The Book of Heinmet – Part 2: In The 6th Generation After Christ’s Visit to America

Greeting all my relations,

Let me begin my speaking,

These ancient records called the Mentinah Archives have changed my life and my spiritual direction. The reason I’m posting this blog called Zionspath…is that I hope our Nemenhah ancestors, will show us how to build Zion again in America…and many more things will be restored to the earth and all of us…

Let’s all listen to the words of this ancient prophet Heinmet;

The Book of Heinmet
The Son of Pa Natan
Heinmet began his writings at age 17.

In the 6th generation after Christ’s visit.

He attributed the success of the nation to living the Laws of God.

Particularly the Law of Consecration.

He forewarned of the last days.

He became high priest and listed the duties of this office.

In the 206th year following Christ’s visit, rumors came of divisions among people in
Land Southward.

A great council was held at Whit Chit Tim to decide the best way to defend Nemenhah lands against the Gadiantonhem.

Their decision lead to a change that threatened the Nemenhah way of life.

Heinmet knew of Mormon and of his son Moroni.

Heinmet is speaking to the great latterday gentile LDS church.

  This latter day saint church is part of the restoration of all things, begun by The Prophet and Seer Joseph Smith through visionary means God The Father and Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph…, angles, the angel Moroni in particular… and translated beings…etc…

  • Gentile Church in the Latter Days
    The Lord spoke of this Gentile Church in the Latter Days, among other things, when He visited the Nemenhah of the Mountains.
  • This is Ougou’s account of what the Lord told them. {I felt it best to leave what was said word for word instead of trying to summarize these words. For, there is much I do not
  • understand and some of those things I do understand I have found many today do not believe. If people wish to disbelieve what the Lord said, they can take the matter up with Him.
  • There are also things the Lord gave to Nephi the son of Lehi (by the angel of the Lord) and He gave to Nephi the son of Nephi that complement these things.
  • Those things the Lord gave both of them can be found in the Book of Mormon at:
    1Nephi 13:1-42, 14:1-30, 3 Nephi 16:4-20, 20:10-46, 3 Nephi 21, 22, 23:1-5, 24, 25, 26, 28:24-40, 29, and 30}:
  • And it came to pass that this prophet did cause much restoration to come to pass in the gathering and uniting of the gentiles.
  • But behold, the other book was about the people of this promised land and it reminded the gentiles of the remnant of our posterity.
  • And we saw that this little book was great in spirit and was powerful in convincing the gentiles to come unto Christ.
  • Yea, behold we did rejoice exceedingly to know that the book did testify of our kindred.
  • Then behold, we saw the gentiles organize and regulate the Church once again in this land and their work did grow and prosper exceedingly.
  • But they did also grow and prosper in the things of the world.
  • Yea, they did become exceedingly rich and the more part of them did become puffed up with pride, which thing was exceedingly heavy and difficult for the humble and righteous among them to bear.
  • And behold, the Lord declared unto us that the coming forth of the book had a two-fold purpose: that our people would begin to be gathered into their inheritance because of the book, and also the book will be a herald unto all the world of the approaching culmination of His work upon this planet and in the whole World.
  • And our minds and hearts were comforted and we were again filled with the Holy Ghost (Ougou 175-177).”
  • “For ye have seen that I shall raise up a prophet unto the gentiles and because of him I shall gather in My children from out of all the four quarters of the world.
  • But his work shall be an initiation of the restoration not a culmination.
  • Yea, he shall begin to lay the foundation of a great work and Mine elect shall begin to
    gather out of all of the nations of the Earth.
  • And many will move even to this holy land and they shall prosper.
  • Yea, even I shall prosper them exceedingly and try them.
  • And they shall begin to keep many of My statutes but they shall change some and forget others.
  • Yea, I shall bring forth the stick of Joseph from among them and they shall deliver it unto all the world. In this they shall be blessed and shall be added unto the children of the covenant.
  • Yea, peace I shall bring them at the end of the travail and I will prosper them, and try them.
  • But they shall utterly fail in gathering in the remnant of your posterity.
  • I say as a people they shall forget My commandment with regard to your posterity and shall even participate in the enslavement and destruction of your posterity and of the
    posterity of your kindred in the Land Southward.
  • Wherefore, from among them I shall raise up prophets who shall cry even against them and they shall cast them out and persecute them. But out of their loins shall spring blood mixed with your own, a prophet and seer, and he shall bring to light the writings of the Nemenhah.
  • Behold, he shall receive of that great gentile prophet, of whom I have spoken, and shall be gathered in from out of the loins of the Kings and Queens of the Earth.
  • And he shall forsake the world even to his hurt and shall prove the more faithful
    because of tribulation.
  • Unto this prophet shall I reveal the writings of your fathers, and even of your posterity that he may also write it.
  • And I shall command him that he shall bring the book, even your writings, to light and shall show it unto your posterity.
  • Behold, I declare unto you that your posterity shall come unto Me and they shall rise up when I shall subdue the nations in My name, and they shall be a delightsome people and shall bring again My Zion (Ougou 180-184).”
  • “But the gentiles will rule the land for a season and prosper and through them also will I do a great work.
  • Yea, I will begin to teach them and through them shall much be restored and I shall establish them according to My purposes.
  • Wherefore, your descendents will dwindle in unbelief and shall be subdued by
    the gentiles.
  • And this is wisdom in Me for your posterity shall be oppressed and enslaved (Ougou 188).”
  • “Therefore, be diligent.
  • Yea, be faithful.
  • Fulfill all My commandments and make strait My ways.
  • And write your doings unto your descendents and hide them up.
  • Yea, do ye this secret work unto futurity, for I will bring forth your works in the day that I do cleanse Mine house (Ougou 193).”
  • And so Heinmet who lived 1800 years ago, sees our church and prophecies concerning us in our modern day.
  • The Book of Heinmet:

Chapter One

20) And the whole earth shall be in turmoil in that day.

And behold, the Saints shall cry out:

Why did the Lord not warn us of this calamity?

Why were we not made aware before the tribulation came upon us?

Are we not the Lord’s chosen people?

Have we not raised up our altars unto the Lord and have we not built unto Him great Temples?

And wherefore does He treat us so, that we suffer in the sight of all the
world, being His own people?

21) And in this manner shall the people lift up their complaint unto their God.

But, even worse, before the calamity shall come upon them, they shall be puffed up in their pride and shall claim that theirs is the only access to Heaven.

Yea, they shall despise prophecy and shall look only to their shepherds, believing that
the Lord shall do nothing save He reveal His secrets unto His servants, the prophets.

And, believing their shepherds to be the prophets of whom the scriptures speak, they shall wait upon the word of such and shall be faithful to the will of such.

22) But, can they who labor under the condemnation of the Lord be called His servants?

I will grant you that they may love Him and serve Him.

But, can we say that He employs such to be the Shepherds of His flock?

23) Are these they of whom the promise is given, that the Lord shall reveal His secrets unto them?

How can this be?

Or if it truly be, for the Lord is benevolent and I hold nothing beyond Him, shall they give heed to His warnings, or do you think that they will justly render unto the Saints the warnings of the Lord that do rightly condemn them and their teachings?

24) Or, more plainly, can such who have ignored the clear instruction of the Lord be relied upon to convey with honor and with truth a warning which does condemn they who controvert His word?

And howbeit, if such warning be given that instruct the Saints to do that which is not deemed economical in the eyes of such shepherds, shall they be relied upon for any intelligence?

25) Behold, I have seen the day of which I speak.

Yea, and I speak unto you who live in that day as if you were here and I with you even in the same room.

Whom else would you respect in this manner?

would not exact such standards upon the least of your laborers or merchants – that they speak and act in one wise and yet act in another.

But, even though you have daily proof that your shepherds do set aside that which they have admittedly already received of the Lord, you would expect to be given timely
warning of the Lord so that you might effectively pack up all your fine clothing, yea, your fine twined linen, and your gold and silver, and all your costly things and escape with them into the wilderness and thus avoid disaster.

26) And what then?

Will you, with all your stuff, build there a Zion where all things are had in common?

And what of your neighbor who was too slow to respond to the warning of the Lord and was unable to escape with more than the things on his back?

Will you impart unto him that he might provide for his children after you have carried all your goods away with you?

27) Nay, I say unto you, I see your day and I see into your hearts.

You shall judge the man and his children even down to the sixth generation, just as you have already done.

At best you will give unto them but a trifle and they shall be driven from camp to camp making their way by beggary.

Thus shall you treat the warnings of the Lord, and shall He abide it?

28) And because the man was slow to respond in that instant to the warnings of the Lord, given by extortion because you have elected yourselves, and that He is generous where you are not, you shall deny that one.

Yet, how quick have you been, even you who deem yourselves fortunate, to wait upon that intelligence of the future which the Lord has seen fit to bestow upon they who came before you?

Are you not even the same beggar who has ever been slow to act?

Or do you think that your riches will serve you bread and butter in the day of your calamity?

29) Nay, but a breath apart from your judgment of your fellow for his sloth, you shall eat your bread and choke on the ashes.

Yea, you shall drink and it shall be molten.

Do not think that because the Lord is generous He will bless you who so easily curse your neighbor to want, hunger and the chill.

30) Behold, you see that I do esteem you rightly.

Do not deny it. For I have also seen that you deny many good and righteous things in your day.

Yea, you wish to benefit from the bounty of the world and yet you deny the source of that bounty.

You wrest from created things even the ability to fulfill the measure of their creation.

How can you think to gain abundance when you kill the child in the womb?

31) And when you are called upon to rely once again upon the fruit of the womb of the earth to earn your
bread, can you deny that you caused her aforetime to cast her get upon the ground?

How can you claim election, and how can you claim that you are Saintsof God, you who have broken the very Law of Creation?

Shall you shake the heel at the Creator and then chasten Him in His neglect of you in the time of your travail?

32) You may think that it is enough of this youngster from out of the dust to cite your mistreatment of the Law of Consecration to your condemnation, and that I should hold my tongue and speak not concerning the abomination you have condoned even in the midst of your high places.

But I beseech you, can you get a blessing from the Lord, being condemned of Him?

You are filled with confusion, and to the brimming!

33) Behold, we look ahead and see your day and shudder.

And it is a warning unto us.

Yea, we in part more fully strive to keep the Laws of God because He has seen fit to show us your day and your treatment of them.

And behold, this does convince us the more fully of our fortune that we do live in our day. Do not you look back unto our day and wish to live in it, for, we would look on you affrighted and with wonder.

34) Nay, read not these words and look back longing, but read them and look ahead.

Repent and have hope!

Else, and all else is lost to you.

Chapter Two

to be continued …cj

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