The Book of Heinmet Part 3 and The Book of 4th Nephi; LDS Saints to make of themselves friends of The Mammon of Unrighteousness

Greeting all my relations’

With great pleasure I bring to you the ancient book of Heinmet written about 206 A.D

Heinmet began his writings at age 17 in the 6th generation after Christ’s visit.

He attributed the success of the nation to living the Laws of God, particularly the Law of Consecration. He forewarned of the last days. He became high priest and listed the duties of this office.

In the 206th year following Christ’s visit, rumors came of divisions among people in
Land Southward.

A great council was held to decide the best way to defend Nemenhah lands against the Gadiantonhem.

Their decision lead to a change that threatened the Nemenhah way of life.

Heinmet knew of Mormon and of his son, Moroni.

The Book of Heinmet goes along with 4th Nephi of The Book of  Mormon.

So I am including the 4th Book of Nephi right here;

4 Nephi 1
One of the Three Nephite - Translated Beings - Immortal - Holy Ones
An account of the people of Nephi, according to his record.
The Nephites and the Lamanites are all converted unto the Lord.
They have all things in common;
They work miracles;
And prosper in the land.
After two centuries, divisions, evils, false churches, 
and persecutions arise.
After three hundred years;
 both the Nephites and the Lamanites are wicked.
Ammaron hides up the sacred records. 
About A.D. 35–321.

4 Nephi 1:1
 1 And it came to pass that,
the thirty and fourth year passed away,
 and also the thirty and fifth, and behold the disciples of
Jesus had formed a church of Christ in all the lands round about.

And as many as did come unto them, and did truly repent
of their sins, were baptized in the name of Jesus; 
and they did also receive the Holy Ghost.

4 Nephi 1:2
 2 And it came to pass in the thirty and sixth year;
 The people were all converted unto the Lord, 
upon all the face of the land,
both Nephites and Lamanites, and there were 
no contentions and disputations among them, 
and every man did deal justly one with another.

4 Nephi 1:3
3 And they had all things common among them; 

Therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free;

But they were all made free;

And partakers of the heavenly gift.

4 Nephi 1:4
 4 And it came to pass that,
the thirty and seventh year passed away also, 
and there still continued to be peace in the land.

4 Nephi 1:5
5 And there were great and marvelous works;
Wrought by the disciples of Jesus, 
insomuch that they did heal the sick, 
And raise the dead, and cause the lame to walk;
And the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear; 
And all manner of miracles did they work 
among the children of men; 
And in nothing did they work miracles 
save it were in the name of Jesus.

4 Nephi 1:6
 6 And thus did the thirty and eighth year pass away,
and also the thirty and ninth, and forty and first, 
and the forty and second.
Yea, even until forty and nine years had passed away, 
and also the fifty and first, and the fifty and second; 
Yea, and even until fifty and nine years had passed away.

4 Nephi 1:7
 7 And the Lord did prosper them exceedingly in the land; 
Yea,insomuch that they did build cities again
where there had been cities burned.

4 Nephi 1:8
 8 Yea, even that great city Zarahemla did they 
cause to be built again.

4 Nephi 1:9
 9 But there were many cities which had been sunk, 
and waters came up in the stead thereof; 
therefore these cities could not be renewed.

4 Nephi 1:10
 10 And now, behold, it came to pass that 
the people of Nephi did wax strong, 
and did multiply exceedingly fast, and became an
exceedingly fair and delightsome people.

4 Nephi 1:11
 11 And they were married, and given in marriage,
and were blessed according to the multitude 
of the promises which the Lord
had made unto them.

4 Nephi 1:12
 12 And they did not walk any more after the performances 
and ordinances of the law of Moses; but they did walk after the
commandments which they had received from their Lord 
and their
God, continuing in fasting and prayer, and in meeting 
together oft both to pray and to hear the word of the Lord.

4 Nephi 1:13
 13 And it came to pass that there was no contention among all
the people, in all the land; but there were mighty miracles
wrought among the disciples of Jesus.

4 Nephi 1:14
 14 And it came to pass that the seventy and first year 
passed away, and also the seventy and second year, 
Yea, and in fine, till the seventy and ninth year 
had passed away; 
Yea, even an hundred years had passed away, 
and the disciples of Jesus, whom he had chosen,
had all gone to the paradise of God, save it were;
The three who should tarry; and there were other disciples
ordained in their stead; and also many of that 
generation had passed away.

4 Nephi 1:15
 15 And it came to pass that there was no contention 
in the land,because of the love of God which did dwell 
in the hearts of the people.

4 Nephi 1:16
 16 And there were no envyings, nor strifes, nor tumults, 
nor whoredoms, nor lyings, nor murders, nor any manner of
lasciviousness; and surely there could not be a happier 
people among all the people who had been created by 
the hand of God.

4 Nephi 1:17
 17 There were no robbers, nor murderers, neither 
were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; 
but they were in one, the children of Christ, 
And heirs to the kingdom of God.

4 Nephi 1:18
 18 And how blessed were they!  For the Lord did bless 
them in all their doings; yea, even they were blessed 
and prospered until an hundred and ten years 
had passed away; 

And the first generation from Christ had passed away;
And there was no contention in all the land.

4 Nephi 1:19
 19 And it came to pass that Nephi, he that kept this last
record, (and he kept it upon the plates of Nephi) died, and his
son Amos kept it in his stead; and he kept it upon 
the plates of Nephi also.

4 Nephi 1:20
 20 And he kept it eighty and four years, and there was still
peace in the land, save it were a small part of 
the people who had revolted from the church and taken 
upon them the name of Lamanites; therefore there began 
to be Lamanites again in the land.

4 Nephi 1:21
 21 And it came to pass that Amos died also, 
(and it was an hundred and ninety and four years from 
the coming of Christ) and his son Amos kept the record 
in his stead; and he also kept it upon the plates of Nephi; 
and it was also written in the book of Nephi, 
which is this book.

4 Nephi 1:22
 22 And it came to pass that two hundred years had passed away;
and the second generation had all passed away save it were a few.

4 Nephi 1:23
 23 And now I, Mormon, would that ye should know that 
the people had multiplied, insomuch that they were 
spread upon all the face of the land, and that they 
had become exceedingly rich, 
because of their prosperity in Christ.

4 Nephi 1:24
 24 And now, in this two hundred and first year there began to be
among them those who were lifted up in pride;
Such as the wearing of costly apparel, and all manner of fine pearls, 
And of the fine things of the world.

4 Nephi 1:25
 25 And from that time forth they did have their goods
 and their substance no more common among them.

4 Nephi 1:26
 26 And they began to be divided into classes; and they began to
build up churches unto themselves to get gain, and began to deny
the true church of Christ.

4 Nephi 1:27
 27 And it came to pass that when two hundred and ten years had
passed away there were many churches in the land; 
Yea, there were many churches which professed to know 
the Christ, and yet they did deny the more parts of his 
gospel, insomuch that they did receive all manner of wickedness,
and did administer that which was sacred unto him to 
whom it had been forbidden because of unworthiness.

4 Nephi 1:28
 28 And this church did multiply exceedingly because 
of iniquity, and because of the power of Satan
 who did get hold upon their hearts.

4 Nephi 1:29
 29 And again, there was another church which denied 
the Christ; and they did persecute the true church of Christ,
because of their humility and their belief in Christ; 
and they did despise them because of the many miracles 
which were wrought among them.

4 Nephi 1:30
 30 Therefore they did exercise power and authority over the
disciples of Jesus who did tarry with them, and they did cast
them into prison; but by the power of the word of God, which was
in them, the prisons were rent in twain, and they went forth
doing mighty miracles among them.

4 Nephi 1:31
 31 Nevertheless, and notwithstanding all these miracles, the
people did harden their hearts, and did seek to kill them, even
as the Jews at Jerusalem sought to kill Jesus, according to his

4 Nephi 1:32
 32 And they did cast them into furnaces of fire, and they came
forth receiving no harm.

4 Nephi 1:33
 33 And they also cast them into dens of wild beasts, and they
did play with the wild beasts even as a child with a lamb; and
they did come forth from among them, receiving no harm.

4 Nephi 1:34
 34 Nevertheless, 
The people did harden their hearts, 
For they were led by many priests;
And false prophets to build up many
churches, and to do all manner of iniquity.  
And they did smite upon the people of Jesus; 
But the people of Jesus did not smite again.  
And thus they did dwindle in unbelief and wickedness,
from year to year. 

Even until two hundred and thirty years had passed away.

4 Nephi 1:35
 35 And now it came to pass in this year, yea, in the two hundred
and thirty and first year, there was a great division among the

4 Nephi 1:36
 36 And it came to pass that in this year there arose 
a people who were called the Nephites, and they were 
true believers in Christ; and among them there were 
those who were called by the Lamanites--Jacobites,
and Josephites, and Zoramites;

4 Nephi 1:37
 37 Therefore the true believers in Christ, and the true
worshipers of Christ, (among whom were the three disciples 
of Jesus who should tarry) were called Nephites,and 
Jacobites,and Josephites,and Zoramites.

4 Nephi 1:38
 38 And it came to pass that they who rejected the gospel 
were called Lamanites, and Lemuelites, and Ishmaelites; 
and they did not dwindle in unbelief, but they did willfully 
rebel against the gospel of Christ; and they did teach 
their children that they should not believe, even as their 
fathers, from the beginning,did dwindle.

4 Nephi 1:39
 39 And it was because of the wickedness and abomination 
of their fathers, even as it was in the beginning.  
And they were taught to hate the children of God, even as 
the Lamanites were taught to hate the children of Nephi 
from the beginning.

4 Nephi 1:40
 40 And it came to pass that two hundred and forty and 
four years had passed away, and thus were the affairs of 
the people.  And the more wicked part of the people did wax strong, 
and became exceedingly more numerous than were the people 
of God.

4 Nephi 1:41
 41 And they did still continue to build up churches 
unto themselves, and adorn them with all manner of 
precious things. 

And thus did and also two hundred and fifty years pass away,
And two hundred and sixty years.

4 Nephi 1:42
 42 And it came to pass that the wicked part of the people 
began again to build up the secret oaths and combinations of Gadianton.

4 Nephi 1:43
 43 And also the people who were called the people of Nephi 
began to be proud in their hearts, because of their exceeding riches,
and become vain like unto their brethren, the Lamanites.

4 Nephi 1:44
 44 And from this time the disciples began to sorrow for the sins
of the world.

4 Nephi 1:45
 45 And it came to pass that when three hundred years had passed
away, both the people of Nephi and the Lamanites had become
exceedingly wicked one like unto another.

4 Nephi 1:46
 46 And it came to pass that the robbers of Gadianton did spread
over all the face of the land; and there were none that were
righteous save it were the disciples of Jesus.  
And gold and silver did they lay up in store in abundance,
And did traffic in all manner of traffic.

4 Nephi 1:47
 47 And it came to pass that after three hundred and five years
had passed away,(and the people did still remain in wickedness)
Amos died; and his brother, Ammaron, did keep the record in his stead.

4 Nephi 1:48
 48 And it came to pass that when three hundred and twenty years
had passed away, Ammaron, being constrained by the Holy Ghost,
did hide up the records which were sacred--yea, even all the
sacred records which had been handed down from generation to
generation, which were sacred--even until the three hundred and
twentieth year from the coming of Christ.

4 Nephi 1:49
 49 And he did hide them up unto the Lord that they might come
again unto the remnant of the house of Jacob according to the
prophecies and the promises of the Lord.  And thus is the end of
the record of Ammaron.

....and now continue on reading The Book of Heinmet;

Chapter Two

1) But behold, when I look upon your day, I do not see all that is beyond measure full of evil.

For, it is as I said, there shall be some who do take up the Lord’s yoke and seek to do righteousness in the day of their stewardship.

2) Yea, from among the Saints there shall arise some few who will refuse to be so caught up in the things of the world that they shall fail to see;

That they may not serve the Lord and also mammon.

They few shall begin to set aside the need to provide for their own needs alone and shall take up the good books and records that the earth shall cause to flow up unto them from out of the dust and they shall employ them as ensamples.

Yea, they shall look back and see the Nemenhah in our day,

Even as I look forward and see them in theirs.

And, seeing a model in our ways, as in the manners and ways of all the peoples who have obtained the blessings of Heaven because of their obedience in keeping the laws of God, they shall cease to place so great importance in the wisdom of the wise.

They shall walk again in the ways of the Lord and He shall bless them, even as He has blessed us. Yea, and there shall be peace once again ere He comes.

3) I do not suggest that all the land shall enjoy peace such as we now enjoy, for that would require that all people do live the laws and commandments of God equally,

And that I do not see.

Yet, I do see that some few shall have peace in a land filled with confusion.

They shall have refuge.

4) And they shall deal rightly with their neighbors and shall not judge them.

And behold, in their turn, their neighbors shall judge them not too harshly and they shall live peaceably with them.

And even I do see that the wicked shall in many instances protect and defend the righteous because they did not speak or act in judgment out of the pride of their hearts.

5) For pride shall beget pride and judgment shall beget judgment.

For this cause did the Lord admonish His Saints to make of themselves friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness.

Behold, He did not suggest that the righteous take up unrighteousness, but rather, He did admonish the Saints to put away pride in their judgment of their neighbors and seek always to speak peace unto them.

6) And is this not the way of friends?

Is this not His meaning?

For, which of you having a friend does speak reviling unto them?

And who, having a friend does make of them the object of reviling?

Behold, if this is your custom, you shall not long have claim of friendship upon such.

7) Nay, the friend speaks peace and this is the thing that draws.

I may lay claim of friendship upon they unto whom I speak peace and from whom I do receive it.

This is friendship.

8) Wherefore, make of yourselves friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness.

Be wise in your dealings with your fellow men who are not of the same inclination and disposition as yourself.

This is wisdom and good counsel.

For, when the test of friendship comes, they will judge you by that same judgment which
they shall have received from you.

Behold, in the day of tribulation, though your neighbor be of different beliefs,

he may yet offer you comfort and refuge because that,

though he be of another faith or manners than yours, or of none,

yet you made of him a friend.

9) Despise not such friendship, for, the day may come when the Mammon of Unrighteousness shall be your only refuge.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

10) Now, if you are inclined to speak and act in a manner much puffed up in judgment, your neighbors shall esteem you to be their enemy.

Wherefore, do not stand you up on a platform before your fellows and extol your virtues.

For, to stand before men to preach your own election is to condemn all those who find
other vocation.

Yea, speak not highly of yourselves but remain ever humble.

Judge not your neighbor at all, but, if they believe not, simply love them and be an ensample unto them.

Teach them and instruct them when the Spirit dictates.

11) Above all, you few who find yourselves in the midst of unbelievers,

Be forever harmless.

For, they in whom there appears no hint of harm shall fear no harm from even the wickedest of neighbors.

But they in whom may be perceived the hint of mightiness,

Let that one beware in the last days.

12) For, all nations shall be in contention and in commotion.

Give no occasion to be esteemed the enemy.

Behold, many shall fight with their neighbors without cause,

and these shall seek to justify their aggression.

Let them justify themselves in others who are of their own inclination.

Seek not to become a scapegoat for them and for their fury.

Yea, they shall seek you out and make you to stand as cause for
their invective and their aggression.

Wherefore, make yourselves harmless and humble.

Then the Lord shall preserve you in the land

And you shall enjoy peace even in the midst of confusion.

13) And in your refuges, compete not to be the most liked and highly sought after.

Judge not each other, for this comes of pride and shall destroy the peace of which I speak.

But seek to be equally esteemed by all people and esteem them likewise.

Make not an image of yourself and cause no one to think they must look up unto you.

But, hold ever to the Lord as your ensample also.

14) Behold, it pains me that, even among those few in the last days who do take up the Lord’s yolk to attempt to bring again Zion, there shall be some who look upon all the rest of the wicked world with the eyes of judgment.

Yea, they shall thank the Lord that they are not like the rest of the world.

They shall decide that, because they have made an attempt to live the Lord’s Law, they are already approved of the Lord.

Behold, of such shall come hardship and misery among the few who shall have claim on peace.

Yea, the pride of a very few can bring disaster and calamity upon the majority.

15) Wherefore, be ever watchful that you lift not yourselves up in the pride of your hearts.

It is to prevent this kind of pride that, when the Lord visits a person and declares unto them that the Holy Ghost has affected the sealing and made perfect their election, rarely does that person reveal the same to anyone.

And, as often as not, the Lord Himself does command that they tell no one.

16) But what?

Ought this not to be the greatest of ensamples and of great use in instruction – that a person may in actuality attain to that great end and become the Friend of Christ?

Wherefore then, shall a person who has received of the fullness refrain from teaching it?

17) It is because much pride comes of such teaching.

Or how may a man suggest that his neighbor may come unto Christ in fullness by looking upon another man in the flesh?

18) Yea, do you wish to become like unto Christ Himself?

Then look upon me, for I have received of Him the fullness.

Yea, my calling and election are made sure and perfect.

Yea, look upon me for your ensample, for the Holy Ghost has sealed me His.

Yea, and you too may receive of this great blessing.

19) All of these utterances may be perfect and correct in truth, but shall your neighbor bear such from you?

Likewise, shall a neighbor who believes not what you believe be inclined to repent because of your description of your own worthiness?

Nay, think it not.

It may well be that your neighbor may be brought to contemplate his own ways by comparison of yours to his, but never by you making a speech of the differences.

20) Behold, predict not your own salvation, but wait upon the Lord in such things.

He alone knows the end from the beginning.

He alone can look into your private thoughts and see your nakedness.

Wherefore, He alone may know the full measure of what you shall require to become perfected and to abide this estate and others.

Wherefore, since judgment is not within you, leave all such unto One who is mighty to save.

21) But make judgment upon that which is before you, to act or to be acted upon.

For, because of the light that is in you by and through the creation, you have wherewith to judge unto right action and unto right thought.

Yea, you have wherewith to judge good from evil, but not wherewith to judge men and women.

22) Or will you say: Come follow me and I will lead you into salvation?

Behold, the more part of the Saints in the last days shall lay such a thing upon their shepherds.

And behold, their shepherds shall take it up lamenting that the Saints have required it of them.

Yea, they shall lay claim that salvation comes of them and of the church, and that none shall have it but through them.

23) Behold, this is the bitterest of pride.

For, they seek to wrest from the Creator that which is His alone.

Yea, they lay claim to judgment well beyond their stewardship and place the responsibility for it upon the worthiness of the Saints.

Yea, the shepherds, and even some of they whom the Saints shall call Apostle and Prophet in the last days, shall take up this discourse and lay claim to the power to seal and to save.

And this shall be a pride that puffs itself even to the extent that all the Saints shall be taught that the Lord has given over such things to His servants.

24) Be forewarned in this, you very few who shall be the instrument in the Lord’s hand to bring again Zion.


The power to seal is had by the Holy Spirit of Promise alone.

 Although you may call men to make expression of the principle by way of ceremony.

Yet the power by which men and women are sealed up unto Christ.

 A power to which they lay claim, is had by the Holy Ghost only.

25) And also the power to save is had by the Creator alone.

Yea, salvation comes of Him who has the power, the might.

The glory and the dominion necessary to save.

Do you think you, puny man, may lay claim to such things?

Shall you claim that this entity or that shall have such power? Then you are numbered
among those who raise up gods of stone to worship them.

26) My heart does swell within me to see the little flock that shall struggle amidst such opposition to bring again Zion.

Yea, they shall be beset on all sides, but never so fiercely than by they who would call
themselves their brethren.

But behold, they shall be blessed and prospered in the midst of their trials and their suffering.

27) Wherefore, when you read these things, you shall know that it is you of whom I speak and take comfort.

While the prideful shall also, reading this record, know themselves.

But they shall continue to puff themselves and to persecute their own.

Chapter Three

to be continued…cj

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