The Book of Manti Part 3

Greetings All,

Today we learn from the prophet Manti, something that was taught to them by Timothy…one of the three Nephite Translated Beings…

Timothy said these words;

Behold, the Holy Ghost has but two purposes.

One of them is to more fully instruct your minds that you may have a more complete understanding of the word of God. In this way, He does magnify your spirit, imprinting upon you the very gospel of peace. Verily, He does testify to you of the truthfulness of all things, and He does bring all things to your remembrance.

 The other purpose is to cause all truth to become part of you. In other words, all things become part of you and your creation. The Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit of Promise, and it is by this Spirit that you may be sealed up unto Christ and become His. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Lest you be sealed unto Christ, when heaven and earth pass away, so shall you also pass away and be not found in this New and Everlasting Covenant.

But when this Holy Spirit of Promise exercises His function upon you, when heaven and earth pass away, yet shall you remain, for, you have become Christ’s. This is the sealing power. It is for this reason that you come up unto the High Place to make covenants with your God. Verily, there is no other reason for you to walk these halls, if it is not to come into the presence of your Lord.

12) Now, consider what these sayings mean. If the Holy Spirit of Promise does perform His duty unto you who have proven faithful unto the Lord, then a mighty change must come over you. For, now you must be prepared even in the body to stand in the presence of other instructors. Yea, should it be needful in the Lord’s sight that you should stand in the presence of exalted beings, your body must be changed. For behold, without such change, and you come into the presence of an exalted being, your very element would melt away and you would not stand in the body, but your spirit would rush swiftly into that portion of the paradise of God mete for it, and your mortal probation would come to a sudden end.

13) But, if the purpose of your standing in the presence of such beings is to be instructed, then the Holy Spirit of Promise shall have sealed you up unto Christ.

Wherefore, fear not. For, your body, though such a change may be imperceptible to you, yet a change shall surely have taken place such that you may do the things the Lord shall require of you. In that moment, you shall have been introduced into the Terrestrial World, even as Adam and Eve were so introduced. Even though you remain in this corruptible form, yet shall your corruptible have been made somewhat less corruptible. Yea, you shall stand even in the presence of such beings and be instructed of them,

for this is the purpose of the High Place.

14) Now, you inquire of me how it is that you have felt a greater, or more sure word of prophecy from my words and my teachings.

Behold, so shall it be for all who do not shun prophecy and revelation. Yea, thus shall it be for all who approach the Lord with that sacrifice that He calls mete, even a heart broken, and a spirit humbled by sacrifice.

Yea, and thus shall it be for all who obey the words and commandments they receive of Jesus Christ. For, it is in the nature of covenants and covenant making that, when you are true and faithful, Jesus shall bless you with the intent and purpose of your heart. And what can your intention be in coming into this Holy Place,

But to come also into His presence?

15) Wherefore, the Spirit has moved more fully upon your hearts only because you have taken the time to stay longer upon the words of Christ than you have been accustomed to. Yea, I have instructed you more fully the understanding of the covenants of the High Place. And you have rejoiced with me in them now for three days.

Wherefore, the Spirit does comfort your bodies and your souls with greater power because of your greater understanding.

This you should remember and always remember to do. Stay upon the words of Christ and ponder fully the covenants you make in this Holy Place. For, if you do, you shall surely receive a more sure word of prophecy, and Christ shall make His abode with you.

16) And behold, when Jesus makes His abode with you, He will bring you upon the Way and you shall verily have converse with your fathers, perhaps even daily. And is this not the thing which you most desire? I say unto you, It ought to be. Wherefore, if any come among you and criticize you for the much time you spend in performing the ordinances of the High Place, take no note of him.

17) Now, I would speak to you more concerning the work that you shall do in the High Place.

For, it is a place for men and women to prepare to see the face of their Savior. Yea, it is a place of living sacrifice; for, the living do make a sacrifice mete in His eyes.

18) But this is not all. You shall also come up to the High Place after that you have made your living sacrifice. Yea, you shall come again and make the same covenants many times throughout your lives. For, even though you have made them before for yourselves, every time you come again and offer up the same sacrifice, you do it for and in behalf of all those with whom you have to do.

In other words, you may assist they who came before you, who in their own day were unable to make the covenants you make, to come also into the presence of Jesus and to be more fully instructed of Him. For behold, they are in you.

Wherefore, you may make an oblation for them by proxy.

19) For behold, in the day of their probation they may not have known of the Christ. Consider how many are the generations of man wherein no gospel was preached. Do you suppose that a loving God would leave His children succorless? Or do you suppose that He would make an atonement for all, but leave them no way in which they might avail themselves of that atonement. Nay, believe it not.

20) Come up to the High Place and participate in the ordinances thereof, for and in behalf of your kindred who had no such opportunity. Give no thought to how you might know who they may be, simply act in the spirit of humble sacrifice and allow the effects of the faithful oblation to have effect for them who made it possible for you to come into the world at this time.

Or do you suppose that you have been withheld unto this time when the ordinances of the High Place are had among the children of men for no other purpose than to save you alone?

Nay, I say unto you that you may not be saved in the Kingdom of God, in any time
that the ordinances of the High Place are had among the children of men, without that you exert yourselves in also providing for them an opportunity to repent of any wickedness in them, and to make sacred covenants that are bound by the sacrifice of the broken heart and contrite spirit that you do freely offer up for them and in their behalf.

Verily, this sacrifice shall be sealed unto them by the Holy Spirit of Promise because of your faithful service for them.

21) Is this a hard thing to understand? That you should be allowed to act in the name of another and offer a sacrifice that is justified by the Lord?

Is it hard for you to understand that you may become Saviors in Mount Zion?

I do not suggest that you may do the thing which the Great Christ did when He offered up a sacrifice for all. But I do suggest and admonish you that you may yet do like unto Him, for and in behalf of your kindred dead.

22) Do this work in this Holy Place.

But, I also admonish you, do not allow this place to become a place of dead worship and sacrifice.

If it so be that the more part of your work here is for the dead, then you must begin again in the spirit of true instruction. Do not allow the work for the dead to overshadow the preparation of the living.

For, if they who are living fail to seek the face of Christ, preferring to serve wholly for the purpose of saving the dead, then a living spirit of sacrifice is not conveyed in the ordinance.

Do not suppose that any of your kindred dead will be interested in such vanity. Nay, the spirit of living sacrifice must be in your heart for it to be conveyed to them who might benefit from it, both living and dead.
23) Ponder these things in your hearts.

For, verily I say unto you, The day shall come when your descendents shall go up to the High Place and offer up oblation unto the Lord for and in behalf of the dead, just as I hope you shall do hereafter, but they shall stay not upon the words of peace.

Nay, they shall take no time at all in instruction and in pondering. Behold, they shall be like cattle in the stall, performing only that which is necessary and in the shortest time. Behold, they might just as well have stayed at home in their beds. For, their kindred dead shall take no interest in such self-service.

24) Yea, I say they shall serve themselves and take pride in their service. They shall stand up and praise themselves for the great and glorious work they are doing in the name of the Lord.

25) Behold, in those days, a great curse shall be upon the people.

they shall think themselves blessed above all the people of the earth. They shall advertise their worthiness to each other in words and in tokens, and they shall broadcast their righteousness to all the world and stand them up a light on a hill for all to look upon.

26) Yet, I say unto you, and I would that you should remember  my words for they shall all come to pass, that they shall be cursed above all people.

For, where they could have enjoyed the instruction of Angels, and even the very presence of God, in the day that they take pride in their service, their oblations shall become empty, and their ordinances shall become vanity. They shall shun the instruction of Angels and they shall persecute those few who have such visitations.

27) And is this not a curse unto them who could have been blessed above all blessing? Consider my words and ponder them in your hearts. For, I would not that you should make a mockery of the ordinances and covenants of the High Place.

28) And after this wise did Timothy instruct us.

to be continued…cj


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