The City of Josh, City Destroyed At The Crucifixion…ABT 33 AD…

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Let’s continue with 1 Pa Natan’s book of remembrance…stories of the heros…told during the winter celebration and dance…Itssipi…


Ancient American Indians…Nemenhah…Ammonites…

The Anti-Nephi-Lehies continue where the Book of Mormon leaves off and we are told more details with deeper understanding…

In The Book of Mormon

  • City of Josh, City destroyed at the crucifixion is mentioned
  • Book of Mormon (3Nephi 9:10  Jesus speaking and decending on America and the inhabitants after His Crucifixion and Ressurection… 
  • 10) And behold, the city of Laman, and the city of Josh, and the city of Gad, and the city of Kishkumen, have I caused to be burned with fire, and the inhabitants thereof, because of their wickedness in casting out the prophets, and stoning those whom I did send to declare unto them concerning their wickedness and their abominations.
  • ( in 1 Pa Natan we discover who these prophets were…Ougou’s brethern and sister, and The seven…)

11) And because they did cast them all out, that there were none righteous among them,

I did send down fire and destroy them, that their wickedness and abominations might be hid from before my face, that the blood of the prophets and the saints whom I sent among them might not cry unto me from the ground against them.

12) And many great destructions have I caused to come upon this land, and upon this people, because of their wickedness and their abominations.

13) O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you?

14) Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life.

Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me.

15) Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God. I created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are.

I was with the Father from the beginning.

I am in the Father, and the Father in me; and in me hath the Father glorified his name.

16) I came unto my own, and my own received me not.

And the scriptures concerning my coming are fulfilled.

17) And as many as have received me, to them have I given to become the sons of God; and even so will I to as many as shall believe on my name, for behold, by me redemption cometh, and in me is the law of Moses fulfilled.

18) I am the light and the life of the world.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

       But as we continue reading in 1 Pa Natan’s book of remembrance, she recounts the story of Ougou’s brothers and sister…and The Seven Companions of Sanhagot;

“And the number of them were seven.”

And the names of the seven who were stricken by the Spirit and who were taken upon the Way to be instructed were:

1) Stephat, who was Captain of the Gate;

2) Nepham, his companion in arms; 

3) Hemset, the tanner;

4) Korim, who begged on the street;

5) Joram, he who made  weapons  of  all  kinds; 

6) Zeezret,  his  apprentice; 

7) Phezah,  who  was  one  of  the  lesser judges of the city.

These are the names of the men who sought to lay hold of Sanhagot to take away his life, but repented and became the Lord’s disciples;

(1 Pa Natan 5:79).”

Shimlei  adopted  the  descendants  of  the  Seven  Companions  of  Sanhagot  as  well  as  Zeezret.  

Those  he adopted are listed from 2 Pa Natan 1:18 thru 2 Pa Natan 1:37. References:  (1 Pa Natan 5:66 thru 1 Pa Natan 8:14) 1 Pa Natan 5:79, 82, 84, 92, 94 -95, 6:65, 7:38, 87, 109, 2 Pa Natan 1:3, 9

The Missionaries sent to The Land Southward…to warn them to repent or be destroyed

Josh (City) Josh was a city in the Land Southward which was burned with fire God, sent down from heaven at the Lords death.
References:    Ougou 27, 55, 1 Pa Natan 2:7, 11, 5:1-5, 16, 35, 42, 80, 6:74, 98-99, 7:1, 39, 42, 44, 95, 2 Pa Natan 1:9      (see Book of Mormon:  3 Nephi 9:10)

continuing with the book of 1 Pa Natan;

Chapter Five

1)  Now behold, Sanhagot, when all the outcasts of the City of Laman were fled, he was ushered by the Spirit to the place where his sister, Him-pah-neth, was laboring.

And it was in the City of Josh that Him-pahneth was laboring to teach the gospel of peace.

2)  And she did rejoice exceedingly when she did see him in the streets of Josh.

For, the people of Josh were even more puffed up in pride than were the people of Laman and they had rejected her words.

But behold, because she was but a woman, they had paid no heed to her preaching and did abuse her daily.

And her situation was dire indeed, for the people of Josh did withhold food and drink from her, and she did wander the streets alone.

3)  But, when she saw her brother preaching in the streets of Josh, she knew that her Lord had saved her.

But behold, Sanhagot did not readily recognize his sister, for she had been abused and beaten, and also she was much wasted by the want of food.

And when she came close to him, he saw her face clearly and knew that she was his own relation and his heart poured out to her because of her dire condition.

4)  And behold, his anger was also kindled against the people of Josh and he addressed them in his wrath, saying:

5)  Oh, you people of Josh, hear these my words which I shall speak unto you.

The Lord God is not pleased with any who would abuse his daughters.

Yea, gather round, you mighty ones of Josh, for this day I shall speak the word of the Lord unto you. For, His wrath is kindled against this city and this day you shall surely hear of it.

6)  And there was in the street passing by, one of the lesser judges of the city and he did hear Sanhagot and answered him, saying:

7)  Belay your wrath, stranger.

For, what can this wretch be to you?

Behold, she is but a lunatic come from northern climes and has been many weeks prophesying against this good city and its people.

And what can it be to you, who I see by your bearing and your attire are obviously a man of wisdom and of substance, that she has been thus handled roughly by they whom she has handled with so little respect?

8)  And Sanhagot looked upon the man and was for a moment unable to respond, for his was very hot in his anger toward the people of the city.

9)  And the name of the lesser judge who addressed Sanhagot was Ohmer.

And this same Ohmer spoke again, directing his words unto Sanhagot but also unto the multitude that had begun to gather around them.

Yea, he spoke as if to Sanhagot, but in reality he made his speech to please the people that had gathered, saying:

10)  Behold, we all know of this woman, Him-pah-neth.

Did she not come boldly into our city and inquire of us about our ways and our customs?

And, finding them not to her liking, is this not the woman who began
to preach to us and to impose her ways upon us?

11)  Yea, she did extol the virtues of her people and condemned the way we choose to live.

What is it to her that we are rich with the blessings that the Lord has seen fit to bestow upon us?

Can it be anything but wickedness that has caused her people to become a vagabond race?

Yea, one can easily make out her jealousy, and can this be anything but the type and image of all her people?

That being as it is, why should anyone in this great city give heed to anything she has to say?

12)  And behold, being so rabid in her condemnation of our ways and customs, which all people know to be good and true, how can anyone judge us for treating her as she really is, a lunatic?

Or is it to be expected that thinking people take a mad dog into their homes?

13)  And after this wise did Ohmer speak of the sisterof Sanhagot. And he was inflamed with wrath.

But behold, his sister did take him by the hand and led him away from the multitude, and she calmed him, saying:

14)  Behold, it is with a glad heart that I greet you, my brother. Let us away from these people, that you may inform me of all that has happened with you.

Yea, let us away, that these may be appeased and you and I may find a place to speak.

15)  But Sanhagot was not calmed by the words of Him-pah-neth and he approached the multitude and addressed them, saying:

16)  What is the hospitality of this city, that would treat a traveler so?

Have I been in Josh but five minutes and I have seen the charity of her people? I say unto you, Nay. But I have seen some of her character.

And should I extol your virtues, who would treat a woman thus? And let us assume that she is mad, do you so to all the afflicted of your city?

And how does any who suffers fare at your hands?

Speak! I would know your answer!

17)  And Ohmer answered him, saying:

18)  What would you have us do to the woman, being mad?

Are you also from her country, that you would compel us also to your ways and thinking?

19)  And Sanhagot answered, saying:

20)  Of a surety no!

For, I would get away with my life.

It appears to me that anyone from a foreign land might fare no better here than this poor woman.

Whose is she?

Who is her father and her mother that she should be so treated?

Is she the daughter of some enemy to be beaten and abused?

Is she the chattel of an enemy that she, because of her parentage, must be so abased?

21)  And Ohmer replied, saying:

22)  Nay, I know nothing of her parentage. She has brought all upon her as you see now simply by her own doing.

Her state is none of these good people.

She came in unto us and abused herself upon us.

Wherefore, my good man, make no mistake, we have given her as good as she gave.

23)  And Sanhagot spake to him, saying:

24)  Whom then has she beaten? Whom has she mistreated and abused?

Unto whom has she withheld food and water?

And whose child has she had her way with?

I perceive from your faces that she has not received of you that which she has given, for, how could it have been in her power to do you damage such as you have done unto her?

25)  Behold, I know your hearts and your minds.

Is it to be believed that such evil can exist in the heart of any Nephite?

What is this that you have done?

Is this the law of your city?

If so, show me where it is written.

26)  Now, to this the people had no answer, for they had caught themselves in a snare of their own making.

Surely, they heaped ridicule and onus upon the unknown woman, and this was easily done.

Yea, the people looked on while all that was evil was done unto the strange woman prophet.

Wherefore, when one who spoke with strength and with the Spirit indicted them, they knew their own guilt and were ashamed.

27)  But behold, they were ashamed not because they had done evil, but because they had been found out and exposed.

Wherefore, they were inflamed in their hearts and Ohmer stood forward again as the mouth of the people and he accused Sanhagot, saying:

28)  You are also of this sort!

Wherefore, behold, we will treat you as suits our custom.

29)  And Ohmer strode forward that he might strike Sanhagot with his staff.

But behold, Sanhagot was filled with the Holy Ghost and rebuked him, saying:

30)  Touch me not!

For I am filled with the Holy Ghost.

Wherefore, I give you fair warning, if you stretch forth your hand to touch me, you shall surely be stricken down to the earth!

31)  And Ohmer was filled with fear and retreated behind the growing multitude.

And he incited the multitude with many words, saying that this man ought to be taken by force and made to answer for his words before the Chief Judge of the city.

And the multitude did press forward to take him, but he rebuked them also,

32)  In the name of Jesus Christ, my master, I command you.

Touch me not!

For, any who shall stretch forth the hand to do me injury, him shall the Lord strike in His mighty wrath!

33)  And behold, the multitude felt the power of the Spirit in Sanhagot and they stayed themselves.

34)  Then did Sanhagot open his mouth unto all the people and he did condemn them all, saying:

35)  Surely, there is none more wicked in all the world than the people of Josh!

What could this woman have said that could justify what you have done unto her.

And I declare before God that you have all done this unto her.

36)  Behold!

She is beaten, ravished and left to starve in the streets, and who can declare unto me the cause?

Will any of you rehearse to me the words so evil that she spoke unto you that would justify this cruelty?

Or is it even possible that she could have so much evil to say?

Is it possible that so evil a people exist who can cause such an unrighteous judgment come upon a noble woman!

37)  For, I declare unto you that this woman is of noble birth, even the daughter of a noble people.

She is a prophet among her own and speaks with the Spirit of God.

There is not one soul in her own city that does not esteem her as among the very gems of the treasury.

And who of you can claim the same?

38)  And the lesser judge Ohmer stood forth once again to defend his people, saying:

39)  We knew not of her birth or her status. Do you say that this woman comes of noble family?

Does her father have some standing then, that we should esteem her as any more than you see here?

40)  And Sanhagot answered him, saying:

41)  This one is the daughter of Sahnempet, who is mighty in the eyes of not one city, but of a multitude of cities.

Do you not know the name?

He it was who subdued the Gadiantonhem in the Land Northward!

42)  Now, this saying frightened the people of Josh, and not least of all, Ohmer.

For, they believed the raving woman to be of lowly birth and, therefore, felt free to treat her as a slave.

But there was a law decreed in Josh which made the sons and daughters of the wealthy families immune from the statutes, and also that to touch such a one was a crime worthy of death.

Wherefore, when they heard Sanhagot say these things, many of the multitude did begin to disperse.

But behold, Sanhagot was not finished speaking unto the people and he continued, saying:

43)  What say you fathers of this great city?

Would you that I inform that great Sahnempet that you have dishonored his daughter so?

Or do you not fear reprisal from one so great as he?

Speak, fathers!

Which of you will not mourn the loss of your fair sons, a fair recompense for what you have done to the daughter of the mighty?

And which of you will not shriek to watch the same done unto your fair daughters as has
been done upon this woman?

44)  And again Ohmer strode forth to calm the people and to speak in their defense, saying:

45)  Believe us when we say that we had no knowledge ofwho this woman was, nay, nor of her parentage.

We knew only that she did cry against the good people of this city.

Yea, and all will attest that she did condemn us all to destruction because of our customs.

And I ask you, how are our customs to be so despised, being the same as all the great cities of this land?

46)  And Sanhagot answered him, saying:

47)  What can be the ways and customs of this people that she could have had anything to say that did justify this that you see before you?

48)  And Ohmer answered, saying:

49)  Surely, she did find great occasion to condemn us for our great riches.

Now, this ought not to be done, for it is only because the Lord does choose to bestow upon us His blessings that we have our riches.

And how, then, shall this one come in unto us and cry repentance because we are worthy and the Lord does see fit to bless us?

50)  And Sanhagot replied unto him, saying:

51)  If it so be that you are so prospered by the Lord, it must be because of great righteousness.

Wherefore, I must ask again, what has she said that could bring upon her such a wicked retribution?

For again, if the Lord has blessed you with riches, then it must be that you follow the admonition of the Lord – that you seek riches in order that you might with them do great good.

But where is the good?

52)  Behold, I look to my left and to my right and I see great and spacious houses.

Yea, and I look above me and I see the towers of the city.

And I look at its denizens and I see costly apparel and jewelry.

And this you say comes from the Lord and by His grace.

But, why then, do I look down and see such treatment of this visitor to your city?

I ask myself, how can this be?

53)  Has she stolen ought?

54)  And the people answered, Nay.

55)  Then has she played the harlot?

56)  And the people answered, Nay.

57)  Has she conspired against the rule of this country and against its laws?

58)  And the people answered, Nay.

59)  Has she killed or committed some mayhem?

60)  And the people answered, Nay.

61)  It is a strange thing then.

You say to me and expect me to accept, that you have done almost all that I have spoken against a woman merely because she spoke out against your custom.

Are you all in like bondage?

Is there no freedom to speak at all in your city?

For, if this be the case, then I distrust that you have attained such wealth by the hand and heart of God.

62)  And Ohmer cried out because Sanhagot began to disparage the people for their riches.

63)  You are of a surety one of her kind.

Speak truth, is it not so?

64)  And Sanhagot answered him, saying:

65)  I am her brother, and the son of that same Sahnempet of whom I have spoken.

Shall you treat me as you have her?

Is this the law in your city?

Shall I starve in your streets?

Shall I be beaten and spit upon?

Shall you have whatever way you wish with me in the sight of all men?

I declare unto you, if your like were to be found anywhere in the Land Northward, you would be rooted out as the Gadiantonhem.

None of you would escape.

66)  And with these words, behold, the multitude rushed in upon Sanhagot to take away his life.

But behold, he did stretch forth his hand and it was unto them as hehad forewarned.

For, all those who touched even the hem of his sleeve fell to the earth as if dead.

And a cry and a tumult rose up from the multitude, but they did cease to attempt to take him, or to take away his life.

Then did Sanhagot stretch forth his hands and then did he lift up his voice unto the multitude:

67)  Behold, I speak to this whole city.

Because you do set yourselves up as the judge of all people, and because you would see fit to treat any person as you have treated this prophet, yea, and because you would condone it and even revel in it upon your own streets and in front of your own houses, I do cry against you.

Repent and seek the face of Christ!

For, should He come upon you in this wicked hour, there shall not stand one of you.

68)  Do you wonder at the wrath of a brother at the sight of this his sister?

Think not that you have seen even the fraction of the wrath of the Lord!

Surely, He does not stay His hand in blessing all they who believe on Him and delight in His name.

Do not think because He delights in blessing His servants that He will stay His mighty hand in doing justice unto they who controvert His law. I do not think He will care about
your ways and your customs, nay, nor will He give ear to one word of your justification when He looks upon this, His servant and all that you have done unto her.

69)  Did she condemn you for your riches?

I know not, for I heard not her words.

But I say unto you, I have no need of such intelligence to ascertain the extent of your wickedness! I have only to look upon the poor wretch upon whom you have cast your judgment.

Behold, if this is justified in your sight, what else might a man do in this city?

What is more, what else might a man do and claim justification from God for it?

70)  And, if I but praise you all for yourworthiness, what wickedness would you justify in me?

Yea, if I do as this man has done and praise you in your wicked and abominable state, would you raise me up to be one of your judges?

And behold, if I praise you and extol your virtues, and even claim the grace of God in
your behalf, as the men you have heaped up to be your rulers do, what horror will you allow me to do in the corners of your city?

71)  Behold, I will testify against you in all the land and, if word of you does not become a hiss out of the mouths of all your neighbors, then I will know that all the Land Southward has become as wicked as you.

72)  You wish us to leave this city, and behold, I shall grant your wish.

Yea, I will take my sister and I will depart out of this city, but first you shall hear the word and will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

73)  Behold, when Jesus comes unto this land, as He promised the prophets that He would, there will be but few people left to greet Him.

Yea, and of all the cities in this land, those whose citizens mistreat or cast
out His servants shall be utterly destroyed by a great fire which He will cause to come down upon them from heaven.

Many cities shall be swallowed up as the earth heaves to and fro and yet others will be cast down into the depths of the sea.

But, they who reject the prophets when they are come in unto them will be utterly destroyed by fire.

74)  And I say unto you that the time of His appearance speedily comes and will be upon you quickly.

You, who have cast out the prophets, repent and come again unto Christ.

For, lest you do repent, your lot will be worse than any other city.

Yea, your fathers and brothers will not return fromtheir labors, but will be burned up in their shops and in their fields and you will not see them.

And behold, your mothers and sisters will not depart from the house, but will be burned up at the basin or in the doorway.

And your fine apparel will be consumed.

And all your precious things will not stand before the flame.

And your spacious houses and your towers will all be brought to the earth by the fire which will consume them.

75)  Can you escape the wrath of a just God when His anger is kindled against you?

Do not believe it!

Wherefore, repent and come again unto Him who is mighty to save.

And behold, if you do this, then will the Lord preserve you.

But, if you repent not, your lot shall be the same as all who have rejected the word
and will of the Lord.

76)  Then did the multitude break up and disperse, for the people knew that this man was a prophet and that the rulers of the city, knowing of the preaching and the prophesying of Sanhagot, would not stand long before ordering his death.

Wherefore, they did begin to disperse quickly so that they should not be esteemed as
being party to his words.

77)  But behold, the men who had approached Sanhagot to shed his blood, began to stir.

For, they were not killed by the power of the Spirit which was in Sanhagot, but they were stricken down to the street, each one.

But, as they arose from their stupor, some of them fled with fear from before the face of the prophet, while others knelt themselves before him and begged his forgiveness.

For, while in their stricken state, they had been taken to a place where they were instructed by their grandfathers and, in that place, they came to an understanding of the error of their ways, and they did repent.

Wherefore, they knelt themselves down to Sanhagot and pledged themselves to protect him and his sister in whatever circumstances that might arise.

78)  But behold, Sanhagot did take them by the hand and lifted them up, admonishing them to kneel before no one but their God.

And he did speedily forgive them, for they were truly repentant, and he did accept their
offer of service.

79)  And the number of them were seven.

 And the names of the seven who were stricken by the Spirit and who were taken Upon the Way to be instructed were: Stephat, who was Captain of the Gate; and Nepham,
his companion in arms; and Hemset, the tanner; and Korim, who begged on the street; and Joram, he who made weapons of all kinds; and Zeezret, his apprentice; and also Phezah, who was one of the lesser judges of the city. These are the names ofthe men who sought to lay hold of Sanhagot to take away his life, but repented and became the Lord’s disciples.

80)  And they did surround Sanhagot and his sister and usher them out of the city.

And when they were a day’s journey away from the City of Josh, Him-pah-neth, the prophet, was too fatigued to go further.

Wherefore, they did build a small shelter for her and they guarded her while she rested.

81)  And behold, Sanhagot gathered herbs by the gift of the Spirit that was in him, and he foreknew by this gift which were good for healing and which were not, and he did administer unto her by his gift.

Wherefore, he did prepare a drought of the plants he had gathered and the odor of it went up and refreshed even they who smelled of it.

And he did take the drought unto his sister and did give it unto her to drink.

And behold, he blessed the drought with sacred breath and he did pray over it. And, when he had asked for the presence of all the Heavenly Beings who might have anything to do with the healing of his sister and when she had drunk of the drought and rested, she was refreshed in her body and her spirit was strengthened.

82)  And behold, the seven companions once again entreated Sanhagot to forgive them, for they felt keenly the effects of their sins and wished to be cleansed of them.

And Sanhagot taught them, saying:

83)  Behold, I am not powerful to save.

If you wish the effects of your sins to be washed away, then you must
make a new covenant with the Lord and you must betoken this new covenant with baptism.

For, for this cause was this principle taught unto our fathers, and behold, I know that there are many who still teach this principle in the Land Southward.

Wherefore, because you have repented of your sins, you ought to make a covenant to abandon them and never return unto them and seal the covenant with a token of your
earnest desire to hold true to it all the days of yourlives.

If you will do this, then the Savior will wash away even the effects of your sins and you will be justified before Him.

Then shall He make you His servants and you may do many mighty works in His name.

Is this the desire of your hearts?

84)  And the seven companions answered in one voice that this was the desire of their hearts, but that, since they had been baptized in their youths, they knew not whether there was any other baptism that might save them from such awful wickedness.

Whereupon, Sanhagot answered them, saying:

85)  It is written: Though your sins be scarlet, they shall be white as snow.

Whereunto were you baptized in your youths?

86)  And Stephat answered him, saying:
87)  When we were but youths, our priests baptized us sothat we might become members of Christ’s church.
This was the token of membership in His kingdom according to the ways and customs of our people. I, for one, left the path of righteousness many years ago and I know not where my companions stand.
Notwithstanding, we have been taught that there is but one baptism and one church. Can we now be baptized again, and if so, unto what church shall we be baptized, seeing that we have dedicated ourselves
unto Chirst?

88)  And Sanhagot was pleased at this saying and answered Stephat, saying:

89)  Of a certainty, there is but one kingdom of God;

but of churches there are many.

For the churches are formed by men with a purpose to serve God and in this they do great good.

And some believe one way while others believe another.

But, if you wish to become pure and clean before Christ, you must make
your covenant not with any church, butwith Christ Himself.

Wherefore,let me tell you of the custom of my people, for I believe it will help you to understand how you may become doers of the word and not hearers only.

90)  The Nemenhah of Mentinah, when they learn a great thing, or when they make a great commitment, they do go up to their holy men and women and ask them to baptize them again.

And this is done not as token of membership in any church, but as token of the gratitude they feel because of the great thing that the Spirit has taught them, or in token of the new covenant they are willing to make withthe Lord.

This is not done but once and for all, but many times throughout the life of the believer.

In this way do the Nemenhah renew their covenants and their commitments unto the Lord their God.

In this way do the
Nemenhah remain cleansed and purified from the blood and sin of this generation.

91)  Now, this baptism is done either in the fashion of the Sons of Ammon in token of the sacrifice of the Son, or it is done by burial in water in token of the Lord’s own baptism as has been revealed by the prophets.

92)  And behold, when the seven companions had heard these things they were gladdened in their hearts.

For, they knew that their sins were as scarlet and they desired them to be washed away. And they had repented of their sins, but they still felt keenly the effects of them.

Wherefore, they begged Sanhagot to stand as Peli for them, that they might make a token of their dedication to the Lord.

And Sanhagot assisted them in building the Lodge and in performing the purification of the Ammonihah and they made a purifying sacrifice before the Lord.

93)  And when they had completed this sacrifice, whereby they emulated their Savior in the sacrifice which He was to give for the sake of all living;

 they went even unto Him-pah-neth and begged of her that she might baptize them in water.

And, seeing the sincerity of their repentance, and also being moved upon by the Holy Ghost, she did consent to act as Peli for them in the performing of the ordinance of the baptism of the Lord’s burial.

94)  Wherefore, the seven companions guided them unto a river wherein there was much water.

And Himpah-neth took them one by one by the hand and, going down into the water with them, she did baptize them each in turn.

95)  And these are the words she did raise up unto the Lord when she did baptize the seven companions, for, she did speak as the Spirit directed, saying:

96)  Holy Father which is in Heaven, look upon us now.

For we do raise up a song of thanksgiving for all that you have given us.

And we do especially thank you for the sacrifice of your Son.

Now take this – and she spoke the name of the individual – even into a covenant by this washing in token of the repentance he has dedicated unto you.

Wherefore, having authority given of me by the Mother, and having received a
commission of Jesus Christ, and alsohaving a confirmation of that commission by the power of the Holy Ghost,

I do baptize you – and she spoke again the name of the individual – in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

97)  And when she had spoken these words, she lowered them into the water, even to the covering of their entire body.

And behold, when she raised them again out of the water;

She was filled with the Holy Ghost and she did pronounce a blessing upon them, insomuch that the Spirit did come in unto them and they did speak in the tongues of Angels and they did also prophesy many great things.

98)  And behold, when these things were done, Sanhagot did also lay hands upon them and pronounce them Nemenhah of his own family.

99)  And when all this was accomplished they gathered up their belongings and continued upon their journey.

And behold, in every city and village they entered, they preached the Gospel of Peace unto the people and there were many who believed on their words, and also many who did not. But, in none of the cities and villages wherein they did minister were they abused

in any way until they reached the City of Gad.

Chapter Six

To be continued…cj

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