The Book of Manti Part 2

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Part 2 of The Book of Manti…

Just a little review Manti was a child when Jesus Christ visited the Nemenhah of Mentinah…yesterday it came into my spirit by the Holy Ghost That Manti was one of the children encircled by the Angels, yea and even Angels came down out of ‘The Cloud” and ministered many hours…Manti kept the temple complex at Mentinah for fourty years…

Manti promises us if we turn our hearts to him…that he and the grandfathers will be our spirit guides on “The Way” in the ways of righteousness of the Lord…awsome…cj

We left off at chapter 3…so we will continue

Chapter Three
1) Now, I have written many records concerning the works of the Nemenhah during my lifetime and they are all placed in the libraries of Mentinah. Yea, I have written much, but I do perceive by the Spirit that not all of my writings will be brought out of the dust in the last days. For, the bulk of my writings have more to do with the earthly works of the people and of their building a nation.

2) But behold, I do wish to be remembered for the spiritual building of our nation as well. And this may be pride in me, but it is nevertheless my desire that my descendents remember that their grandfather did strive all his life to build up Zion among all the people. And I believe we did this in my lifetime. Wherefore, the Lord will forgive me, I hope, that I do express some pride that we did what He commanded us. Yea, and I do admit that we do celebrate with song and with dancing and with great rejoicing that we have sought His face and listened to His voice. And if we be judged for this, behold, I believe that the judgment will be just, and that we will again stand with Him in righteousness in the eternities, howbeit we did puff ourselves a little bit in the pride of our hearts.

3) For behold, we did as a people build many cities in my lifetime. Yea, many cities did grow up in the land. And following the everlasting hills, one can hardly travel one day without finding refuge in one of the cities of the Nemenhah in the Land Northward. And from the great mountains even to the coasts of the western sea, the same does apply. The traveler can disembark on the coast of the sea, having traveled from the Isles of the Sea, and then proceed east and not spend one day in travel but that he has not come upon a city of the Nemenhah for refuge in the night.

4) And behold, from the great mountains traveling into the east, one is already in the lands of the Nemenhah of Corianton and their cities are spread out upon the whole face of the land, even unto the eastern sea, and also far into the north. Wherefore, the whole face of the Land Northward is spread with cities and many roads have been built to connect them.

5) Yea, and all the people do engage in trade together, one city taking of its increase and trading with another. In this way, one city is no different than any other, save only perhaps in size. For, they are all refuges to the traveler and the trader, and none are turned back from the gate. For, whereas in the time of my fathers the cities were built to be refuges against the Gadiantonhem, in my day, the cities are become more refuges from the elements than from evil doers. For, we have all things in common and there are no
more Gadiantonhem among us.

6) And it is because of this happy state of union wherein we did find ourselves because of the knowledge we had of our Christ and of the covenants we had made unto Him, that many people began to come into our lands from other parts of the world and we did welcome them. Yea, there were people from Jerusalem of old who did travel unto our shores. And also, there were curious looking people from afar to the West, even across the western sea, who did come to live upon the land and they also became Nemenhah. And
this because of the great peace which we did enjoy after the coming of the Son of God.

7) And behold, they do also bring many of their own beliefs and writings. Wherefore, we gained a witness that God does love all people. For, in many of their writings and beliefs and practices, we do see elements of those things which Christ and the prophets taught us. Yea, we do see truths in the things they also taught us from their lands and their cultures. And it was because we do walk upon the Way and we do constantly seek the guidance that only a confirmation of the Holy Ghost may bring that we do not grow confused.

8) For, our faith is certain and our knowledge is sure.

(Manti taught the people how to enter the temple …learn the covenants signs and tokens, in the true order of prayer…to receive the doctrine of angels…to be prepared to seek the Lord’s Face…and be taught by the Jesus Christ, your creator…a personal relationship with Him…Fore, our faith is certain and our knowledge is sure…cj)

Wherefore, how may we be confused by the teachings of other races and other nations if our own intentions are pure and our eye single to the glory of God? For does He not raise up prophets unto all nations? Or, where the things of the Spirit are concerned, are we alone in all the world? Behold, that would be pride indeed, to believe that God may only talk through the Nemenhah.

9) We are not alone. For, the Holy Ghost does work upon the hearts of men everywhere. And, even if it so be that the hearts of men in general do wax gross, yea, and even the whole of a nation does succumb and the eyes of their spirits be filled with darkness, still, there shall be some few who strive to become enlightened. Unto such will the Spirit ever hasten? Yea, even though the entire nation become filled with corruption and darkness,

if there be but one soul seeking the light and truth of the gospel, the Holy Ghost shall nurture and comfort that one soul.

10) Wherefore, we did accept the teaching of other peoples insofar as the Spirit does guide. And if the Spirit speaks not on a certain matter, we do not embrace the doctrine, but we do honor the belief. But behold, if the Spirit testifies against a practice or a doctrine which did flow unto us from another people, we do preach the gospel unto them and admonish them to re-think the matter. In this way we do always conduct ourselves in a manner which we believe will bring upon us the approbation of a just and loving God. And in this we think to avoid the judgments of God. For, we seek all truth in all circumstances, and in this we think to honor God and all His followers, regardless of their origin.

11) But I do warn and forewarn all those who might find and read these writings of mine. Seek not truth from foreigners, but from God. And seek not to confirm the truth through the writings of other people, for this is vanity. The wisest of their wise men cannot confirm the truth of one thing. Let the Holy Ghost confirm all things unto you, be they written by your own hand, or by the hand of a foreigner. For, how can one man confirm the truth to another? Does he have all things before him? Then how can one nation confirm the truth to another? Does that nation possess all truth? Wherefore can that nation be a confirmation of
truth unto another?

Whereas, if you seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in all things, you cannot be deceived, for, only the Spirit may bring all things to your remembrance.

12) Behold, I say unto you, Unless you are guided in all things by the Spirit, you will be tripped up. Yea, no matter your intention, you will be deceived from time to time. The same has happened even to the Nemenhah and so let our experience be an example unto you.

Yea, let me recount unto you a disturbance that did trouble the people of Mentinah for a time because they failed to subject all things unto the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

13) Some fifteen years after the coming of Jesus unto the Nemenhah of Mentinah, there came into the city a traveler. Now, this traveler had come from a far away country. Yea, he had traveled to the lands of the Nemenhah by first crossing the great western ocean and, following the rumor of a great city in the mountains, he did find his way slowly unto Mentinah. And the rumor of him also went even as far as Mentinah as he made his slow progress toward the city.

14) And the story went abroad that this was a great teacher from across the sea. And he came teaching strange doctrines, many of which seemed alike to that which the Savior had taught. For, he taught of peace and of love and of justice to all men. And these things seemed pleasing unto them that heard them. Wherefore, we awaited in anticipation the arrival in Mentinah of this sage from across the sea. And when he did finally arrive, we did welcome him into our city and we did spend much time listening to his teachings.

15) Now, the name of this man was Fhua-Tzen. And behold, of all his teachings we did receive the confirmation of the Spirit – of all but one. Yea, in all things he did teach of love and of charity. He taught of justice and constancy. He taught that man should seek the face of his Creator. Yea, in fine, he taught many things that we knew to be truths and we rejoiced that one from so far away could have such teaching in common with our own.

16) But behold, he did teach one thing against which our prophets had been warned, and about which our scriptures spoke. Yea, he did teach that a man might take to himself more than one wife and be justified in it. He taught that the man is the head of the woman, and if the head of one woman, why not the head of many? Yea, principle to his teaching was the doctrine that the salvation of the woman depended upon the worthiness of the man to whom she was wed. It was his belief that an honorable man could feel free to take as many wives as his resources would allow and that it was the duty of all men to so conduct their
lives and their business to afford the man this luxury.

17) Now, this teaching brought about some little controversy among the men of Mentinah. For, there were some who believed this doctrine. For, they opened the scriptures and found instances where the Lord did allow righteous men to take to themselves more than one wife. And they did begin to contend with the councils of the city, insisting that the Temple should allow men to be sealed unto as many women as his means would allow.

18) Thus we see how a doctrine concerning marriage can bring down Zion. For, if marriage, whether it be to one spouse or to one hundred, is to be predicated on the means of the individual, then the institution has become corrupted by property and the getting of gain becomes more important than any other principle in the society. Wherefore, the councils of the city were against the doctrine.

19) But behold, I did exhort the people to take the matter privately to the Lord and rely upon that trust which they had in Him. For, we know that He will always make good the promise He made unto us.

Yea, we know that by the power of the Holy Ghost we may ascertain the truth of all things. Wherefore, we did all take the matter severally to the Lord in this manner.

20) And behold, the Holy Ghost did come upon us and did answer our question.

Yea, and I was taken up upon the Way and the Lord did converse with me personally.

And He did teach me certain truths about the doctrine that I had not considered. And because of the things He did teach me, I could see how the Lord might justify the practice in circumstances which He deemed appropriate to the occasion, but how He would, in all other circumstances, condemn it.

21) And these are the words He spoke unto me while upon the Way:

22) Behold, it is good that you have brought this matter unto me. Yea, I am pleased that this whole people should cry unto me for an answer concerning this thing.

And they have asked me how it is that with Abraham I did give unto my servant more than one wife, and also unto such as Jacob. Behold, because of the diligence of this people, I shall answer this question.

Wherefore, my servant, Manti, record these words in a book.

23) At sundry times and in diverse places,

(see also the Book of Hebrews…chapter 1:1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;)


it becomes necessary to build up a nation quickly. Yea, a nation that will follow the commandments of God. For, I use the nations to do my work. At those times and in those places I have given unto men more than one wife. And this is in accordance with another law which I gave unto my people Israel. It is in accordance with that law which provides for the wife of a man who dies without begetting children.

Yea, according to that law, the brother of the man shall take to himself his brother’s wife, for it was deemed a reproach for a woman to be without children. And that man should bring up children unto his brother in an act of love and charity. And in the day of resurrection, when men and women are neither married nor given in marriage, that man shall take the hand of the wife of his brother and place it into the hand of his brother. In that day, he shall thank his brother for the service he has rendered unto him from out of the love of his heart.

24) Behold, this act of charity and love does justify the taking of another to wife. And it is in this vein that I do sometimes command men to take more than one wife for to bring up a righteous generation. But behold, the man may not covenant with her for eternity, for she is another’s. And the woman cannot covenant with a married man, for he is already married.

25) Behold, it is the purpose of man and of woman to follow in the footsteps of their first parents, even Adam and Eve, even to the very veil of heaven. And, making covenants one with another, to become sealed unto Me. And when they are sealed unto Me, their covenants which they have made together become binding and operable in the eternities, because the covenants are sealed unto Me with the man and the woman.

In this way, they avail themselves of the atonement which I made through the power of the Holy Ghost. Wherefore, they become like unto Adam and Eve, and like unto Me, and like unto My Father and My Mother in Heaven.

Behold, he becomes First Man and she becomes First Woman, and they are one.

26) And I say unto you, Even though I justify the taking of more than one wife for to fulfill My purposes, still shall a man be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise to but one woman, and a woman shall be sealed by that same Spirit to but one man. And this is the manner of marriage in the eternities, regardless of the custom of men in mortality.

27) And I declare unto you, if you base the marriage upon property or the getting of gain, yea, if the number of husbands or wives devolves upon the means of the man or the woman, the same is wickedness and abomination. Yea, I shall not justify it and surely this practice shall bring down the nation. Behold, I am Jesus Christ and I have spoken it.
28) Now, when I had spoken these words from the little book that I had made to record them, many people did testify that the same had come to them. Yea, the Spirit did confirm it upon our souls and we knew that the doctrine as the sage had recounted it to us was false.

29) And behold, when we told him of the promptings of the Spirit, and of the revelations and the visions of God which we had received concerning the matter, he too was troubled in his heart. And I did exhort him also to ask of God whether the things we had said were true. For, I could not hold him to a different standard than I did hold myself. For, having heard of this doctrine from him, and taking it not for granted that it was right or wrong, I did seek the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. Wherefore, I did exhort him to do the same.

30) And he did retire from us for the space of many hours. And when he did return to the council, he bowed himself low before us and begged for the forgiveness of all the people. And these are his words unto the council:

31) Today I have learned a great lesson. I have learned that the wisdom of the wise cannot compare to the gifts of the Spirit. For, though the practice of my people of taking as many wives as one can support is a corrupt practice, if only because of the tendency it might cause for a man to concentrate on the things of this world over the things of heaven. And also, I have discovered the meaning of your own practices and the doctrines you teach concerning the High Place, and I do see that your beliefs center upon attaining to a higher sphere than do the beliefs of my people.

For,my people do all that they do for their own comfort and convenience. Conversely, you do all that you do for the comfort and convenience of all people at once.

And I see that this is a greater good, for, what better thing can a man do than to work for the salvation of all living? How foolish is a doctrine that centers ones thoughts on the accumulation of the things of the world?

32) Yea, all my life I have sought wisdom from the sages of my people. So great was my searching that my own people began even to call me sage. Yet, my wisdom was just a repeating of the traditions of my people.

You have taught me a great test of wisdom. From this time forth, I will submit all things to the confirmation of this Holy Ghost of whom you teach. For, I have sat with my ancestors and sought wisdom from them in this place you call the Way. And all the things they taught me were good in my sight. But, when I prayed that the truth of them be known unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost,

I found that certain of the things I had been taught were truths and still others were mere traditions. And how is a man to sort truth from tradition? It cannot be done by genius. For a man does not have all the information needed to make a qualified decision. Wherefore, because our ancestors have the weight of generations behind them, we accept their beliefs as truth. But still,because a thing has the weight of generations in practice, this cannot signify that the thing is true. For, I know of nations whose practices are most abominable. Yet, their ways have been practiced by them for many generations.

33) I thank you, Nemenhah. For, you have taught me patiently, and I have learned from you a great and marvelous truth.

I have learned that there is a way to ascertain the rightness of a thing, and that is to submit one’s own will to the greater universal good. When I submit my will and humble myself, I am able to ask for heavenly guidance. When I ask for help from God with real intent, having faith that I shall indeed receive an answer, then the Holy Ghost testifies of truth.

Then do I have not just the weight of some few generations of common practice, but I have the testimony of nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples, through all generations of time. And behold, that knowledge is ingrained into my very being in such a way that I could not deny nor controvert it in any manner.

34) Wherefore, what shall you have me do that I may stay here with you and learn all that I may from you? Yea, I would commit the rest of my days to learn the things that this whole people do now practice.

35) Whereupon, the council did clap their hands together joyfully and sang out in joy. For, this great man from a far away land was touched by the Spirit of Truth. Yea, and he desired to learn more. Wherefore, all the people were filled with joy at his willingness to set aside the things of the world and the traditions of his fathers, desiring a better way and a better truth.

36) Wherefore I said unto him:

37) All we ask of you is that you become our brother and that you partake with us in the blessings of the Nemenhah. And when you are filled with all that you can learn from us, do sit with us and teach us from your stores of wisdom. We will submit all things to the confirmation of the Spirit, for this is our way. But do not shut your mouth, but let us benefit from all that you have learned from your own people.

38) And behold, he did remain with us many years. And when he did return to his own land, we sent with him copies of many of the books in the libraries.

For, he was determined to teach his people the ways of the Lord and of the High Place. Yea, he desired to establish Zion among his own people and teach them also to have all things in common.

Chapter Four…To be continued…cj

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