walking with the Lord

The Creator wants to Show you “THE WAY”
To Seek His Face and Walk and Talk with Him
And become His People Zion, of one heart
And one mind, Having All Things in Common
A Simple Prayer To Know Him and Begin a Personal Relationship …
This is how I began my journey; it is a book of remembrance a personal
Journal, my prayer to all who read it is that you too might be inspired!
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The Holy Ghost is a Revelator, He is our constant companion.
He never sleeps and will watch your dreams with you and
Give you the interpretation… He can help your spirit at night
To communicate with Heavenly Father thru our mediator
Jesus Christ through which all things are possible… through Faith!
Begin to keep a journal this is a most important step it is your
Personal Scriptures your Book of Remembrance…
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Faith, Repentance, and Baptism,is the Gate and the entrance to the
Kingdom of Heaven… The Gift of The Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands Will lead you to “The Way” which is a construct of The Creation… It is made up of
matter and is part of The Terrestrial World… Where we are introduced, at a
certain Point in the endowment of the temple or High Place…where we retrace the
footsteps of Adam and Eve our first parents, we each become Adam and Eve
And are given instruction while in the flesh living on a Telestial World how to be
Introduced to The Terrestrial by Peter the Apostle and then we are brought…To the
Veil and it is rent by Jesus Christ as He brings us back to Heavenly Father
We are never left without instructions Jesus Christ is The Creator and Teacher…
I had been praying for Zion and The Lord’s return. The gathering of
The twelve tribes of Israel this is a matter very close to His Heart.
I had been separated out of the world and Babylon…
I was contacted by The Church of the Firstborn… United Voices!
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I had prepared my heart to live The Five Celestial Laws especially…
The Law of Consecration is required for the redemption of Zion and
The Law of the Gospel as contained in the Bible and Book of Mormon…
Then, I was awakened by The Patriarchs from the General Assembly…
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I never realized until this experience what The Church of the Firstborn was
And how we all can experience belonging to the Celestial Church of The Lamb
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I never thought I would be sharing this experience outside of my own family
But these things now are part of my daily walk and sacred talk and fill volumes…
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The Holy Ghost has inspired me to share them with all of Heavenly Father’s
Children, so that His Only Begotten Son can bring us back home…
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The Angels will ordain the 144,000 twelve thousand from each tribe, among all the
Nations, to bring as many who will come, into The Church of the Firstborn…
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