The Book of Heinmet Part 1 The Son of Pa Natan 206 A.D.

Greetings all,

I will begin my speaking to the four sacred directions to all my relations;

I have been invited by The Great Spirit, to be the talking feather of this council…

I feel it a great privilege and honor, it be a part of this generation of the end times restoration that began in 1830 The Church of Christ Restored by the prophet Joseph Smith…

I believe I am the fifth generation of that restoration…

Here are my generations on my maternal side of the family;

Jonathon Calkins Wright baptized by Hiram Smith  (Joseph Smith’s brother)

Ruban Miller Wright

Melba Amelia Wright Olsen (my grandmother deceased)

my mother and myself. ( still living )

And so, I believe, my children’s generation is being prophesied here in The Book Heinmet.

And I am thankful, to be a part of The Restoration of All Things as prophesied by all the ancient prophets, that are included, in the Nemenhah’s sacred family records… 206 A.D.

The Book of Heinmet

The Son of Pa Natan

Heinmet began his writings at age 17;

In the 6th generation after Christ’s visit to the Nemenhah of Mentinah.

He attributed the success of the nation to living the Laws of God.

Particularly the Law of Consecration.

He forewarned of the last days.

He became high priest and listed the duties of this office.

In the 206th year following Christ’s visit;

rumors came of divisions among people in Land Southward.

A Great Council was held to decide the best way to defend Nemenhah lands against the Gadiantonhem.

Their decision lead to a change that threatened the Nemenhah way of life.

  The Great Council of Wit Chit Tim ;

Sends Mormon and his son Mormon and others, to observe in the Land Southward.

Chapter One

1) I am Heinmet, the son of Pa Natan and Shi-Pahorat.

And my mother was clerk and high priest of the city of Mentinah, wherefore, she gave ofher whole life in the service of her city and her fellows. I do give honor unto her, for surely she was among the greatest of the high priests of Mentinah and led her people

2) And when Pa Natan was about to give up the ghost, she gave her staff to me.

Wherefore, I take up her task and write somewhat about my people and my family. For, this is the custom among my family – to write concerning the doings of my family and of my people during the duration of my life.

In this, we provide a genealogy for the benefit of our posterity, and also our own witness of that which the Holy Ghost does impress upon us.

And we deem this of use,or rather, we hope that our words and sentiments, and somewhat of our own history, might be of worth to they who come after us.

Yea, we desire it to be of worth, and that the Holy Ghost does come upon us to write such things, we believe that it is for a good purpose in the Lord.

3) Now, I am but a young man and not much experienced in either the ways of the world or of the Spirit.

Yea, I am but seventeen years of age.

Nevertheless, I do begin my record, according to the will of my mother and also to the custom of my people.

Wherefore, I would ask of you who read it to take into account that I am not an old man full of wisdom and that my vision of the world is only that of one who has never traveled in it, nay, nor even conversed much with they who have.

4) Nevertheless, I am constrained by the Spirit to write such things as seem to me important.

Therefore, I do begin my record.

5) Behold, it is now six generations since the Lord did visit the Nemenhah of the city of Mentinah and we have enjoyed continual peace in the land since that time.

Yea, there has been no war in all the land and nothing has disturbed our peace.

And we believe that this is because of our strict adherence to the Laws of God.

And the principle of these Laws, to which we ascribe our success and our peace, are the Law of the Gospel, the Law of Sacrifice, the Law of Chastity and Fidelity, and the Law of Consecration.

6) Above all, I believe we owe our success as a nation and a community of nations to the Law of Consecration.

For, it is by observance of this law that this nation and its neighbors do come out of Babylon.

Yea, we do forsake the world and adhere to the Lord’s Law of Economy, having not a desire to get gain unto our own holding and dominion, but rather, only a desire to gain abundance both for ourselves and for our neighbors.

7) Behold, we would not have riches, fine apparel and costly things, and also see our brothers and our sisters languish in want and necessity.

But, if it becomes the fashion to have such things, it is only because all may have them together.

And this has become a law unto us and to all the villages and settlements round
about us.

8) And this shall be a sign unto whom the Earth might yield up this record:

In the latter days the Lord will raise up His Church once again unto the people.

Yea, through a prophet He will begin to restore that which had lain seemingly dormant for many lives of men.

And through His Church He will cause the Gifts of the Spirit once again to pour out upon the earth to heal her.

9) But behold, before this little church shall have had but one generation in which to grow, and the Saints begin to enjoy once again great blessings from Heaven.

They shall reject even such things as the Lord shall provide with His own mighty hand.

Yea, before one generation has passed, the Lord shall declare the very Saints of God under His mighty condemnation, and this condemnation shall not be lifted to the sixth generation.

10) Yea, this condemnation shall stand in effect until the children of the restoration shall finally begin to turn their hearts away from the world and from Babylon.

And this shall be a sore vexation for them.

For, they shall have the great gifts which the Lord shall have given them before they turned from His paths, and they shall remember still the Gifts of the Spirit which He did cause to be poured out upon their forefathers.

11) Yet behold, they shall have been led by shepherds whose concerns are for the getting of gain and of great wealth, and even their attempts to live the Law of Consecration shall be muddied and polluted by the principles of the world that their leading men shall introduce into their experiments.

Yea, and they shall fail utterly to live the law that contains and controls the abundance.

In the end, yea, and by the time the Lord shall wax in His impatience with them, they shall have cast aside the Law of Consecration almost entirely.

12) Now, I would exhort you to contemplate upon the patience and the long suffering of the Lord.

Is it ever of short duration?

I say unto you, Nay.

He does wait long upon His patience and He does give unto the children of men much opportunity to repent.

But, do not think that He may be relied upon to turn away His eye as you make sport of His holy laws.

He is not to be trifled with, nay, nor shall He be mocked.

13) For they who think they are Saints, yea, they who do trust in His long suffering, but do so with bad intention, shall think themselves safe in a place where the Lord shall hide and protect His choice and elect children.

But can this be so when His children do spurn His counsel and set aside His commandments?

What is worse, can this be so when they make solemn vows and covenants unto Him to keep His laws and His commandments but turn away from them almost in the same breath?

I say unto you, Nay!

14) Behold, the condemnation, that shall have fallen upon them even from their first generation, shall not begin to be lifted until the sixth.

(Joseph Smith establishes the church 1830-2014=184 yrs later, we as a people still  do not live all thing in common.) (Is this prophecy from Heinmet, being fulfilled in my generation.)

In that day (Now)there shall be some few among the Saints who shall see the path to redemption from the curse laid upon their fathers.

Yea, they shall turn away the face from Babylon and shall cease to lay up in their hearts the things of the world.

Yea, they shall no longer view their stewardship as having to do only with themselves, but shall regard the suffering of others as theirs as well.

15) Yea, they shall cease to build beyond that which they actually need, but with their surplus they shall even build a canopy for their neighbor.

Yea, they shall become stewards of the Lord’s Footstool.

And cease to puff themselves up.

They shall cease to attempt to wrest from the Lord what is His.

They shall cast down their towers and their great buildings and once again embrace the earth.

16) For, is it not written that, even as the Heavens shall pour forth a blessing such that there shall be no room to accommodate it in the storehouse;

So shall the Earth also give of Her Bounty abundantly?

Also and the hearts of the children shall be turned to the fathers.

Yea, all that the Earth does hold up and guard securely;

She shall pour out upon the inhabitants of the land, and the hearts of the fathers shall be turned to the children.

17) Wherefore, blessings shall fall down from heaven and blessings shall pour up from the earth, and the whole earth shall be filled to overflowing.

Yea, then shall the face of the earth be flooded withrighteousness.

Wherefore, out of a curse shall flow blessings, and this is within the power of all the Saints in the last days.

But only if they will.

Yea, only when they will.
18) But behold, they shall think to be waiting upon the Lord.

Yea, they shall claim to be waiting upon His word.

But look!

He has already spoken it.

Do you suppose that you may not look upon your ancestors,
who have felt of this out-flowing of the blessings of Heaven and Earth;

And fail to learn to take up Zion in your hearts?

19) Do you think to wait for the wise to see the folly of their own teachings?


Shall the Scribe or the Pharisee, or the Doctor of the laws of men discern their condemnation?


But they shall cry peace and safety when all security is gone.

Woe and thrice woe be unto they who so rely upon the arm of the flesh.

Verily, they shall be surprised when the Lord does reward they who understand and call upon His holy name, and stay His hand toward they who but call upon His name in vanity.

20) And the whole earth shall be in turmoil in that day.

And behold, the Saints shall cry out: Why did the Lord not warn us of this calamity?

Why were we not made aware before the tribulation came upon us?

Are we not the Lord’s chosen people?

Have we not raised up our altars unto the Lord and have we not built unto Him great Temples?

And wherefore does He treat us so, that we suffer in the sight of all the world, being His own people?

21) And in this manner shall the people lift up their complaint unto their God.

But, even worse, before the calamity shall come upon them, they shall be puffed up in their pride and shall claim that theirs is the only access to Heaven.

Yea, they shall despise prophecy and shall look only to their shepherds, believing that the Lord shall do nothing save He reveal His secrets unto His servants, the prophets.

And, believing their shepherds to be the prophets of whom the scriptures speak, they shall wait upon the word of such and shall be faithful to the will of such.

22) But, can they who labor under the condemnation of the Lord be called His servants?

I will grant you that they may love Him and serve Him.

But, can we say that He employs such to be the Shepherds of His flock?

23) Are these they of whom the promise is given, that the Lord shall reveal His secrets unto them?

How can this be?

Or if it truly be, for the Lord is benevolent and I hold nothing beyond Him, shall they give heed to His warnings, or do you think that they will justly render unto the Saints the warnings of the Lord that do rightly condemn them and their teachings?

24) Or, more plainly, can such who have ignored the clear instruction of the Lord be relied upon to convey with honor and with truth a warning which does condemnthey who controvert His word?

And howbeit, if such warning be given that instruct the Saints to do that which is not deemed economical in the eyes of such shepherds, shall they be relied upon for any intelligence?

25) Behold, I have seen the day of which I speak. Yea, and I speak unto you who live in that day as if you were here and I with you even in the same room.

Whom else would you respect in this manner?

You would not exact such standards upon the least of your laborers or merchants;

That they speak and act in one wise and yet act in another.

But, even though you have daily proof that your shepherds do set aside that which they have admittedly already received of the Lord, you would expect to be given timely warning of the Lord so that you might effectively pack up all your fine clothing.

Yea, your fine twined linen, and your gold and silver, and all your costly things and escape with them into the wilderness and thus avoid disaster.

26) And what then?

Will you, with all your stuff, build there a Zion where all things are had in common?

And what of your neighbor who was too slow to respond to the warning of the Lord and was unable to escape with more than the things on his back?

Will you impart unto him that he might provide for his
children after you have carried all your goods away with you?

to be continued…cj

to be continued…cj

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