What is The Mission of The Holy Ghost?

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Let’s talk about The Holy Ghost the Third Member of The Godhead…He and His People are adopted to our Heavenly Family…without Them the New and Everlasting Covenant is not possible…He is our constant companion friend-teacher and comforter… With His help we can walk and talk in a sacred manor…

Chapter 7: The Holy Ghost

Gospel Principles, (2011), 31–33

The Holy Ghost Came to Adam and Eve

  • Why did Adam and Eve need the guidance of the Holy Ghost?

After Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, they began to till the earth and work at other tasks for their living. They had many children, and their sons and daughters also married and had children (see Moses 5:1–3). Thus, spirit children of our Heavenly Father began leaving His presence to come to the earth as they had been promised (see Abraham 3:24–25). As they came to earth, the memory of their heavenly home was taken from them. But our Father did not shut them away from His influence. He sent the Holy Ghost to comfort and help and guide all of His spirit children.

For teachers: When you call class members by their names, they know they are important to you and that you care about them. Learn their names, and call them by name during each lesson. Help them learn each other’s names.

Adam and Eve called upon Heavenly Father in prayer. He spoke to them and gave them commandments, which they obeyed. An angel of the Lord came and taught Adam and Eve the plan of salvation. The Lord sent the Holy Ghost to testify of the Father and of the Son and to teach Adam and Eve the gospel. (See Moses 5:4–9.)

Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Adam “began to prophesy concerning all the families of the earth, saying: Blessed be the name of God, for because of my transgression my eyes are opened, and in this life I shall have joy, and again in the flesh I shall see God” (Moses 5:10). Because of the witness of the Holy Ghost to Eve, she said, “Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed, and never should have known good and evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient” (Moses 5:11).

  • How is our need for guidance from the Holy Ghost similar to that of Adam and Eve?

Attributes of the Holy Ghost

  • How does the Holy Ghost differ from the Father and the Son? Why is that difference important to us?

The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead (see 1 John 5:7; D&C 20:28). He is a “personage of Spirit” (D&C 130:22). He can be in only one place at a time, but His influence can be everywhere at the same time.

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are called the Godhead. They are unified in purpose. Each has an important assignment in the plan of salvation. Our Heavenly Father is our Father and ruler. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The Holy Ghost is the revealer and testifier of all truth.

The Holy Ghost is our Heavenly Father’s messenger and is a special gift to us (see chapter 21 in this book).

The Mission of the Holy Ghost

  • What are some of the truths that the Holy Ghost reveals to us?

The mission of the Holy Ghost is to bear witness of the Father and the Son and of the truth of all things.

The Holy Ghost will witness to us that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer (see 3 Nephi 28:11; D&C 20:27). He will reveal to us that our Heavenly Father is the Father of our spirits. He will help us understand that we can become exalted like our Heavenly Father. (See Romans 8:16–17.) The prophets of the Lord have promised, “By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things” (Moroni 10:5).

Without the Holy Ghost, we could not know that Jesus is the Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote, “No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost” (1 Corinthians 12:3). The Savior Himself said, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3). It is by the power of the Holy Ghost that we are led to understand and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The convincing power of the Holy Ghost is so great that there can be no doubt that what He reveals to us is true. President Joseph Fielding Smith said:

“When a man has the manifestation from the Holy Ghost, it leaves an indelible impression on his soul, one that is not easily erased. It is Spirit speaking to spirit, and it comes with convincing force. A manifestation of an angel, or even of the Son of God himself, would impress the eye and mind, and eventually become dimmed, but the impressions of the Holy Ghost sink deeper into the soul and are more difficult to erase” (Answers to Gospel Questions, comp. Joseph Fielding Smith Jr., 5 vols. [1957–66], 2:151).

President Smith also said, “Through the Holy Ghost the truth is woven into the very fibre and sinews of the body so that it cannot be forgotten” (Doctrines of Salvation, comp. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954–56], 1:48).

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we should make ourselves worthy to receive this special messenger and witness of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

  • Think about times when the Holy Ghost has helped you grow in your testimony. As appropriate, share some of these experiences with class members or family members.

Additional Scriptures

  • Moses 5 (story of Adam’s family)
  • D&C 130:22 (Holy Ghost identified)
  • John 14:26; 15:26; 16:13; Luke 12:12; 2 Nephi 31:18; 32:5, 8; 33:1; Alma 14:11; 3 Nephi 27:20; 4 Nephi 1:48; Moroni 10:6–7; D&C 8:2–3; 11:12–13; 20:26 (roles of the Holy Ghost)
  • The Holy Spirit – Part 3


    The core mission of the Holy Ghost is to help the believer through the journey of life. Living without Him makes one a spiritual orphan. He is our divine helper – Jh.14:26,


    The word Comforter is literarily translated ‘Helper’.

    In our Sunday services we shall be exploring different ways through which the Holy Ghost helps the believer to make the most of life and secure eternityat the end.

    Understanding the Mission of the Holy Ghost – Part 1

    v       Reaching Out to the Lost      

    • He convicts sinners to repent – Jn 16:9-11
    • He pricks sinners’ hearts to turn to God – Act 2:37
    • Reward:Witnessing Jesus entitles believers to answered prayers –Jn 15:16

    v       Gateway to Revelation

    • The Holy Ghost helps the saints to access revelation – Jn 14:26
    • Revelation is the unveiling of God’s word which is packaged in mysteries –Mk 4:11, 1Cor 2:12-13
    • The Holy Ghost is the author and custodian of the Word – Is.34:16; II Tim.3:16,17
    • He is the Revealer – 1 Cor.2:10-12
    • He is the Teacher – Jh.16:13; 1 Cor.2:13; Job.36:22
    • He is the enlarger of our spiritual understanding – Is.11:3

    Understanding the Mission of the Holy Ghost – Part 2

    v       Reaching Out for Souls into the Kingdom

    • The Holy Ghost emboldens us to preach Jesus – Act.1:8; 2:4,7/Act 4:13
    • He also empowers us for signs and wonders thereby winning souls for Christ – Act.8:5-7; 9:32-35
    • Reward:Witnessing for Jesus entitles one to wages – Lk.10:7

    v       Key to Sanctification

    • Sanctification is abstinence from evil – 1 Thes.4:3
    • The Holy Ghost is the spirit of holiness – Rom.1:4
    • Our sanctification defines the limit of our fruitfulness – Ps.4:3; 2 Tim.2:22
    • The Holy Ghost imparts the spirit of the fear of the lord to keep us from evil –   Is.11:1,2; Prov.8:13; (Gen.39:8,9;42:18)
    • He is also the refiners fire that purifies us – Mal.3:2,3; Matt 3:11-13, Is.6:5-7

    Understanding the Mission of the Holy Ghost – Part 3

    v       Reaping the Harvest   

    • The Holy Ghost gives us utterance in witnessing Christ. –Eph 6:19
    • He emboldens us to preach Jesus – Act.1:8; 2:4,14
    • The Holy Ghost publicizes the church for harvest of souls – Is 5:26
    • He also empowers us to perform signs and wonders that attracts sinners into the kingdom – Act.8:5-7
    • Reward:  Witnessing for Christ confers authority – Matt.10:1-2

    v       Weapon of Conquest

    • The Holy Ghost is our spiritual weapon for conquest – Is 59:19
    • He is our defense against all satanic assault – Lk 10:19
    • He is also our shield of conquest – 2Chr 22:7
    • The anointing will always prevail in battle – Ps 92:10-11/Is 10:25-27
    • He fires the love of God into us that makes us more than conqueror – Rom 8: 35-38 (Rom 5:5/ 2 Tim 1:6-7)
    • The Holy Ghost gives us the word in season for conquest – Is 50:4/ Mk4:1-14
    • He gives us the right word for triumph – Job 6:25/ 2Cor 2:14

    Understanding the Mission of the Holy Ghost – Part 4

    v       Reaching the Lost for Christ

    • He imparts boldness and confidence in us preaching Jesus – Act.1:8; 2:4,14
    • The Holy Ghost directs us to where the harvest is waiting – Act.16:8-10
    • Reward:Witnessing for Jesus entitles us to divine health – Prov.13:17/ Jn 15:2

    v       Empowers for Exploits

    • The Holy Ghost empowers for unusual feats – Is 55:1-3/Is 61:1-7
    • The Holy Ghost is a breakthrough personality – Is 45: 1-13
    • The Holy Ghost empowers our insight – 1Cor 2:9-13/Is 11:1-3
    • Exploits in the Kingdom is a function of insight – Dan 11:32
    • The deeper our insight, the greater the impact – Ps 45:3-5
    • How far we see determines how much exploits we command – Gen 13:13-14                (Ps 119:130, 1Jn 2:27)
    • The Holy Ghost empowers our faith for exploits
    • The strength of our faith is a function of our insight – Rom 10:17
    • Supernatural faith is a ministry of the Holy Spirit – 2Cor 4:13
    • Supernatural faith engenders exploits – Heb 11:33

    Understanding the Mission of the Holy Ghost – Part 5

    v       Drawing Multitudes into the Kingdom

    • The Holy Ghost imparts us with wisdom in preaching Jesus to the lost.
    • He blows in the harvest into the Kingdom – Matt 11:31-32
    • He emboldens us to preach Jesus – Act.1:8; 2:4,14
    • Reward:Witnessing for Jesus entitles us to divine protection – Lk 10:19

    v       Gateway to Restoration

    • The Holy Ghost is the rain of restoration – Jl.2:23-26; Acts.3:19-22
    • He also opens our eyes to see our inheritance – II Cor.4:4; 1 Cor.2:9-11; Eph.1:18-21
    • He destroys fear that ties us down from possessing our possession –

    II Tim.1:7; Rom.8:15.

    • He opens our eyes to discover the thief – Prov.6:30,31
    • He imparts boldness to take back what the enemy has stolen – Acts.4:13,31
    • Amen


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