The Book of Hagmeni

Greetings all my relations,

It’s another beautiful day, It is my privilege and with a humble heart;

I present to you the ancient book written about 50 b.c.

The Book of Hagmeni, found recorded in The Mentinah Archives Volume One;

The Book of Hagmeni

Hagmeni, the son of Hagoth.

Discovered ancient tombs and records of the Jaredites.(the Tower of Babel)

He was ordained Prophet and High Priest of the Nemenhah by Nephi the Prophet from Zarahemla.

He spoke with Christ in the temple.

Samuel the Lamanite, on returning from the Land Southward, spent the winter with the Nemenhah in the land of Mentinah.

1) Behold, my name is Hagmeni and I am the son of Hagoth, even that Hagoth who was a builder of ships.

And I journeyed with my father when he came to the Land Northward, yea, I and my family.

And I was with my father’s small band who traveled up the Akish;

Where God saved His servant by the miracle of the great fish.

I testify that the words my father wrote are true, for I saw his acts and can verify them.

2) Yea, and I can tell you that we did build a great nation in the Land Northward between the mountains, and we endeavored to keep the statutes and commandments of God. And for a generation we did have peace in the land.

This because we accepted the servants of the Lord and we believed their words.

3) The Nephites in the Land Southward rejected the prophets of God and for this cause they became lifted up in pride.

Yea, I saw them become wicked and those Nephites our neighbors who had come up into the Land Northward were also eventually overcome by pride and by greed.

Yea, they did use up the land in their lust to obtain riches and they brought all people into bondage for the sake of their secret oaths and combinations.

Yea, even the trees they did destroy in their greed, for the land in which Hagoth and his people first settled was rich with timber.

Nevertheless, the country was dry so that the Nemenhah did carefully select the trees they cut, lest they destroy the forests.

But when the Nemenhah departed out of the land, the Nephites came into the land and took it unto themselves, yea, both the land and the cities the Nemenhah had built.

And they cut all the trees for trade with the Land Southward. Yea, they destroyed the forests and denuded the mountains for gain, and the streams and smaller rivers gave out and the whole land became barren. And all this was done to satisfy their lust for riches.

In the end, this imprudence caused the flow of the river Akish to so diminish that it could no longer be used to transport the logs to the Land Southward.

Wherefore the Nephites were deprived of further gain and the more part of them left the land where Hagoth, my father, first settled.

Now this was pleasing unto the Nemenhah, for we desired no commerce with them.

4) Now, the Nemenhah had resorted to our fast places and onto the Great Plains, and we maintained commerce between the divisions of our people.

And in Menintah, or Mentinah as many called it because of the abundance of salt in the south part of the valley.

We built a beautiful city on a hill.

And in this city we built a temple like unto those built by our fathers in the Land Southward.

And we worshiped our God as we were taught by Nephi the prophet while he was yet with us.

And also according to his teaching, we combated evil with the word of God and of salvation.

And we did also preserve that form of worship that had been revealed to the people of Ammon.

5) And it came to pass, as we were searching out good stone with which to build our city, we discovered in the mountains, tombs of an ancient people.

In these tombs we found records of the Jaredite people, like unto those that Mosiah translated.

Therefore, we did use these same tombs to keep our own records, and we did put copies of those plates which Shiblon and Nephi had provided for our people.

And a record of all our doings, our laws and our histories are kept there.

6) But in this record I write about the works of the Spirit among the Nemenhah. For we did prosper exceedingly because we did keep the statutes of God.

Inasmuch as our people did enjoy the gifts of the Spirit in excess.

Yea, our men and our women did heal the sick by the administration of faith.

And they did also prophesy and receive visions.

And they did speak with all manner of tongues and they did interpret tongues.

They waxed great in understanding and wisdom especially in the use of plants and herbs for healing. So much so that Mentinah became a gathering place for the teaching of healing.

7) And in the twenty-fourth year from my ordination to the office of high priest under the hands of Nephi, which was also the eighty and sixth year of the reign of the judges over the Nephites, I was alone in the temple and I did pray earnestly to know of the future of my people.

And the Lord spoke to me and I heard His voice.

Wherefore, I write the words He did speak to me:

8) Hagmeni, behold I am Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Listen to me, for I have heard thy entreaty on behalf of the Nemenhah.

Behold, blessed art thou among my people, for thou hast not fallen into the wickedness of the Nephites and the Lamanites in this fair land.

Yea, but for a very few among them, they are all ripening in iniquity. For they do only call upon my name when the enemy is in the house.

But my children the Nemenhah do call upon me always.

Yea, I hearthe prayers that ye utter in secret, yea, the secret entreaties that ye whisper into your pillows at night, that ye murmur in your closets at the rising of the sun.

And, verily, I hear the prayers ye utter with your families, yea, and the voices of your little ones are a delight unto mine ears.

And when ye bless your provender, I hear you.

And then I hear the prayers that do infect your very thoughts as you go about your work in the fields and in the shops of your cities.

Yea, and in your synagogues, your voices rise up to Me and I hear your prophesying.

Verily, Mine ears are filled continually with your prayers, and I say unto you, Your prayers have stayed the enemy from your borders.

Therefore, there are none such among you.

Now, ye Nemenhah, I say unto you all, Blessed are ye, for ye are a delightsome people unto the Lord, and I declare unto you, that for as long as ye remain such, I shall always be near and I will visit upon you the mercy of the Lord.

But if ye deny My word, ye Nemenhah, ye shall be visited as the wicked.

For I have decreed a decree concerning this land and My words shall be fulfilled.

9) Now thou, Hagmeni, hast entreated me concerning the future of this thy people.

Because thou hast prayed in faith, I shall answer thy prayer.

It has been but one year since I called Samuel from out of the midst of the Nemenhah in the far north, to go to prophesy against my people the Nephites in the Land Southward.

Thou dost recall that he sojourned with thee many days as he passed through thy land. And dost thou not recall the prophecy which I gave unto him?

Yea, verily, I did reveal to him that five years should not pass away from the time he began prophesying to the Nephites in the Land Southward until the sign of My coming, even of the day I should come to redeem all My people.

Wherefore, I give unto thee this same sign to watch for: There shall be great signs and lights in the heavens. And the night before I come there shall be no darkness in the southern sky.

Yea, it shall appear unto thee that the sky shall be halved. When thou dost look to the north, behold the sky shall be darkened, but only as at dusk.

But when thou turnest to look southward, the sky shall be as bright as day.

Therefore, there shall be a day, a night, and a day, and it shall be as one day.

This is the sign by which thou shalt know that I have come into the world.

Then, watch thou diligently, for in My own due time, when I have completed the work which the Father has given Me to do, I shall visit thee, and thou shalt see Me as I am.

10) Now these signs shall sorely amaze the Nephites and the Lamanites in the Land Southward so much so that they will fall to the earth. And the Nemenhah shall see these signs and shall wonder also. For those that live as sojourners on the plain must of a necessity concern themselves with their daily provender and are, therefore, subject to more strife than your people in Menintah. But their prophets shall interpret the
signs for them. Nevertheless, many of them shall be surprised by the signs.

11) But you, Hagmeni, art a prophet and the Nemenhah in all the land of Menintah do listen to thee, for thou speakest faithfully all the words which I give unto thee through that Way which I have opened up unto thee. Therefore, thou shalt write the sign in a book and thou shalt remember my servant Samuel also in it. Amen!

12) These are the words the Lord spake to me, wherefore, we had prior knowledge that He would come into the world. And I told the councils of the Nemenhah, and they were many, for each city in the land of Mentinah did elect its own council of judges, and theyestablished a law unto the people that each year after the winter snows had thawed and the new life was to be seen springing up, that we should celebrate the Lord’s coming. Each household did beautify their home and give thanks, rejoicing because the Lord would soon come. And for seven nights, they did buildfires to illuminate the valley. And on the seventh day, they did fast and meet together for special prayers.

13) Now this was done beginning at the month when the heroes ceased to be taught, yea, from the seventh day of the lunar up to the day of the spring solstice, even from the seventh to the seventh.

14) For, it was the custom of the Nemenhah to occupy the cold months remembering the teachings and works of their heroes. Yea, when the snow lay on the ground the Nemenhah taught about Lehi and his son Nephi, those prophets of old who took their journey out of Jerusalem. They taught of Mosiah and Benjamin, those great kings who taught peace. Yea, they taught of Alma, whom God Himself ordained, and of Moroni, Shiblon, Helaman, and that prophet Nephiwho lived for a time even in our midst. Yea, and they also taught of Hagoth, our founder, for he was a great hero to us and a holy man. And in that time the Nemenhah also remembered the two LamaniteTwins who saved the people by teaching them to be each one a healer. And it was after the time of these teachings each year that all the Nemenhah of the land of Mentinah celebrated the coming of the Lord among men.

15) And it came to pass that in the twenty and fifth year, Samuel, that great Lamanite Prophet, who came from the Nemenhah of the Plains which are far to the north, did return and sojourned in our land. For he had completed the task the Lord had given him and had taken his journey back to his own home.

Wherefore he did stop in the land of Mentinah, for the season of cold when no one travels had overtaken him. Wherefore, he did stay with us during that time, even until the celebration of the coming of the Lord.

16) Now Samuel was not an old man, and he was exceedingly strong. And he was a man of mighty deeds. Wherefore, his stories of the heroes delighted the young during the time of the telling of the heroes. But his telling of how the Nephites rejected his words, all but a few, and how they did seek to take away his life, caused them to weep. For even our young ones knew that these had been our brethren before Hagoth made his journey northward, and theyknew how dire a thing it is to reject the words of a prophet of God.

But this thing did please the prophet exceedingly and he took them all by the hands and blessed them, even thousands.

17) For, he said, they shall surely see their God, for they remember Him and love to learn His ways.

18) And then he did wax strong in the Spirit and he prophesied unto all the Nemenhah, saying:

19) The Nephites are puffed up in pride so much that theywill not hear the words ofthe Lord. Yea, they did reject me and the words the Angel gave unto me to speak unto the Nephites not because I was not born in the land of Zarahemlah, nay, nor because I was not born in that part of the land, but they rejected me only because I am unlike them in appearance. Yea, I did notdress in costly apparel and adorn myself with gold and precious things. But more than this, though I be Nemenhah and born among a people who make no
distinction between the families of man, yet to themI was a Lamanite, yea, a Lamanite who dared to preach unto them.

20) Now this is the pride of the Nephites, and their destruction. Can you avoid it, Nemenhah? Behold, the words that I declared unto the Nephites, which they despised, were the words of the Angel. The words that I prophesy unto you are mine, even as the Spirit gives me utterance. And I ask you, Can you, Nemenhah, avoid this grievous condition that the Nephites have brought upon themselves?

21) I say unto you, Yea! Look to the purpose for which you have gathered yourself together, oh honored nation! You did rightly foresee the future, and the downfall of your brethren. Yea, you rightly understood the decreed blessing and cursing that is laid upon this fair land and before the day of the Lord’s fierce anger came upon you, you did seek the face of the Lord. You came as one people out of the wickedness of the world and you sought righteousness.

22) And what is the judgment which shall come upon the wicked on the day of the Lord’s death? For surely, as I have taught you, He must also die in order thatHe may subdue death and redeem His people. There shall be thunderings and lightings for the space of many hours, and the earth shall shake, and tremble, and the rocks shall be broken up. And there shall be storms and there shall be mountains made low, and valleys that will cease, and highways shall be unmade. Many cities will be made desolate and the dead shall rise and many shall see them.

23) And because the wicked have magnified themselvesabove all others, even above the Lord, they shall receive this judgment. Then will they call the Lord terrible unto them. For He will destroy out of their hands all the things in which they do pride themselves. Surely men shall worship Him then, for all the wicked will cease to be upon the face of the land.

24) Cease not, oh Nemenhah, to make strait the Way ofthe Lord and, though the mountains flee, and the rivers reverse their courses, and the delightful city become desolate, yet shall you be protected and the Lord shall visit you. You shall see signs, for the Lord hath verified it unto me by His Angel. But the signs shall not be unto destruction for you. Therefore, do not waver in the determination you have made to govern yourselves by the Lord’s statutes, for they are just. Be steadfast and you shall see wonders, but most wonderful of all, you shall stand in the presence of the Lord and yet live.

25) Yea, it was after the manner of these words that Samuel prophesied unto us. And many other things he did teach us that cannot be written. And when he spoke, the Spirit bore record to our hearts and we knew the things that Samuel said were true.

26) Now I, Hagmeni, do end my writing. For I am old and I had hoped that I would live long enough to see the sign of the coming of the Lord, but I fear that it shall not be so.

27) There is one year yet to pass for the time that Samuel prophesied to be accomplished, and the Angel of the Lord did command me to write for soon I shall give up the ghost. But I know that the prophecies are true.

The Lord shall surely come and He shall redeem His people.

28) Whomsoever shall receive this record, and I have seen you, for the Lord hath shown you unto me that you are fruit of my loins and descend even from me; behold, if you would obtain happiness in this life and in the life to come, do as the Nemenhah have done. Forsake wickedness even if it means separating from the world. For the ways of the world are never the waysof the Lord.

Observe our doing and do you likewise.

Above all, do not like unto the Nephites. Amen.

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