The Book of Heinmet Part 6 Rely Not Upon The Arm of Flesh.

Greetings all my relations,

It has been a great honor sharing this ancient book. This is the last chapter of the prophet Heinmet’s recording… My heart goes out to him and the Nemenhah people of his time…They are similar to us in our days… Heinmets’ lamentation…

Because of Heinmet we know more about Mormon and his son Moroni, the cause of Peace and how important peace is to Zion.

These are just two examples.

I personally am very thankful for this knowledge… I hope it will be for the great good of the children of father Lehi and the mixed blood remnant of us in the last days on this American Continent, and will help with;

The Gathering of all things and The Restoration of All things. ZION !!!

The Book of Heinmet
The Son of Pa Natan

Chapter Five

1) Now behold, it is forty and two years since the Council of Mentinah laid upon me the seat of the high priest, and I am weighed down with many years and much labor.

And I fear that I have come nigh unto the end of my ministry.

Wherefore, I do write again that my life give some cause for my descendents to
ponder about the counsels of men.

2) Behold, we have watched these many years all the doings of the people of the Land Southward, and also those of their people who have built up cities round about the gulf, and we have prepared ourselves for what might come of their expansion.

3) Yea, we have built up mounds and works to protect our cities and we have also built up and trained armies of men to defend them.

And we have brought in and centralized our population, that small villages and settlements in the risky places might not be suddenly attacked and overwhelmed before aid might come to them.

4) And behold, all this we have done with an eye single to defending our way of life.

Yea, we have done it all in order that the laws and ways and customs that have established such peace in all the land for so many generations might be preserved.

And this, we thought was all to our good and we set to it with great industry and vigor.

5) But now I fear that all this preparation may become the seeds of the downfall and destruction of all that we hoped to defend.

Yea, all our industry and diligent preparation may well provide the inroad by which
the enemies of our people shall get passage into the very heart of our community.

6) For behold, there never was a force at arms that provided for its own upkeep.

Nay, never was there an army that labored in the field or in the shop, but they all consume the provender of others.

And also, what army was ever kept in order without that rulers were placed over them?

7) Yea, we have our captains of tens and our captains of hundreds, and even our captain over all the armies.

And they are distinguished from the rank and file by those devices so common to military organization.

Yea, I do not think there are any differences in such things from one age of the world to another, but they are all similar.

And the captains do issue their commands to be obeyed by all over whom they have
dominion and the men do esteem them because of the devices they wear.

Therefore are they set apart and above their fellow men.

8) And behold, any great body of men, and they are mostly young men with little experience, that must be kept in reasonable order, must also adopt a set of rules and regulations suited to the work for which the men are gathered.

And what is this work?

It is a work of death.

Wherefore, to regulate a work of death requires a set of laws which by their very nature must be in conflict with those by which the cities do govern themselves.

9) Wherefore, we must train our young men to respect the status of their superiors, and indeed, to esteem them as superior to themselves, a thing foreign to their upbringing.

10) And we must train them to restrain those feelings which do tend to cause a man to avoid to do violence upon another.

Else, how could we ask them to march out and perform the work of death upon their enemy?

Nay, they must be able to raise the sword up and bring it down upon the enemy of the people, and they must not shrink from it.

Can such a teaching ever be removed from the heart and from the mind?

I know not.

11) And when the armies are quartered in the cities, which must be necessary from time to time, they are governed by different laws and regulations than are the rest of the people.

And, if an offense is committed, the Councils have no sway over them.

12) And behold, in order to maintain such a force at arms, much more provisions must be kept in the
storehouses for their upkeep, because they labor not for their own needs.

Wherefore, the number of people providing the production is greatly reduced.

Yea,fewer people must provide all the labor of more of the population, and this begets strife. Yea, so much so that some of our cities have declared that they will provide for their own defense and have ceased to send provision to the armies.

13) Behold, to live in fear of war is an evil, powerful to the overcoming of the peace, and I lament the day that I stood in the Great Council and suggested such measures.

14) Now let this be instructive to all who might read this record.

In my youth I counseled the Saints of the latter days to live humbly amidst the strife of their times and to make of themselves friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness.

I counseled them against pride and against the judgment of their neighbors,
that they be not esteemed by them to be an enemy.

15) But look at what we have done in the time of my stewardship.

The people of the gulf region esteem the Nemenhah to be their enemy.

Though we have never had occasion to go up to war or contention against
each other.

Nevertheless, they observe our fear and our preparations and consider us enemies because of them.

16) Behold, there is not one city in that region that is not in commotion.

They all battle against each other and they all belong to their own city alone.

Yea, there is not one thread of unity among them.

But, we have maintained our unity and our solidarity in defense of our way of life.

17) Yet, in this unity there is strife and the beginnings of divisions, and is this not the very rumor which caused us to industriously provide for our defense?

Now our neighbors, who are weak and defenseless, do fear us exceedingly, and with good reason.

For, some of our mighty men do esteem them unstable and a danger to our security, and they do desire leave to go down unto them and demand that they join our people and take upon them our ways.

18) Wherefore, we are on the brink of war because we spent so much of our strength attempting to prevent it.

We are at the edge of a precipice of destruction because we live in fear of the possibility and the risk of invasion.

19) Yea behold, I end my stewardship wishing that I had never been called.

For I have left to my children a bitter legacy.

Yea, I leave now to my children and my grandchildren the task of righting a great wrong that I helped to do, not unto a single man, for I have never raised my hand to do injury unto my neighbor, but unto all the Nemenhah.

Yea, I and my companions thrust our people into a war in their hearts and this
war threatens our ways much more than the Gadiantonhem of the Land Southward have done.

20) Behold, there is war in every quarter in the Land Southward, and we know of a great man who labors there to bring check upon the strife.

Yea, we know of the man, for his father was among those we had sent to observe the doings of the Land Southward.

21) And behold, his name is Mormon;

and he is a descendent of that Nephi;

Who ended his days in Mentinah before the coming of the Lord.

And he is also a descendent of Hagoth and of Pa-Hememtem.

Wherefore, he is well known among the Nemenhah.

22) And Mormon took with him his son Mormon, even a boy of no more than eight years of age, and he traveled with him wherever he went in the Land Southward.

But the rest of his family, he left in the city of Wit Chit Tim for their safety.

23) And we know that this young son has grown into a great man, for the Nephites of the Land Southward chose him to be their captain and to lead their armies.

And, from all reports of his family, he is a prophet and a seer.

Nevertheless, he does not preach unto the people, for the Spirit constrains him.

24) Wherefore, if the people of the Land Southward have become so wicked and corrupt that the Lord Himself does stop up the mouth of a prophet and seer, we fear the complete breakdown of all that is good and holy in that land.

For the people, sensing in Mormon his greatness, do not feel the Spirit, and therefore, cannot know who it is that walks among them and leads them into battle.

All their victories have been in vain, for their reward will be but a trifle and for but a moment.

25) But now his son, whose name is Moroni;

but our people call him Mor-Honayah;

is gone also into the Land Southward to join his father in the fight.

Wherefore, we fear greatly for both of them.

And the war in the Land Southward is bitter, for it is fed by wickedness and witchcrafts and sorceries.

And the Gadiantonhem rule in every city and misery abounds.

26) But behold, the Nephites are no less wicked than their enemies and this is what gives me great pause and drives me to great reflection.

For, if the Nephites, who were once called the People of Christ, are now just as wicked as their enemies, and their enemies are wicked indeed, how far are the Nemenhah from the
same plight?

27) Yea, I fear that we are about to duplicate the Nephites in every way and I know not if it may be prevented.

28) Now behold, I go the way of all the world.

But I would leave this testimony unto all who might take up this record and read it.

Do so with wisdom and understanding.

Do not take it up to use it as a tool against your neighbor.

Do not take it up to be puffed up in the pride of your heart.

For, you take it up only by the grace of God.

Wherefore, think not yourself blessed or elect for any other reason than because of the
wisdom and purposes of God.

29) For the Nemenhah have lived in peace and prosperity, and this because we have always kept the covenants we make in the High Place.

And because of this peace and prosperity, we have deemed ourselves worthy.
Yea, we have called ourselves the People of the Lord in all our generations and in this I might venture we have been guilty of pride.

30) And we have watched from a distance the wars and dissentions in the Land Southward, and also those of which we hear from travelers and visitors from other countries.

And we have considered ourselves doubly blessed that we suffer not from such things.

Even to a point of lamentable pride in ourselves.

31) Yea, I did even puff myself up to preaching, even unto a people of the future whom I could but see in a cloud and not clearly.

Of a surety, the Spirit did speak to me of the doings of the Saints of the last days, when this record will come up out of the dust.

And I prophesied as I was directed.

But behold, I did also judge them in my heart and give thanks that I lived in the days of my stewardship, and this I should not have done.

32) Yea, I did puff myself up in pride that my people had avoided the pitfalls and the traps laid cunningly by the evil one to lead the people away from the Lord and His ways.

But look upon my people now.

As I reach the end of my days and of my stewardship, look upon the Nemenhah now.

For, hardly can they avoid going down into destruction because of the path upon which I have placed them.

Yea, look upon us and consider well all that you think within your heart concerning your neighbor.

33) God is good.

Yea, the Lord is great and mighty.

He shall lead the righteous in His holy paths.

He is the Peacemaker and the Creator;

And His children may overcome all things;

By adhering strictly unto every word;

That proceeds out of His mouth.

Yea, I rejoice in my God, for He has always been the guardian of all
that is good and shall safeguard His people.

34) But, thinking that I was wise, I have led my people into a trap.

Yea, look upon me and consider the outcome.

For, rather than discern the path that they ought to take for themselves, by and through the Holy Ghost, they have followed the counsel of wise men.

Yea, they trusted in the strength of my arm;

And not upon the will and wonders of their God.

35) Rely not upon the arm of the flesh.

Now, I know that all of my people have read and heard this saying many times.

But I believe that they considered it to mean that they ought not to rely upon their own
strength and understanding, and this is right.

But, if their understanding comes from the Holy Ghost and
their strength from the Lord, behold, this can be relied upon.

36) But take not for granted that the Lord does guide all your paths without that you specifically ask it of Him.

Behold, this is folly.

It is not expedient that you ought to be commanded in all things, this is sloth.

But it is expedient that you cry unto the Lord with regard to all things, and there is a great difference here.

Can you discern it?
37) For I, being called upon by the Spirit to witness visions of the future and to make prophecy of what I saw there, behold I did think myself a great prophet, like unto Shi-Muel.

And I did think that all my thoughts and all my inclinations did come from Christ, and that I need not consult the Holy Ghost in all things.
Behold, this was my great error.

For, when I ceased to cry unto the Lord in all things, through the power
of the Holy Ghost, He did cease to strive with me upon the Way.

To be sure, my intention was good and so I was not prevented from walking upon the Way as my fathers before me.

But, I was no longer instructed as I had previously been, and I was not visited by the Lord again.

38) Think not that because you walk upon the Way and have concourse with Angels that you are perfect and have your calling and election sealed already.

There is yet much more to do and the Way is not yet the Hereafter.

Nay, puff not yourself because you are given to receive visions.

Be not puffed up in pride because you may walk upon the Way and take up books in strange tongues to read them with understanding.

39) Verily, these are great gifts and shall all be beneficial to your progress toward perfection.

But, I had all such things as well.

Yea, and even I walked and conversed with the Lord.

Yet I did puff myself up and lead my people into what does seem to appear to me even their certain destruction.

And behold, my people did follow the Great High Priest in Mentinah;

As if he were God Himself;

believing that I could not lead them off His path.

Yea, they were all of the belief that God would smite me ere I could ever lead
them astray.

And smite me He has,with the certain knowledge that, if my people continue to follow my counsels, they shall all be destroyed.

40) Wherefore, I do leave my stewardship with this counsel:

Lean upon God.

Importune Him in all things.

Cry unto Him even when He has given you visions!

Cry unto Him even when He has blessed you with the Gifts of the Spirit!

Cry unto Him even when He has walked with you and talked with you!

Do not tempt the Lord your God in any thing, but cry unto Him unceasingly.

41) This is not to say that I judge my God, for He is judge of quick and dead.

But, He will try you and test you.

Yea, He will give you every opportunity to follow His counsel.

And, when He sees that you do incline yourself toward pride and do puff yourself up in any thing, the occasion will suit Him to bend it toward your instruction.

42) Behold, I have given my last counsel unto all they who at once insisted that I be high priest unto them.

Yea, and that is that they ought to disband the army and tear down what they can of their earthworks.

I have counseled them that they should send the people back into their villages and their settlements and that great populations of people be not gathered into one city or another, for the land cannot bear it and we are but stewards of the land.


43) Yea, I have seen in vision;

that the wars that kindle the Land Southward until all cities are aflame with it, shall move as if one great beast even into the Land Northward.

And I have warned the people that they must move speedily before it and out of its way.

44) For the combatants are bent on nothing more than to destroy each other.

And when they are all destroyed, the victor shall have gone so long from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood that they shall know no other way of life.

Wherefore, if they have no enemy, they shall speedily turn in upon themselves and one generation shall not pass before they too are all but destroyed out of the land.

45) Wherefore, I have warned all the Nemenhah, especially those out against the East Sea, that they ought to observe the work of death closely and always be far enough away that they might not be discovered by the combatants or by the victors.

And, if they do this, they shall be preserved.

46) Yea, and the victors will search diligently in all the land for the Nephites who might have escaped, to destroy them.

But are we Nephites?

Nay, we are Nemenhah and they shall find before them many ruined and deserted villages.

Shall they not believe that all the Nephites are destroyed?

And when this quest is used up, they shall return again to their own Bands and find a land scourged by war.

Behold, their suffering shall be great and for all their want they shall cast about for the enemy that has caused it, and find only themselves.

Verily, they shall turn upon their own kind to destroy themselves, also.

47) Now behold, I go out of my stewardship and I give it up. If it so be that the Lord does prolong my life, and this seems unlikely, I shall devote the rest of it to preaching among the Nemenhah.

Perchance I might undo some of the great evil that I have done in the days of my stewardship.

48) Behold, I make an end of my writing.

to be continued… cj

The Record of Mor-Honayah
The Son of Mormon



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