The Book of Heinmet Part 5 At The Temple of Wit Chit Tim in The Land Northward

All my relations,

We are gathering in from the four sacred directions all the tribes of Isreal…

All with their sacred records that have been burried… These records are crying out from the dust… speaking to us in these latter-days…

Let’s continue with these Nemenhah libraries, I believe these Mentinah Archives are part of the greater things that will be revealed to the faithful in the last days as spoken by the Lord in 3 Nephi 26:1-12

As recorded by the prophet historian Mormon in The Book of Mormon

3 Nephi  26:1-12

Jesus Visits The Land Southward and expounds all things from the beginning to the end—Babes and children utter marvelous things that cannot be written—Those in the Church of Christ have all things in common among them. About A.D. 34.

 And now it came to pass that when Jesus had told these things he expounded them unto the multitude; and he did expound all things unto them, both great and small.

 And He saith: These scriptures, which ye had not with you, the Father commanded that I should give unto you; for it was wisdom in him that they should be given unto future generations.

 3 And he did expound all things, even from the beginning until the time that he should come in his glory—yea, even all things which should come upon the face of the earth, even until the elements should melt with fervent heat, and the earth should be wrapt together as a scroll, and the heavens and the earth should pass away;

 And even unto the great and last day, when all people, and all kindreds, and all nations and tongues shall stand before God, to be judged of their works, whether they be good or whether they be evil—

 5 If they be good, to the resurrection of everlasting life; and if they be evil, to the resurrection of damnation; being on a parallel, the one on the one hand and the other on the other hand, according to the mercy, and the justice, and the holiness which is in Christ, who was before the world began.

 And now there cannot be written in this book even a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach unto the people;

 7 But behold the plates of Nephi do contain the more part of the things which he taught the people.

 And these things have I written, which are a lesser part of the things which he taught the people; and I have written them to the intent that they may be brought again unto this people, from the Gentiles, according to the words which Jesus hath spoken.

 And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them.

 10 And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.

 11 Behold, I was about to write them, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi, but the Lord forbade it, saying: I will try the faith of my people.

 12 Therefore I, Mormon, do write the things which have been commanded me of the Lord.

And now I, Mormon, make an end of my sayings, and proceed to write the things which have been commanded me.

(We find out from the Mentinah Archives, that Mormon, and his father Mormon, were from Wit Chit Tim in the Land Northward, but the city rested on southern border of The Nemenhah Lands, evidently it was a great city with a Temple.)

The Great council was held there during the time of great division about 206 A.D.

And up until, The Great and Last Battle of The Clash of Two Great Civilizations;

Called the Nephites and the Lamanites (pre-classic Mayan … until the destruction of the Nephites in The Battle of The Hill Cumorah, about 385A.D.

Recorded by Mormon and his son Moroni in The Fourth Book of Nephi and many books contained within The Book of Mormon.

The Nemenhah,
declare that we are a Nomadic Indigenous People, comprised of remnants of the Ancient Nemenhah, whose citizens happily and peacefully co-inhabited parts of North, Central and South America with other Indigenous Peoples who dwelt in these traditional lands and territories prior to the European Conquest.

Notwithstanding attempts by a conquering nation to extinguish us from off
the face of the earth, we continue to have a permanent population.

Smohola, whose legacy as the “Hunchback Prophet” of the Wanapum People, was a relation and Mentor

of the a aforementioned Chief Hinmot Tooyelakekt, as well as many others, including Toohoohoolzote and Wovoka.

We revere Smohola as another of our Founding Fathers.

He traveled down to the ancestral fathers in the Yucatan, and spent four years with them reaffirming the ancient ways and customs.

Smohola became aware of records which recount the history of the Nemenhah and how
they originated in the region of Central America associated with the Izapa Culture, a portion of which migrated into North America during what archeologists now call the Late Pre-Classic Period of Mayan History, and from their outposts in

North America they continued into the Pacific Islands and into Asia.

Sacred Records of this migration and colonization have been recovered and translated which describe and define the ancient territory of the Nemenhah.

We believe these Sacred Records to be authentic and the translations to be to be adequate to their purpose.

Smohola, began a restoration of the Nemenhah People;

Through the re-introduction of the Seven Drums and Seven Lodges Ceremonies, culminating in the emergence of the Ghost Dance, which threatened to unite all the Native American Peoples of North America.

The United States Government declared war against this Native American Cultural Restoration beginning with the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee Creek, and had nearly extinguished it by the beginning of the twentieth century.

Nevertheless, the records were safely hidden and the Nemenhah Culture

was not completely extinguished.

*The Restoration of The Nemenhah as a Nation of in 2002.


Now Let’s go to the record of Heinmet in;

The Land Northward, about 206A.D. when the divisions started.

The Thirteen Main Cities of The Great Council of The Nemenhah

The Nemenhah have all things in common…

The Book of Heinmet
The Son of Pa Natan

Heinmet began his writings at age 17 in the 6th generation after Christ’s visit.

He attributed the success of the nation to living the Laws of God, particularly the Law of Consecration.

He forewarned of the last days. He became high priest  and listed the duties of this office.

In the 206th year following Christ’s visit;

rumors came of divisions among people in Land Southward.

A great council was held to decide the best way to defend Nemenhah lands

against the Gadiantonhem.

Their decision lead to a change that threatened the Nemenhah way of life.

Heinmet knew of Mormon and of his son, Moroni.

Chapter Four

1) Now, it came to pass just after the visit of the Peacemaker unto the people of Mentinah and of Corianton that in the parts of the Land Northward, around about the great gulf of the sea which is south of the great plain.

The Nephites and Lamanites from the Land Southward began to build up colonies and settlements.

And these for a time did live after the manner which He did teach us, wherefore, the Nemenhah have enjoyed much trade and commerce with them.

And they have become a neighboring nation in the south parts of the Land Northward.

2) They do live the Law of Consecration for the most part, but they do not take it up by covenant after the custom of the Nemenhah.

And they do not call themselves Nemenhah, but Nephites.

And also their manner of worship differs from ours much the same way the Ammonites differed from the Nephites of old.

And behold, each settlement governs itself without regard for its neighbors.

3) Wherefore, though they follow teachings of Christ at this time, the Nemenhah have always feared that they held in them the seeds of division and strife.

And, although we have always communicated and traded with them, especially relying on them for news from the Land Southward, we have always considered them a neighbor nation and not Communities of the Nemenhah.

4) But, where in previous years we enjoyed the visits each year of one of the Lord’s Disciples, whom we have always called the Three.

In my lifetime, none of the Three have come up into the Land Northward.

(In the Book of Mormon we are told The Three were removed from the earth)

We know not why this has occurred and we lament that they no longer walk among the people, but since then we have depended for our information of the Land Southward upon the people on our southern borders.

5) Now, it is two hundred and six years since the Lord visited my forefathers in the city of Mentinah. And we have heard from the Land Southward of many strange things.

For behold, the people of the Land Southward had, ever since the great destruction that took place there, called themselves merely the People of Christ, there being no Nephites, or Lamanites, or any manner of Ites among them.

6) But behold, in this year we have heard of divisions arising among the people. Yea, because of their great prosperity, the people begin once more to put on costly apparel and to deny to have all things in common.

Yea, so widespread has this become that the Nemenhah have ceased to have trade with the cities of the Land Southward for fear that their ways and manners might spread by such trade into the Land Northward.

Yea, we continue to trade with their cities and settlements here in the Land Northward, but we do no more venture below the Land of Desolation to do trade.

7) And we have also heard of no great teachers and the doing of miracles in the Land Southward.

Wherefore, we believe that the people no longer resist the puffing themselves up in pride.

For, where pride is, the Gifts of the Spirit cease.

Wherefore, we fear that the peace of the land shall hardly be preserved.

8) But we have continued in all the days of my stewardship to enjoy not even the hint of discord in all the land and never so much as rumor of disharmony.

9) Now, it is the two hundred and tenth year since the visit of the Peacemaker to our people and the twenty and fifth year of my stewardship as high priest of Mentinah.

And behold, we do continue to enjoy peace in our land.

10) But behold, we do also hear of much division and contention in the Land Southward and also of some among our neighbors in the southern reaches of the Land Northward.

And behold, the people in the Land Southward do begin to divide themselves once again, some calling themselves Nephites and Josephites and Zoramites, and others calling themselves Lamanites and Lemuelites, and so forth.

11) And we have word of many churches rising up among the people that do teach doctrines very contrary to the teachings of the Peacemaker.

For, Christ has surely brought us peace in our land, and so we choose to call on Him.

12) And behold, the leaders of that which men do call the Church of Christ in the Land Southward have sent out missionaries and teachers into all the land to make a regulation of the church.

And there have been reported many marvelous works and miracles among them.

Yet, the people continue to harden their hearts, even to the extent that it seems that soon the wicked will greatly outnumber the righteous in the Land Southward.

13) And we have sent observers to go down into the Land Southward to ascertain the extent of the division of the people. ( Mormon and Moroni were not sent to preach but to record)

14) Now, five years have passed since the Council of Mentinah did send observers down even into the Land Southward, and they have returned and given report of all that they did see there.

And behold, their report is nothing pleasing and has given much cause for concern among the Nemenhah.

15) For, they do observe that the Gadiantonhem do begin to organize again among the people of the Land Southward.

Yea, and they use divisions in churches this time in their plan to destroy the government of the land.

16) Yea, and we have heard of the righteous taking great hurt from they who profess other gospels and other religions, yea, and even of the killing of the righteous by the wicked in the name of such religion.

17) Wherefore, we have become very careful in our correspondence with the Land Southward and even in all our trade with their cities and settlements in the Land Northward.

For, we feel the threat of war arising up out of the earth;

And a renewal of times past.

But this time the strife, we fear, may come up into our land

Because of the colonies and settlements of the people of the Land Southward, which have taken root along the gulf.

18) And behold, I fear greatly that the pride and strife, and the wickedness that is now spreading out upon all the Land Southward, will also find place among the cities of the gulf.

Wherefore, I did cause that a Great Council be called to address the matter.

19) And Peli from each of the principle cities of the Nemenhah, and also from Mentinah and Corianton, did meet together at the Temple in the city of Wit Chit Tim;

Which is the southernmost of the principle cities of the Nemenhah.

And behold, I did travel down even to Wit Chit Tim to attend the Council.

20) And the Council reviewed all the intelligence that had been gathered concerning the happenings in the Land Southward.

And we did measure the threat to our own country, our people and the peace of the land.

21) And behold, the Council did instruct all the principle cities to build up earthworks for their own defense, against the day that the Gadiantonhem might gain the control of the gulf cities.

And we also instructed them to gather in unto them all the people who were spread out or in small villages in the regions round about the principle cities.

Yea, we enlarged our cities to accommodate a greater population.

22) And this we thought was the wisest course and the cities of the plains were the first to begin to gather and to build.

23) And I did travel back to the city of Mentinah and the Council did begin to consider the best way to protect ourselves from the coming threat.

And we did take stock of our situation.

24) Now, the valley of Mentinah is happily situated, in that it is difficult to approach from the south and from the east.

For behold, a great desert prevents access from the east and the south and, should one find the way into the valley, it is only through narrow rifts that one may do it.

25) Yea, the valley may be gained only through narrow passages in the north and, even though the passages are wider in the south, they are still easily defended.

Wherefore, we esteemed ourselves lucky indeed that we had no need of earthworks or thrown up mounds and buttresses because of the natural disposition of the valley.

26) But behold, we did also call in our people from the villages that were scattered round about and our population grew within the valley to many times what it had been before.

27) And so did also the city of Nespelhem and of Polalekt.

And in those cities, the people cast up earth and also built up barricades of timbers round about the cities to provide defenses for themselves.

28) And the cities of Haydahats and Tlinghitsah felt no urgency,

to build earthworks of any kind.

For, they are situated far from the threat.

But they did send much provision down even unto those cities that felt the
threat more keenly.

29) And the cities that felt the threat the greatest were

Wit Chit Tim,


Naragans,and Chipehah,
and we did also send much provision to those cities.

30) All these preparations we thought were for the good of the people and of the peace of our land.

Wherefore, for the first time since the Children of Sanhempet, we did make preparations against the possibility of the threat of the Gadiantonhem once again in the lands of the Nemenhah.

Chapter Five

to be continued…cj

The Book of Mormon

Chapter 1

Ammaron instructs Mormon concerning the sacred records—War commences between the Nephites and the Lamanites—The Three Nephites are taken away—Wickedness, unbelief, sorceries, and witchcraft prevail. About A.D. 321–326.

 And now I, Mormon, make a record of the things which I have both seen and heard, and call it the Book of Mormon.

 And about the time that Ammaron hid up the records unto the Lord, he came unto me, (I being about ten years of age, and I began to be learned somewhat after the manner of the learning of my people) and Ammaron said unto me: I perceive that thou art a sober child, and art quick to observe;

 Therefore, when ye are about twenty and four years old I would that ye should remember the things that ye have observed concerning this people; and when ye are of that age go to the land Antum, unto a hill which shall be called Shim; and there have I deposited unto the Lord all the sacred engravings concerning this people.

 And behold, ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself, and the remainder shall ye leave in the place where they are; and ye shall engrave on the plates of Nephi all the things that ye have observed concerning this people.

 And I, Mormon, being a descendant of Nephi, (and my father’s name was Mormon) I remembered the things which Ammaron commanded me.

 And it came to pass that I, being eleven years old, was carried by my father into the land southward, even to the land of Zarahemla.

 The whole face of the land had become covered with buildings, and the people were as numerous almost, as it were the sand of the sea.

 And it came to pass in this year there began to be a war between the Nephites, who consisted of the Nephites and the Jacobites and the Josephites and the Zoramites; and this war was between the Nephites, and the Lamanites and the Lemuelites and the Ishmaelites.

 Now the Lamanites and the Lemuelites and the Ishmaelites were called Lamanites, and the two parties were Nephites and Lamanites.

 10 And it came to pass that the war began to be among them in the borders of Zarahemla, by the waters of Sidon.

 11 And it came to pass that the Nephites had gathered together a great number of men, even to exceed the number of thirty thousand. And it came to pass that they did have in this same year a number of battles, in which the Nephites did beat the Lamanites and did slay many of them.

 12 And it came to pass that the Lamanites withdrew their design, and there was peace settled in the land; and peace did remain for the space of about four years, that there was no bloodshed.

 13 But wickedness did prevail upon the face of the whole land, insomuch that the Lord did take away his beloved disciples, and the work of miracles and of healing did cease because of the iniquity of the people.

 14 And there were no gifts from the Lord, and the Holy Ghost did not come upon any, because of their wickedness and unbelief.

 15 And I, being fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.

 16 And I did endeavor to preach unto this people, but my mouth was shut, and I was forbidden that I should preach unto them; for behold they had wilfully rebelled against their God; and the beloved disciples were taken away out of the land, because of their iniquity.

 17 But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden to preach unto them, because of the hardness of their hearts; and because of the hardness of their hearts the land was cursed for their sake.

 18 And these Gadianton robbers, who were among the Lamanites, did infest the land, insomuch that the inhabitants thereof began to hide up their treasures in the earth; and they became slippery, because the Lord had cursed the land, that they could not hold them, nor retain them again.

 19 And it came to pass that there were sorceries, and witchcrafts, and magics; and the power of the evil one was wrought upon all the face of the land, even unto the fulfilling of all the words of Abinadi, and also Samuel the Lamanite.

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