The Book of Heiment Part 4; These are the duties of the high priest of Mentinah.

Greeting all my relations,

With great honor today, we will read from the ancient Book of Heinmet;

Chapter Three

1) Now behold, the people of the Land Northward did enjoy a generation of peace, for they do follow strictly the ways set up for us by our forefathers.

And they also seek diligently to attain a confirmation of the Spirit of the rightness of their policy.

2) And behold, when I had reached the age of thirty years, the Council of Mentinah did lay hold of me to make me high priest to the city.

For in the years that followed after the death of my mother, Pa Natan, they called many men and women to sit in the seat of high priest.

And these are the names of they whom they did lay hold on.

3) Behold, when Pa Natan died the Council called up Shian Tsueth to be high priest and he did fill the seat for four years. And when Shian Tsueth died the Council laid upon his son Shien Tsian and he filled the seat of high priest for three years.

And when Shien Tsian died the Council laid upon Notham and Niem to abide the seat together, being twins and never separated in any thing.

And Notham and Niem died on the same day after having sat in the seat

of high priest for two years.

And upon the death of the twins, the Council laid upon,

Nephat and he was high priest in Mentinah for four years.

4) These were the high priests of Mentinah since Pa Natan and they each filled the seat with dignity and fulfilled their stewardship in righteousness.

5) Now behold, Nephat has died and the Council has laid this charge

upon me and I do take it up.

And behold, these are the duties of the high priest of the city of Mentinah according to the customs that have been established by the use of the people and of the councils for many generations:

6) Behold, the high priest shall officiate in the place of the Peli for and in behalf of all the inhabitants of the city.

Wherefore, when a ceremony is sought for all the people, the high priest does officiate and preside over such ceremony.

7) And also when the Council meets to study old policy or to make new policies or laws, the high priest presides and maintains order, for the high priest is the Peli of the Council.

Yea, the high priest sees to it that all the members of the Council shall have opportunity to speak and be heard.

And behold, if the Council becomes unruly or unkindly, the high priest adjourns the meeting so that they do no injustice or injury to each other.

8) And when new records are added to the libraries, the high priest takes them up and blesses them.

9) And when new people are admitted into the city of Mentinah to sojourn there,

the high priest adopts them by a ceremony.

10) And when there are public buildings erected, the high priest blesses them.

11) And the high priest has the care and management of the public storehouse.

12) And when land is taken into cultivation for the sake of the storehouse and not for any private stewardship, the high priest blesses the land and gives thanks on behalf of all the people.

13) And, when the ordinances of the High Place are performed by the Council, the high priest does take the part of Elohim Heavenly Father in the narration.

But behold, when the high priest participates in the ordinances in general the part is taken according to the lots as they fall.

14) And the high priest takes particular care in providing for the Councils, in the region over which Mentinah holds sway, the names of all those who shall have the right to sit in the place of the Peli to provide for order in the Councils.

These same shall be trained by the high priest in all their responsibilities.

15) And when a Great Council is called, the high priest of Mentinah serves with the high priest of Corianton and the thirteen principle cities of the Nemenhah.

Behold, they form a Council of Peli and they elect who shall preside over the Great Council.

16) These are the duties of the high priest of Mentinah.

Chapter Four

to be continued…cj

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