behold, each city did battle with its neighbors.

Wherefore, there was little trade and little concourse and the converted Lamanites saw greater necessity in maintaining good relations with their neighbors which they had so recently discovered were vastly greater and stronger than they.

18) And in the space of not many years the Lamanites who had stayed in the Land Northward had been converted, if not to the ways and customs, and indeed into the families of the Nemenhah.

Then at least into allies and good neighbors, no longer being filled with the hatred that motivated them to come into the land in pursuit of blood.

And behold, there was no enemy in the land equally determined to shed their blood.

Therefore, they were content to interact in a peaceful way with the Nemenhah, for they did not esteem them to be enemies of any kind.

19) But the Nemenhah did not renew the cities and settlements in the more southern portions of the land but preferred to encourage the Lamanites to settle there.

For it was a land that the Nemenhah had never settled, for it had long been considered part of the lands of the Nephites.

Wherefore, the Nemenhah preferred that the Lamanites, who had become friendly neighbors, occupy that portion of the land.

20) Now, this I believed was a mistake.

For, I had more experience with the inhabitants of the Land Southward, be they Lamanite or Nephite, and I feared that because of their way of life and because of their history, the Lamanites would begin again to build and to gain substance.

And with this substance they would begin to puff themselves again in pride and lose all the humility that the harshness of the climate in the Land Northward had taught them.

Behold, it was my belief that this would bring again the Gadiantonhem into the land and that it would be a great source of strife and of misery to the Nemenhah who must come after us.

21) But the Nemenhah could not drive them out of the land without alerting their brethren in the Land Southward of their presence.

And they could not support an army large enough to do it without destroying their own society.

Therefore, it was deemed better that the Lamanites left in the land be influenced to settle the great empty spaces of the gulf where the climate was more to their liking.

And the Nemenhah hoped that they might one day be convinced to become part of their people.

22) And I went with some few other of the Nemenhah who were of like mind as myself across the great plain and we took up our residence in the great city of Mentinah.

And I am told that the settlements of the Lamanites were all but abandoned along the eastern sea, from the effect of that, Great War.

Whereby the Nephite race was extinguished, within a few short years became all but a memory to the people.

Chapter Three

to be continued…cj

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