Gadianton Robbers; The Gadiantonhem of the Land Southward.

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Today’s reading more about the Gadiantons, and the Gentile church of the latterdays…

*Gadianton Robbers
These are the Gadiantonhem of the Land Southward.
“… this was the manner in which the robbers gained power in all the cities.

They first flattered the lesser judges and then they bribed them.

Then they enticed them with promises of elevation, substance and power.

Thus, their judgment became corrupt.

Wherefore, each man, seeing that he could not find justice before the judges, began to seek his own remedy, and thus ended speedily the rule of equity and law.

Then did the robbers gain greater control over the people.

For they pointed out the failings of the system and the judges, even though they themselves were the cause of their failure, and excited the people to rebellion and to the raising up of their exciters to the judgment seats.

In this way, the robbers established themselves (1 Shi-Muel 4:2-3).”
See: “Gadiantonhem”
References: Hagoth 4, 22, 24, 27, 29, Hagmeni 3, Ougou 24, 1 Shi-Tugohah 16:16, 1 Shi-Muel 3:1-6, 5:3 2 Shi-Muel 12:10 (see Book of Mormon: Helaman 6:18)

The Gadiantonhem were a wicked band of robbers who lived among the Nephites and Lamanites. They were known in the Land Southward as the Gadianton where as those in the Land Northward called them the Gadiantonhem.

They came to the Land Northward following after those Nephites who came up after
Hagoth’s people were established.

According to Ougou and Shi-Muel, the Gadiantonhem tried to break into the Nemenhah government three times but failed because of the preaching of the word of God and the
structure of the Nemenhah government made it very difficult for them. Nephi, the father of the three Nephites, greatly helped the Nemenhah in the area of preaching the word to them. He came up to the Land Northward and taught the Nemenhah how the Ammonites preached to the Gadiantonhem in the Land Southward.

Nephi ordained Hagoth’s sons; Hagmeni, and Ameliki as well as others to be teachers to preach to the Gadiantonhem. These missionaries had an interesting strategy. Either the Gadiantonhem converted or the missionaries challenged them to hand to hand combat and killed them. In our day this tactic may seem harsh, but these missionaries took the safety of their nation seriously.

They knew if the Gadiantonhem were permitted to establish themselves it would equate to the destruction of their nation. They saw what the Gadiantonhem did in the Land Southward and they could not permit them to succeed in doing the same among their people. The missionaries were successful for a time.

The Gadiantonhem didn’t break into the government of the Nemenhah, but they did among their neighbors to the east and south of them.

Eventually, seeing the threat, the Nemenhah abandoned their settlement up the Akish River and split into two groups. The largest followed the healer Hementah onto the plains and the smaller followed Hagoth into the mountains.

We know those who followed Hagoth closed all trade to the Land Southward, but they had good trade routes to the north that lead out onto the plains. Once the Nemenhah left, the Gadiantonhem ceased to take notice of them.

The Nephites and the Gadiantonhem took over the lands the Nemenhah left and they cut down all the trees for trade with the Land Southward. This caused the land to give out, for the area Hagoth first settled was a dry region.

Cutting down the trees without carefully replacing them changed the eco system where the trees didn’t grow back and the Akish River diminished causing many of the remaining people to leave the region. This was pleasing to the Nemenhah, for it created a greater natural bulwark between the Gadiantonhem and themselves. Shi-Muel’s people were protected from the Gadiantonhem for many years because of the natural bulwark of the Great Plains. Even though they had trade among the Nemenhah throughout the land, Shi-Muel made sure they did not depend upon that trade for their survival, for such dependence is how the Gadiantonhem built their power.

When the Gadiantonhem gained control over the flow of goods, they automatically controlled the people who depended upon those goods.

Even though Shi-Muel’s people were protected at that time, what he taught was sound wisdom.

It was good to eliminate how the Gadiantonhem built their power, thus making it even more difficult for them to take over the people.}

See: “Gadianton Robbers”

References: Hagoth 29-36, Hagmeni 3, 8, Ougou 3-6, 29, 34-40, Sahnempet 4, 6, Ougou 3-6, 13, 126, Temple Writings 1:3, 1 Shi-Muel 2:9, 3:1-6, 5:3, 6:3, 2 Shi-Muel 4:1-10
Gadiantonhem, Missionaries to the – in the Land Northward

See: “Missionaries to the Gadiantonhem in the Land Northward” Gadihah/Hem-Gadhi (the Tanner) (m)


Lamanite → Ammonite → Nemenhah of Hagohah

Known For: Gadihah, along with his wife and family, was part of the original group who went up to the Land Northward with Hagoth.

He was a tanner. He later changed his name to Hem-Gadhi because of the Gadiantonhem.

Reference: 1 Shi-Muel 2:9

Gentile Church in the Latter Days
The Lord spoke of this Gentile Church in the Latter Days, among other things, when He visited the Nemenhah of the Mountains.

This is Ougou’s account of what the Lord told them.

I felt it best to leave what was said word for word instead of trying to summarize these words. For, there is much I do not understand and some of those things I do understand I have found many today do not believe. If people wish to disbelieve what the Lord said, they can take the matter up with Him. There are also things the Lord gave to Nephi the son of Lehi (by the angel of the Lord) and He gave to Nephi the son of Nephi that
complement these things. Those things the Lord gave both of them can be found in the Book of Mormon at:

1Nephi 13:1-42, 14:1-30, 3 Nephi 16:4-20, 20:10-46, 3 Nephi 21, 22, 23:1-5, 24, 25, 26, 28:24-40, 29, and 30}: “And behold, He showed unto us another book together with the first in the hands of a prophet. And it came to pass that this prophet did cause much restoration to come to pass in the gathering and uniting of the gentiles.

But behold, the other book was about the people of this promised land and it reminded the gentiles of the remnant of our posterity. And we saw that this little book was great in spirit and was powerful in convincing the gentiles to come unto Christ.

Yea, behold we did rejoice exceedingly to know that the book did testify of our kindred.

Then behold, we saw the gentiles organize and regulate the Church once again in this land and their work did grow and prosper exceedingly.

But they did also grow and prosper in the things of the world.

Yea, they did become exceedingly rich and the more part of them did become puffed up with pride, which thing was exceedingly heavy and difficult for the humble and righteous among them to bear.

And behold, the Lord declared unto us that the coming forth of the book had a two-fold purpose: that our people would begin to be gathered into their inheritance because of the book, and also the book will be a herald unto all the world of the approaching culmination of His work upon this planet and in the whole World.

And our minds and hearts were comforted and we were again filled with the Holy Ghost (Ougou 175-177).” “For ye have seen that I shall raise up a prophet unto the gentiles and because of him I shall gather in My children from out of all the four quarters of the world.

But his work shall be an initiation of the restoration not a culmination.

Yea, he shall begin to lay the foundation of a great work and Mine elect shall begin to
gather out of all of the nations of the Earth.

And many will move even to this holy land and they shall prosper.

Yea, even I shall prosper them exceedingly and try them.

And they shall begin to keep many of My statutes but they shall change some and forget others.

Yea, I shall bring forth the stick of Joseph from among them and they shall deliver it unto all the world. In this they shall be blessed and shall be added unto the children of the covenant.

Yea, peace I shall bring them at the end of the travail and I will prosper them, and try them. But they shall utterly fail in gathering in the remnant of your posterity.

I say as a people they shall forget My commandment with regard to your posterity and shall even participate in the enslavement and destruction of your posterity and of the posterity of your kindred in the Land Southward.

Wherefore, from among them I shall raise up prophets who shall cry even against them and they shall cast them out and persecute them.

But out of their loins shall spring blood mixed with your own;

 A  prophet and seer, and he shall bring to light the writings of the Nemenhah.

Behold, he shall receive of that great gentile prophet, of whom I have spoken, and shall be gathered in from out of the loins of the Kings and Queens of the Earth.

And he shall forsake the world even to his hurt and shall prove the more faithful
because of tribulation.

Unto this prophet shall I reveal the writings of your fathers, and even of your posterity that he may also write it. And I shall command him that he shall bring the book, even your writings, to light and shall show it unto your posterity.

Behold, I declare unto you that your posterity shall come unto Me and they shall
rise up when I shall subdue the nations in My name, and they shall be a delightsome people and shall bring again My Zion.

(Ougou 180-184).”

“But the gentiles will rule the land for a season and prosper and through them also will I do a great work.

Yea, I will begin to teach them and through them shall much be restored and I shall establish them according to My purposes.

Wherefore, your descendents will dwindle in unbelief and shall be subdued by the gentiles.

And this is wisdom in Me for your posterity shall be oppressed and enslaved.

(Ougou 188).”

“Therefore, be diligent.

Yea, be faithful.

Fulfill all My commandments and make strait My ways.

And write your doings unto your descendents and hide them up.

Yea, do ye this secret work unto futurity, for I will bring forth your works in the day that I do cleanse Mine house.

(Ougou 193).”

Here are some words written by Shi-Muel which many also speak of this Gentile Church of the Last days:

“Now, I continue with the words of Jesus.

For, in some things He did teach us with great plainness and He also did command that I should write those things that would have some particular value unto they who might read this record in times of futurity.

Yea, He did command that His prophecy be written and preserved for those of our descendents who might be led to find these writings and ponder them in their hearts.

And He did prophecy unto us, saying:

In the end of days, when all these My words have been corrupted, I shall bring about a great work. Yea, your descendents will remain faithful for many generations and they shall walk in My paths avoiding the pitfalls that are placed before them by the evil one.

Be not dismayed that your descendents shall fall into corruption, for even in their darkest times, they shall preserve much light and much that is righteousness in Me.

And from out of your descendents shall I raise up a race of prophets such as the world has never known, and they shall bring again Zion.

But behold, it is wisdom in that the words of truth that I have spoken unto all the people of this fair land should come again into all the world.

And I have chosen one race to do it.

But that race shall have been dispersed into all the world and so great will be their drive to survive in any circumstance that they, having received a portion of My word, shall take it into all the world with great vigor.

Notwithstanding they shall be mighty in spreading that portion of My word in all the world, this same drive will make them greedy in the obtaining of property and riches.

This thing shall corrupt even My servants in the last days.

And this pride shall insinuate itself into even My doctrine and My gospel in those perilous days.

Nevertheless, because of their great ambition and their great drive to survive, I shall
use them for My purposes, and I shall commence a restoration of all My words through them.

But, now I do warn you and forewarn you, pride does cause My spirit to withdraw, yea, and even the Holy Ghost finds it difficult to move upon the heart of one who is puffed up with it. And this shall be a great vice among the men of My Church in the last days.

Yea, they shall take of that portion of My authority which I shall give unto them, and they shall grasp it unto their bosoms. And, claiming that it is all the priesthood, they shall corrupt it.

And even that portion of My authority which I shall share with them, line upon line, they shall make corruption of it and use it to compulsion.

And in that day, when any of My daughters shall act in any righteous way by virtue of that authority or priesthood which they have received, the men shall persecute them for it.

Yea, they shall not understand the nature of My authority and priesthood, and they shall use it to divide My saints.

In that day, even Mine own elect shall be deceived, for they shall become a great stumbling block to righteousness.

Behold, I gave unto some Prophets.

And unto some I gave Apostles.

And still unto others I gave Evangelists, and Teachers.

In all generations of time, have I given unto the Saints that measure of authority necessary for them to fulfill My design.

Yea, I gave unto them that priesthood necessary for them to preach My word, to build My Church and to redeem the living and the dead.

But behold, because the Gentiles shall have languished long in a dearth of My spirit, they shall revel in the restoration of My gospel.

And ere they have received all, they shall become puffed up.

And they shall immediately begin to divide My Church, and to cut it up into pieces.

Yea, the men shall be divided from the women, and the children from their parents.

Yea, and even they shall make division in the ministry, the young divided from the old. And with division comes great confusion.

For a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Wherefore, write this prophecy in a book and preserve it.

And in the day of great tribulation, when even My own appointed prophets shall sit in confusion, I shall cause My words to come forth from the dust.

Yea, out of the earth shall My words hiss, and though they make every attempt to cover them up again, yet shall My words be made known and their folly shall be uncovered. Behold, they who do still see with the eyes of the spirit shall read these records, and of this prophecy most especially, and they shall beseech Me again, seeking My face.

And when they do this, I shall show Myself unto them with great power.
Then shall the restoration proceed again unhindered by pride.

And I shall call again that Apostle whom I loved from old, and he shall come forth again and make a regulation of My Church.

And behold, there are three of my apostles whom I have called from among the people of the Land Bountiful unto whom I have given power over death.

They also shall I call up and send unto the righteous remnant from within My house.

And these, being directed by My beloved Apostle, shall make a great regulation and shall put in order My Holy House.

And behold, all who read this record, as well the other works that I shall cause to be written and hid up in the earth until a certain time, shall see clearly how that by My spirit I did direct the people of this day in their sacred walk and their sacred talk.

Yea, and they who read these things shall see that John and his fellow servants shall
order My house in the way in which I have instructed you by My spirit.

Then shall the saints once again approach Me without persecution.

Then the very elect shall no longer be deceived.

Then shall My prophets sit no longer in stupor or in idleness of thought.

But their building and their teaching shall once again be for the profit of both living and dead. Then shall My people turn again from their pride and their riches and embrace their God.

And this shall be a sign unto you, Oh house of Israel.

 In the day when the holy incense is taken away from the ordinances of My Holy House.

Yea, and in the day when the dead sacrifice shall have been restored, but shall have taken precedence over the living.

Yea, in the day when those whom I shall call to stretch forth the hand to steady the ark shall teach My children to follow their words and their doctrine, and not to seek the Spirit in all things.

 Yea, in the day when the place of My daughters shall have been reduced to a place of compulsion and servitude unto the men, then shall the time be ripe for the
fulfillment of My words.

Yea, then shall I call forth My servants to do My will and regulate My Church.

Then shall all things be brought again in order and My saints shall begin again to bring about Zion in this fair land.

But behold, I would not that you judge the people of that time.

For remember that it is for a good purpose in Me that I shall give unto the Gentiles My gospel for a season. And it is for a good purpose in Me that they shall spread a portion of My word unto this people into all the world.

Wherefore, because they do stumble and ere, do not judge them.

For great is their portion of the work, and I shall bring them into a remembrance of My will. And in the day that they do hear again My voice from out of the earth, then
shall I show Myself unto them again from Heaven.

And in that day shall the people be one.

Yea, and they shall have all things in common, even as you have.

And they shall call up their councils and the solemn assemblies in spirit and My spirit shall guide them in all that they do.

And every saint shall sit at the feet of the prophets and hear words of counsel and of

But they shall also come unto Me upon the Way and see My face, and I shall instruct them. And in that day even these things shall not be enough for My people.

For, even seeing My face, they shall submit all things to the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

And they shall surely be sealed unto Me by the power of the Holy Ghost, who is the Holy Spirit of Promise.

Now, I command you, Shi-Muel My servant, write these things in a book, even a book of remembrance unto your own posterity.

For I shall cause them to whisper forth from the earth into their ears.

And behold, they shall come forth from them and because of them, and for their benefit in the last days.

Behold, I have spoken it, and I excuse not Myself.


(2 Shi-Muel 8:4-17).”
References: Ougou 175-177, 180-184, 188, 2 Shi-Muel 8:4-17
The Gentiles are the people whom the Nemenhah records prophesied would come into and took over the lands of the Nemenhah.

It was also prophesied that the Lord would established the commencement of the
restoration through the Gentiles among many other things.

See: “Gentile church in the Latter Days”
References: Ougou 102, 122-127, 167-168, 171, 174-176, 180, 188, 2 Shi-Muel 8:10, 15

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