There Is None Like Unto Nephihet And His Family.

Greetings all my relations,

With great honor we continue reading the ancient book of Pa Natan;

I am Pa Natan and I do now take up the stylus to write for my family.

For, Shimlei had but one son and he was the eldest, and it is the custom, or rather it has become the custom, of the people that the eldest son keeps and writes the books of remembrance for the family.

And behold, I am not the eldest of my family but I do take up the stylus.

And we deem this no dishonor and hold that it is not requisite that only the eldest son keep the records, but it is a custom among the people.

5)  Now, it has also been the custom to appoint a male descendent of Father Hagoth to the seat of high priest unto the City of Mentinah.

But again, this has not been set into our law, but has become a custom of the people.

And when Shigoeth perished upon Shi-Muelnah, there were many men who could lay claim to an inheritance from Hagoth, even unto the seat of the high priest.

But the Council of Mentinah did choose rather to call my sister, Nin-Shepa, to the seat of the high priest unto Mentinah.

Wherefore, she does sit in the seat and counsel the people.

6)  And Nin-Shepa is a prophet of God and a Seer.

 For she does walk and talk with God upon the Way;

And she does possess also that gift where by she may look upon records written in strange tongues and translate them into that which is understandable to us.

But this is not all.

She does also possess a gift that is most powerful.

When moved upon by the Holy Ghost, Nin-Shepa may look upon the vistas of time and foresee what is shortly to come to pass.

Wherefore, she has foresight in the Spirit and can see afar off.

 Chapter Three
1)  Now, that part of the city where the more humble dwelt was not filled with large and spacious homes and buildings.

But behold, neither was that part of the city a place of squalor or poverty.

Even the humblest of homes was well kept and the surroundings were pleasing.

2)  And one of the men who had entreated him to come down with him to the humbler part of the city was called Nephihet, and he took him unto his own home.

And behold, he bid him sit in his own chair, and when he was sat, he did kneel down and wash his feet and anoint them.

And he did also anoint his head with healing oil and gave him mild food and drink to his comfort.

3)  And Nephihet did also place a robe upon his shoulders and, when he was comforted in all the ways in which a healer might comfort his charge, he bid him take lodging in his own home with his family.

4)  And this charity did give heart unto Sanhagot and he blessed them, saying:

5)  In all the city, there is none like unto Nephihet and his family.

 Surely, the Lord will bless you in all that you do.

And he took each member of the family and laid hands on them and blessed them.

6)  And when Sanhagot had taken his rest and had arisen again refreshed, Nephihet took him to where the people of that quarter of the city met together at the end of the day.

And the people did wait upon him, and begged him to speak.

7)  Now behold, the number of them was exceedingly few.

Yea, there were but twenty two families that gathered out of the whole of the city to hear the words of Sanhagot.

But he was not discouraged and began to speak unto them, saying:

8)  Behold, the things that Wayus said about me are ingreat measure true.

I have come unto you from the Land Northward.

Yea, and it is true that my forefathers left this land to travel into unknown places.

And they did live in the wilderness for a generation and had not benefit of riches or precious things of any kind.

9)  But, you would think from the speech of Wayus, that such things have rendered them poor and desolate and that their descendents have grown into savages.

But I say unto you that the words of Wayus are not true, for my people have continued to serve the Lord in all things and in all places, and their knowledge of Him has become great.

Yea, the Nemenhah, for so we call ourselves now, have become a great people
and the Lord is with us.

10)  And behold, riches we have in plenty, but we have them in common one with another.

For, all people receive of the abundance which the Lord has provided.

Is it so here?

I ask you, is it so among the people of this great city?

11)  And, with downcast eyes, the people bowed their heads and said; No.

12)  Why then, does Wayus rejoice in this great difference between our peoples?

It is because he has set his heart upon the riches and the getting of them.

Yea, his heart is so set upon these things that he casts off his duty to provide for the comfort and safety of the people of his city.

This is wickedness and will cause the downfall of all that you know.

13)  And behold, this saying did disturb some of the people who had gathered to listen to the voice of this prophet from a far country, and some did take up their couch and their families and they did depart from before Sanhagot.

But, unto some, the words he spoke were the words of their hearts and they did continue
to listen and to hearken unto him.

And he did continue speaking unto them:

14)  Behold, whenever people gather together to save themselves from the dangers and perils of the world, belief in the Christ who is to come must form the foundation and purpose for their gathering.

For, any man may build a house and hedge it round about.

And that place of refuge is as safe from the perils of the wild world as are the walls of this city.

And behold, he may set his sons to guard it day and night, and it is
as safe as this great city.

15)  But, the day comes when the earth shall reel to and fro.

Yea, there comes a day when, should a man find himself upon the road, he will not see his way and the earth shall rise up under his feet and cast him down.

In that day, shall these walls save him?

Yea, a day comes when, should a woman find herself at the well, she will not see her way and the earth rising up shall cast her down.

In that day, shall these walls save her?

And when all creation shall shake with a fury, and this great city is burned with a fire come down out of heaven, shall the man and the woman be preserved?

It is a question.

16)  Shall a man and a woman heap to themselves riches and costly things to hedge up the wilderness?

And with such a hedge, shall they think to bring safety unto themselves and their children?

I ask you, does their rich and costly things protect them from any risk or peril?

In the day of tribulation, what shall their riches buy them?

When the earth has thrown down the crop, shall they buy meal?

When the fire has burned the city, shall they buy shelter?

I say unto you, Nay. For the day of their salvation is at hand.

17)  And shall a man abuse his neighbor, and make a slave of him, and beat him, and cast him into a prison, and feel secure in his standing?

Or shall he by usury make his neighbor his slave, and the day of tribulation coming, still ask of him his succor?

Shall a man heap up houses to let and oxen to hire and, setting a yoke upon his neighbor, expect them to come tohis aid in the midst of his adversity?

Is it possible that adversity should come to him alone?

And shall he believe that any that he has abused shall not also suffer the tribulation, and yet feel some loyalty and charity toward him?

It shall not be.

18)  Or behold, shall he heap up a storehouse of grain against the day of tribulation, but abuse his neighbor and make a slave of him?

Shall not his neighbor assail his storehouse in the day of tribulation?

And let him set all his sturdy men against the doors, shall the doors stand against the whole city?

It shall not be.

19)  For, I say unto you all, The days that come shall testall people in this land, be they rich or poor, be they mighty or meek.

Let every one of you lay up in store those riches that shall account unto you for

For, in the day of tribulation, all people shall seek for the wise to guide them.

And, if the wise be despised of you, wherein shall they guide.

And if wisdom has become despised, all is foolishness.

Let him lead you then and guide you who will, but you shall not escape.

20)  Then the people cried out unto Sanhagot that he should preach unto them all that would befall them and their city, and he did continue to preach unto them, saying:

21)  Behold, far away in the Land Northward from whence I am come unto you, we have built up the waste places and even a great city.

We call this city, Mentinah, or as it is called by many, Menintah.

And this, in the tongue of the Ammonites who live among you, is“a place of salt.”

Behold, this place has become the savor of the earth, for we live in peace, feasting upon all that the Lord does bestow upon us from heaven, having all things in common.

And there are no poor among us, for we succor all, both great and small.

In this do we call ourselves blessed, for in Mentinah, there is no man or woman who causes suffering knowingly.

22)  For, we do seek the guidance and wisdom of they whom the Lord does call to be our governors.

And we also do seek the wisdom of the old and halt.

And we do seek the wisdom of our Peli.

And we do seek the wisdom of our learned ones.

And behold, we do diligently work for the good of all people and all people work to sustain and support each other.

23)  Behold, I spring from a line of teachers and healers who offer their services not for hire, though the laborer is worthy of it, but they do their work freely and beg of no one.

For, in Mentinah, the baker is free with his bread and the fisher is free with his fish. And behold, when there is corn, there is corn for all and none puts up his petition unanswered in the City of Mentinah.

And because of this, there are none who may claim poverty, for all receive of their wants freely.

And, when the city puts up its stores, it is for all people that the storehouse is filled.

Yea, even the stranger in our streets is as welcome to the abundance of the Lord as the citizen.

24)  And the people asked him:

25)  Does no man own his field then?

And shall all men tread the winepress together?

And he answered them, saying:

26)  Nay, but person, be they man or woman, has the stewardship of their own land, or shop, or press, or ship, and does work by the sweat of their face.

But behold, they do offer up the fruit of their labor over that which is necessary for their own living.

And, if a man make shoes, hedoes put shoes on his family, that they be not naked.

But the increase of his labor he does give freely to his neighbor, that he be not naked.

And if a man go to catch fish in the lake, he dries the fish and pounds it, and that which is necessary for his own family he keeps back, that they be not hungry.

But behold, the increase of his labor he does give freely to his neighbor, that he be not hungry.

27)  And behold, there are days of tribulation and adversity.

But, when the day of tribulation comes, do you
think the people assail the storehouse to take from it all that they need?

I say unto you, It is not so.

For all receive freely and there is no violence.

For again, there is no hedge raised up and no strong men guarding the gate.

Behold, all receive of the abundance of the city equally and, in the day of violence, there is none who must resort to violence.

28)  And behold, this is not all.

For, all men and women go up to the High Place together.

Yea, the Temple of the Lord is open to all who would hear His voice and seek His face.

Is it so in this great city?

I know not.

But, I say unto you, Even the sojourner in the land is taken up to the High Place, if he wish it, to seek the Lord there and there is no hedge upon it.

29)  And all men and women raise up their thanks unto God both day and night.

And they do also meet often to celebrate His coming together.

And in their synagogues they do teach the peaceable things of God with joy, with meekness, but also with celebrations.

Yea, in spiritual things also they do have all things in common and none is prevented.

30)  And these things which Sanhagot spoke troubled the people, for they knew that such was not the way of
their city, nor of their people. For, they had not anything in common and, if a man lacked, he had to buy
that which he needed. And, if he had not wherewith to buy, then was he made a slave because of his lack.
31)  And also they knew that their synagogues were divided among the rich and the poor. And only the rich
met in prayer with the rich. The poor did meet in lowly circumstances with the poor, as was the tradition
of the city. And behold, when a prophet or teacher came among them from the City of Zarahemlah, they
were taken in by the rich and entertained in their synagogues. The poor did wait upon the rich to hear the
words of such teachers, but were never welcome to hear his words themselves. Such was the state of
things in the City of Laman.
32)  And Sanhagot, seeing that the words which he had spoken touched the souls of the hearer, he did speak
the more plainly unto them. For, he perceived that they did hunger for the word of the Lord, and they did
thirst for that water which fills the soul. Wherefore,he did preach unto them the Gospel of Peace, saying:
33)  Behold, I perceive that you do seek after righteousness. Therefore, I shall open my mouth to you and
teach you that which the Spirit does dictate to my mind.
34)  Seek no more to satisfy men, but satisfy God. Seek no more the counsel of the wise in this city, but seek
the wisdom that proceeds from the mouth of God. Seek no more to please them who rule over you, but
seek to please your God. Seek the face of God, for He is mighty to save.
35)  Lay no more up stores against the day of your tribulation, for, that day is come upon you, and greater
tribulation is to come. Rather, give of your substance to the beggar and raise him up. For, I say unto you,
The aid of the beggar shall be the greater value for you when all the earth is in tribulation. Yea, work with
your might to provide for yourselves, but give of your increase unto all that lift up a petition unto you.
For, surely they shall support and sustain you also when you are all beggars upon the road.
36)  Pray always unto the Lord, who is the Son of God, even that Creator who giveabundantly unto all living.
Lift up your heads and cast your eyes upon the face of Him who is mighty to save. Bow not your heads
down unto that man who shall be as much a beggar asyou in the day of his tribulation, but lift up your
eyes and your voice unto that God who shall come to save you all.
37)  Meet often in your meager synagogues and give thanks unto God that you sit upon the floor without mats
and not upon a couch in a place elevated above the congregation. Sing praises and thanks unto God and
not unto your officials. Make priests unto yourselves who are humble as you and set no wealthy man
above you to sing for you until all are equally wealthy. Make teachers unto yourselves who are humble
and who seek the face of Christ who shall come. For, the Spirit shall give such teachers their voices and
they shall teach you of the peaceable things of the kingdom.
38)  Make no man or woman an offender because of their words. For, as the world is large and spacious, so
therefore, is there much space and many peoples. Because their belief and their words may be different,
this does not signify that their words are not the words of Christ. But give ear unto their words and
subject them unto the Holy Ghost, who shall testify unto you of truth. Yea, you need not worry that any
shall deceive you, if you have the Holy Ghost asyour companion, both old and young, both great and
small, for it is He who makes a surety of those things which are true. Yea, He does make a surety and a
certainty, even to the testifying of truth unto your minds and your hearts. Wherefore, none can assail His
storehouse, and you shall have riches laid up in store, even riches in heaven.
39)  And, from this time forth, make all your comings and your goings in the name of the Lord. Yea, pray in
His name unto the Father. Yea, call upon the Father inthe name of the Son. For, His atonement is unto
you as a mighty bulwark and a ward and citadel. Yea, bless all things in His name. Baptize in His name.
Wash yourselves in His name and cloth yourselves in His name. Raise up your voices each day in a
joyous way in His name, for He does hear the prayers of the righteous and answers them.
40)  And, when the Spirit of Prophecy comes upon anyone among you, despise it not, for it is a gift given of
the Holy Ghost, but send that one forth to preach inthe city. Support the prophet with your own substance
and withhold not, for, howbeit a whole city might besaved. But if you withhold your substance, the
words of the prophet might be dulled by hunger or thirst, or the necessities of life. Wherefore, make not
beggars of your prophets, but lift up the hands that hang down.
41)  Do always the words of Christ. Let not any petition rise up from any widow, but care for them in all
judgment. Yea, let not any cause occasion the widow’spetition, but anticipating their want, care for them
in Christ’s name.
42)  And likewise, let not the fatherless go abroad in the streets to gain a living for their distressed mother and
for their brothers and sisters. Nay, for this is wickedness. Let the fatherless be cared for with all judgment
and not by commandment, but freely without extortion. For behold, he who makes a slave of the weak
shall be destroyed by the weak in the day of their tribulation.
43)  And, if there be any among you who is sick, let themalso be cared for tenderly. And call upon them who
have the Gifts of the Spirit to heal them. Yea, call upon all they who have great faith to lay hands upon
them and to pray for them who are prostrate, that they may be healed.
44)  Now, you mothers and fathers, teach your children diligently to follow the Lord and not after the things of
the world. And this is a difficult task I lay upon you. For, in this city, all men teach the tender to seek
after riches and to lay up riches against some futurity. But this is wickedness and the Lord shall not
support such a teaching. Behold, it is hard to live ina city and among people who shall daily teach your
children to seek after the world, but you must do it, or all is lost.
45)  In short, love one another. Be as family one toanother. For, what father, seeing his son hungering, shall
withhold his provender that his son die? And what mother, seeing her daughter is naked, shall withhold
her own raiment? And shall a brother or sister remain without the house upon the street? Nay, but they
are rushed inside with much rejoicing. Yea, you shall give shelter within your own house. You shall
clothe the naked and feed the hungry, for, this isthe Gospel of Peace and anything else comes of
46)  And, if the wise of your city do smirk, yea, if they shall wink at you and wag the finger, let them be. For
they receive their reward daily. But, in the day of their tribulation, when all things are in commotion, and
the hungry do assail their storehouse, who shall wink then?
47)  Even let there be they who are considered unworthy knock upon your door, shall you turn them back into
the street? I say unto you, Nay. But you shall feed them, clothe them and send them on with money in
their purse. For, who may judge the heart of any man but that God who created him? And who may take
the full measure of any creature but the Creator thereof?Do not think to take up that mantle, for it is
Christ’s and He employs no servant there.
48)  And all these things ought you to do, who seek the face of the Lord. For, if perchance you do find Him,
and you have not followed His precepts, how shall you address Him? Oh Lord, King of Heaven and
Earth! We know that You are holy and that You havecreated all things. Yea, we know that the winds
and the earth obey Your command and rejoice in the full measure of their creation. But, behold Lord, we
have not sought Your face nor followed Your precepts. But we are Yours nonetheless, wherefore, let us
enter into Your presence.
49)  Behold, I say unto you, If you have not been His friend in the day of your probation, He will not
acknowledge you in the day of His glory. Yea, ifyou have failed to call upon Him, He shall not
acknowledge your greeting when all the earth is finished. Seek Him diligently, even in the hour of your
adversity and He will comfort you in tribulation.
Chapter Four

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