Pa-Natan Teaches The Principle of Refuge to Build Zion……… 2 Pa-Natan Part III

Greetings all my relations,

It’s so nice to meet with you again, and lets continue with;

The Second Book of Pa Natan

The Daughter of Shimlei

Adoption by ceremony explained and those adopted by Shimlei listed.

Laws of governance were explained.

Pa Natan told about preparing a refuge, both physical and spiritual.

Nin-Shepa was shown and spoke prophetically of the decline of the Nemenhah, of the futurity of generations of peoples, of the present day, of the Remnant of Israel who would bring again Zion to the land before Christ came again.

Pa Shimuel was instrumental in developing the use of cylinders for use with
paper and ink for printing parts of the archives for use when one was traveling.

Pa Sibal set up libraries and places of learning.

She wrote genealogies of the Nemenhah high priests.

Pa Natan became high priest.

She told about the peace and brotherhood of all the Nemenhah peoples across the land.

Chapter Two

1) Now, it is certain that the Nemenhah had continual peace in the land during the years of my stewardship as clerk to the high priests of Mentinah.

But, that is not to say that there were no strifes or difficulties.

It is only to say that we did not go up to war in my days, for there were no real enemies in the land.

2) Notwithstanding, there was strife from time to time and this did usually concern interpretation of the law.

For behold, it is as I have written;

And also as others have written, that we had no lawyers.

Nor did any man or woman speak for another in all the land, but, when there were disputations;

Each person did stand for themselves before the councils of the Nemenhah.

And behold, the resolution of the dispute was made by thorough examination of evidence and testimony.

And, when a council had decided the matter, their decision was taken as a resolution of it.

3) But, on occasion, one party or another has disagreed with the decision of the council.

As often as this has taken place, and it has not been very often, the matter is taken to the general assembly, all evidence and testimony is read before the people of the city and they are asked to decide the matter.

4) This is a last resort and is only employed when the parties of a dispute will not uphold the decision reached in council. In this instance, the dispute becomes a new injury, one to the community as a whole, and is taken up by the people in assembly.

It is not a rehearsing of the original dispute, but rather, it is a new case.

5) For, our laws provide a means by which the disinterested may assist in resolving issues in which the parties have interest.

And it is by this means that strife and abuses are prevented in the resolution of such

But, when the dispute rises above such disinterest and the parties begin to pile abuse upon the council for its service in the matter, then the injury is to the entire community and all have interest.

Wherefore, the very last council, and last resort, is the community at large.

6) Once the community and general assembly has heard all there is to say about a thing, then a vote is taken and the decision of the community stands.

If the parties continue in their strife, they are cast out from among the people.

If they repent of their strife and forgive each other, then they may continue in the
community and peace prevails.

7) Now, this custom, as also all the laws and customs of the Nemenhah, provide for us a refuge.

For, we do not worry that our safety and our happiness might be disturbed by forces of evil so long as we maintain a system of equity and justice that has for its foundation the very commandments of our Creator, our Redeemer and our God.

8) And a refuge is a place of safety, where unto the faithful might resort in time of need.

Yea, it is a place of physical safety from the elements and the storm.

And it is a place of peace, having all things prepared, where unto the faithful might go without flight and in full faculty.

9) Behold, this is important to our way of life.

For, we know that, in times past, yea, and we know that in all likelihood our futures may again see such times, that there are those who would seek to see the Lord’s work destroyed.

So then, shall the peace of the land become to us a memory?

10) For this very cause, our forefathers came up out of the Land Southward to escape the coming adversity among the Nephites.

Yea, they did resort into the Land Northward to avoid the pitfalls of pride and greed
that were becoming visible among their brethren.

And behold, they had no desire to fall prey to the same pitfalls.

Wherefore, they did leave the land of their fathers and come into an unknown land, but they left not in haste, nay, nor in flight.

11) Behold, they listened to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost and they made their preparations according to the promptings of the Spirit.

Wherefore, they were not caught up in crisis, for their sanctuary they prepared ahead of time and, though their journey was in earnest, nevertheless, they made their way with
good thought.

12) And they made for themselves a new homeland and a new country.

And they made for themselves laws that were calculated to preserve the peace of their new land. And they covenanted one with another to live the Laws of God, the which they had received by the mouths of the prophets.

13) Now, I would beseech you, behold this valley which we call the Place of Salt.

It has been an ensample for the building up of all the refuge places of the Land Northward.

Yea, it is a place of fastness and a place of safety.

It is difficult to reach and its walls are difficult to breach, for the Creator built them.

Yea, our walls are not the works of man, but the works of our God.

And is this not a good pattern and an ensample for us?

14) Ought we not to build our own fortress upon those principles we have learned from God?

And, if we do, who shall assail them?

Yea, who can assail that city which is surrounded by the rampart of God?

15) And, knowing their future needs, and having a full understanding of the threat of the Gadiantonhem, our forefathers came up into this mountainous region and they found this valley, which is accessible only through narrow defiles, and they built up a city and a nation.

And behold, to assail this valley will take many scores of thousands of men and swords, for the Lord has prepared it.

16) And should this not also be an ensample unto us? Should we not prepare such a place in our hearts?

For, the world does not go away for our desiring it.

Yea, the Gadiantonhem prevailed in the Land Southward before the coming of the Savior, and I doubt myself that they will ever truly go away.

Yea, methinks it probable that there will be this scourge again in the land.

Wherefore, I believe it was foresight in our parents to place our habitation here in this fast place.

17) Do you suppose that you are safe from that spirit which infests the hearts of the proud to possess the land and all that it contains?

Do you think that by natural law all men are free of that covetousness that corrupts the hearts and cankers the soul?

If you can look around you and see the roots still of such things, then I exhort you to prepare a place of refuge from the world.

18) For, we live in the world and there are the Lord’s adversaries all about us.

Prepare your heart and make of it a bulwark against that natural law that dictates the beastly heart of the natural man.

19) Begin this refuge by preparing for all your physical wants.

Make a fast place wherein you may have provender, should you be assailed.

Yea, I say that the first step to preparing a refuge is to lay up stores for yourselves and for your neighbors in a safe place.

And, when your physical wants and needs are provided, you will have the ease of mind that is required to set your inner house in order.

20) Yea, have food and drink set aside,as also tools and implements, medicines, and also keep a store of that material with which you do record your own doings.

Take no thought of the morrow, but lay up in store those articles you will need to preserve your lives in a time of crisis.

For behold, even in our safety, even in our peace, the Nemenhah do continually fill the storehouse.

Yea, there is food in the Lord’s house.

21) Behold, I speak unto all who might take up this record and read it.

And I know that my words shall be read by my own people in my own time.

But, I also know that you who read these things in a time far sundered shall have particular need of the pattern and the type that the Nemenhah have discovered in their practices, their customs and in their laws.

Wherefore, though it might be my duty unto my own people that causes me to take up my stylus and write, I deem it also my duty to take it up for the sake and benefit of my posterity, even as my fathers have done.

22) Now, consider the merits of the refuge which the Nemenhah have made for themselves in Mentinah.

To begin with, it is a place far distant from the Gadiantonhem and difficult to attain to.

The enemy is forced to traverse a wasteland to arrive at the place of fastness.

Once having arrived in the borders of the land, a great effort is still required to assail the fortress of the valley and the stout hearts of a very few men may hold off tens of thousands.

23) Yea, consider also the merits of the refuge which the Nemenhah of Corianton have made for themselves.

Behold, it is built in the farthest reaches of the north and, again, it is difficult to attain to.

And it is also surrounded by many bodies of water both large and small, creating a bulwark for all the surrounds of the city.

Wherefore, again, to find them out may not be difficult, but to assail them in their resort must require a great host.

Yet, their city is defended by few because of the bulwark of water which surrounds them in
the region. Behold, to move an army sufficient to assail them would be altogether too costly for the Gadiantonhem to consider worthy of what little they might recover from the victory.

24) Now, this is a principle of refuge that it will be well to consider.

The natural man seeks his own comfort above and beyond all things.

A refuge may contain that which is most desirable to the enemy, but it is made difficult and costly to obtain.

It is surrounded by a bulwark which is difficult to breach and it is altogether uncertain that the cost incurred in breaking such defenses could ever be recovered by the conquest of that which lies within.

25) Wherefore, if your refuge be made in flight, can you make it in a place of fastness?

It is most uncertain that you can.

For, if in your haste to escape calamity you pack up your tabernacle and your wagons and
you hasten out of the danger with all your goods, it is by no means probable that you shall not be in the close company of others also in flight of the same calamity as you.

Can you be certain that they are of like mind and of like spirit as you?

26) Behold, I say to you, you cannot.

Yea, all your neighbors may as easily be Gadiantonhem as not.

When you pitch up your tent and stack your provender, being free from the crisis, are you not very convenient to evil-minded natural men?

And how easy shall it be for some four or five of them to come and take from you all that you have preserved from the flood, or the gale, or the temblor, or the war?

27) And why is it that you are so easy to assail? It is because you fled in haste. Yea, you did not prepare a place ahead of time, but took your flight with all the rest.

Behold, you will never arrive at any refuge if your going is in flight.

28) And behold, I do foresee that there shall be men and women who shall extol unto you the virtue of storing up provender in your homes against the day of turmoil.

For they suppose, and so do you, that there shall be time for you to take all that you have and run to the mountains.

Yea, and they shall say it shall be well with you and all your goods when the time comes to flee from out of the world.

Yea, and they shall speak peace to your ears but their words shall not be peaceable.

29) Behold, woe shall be unto them who prepare not their way before them.

For you shall be filled with your provender and your goods.

Do you think it will be easier for you than for she who is with child in that day?

Nay, do not believe it!

When the time comes to flee, and you have taken no thought to prepare first the way before you, there shall be no time even to take up your couch.

You shall take only that which you can carry and your want shall be great.

And behold, all that you do have will become the prey of they who have nothing.

30) Wherefore, take note and study carefully the things that Hagoth and his people did when they took their journey into the wilderness.

Behold, they went not in flight and they made their journey unto a fast place.

They built up their city and had all things in common.

And behold, they built themselves up a nation upon the principles and promises given by the Lord in His Law.

31) And when the Gadiantonhem began to make their inroads into the land, they were quickly defeated, either by the Word of God, or by the strength of the arm of flesh.

But the cost to continue the conflict was too great to warrant their moving in great numbers against Mentinah or Corianton.

32) And again, when the great calamity came upon the Nephites, and so great a calamity was it that the more part of them perished because of their lack of preparation, behold, the Nemenhah did not perish.

Yea, and so great was the calamity that the more part of the northern portions of the Land Southward was broken up until there was not one place that remained the same.

Yet, in Mentinah there were but a few broken foundations and nothing more.

33) Behold, if it be the wisdom of God that you should receive these things, I pray that you dishonor not your God in taking them for your entertainment and not your instruction.

For, I feel in me that you shall receive them on the very eve of disaster.

34) Wherefore, take heed and learn from your ancestors.

Behold, we speak to you out of the dust and our voice is like unto your own, for we are your own kinsmen.

Wherefore, hearken unto the voice of the Lord and the message that He does give unto us for your good.

35) Build up a Zion. Build up a refuge.

And behold, I know that these records shall flow out of this same place wherein I do make them.

Wherefore, take note of the particulars of this place and use them as a model and an ensample.

36) For, I do not discern that your difficulties are any different than all the calamities that have befallen man since the world was.

Wherefore, your needs are precisely the same as mine.

And if the Nemenhah enjoy continual peace because of the refuge that we have built up unto the Lord, how shall you not feel of that same peace if you do likewise?

Yea, how shall the Lord stay His mighty hand and curse you if you do His will and obey His commandments?

37) Verily, He shall chasten and prepare His people,;

for they must feel of the Soul Cry.

But, He shall not curse you for your obedience.

Nay, He shall bless you abundantly, even as He has blessed us.

38) Wherefore, I say unto you, Your refuge shall not be measured by victuals alone.

Nay, even as our refuge is much more than wheat and barley, rice and all manner of food and drink, so also shall your refuge need to be more than all the food you can carry with you into the wilderness.

Behold, your refuge shall be a community and a way of living that makes it difficult for the natural man to take hold of your hearts.

39) Yea, if you find refuge at all, and that is not at all certain, for the Lord does not show me the end of your calamity, only the beginning, you shall have built it up beforethe crisis.

Yea, you shall have come out of Babylon and have built up Zion.

40) And it shall be a long journey for the wicked to come up unto your hearts.

And behold, you shall not esteem that which the world values, for the riches of eternity shall already be yours.

Wherefore, how shall you esteem houses and barns, horses and chariots, fine clothes and jewels, towers and great halls above that which you shall receive of the Lord from His storehouse?

41) Wherefore, if the very cost of assailing you shall be beyond any recovery in terms of the things of the world, how shall the Gadiantonhem esteem you worthy of their attentions?

Shall you not be bound about by mountainous bulwarks?

Shall you not be surrounded by a desert?

42) But behold, think not that you will be safe in your cottage within the walls of Kishkumen.

For, you are the prey of evil men and their spoil already.

43) Wherefore, get you out of the Land Southward and build up a straight place for the Lord.

Come out of Babylon and touch not her unclean things.

Put off the world and create Zion in your hearts;

lest there be none to greet the Lord when He comes.

Chapter Three …to be continued…cj


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