The Teachings Of Sanhagot

Greetings all my relations,

As we gather together and dance in the winter months, to celebrate and tell the stories of the heros…     This is one of those stories and books of rememberance

 And all these things ought you to do, who seek the face of the Lord.

For, if perchance you do find Him;

  And you have not followed His precepts;

How shall you address Him?

Oh Lord, King of Heaven and Earth!

We know that You are holy and that You have created all things.

Yea, we know that the winds and the earth obey Your command and rejoice in the full measure of their creation.

But, behold Lord, we have not sought Your face nor followed Your precepts.

But we are Yours nonetheless, wherefore, let us enter into Your presence.

  Behold, I say unto you, If you have not been His friend in the day of your probation, He will not acknowledge you in the day of His glory.

Yea, if you have failed to call upon Him, He shall not acknowledge your greeting when all the earth is finished.

Seek Him diligently, even in the hour of your adversity and He will comfort you in tribulation.

 The teachings of Sanhagot…

Found in The Mentinah Archives Volume III;

The First Book of Pa Natan
The Daughter of Shimlei

Chapter Four

1)  And many who listened to the teachings of Sanhagot were overcome with joy.

For, they had sought the face of the Lord and now this prophet had come among them to confirm the things they knew to be true.

And they did rejoice in his words and sought him all the more to teach them.

2)  But there were some who were ashamed because of his words.

For they knew that they had not walked uprightly before the Lord and they did still covet the riches and the comforts of the rich.

And there were others who wished to use Sanhagot’s words to over throw the Chief Judge and Governor of the City so that they might rule in his stead.

Now, these men took an accounting of the teaching of Sanhagot unto Wayus;

But they did turn his words against him, saying:

3)  Behold, most noble Judge and Governor over all this people, we know that you are worthy to be our ruler and that you have ruled in righteousness.

Wherefore, your judgment is righteous always.

Judge now this man for us and rid us of his teachings.

4)  And Wayus inquired of them, saying:

5)  What is it that this man has taught that has so offended you that you should come entreating me to rid you of him and his words?

And they answered him, saying:

6)  Behold, he teaches all to seek not after the righteous judgments of our governor, but to follow ones own conscience and the dictates of ones own heart.

This thing is hurtful to our young people.

For behold, they think they may live in this great city and yet believe that they need not obey your laws. We desire that all our youths learn the ways, customs and laws of our people and hope to have peace in our city because of them.

But behold, this teacher does exhort them to seek not after them.

Wherefore, we do ask you to rid us of this prophet.

7)  And Wayus, seeing his opportunity, did send his mighty men to take Sanhagot;

But he was forewarned in a dream and went out of the city before the Judge had ordered his men.

Wherefore, he was not to be found among the poor of the city, for he had escaped the judgment of the unrighteous.

8)  And Wayus was angry that he was unable to lay his hands on Sanhagot and also with the poor who had sheltered him and listened to him. Wherefore, he ordered that all the poor, or rather all they who had not riches and precious things, should be removed from the city and cast out.

And this he caused to be done with great violence, and many people were killed.

And all they who survived the cleansing, or so they called it, of the City of Laman, hid themselves as best they could in the wilderness, and many took their flight even into other cities round about.

9)  And behold, Sanhagot did stand himself once again by the gate and did prophesy against the city, saying:

10)  Behold, I do curse the City of Laman and all its inhabitants.

For, you have cast out the prophets from your midst and this you have done with the shedding of blood.

Wherefore, I do curse all the inhabitants of this wicked city with a curse.

And this shall be the extent of the curse – in the hour that the Lord, Jesus Christ, does make his appearance unto this people, even as has been promised by the holy prophets, the City of Laman and all its inhabitants shall be burned by fire, and none shall survive the day.

11)  Yea, you shall shut your gates and think yourselves safe behind your battlements. But behold, fire of the Lord shall descend from the heavens and it shall consume you all.

And behold, even the rocks shall not abide the heat of His wrath and all shall be overturned.

And behold, this place shall be a hiss and a byword, and even the beasts of the wilderness shall avoid it.

12)  Now, when the guards of the gate heard him speak thus, they sought to lay hands on him, that they might deliver him up to Wayus to be judged for the hard words he had spoken against the city.

But behold, in the moment that they were about to lay their hands on him, they were confounded, for they found him not;

 And he was taken away by the Spirit to another place.

13)  And Sanhagot continued to teach those few who had escaped the city.

And behold, each day he remained with them in the wilderness round about the City of Laman, more people did begin to come out of the city to find refuge with the outcasts.

And, within a short space of time, they became a great people in the wilderness, so many were the people who repaired unto them from the City of Laman, and also from other
cities. And they did begin to build a settlement a day’s journey from the city.

14)  For, the rule of Wayus become very strait.

Yea, Wayus the Chief Judge of the city did tremble in fear of the words of Sanhagot.

For, both the prophecy which he spoke at the gate against his people, but also the things he spoke when he taught the people did fill Wayus exceedingly, for he could not escape them.

15)  And behold, Wayus sent a party of armed men out of the city to seek out this settlement and to put the inhabitants of it to the sword.

And to justify this, he did accuse them of treasonous and blasphemous teachings.

And the men did search for the space of many days to find the outcasts.

And behold, they did find them and the settlement that they had made in the wilderness and they did make their plans to attack the settlement by night.

16)  But Sanhagot was warned of their plan and he sent all of the people out of the settlement.

Now, when the men of Wayus came into the settlement, they found it empty and they also found evidence that all the people had departed out of it.

Wherefore, they believed that there must have been a spy or informant among them and the captain of the party, whose name was Menem, did begin to examine each man.

17)  And behold, not finding any man that could have informed the outcasts of the City of their impending doom at the hands of the armed men, but also knowing that Wayus would not be satisfied with his report, Memen did accuse one of his men of treason and he, with his own sword, took the man’s life in the sight of all his men.

18)  Now, this did cause his men to distrust and even to hate Menem.

And, when he ordered his men to turn again and return unto the City of Laman, with the excuse that there had been a traitor who warned the outcasts and allowed them to escape into the wilderness,behold, half of the men were determined to slay him.

Wherefore, they did attack and slay their captain.

But half the men agreed not with the rebels and they did take up their swords and did battle with them after that they had slain Menem.

19)  And behold, the two sides did fight each other until there was not one man left of them. But their bodies lay strewn in the streets of the settlement and the wild animals of the wilderness came in and devoured them.

20)  And, when the outcasts of Laman returned to their settlement, they saw the carnage and would not go again into their homes, and they abandoned their settlement and fled out of the land, even unto distant cities.

21)  And thus ended the mission of Sanhagot unto the inhabitants of the City of Laman.

And behold, we know that the City of Laman was verily burned at the Lord’s coming.

For, it is written in another place and we need not doubt the truth of it.

Chapter Five…to be continued…cj


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