The Book of Manti Part 1

Good Day, to all my relations…

It is this new day today with great honor that I present to you all…The Book of Manti… He speaks to us from the dust…two thousand years ago…

He kept the temple complex for fourty years and taught the people how to be disciples of Jesus Christ and have a personal walk and talk with the Lord…To recieve their temple endowments and come up on “The Way” to be instructed by our ancestors and angels and such…

Manti even gives us a promise in the last days when these records come forth from the dust…The Grandfathers will come and be our Spirit Guides in seeking the right ways of the Lord…

Manti says,

Remember me and all your grandfathers. Our hearts are turned unto you and, behold, if you will seek us, we will manifest our selves unto you. Howbeit, if it be the Lord’s will, we might be guides unto you in seeking the right ways of the Lord.

The Book of Manti
The Son of Ougou
Manti, the youngest son of Ougou, and keeper of the records wrote about the visiting of the Three Nephites to their lands, about the expanding of the buildings of the High Place and city to accommodate the increase of visitors to Mentinah. He encouraged all to use the power of the Holy Ghost to ascertain the truth of all things. He recorded the words of Timothy (One of the Three Nephites) concerning the covenants and ordinances of the High Place. He recorded the manner in which the Nemenhah live and the Law of Consecration. He saw and wrote concerning the last days. Manti was present when the Lord came in His Glory to the Temple at Mentinah…

Chapter one

1) Behold, I am Manti and my father was Ougou, the same who was the prophet at the time of Christ’s coming to the Nemenhah of Mentinah. And I am the youngest of the sons of Ougou. Nevertheless, I was present and did witness the Savior when He came in His glory to the Temple at Mentinah. And I did also hear Him speak and I did see all His doings with the people, save that which He spoke unto the thirteen chosen to be His apostles.

2) And when my father became old, he delivered to me the keeping of this place and of the records kept here. Yea, and he did admonish me to make the libraries safe. So have I done in all my days.

3) Behold, the records are many, for we have also found many books containing the works and words of the Jaredites, and even some few which we believe originate in other places and are of a more ancient nature. And I did cause that the places wherein we do keep the records be made strong. For, the cavities which the people of Hagoth and Hagmeni dug for to keep the books were cramped and not well constructed, and there was the threat of collapse. Wherefore, in accordance with the command of my father, and also with the desires of my own heart, I caused that a system of caverns be dug to hold the records safely.

4) And behold, these caverns were dug in a cunning manner,and they were constructed with such skill that one feels as if one is standing in the room of a building or a Temple. And behold, I did also cause that there should be a means whereby the records could be read without removing them from their place of safety. Wherefore, the most cunning artisans were sought and a system of shafts were cut into the living rock, just as the rooms and corridors were also cut out, and mirrors were so placed as to provide light to them that came to read the books.

5) Now, many people did come from many places to read the books. Yea, and there was a constant traffic upon the roads from the South, and from the East, and from the North. For, we know that Jesus did visit other people and places. Yea, we know that He did go unto the Nemenhah of Corianton, and we believe that He did visit all the people left in the land. Wherefore, many come to Mentinah from many places to read the books and to study with the learned of our city, and also to learn the ways and the ordinances of the Temple.

6) And behold, there is a constant traffic of trade from all the peoples of the land, both in the North and in the South. And many do travel in the caravans and upon the roads. Wherefore, when they come to Mentinah, many travelers do also desire to rest and to read the books. Yea, because of the traffic to and from the libraries, and also to and from the Temple, the city of Mentinah has become an important city.

7) And behold, the councils of the city, and also of the region round about, over which the city had influence, did request that I bring together artisans again and that we build up the Temple and certain other parts of the city. And I did as the councils requested, and I caused that a work of construction be commenced to build up the Temple so that it could accommodate the many people who came to the city to participate in ordinances thereof.

8) Now behold, this is the manner of the Temple that I caused to be built under the direction of the council. The Temple consists of seven buildings whose foundations are made of stone from the surrounding mountains. But behold, we did only stretch forth our tools upon the stones to be used as the foundations of the Temples, and never did we construct any altar of cut stone.

9) And the floor of each building was completely flat and level, and stairs led up to the buildings. Notwithstanding, though stairs led up to the buildings, for they were all built upon a hill and to move from one Temple to the next in succession, one needed to ascend the hill. Wherefore, there was need for stairs to lead from one Temple up to another. But behold, within the Temple buildings there are no stairs, and the altars sit upon the level floor. Now, in this we believe we do follow the admonition of God. Yea, our altars are made of uncut stone and we have no stairs leading up to the altar.

10) And the Temples begin at the base of the hill with the Place of Adam, and they progress up the hill until one reaches the Place of Eve. And it is in the Place of Eve where the sacred anointing of husbands and wives takes place. Wherefore, the seven buildings of the Temple do form a stair ascending the Temple hill. And this Temple overlooks the lake and the surrounding country.

11) Now, we had much timber with which to build. Wherefore, we used timber in all our construction. And the workmanship of the timber was exceeding fine, surpassing any workmanship of wood that had ever been seen in the Land Northward. But behold, this was not by design, for we did not set out to build anything but that which was needed by the people. Notwithstanding, the artisans went to their work with such love and care that the finished Temple was beautiful beyond description. And behold, many visit the
Temple today merely to look upon the intricate designs with which the artisans adorned the Temple. Surely, it is a work of beauty unsurpassed in all the land, and I deem this right. For, ought we not to do our best work for the Lord? And it is a marvelous thing that the people do in making covenants in His Holy House. Wherefore, I can think of no better gift that the artisans could have made to their God, but that they give the finest work they could.

12) But this is not all. To honor the Lord, these same artisans did also make more commodious and comfortable the public houses wherein the visitors to the Temple do stay. This they did to remind the visitors, who came either for trade, to read the books orto go up to the Temple, of the sacred nature of the city of Mentinah and the sacred purpose the inhabitants thereof had taken upon themselves. Wherefore, the city of Mentinah grew in renown throughout all the land.

13) Now, as I have written in another place, the brethren of my father did return again unto the Nemenhah, just as Jesus foretold that they would, and they rejoiced in all that my father had done to prepare a place for their return. But behold, one Timothy, yea, even that Timothy who did ask with his brothers to remain until Christ should come again, journeyed with them. And he brought unto my father a book recounting all that had taken place in the Land Southward. And behold, because of this it became the custom of the people in the Land Northward and in the Land Southward to exchange records each year one with another. But this was a work that was taken up by the Three alone.

14) Wherefore, every year at the Festival of Lights, one or more of the Three do bring up unto us here in the North, word of all the doings of our relations in the South. And we do write all the things that they speak to us concerning them, and we do keep a record of their doing.

15) But this is not all. They do also teach us and we do sit at their feet to learn more perfectly the things of the Lord. For, the Three do not taste of death and do have constant concourse with Angels and with God. And behold, they do teach us how to place our feet upon the Way, that we may also have this great blessing. And many do avail themselves each year of their teachings. Behold, because of this, there are many prophets in the city of Mentinah and in the region round about, and we do enjoy a continual state of communion with the heavens. For we do walk and talk with our ancestors and with the spirits of just men and women made perfect. And our joy and our contentment at these happy and holy circumstances cannot be expressed.

Chapter Two
1) And now it is twenty and five years after the coming of Jesus unto the Nemenhah of Mentinah, and we have enjoyed continuous peace and thanksgiving in Mentinah. And we do welcome people from all parts of the world, even from the far isles of the sea both to the westward and to the eastward. And even there have come unto us visitors from far places in the north, where one may walk across the oceans in the cold season of the year. Yea, we do welcome and learn from all people who come to us to read the books and to participate with us in the ordinances of the Temple.

2) And I would speak somewhat about these ordinances, for they are precious to me and of great import to my people. Behold, the ordinances of the Temple do seal our work with that of the Lord. For, it is in the Temple that we betoken the covenants that we have made with God. Yea, we go up unto the Temple in order that our covenants may culminate in the tokens, which are given in holy ordinances. And these ordinances we do perform in the Temple.

3) And behold, every one of the Nemenhah are taught the meanings of the covenants from their youth. Yea, from the time that a little child is able to understand a mother’s words, the covenants and ordinances of the Temple are taught. In this way, no person may say that they do not know whereof they speak or act when they bow their heads and receive the laws of God.

4) These are the buildings of the Temple of Mentinah and their purposes. As I said before, the Temple is divided into seven buildings, each of which has a certain purpose.

The first is the Place of Adam. In this building we are instructed in all ways concerning the Law of Obedience. It is  here that we are instructed in the Everlasting Covenant and in the New and Everlasting Covenant.

Yea, we learn of our descent, of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost. We learn of the Mother and the Father and who they of a surety are, so that we may also know of a surety who we are.

Because of this instruction, we more fully
understand the words of the scriptures and the commandments of God. Yea, because of this instruction, we may covenant to keep the Law of Obedience, having received the knowledge of our pre-existent state.

5) Now, the purification after the manner of the Ammonites, as also the ordinance of baptism and of prayer and of fasting, are all ordinances preparatory to going up to the Place of Adam and it is well that we all take care to be pure and clean and that our intentions are good before we go up to the Temple.

6) From the Place of Adam, one moves into the Place of the World. This building has no stairs leading to it, but is on the same level as the Place of Adam.

In this building we are instructed of the creation of heaven and earth, and of the beautiful place wherein our first parents were placed. We learn of the decisions they had to make in order to provide for our existence. We also learn of the temptations of Satan and the consequences of following his counsel. We also learn of repentance. This is part of the Law of Obedience.

7) From the Place of the World, we ascend to the Place of Sacrifice.

In this place we learn the actions that our first parents made in order to become worthy to receive light and knowledge from heaven. We ascend into this building because it marks the first of the reparative footsteps of Adam and Eve, steps which we must also follow in order to return into the presence of God.

The Place of the World...In this place we are instructed in the meaning of the Law of Sacrifice and how we may also offer up a living sacrifice unto God for the sake of all living, and for the sake of the dead. It is in this place that the robes of the priesthood are placed upon the man and the woman. The woman wears the robes on both shoulders and the man on that shoulder fitting his development and his progress. The Place of Sacrifice

8) From the Place of Sacrifice, we ascend to the Place of Virtue. In this place we learn of all the ways in which Satan does try to pervert the right ways of the Lord. We learn of the Law of Chastity, which is representative of all the virtues of heaven. We learn how, by committing to bind ourselves to Christ, we do also bind ourselves unto our wife or our husband. Yea, it is through the Holy Spirit of Promise, even the Holy Ghost and His power, that we are sealed unto Christ. Wherefore, all covenants that we make, when we are sealed up His, remain operative both in the time of our earthly existence as well as into eternity.

The Place of Virtue…It is in this building that we make a covenant to our spouse and to God, and this covenant becomes a token of our commitment to aspire to all virtues and all the gifts of the Spirit.

9) From the Place of Virtue, we ascend to the Place of the Way.

In this place, we learn of the Way which the Creator provided whereby we may be introduced into that world wherein we may have constant concourse with Angels and with our relations. It is in this place that we learn and grow in all good things by and through the power of the Holy Ghost unto revelation.

Yea, we learn to walk upon the Way and receive abundantly of the grandfathers, and our hearts are turned unto them. And behold, when our hearts are turned unto the grandfathers, their hearts are also turned unto us. Yea, and we may receive such instruction there as cannot even be imagined here. Yea, insomuch that we may even be brought into the presence of the Christ, and be instructed directly by Him.

10) From the Place of the Way we ascend to the Place of the Endowment.

In this place we are instructed in all the ways and practices of the priesthood and how we may exercise it to the good of all people. But this is not all. It is also in this place that we receive the tokens of the covenants we have made. Wherefore, if our intentions remain pure, we may call upon the powers of heaven in times of need. And is this not an endowment of power? Yea, to walk upon the Way and to have the power of heaven is an endowment indeed.

( Personal note: Imagine living in Ancient America 2000 years ago…Imagine these Seven Temple Complexes;

1. The Place of Adam

2. The Place of The World

3. The Place of Sacrifice

4. The Place of Virtue

5. The Place of The Way

6. The Place of Endowment

7. The Place of Eve

Just imagine, being able to recieve this kind of instruction…Being able to go to The Place of The Way, Wow ! just Wow ! That Beautiful…cj )

11) From the Place of the Endowment we ascend to the Place of Eve. In this place the man is found to be worthy to stand with the woman and the robes of authority and of sovereignty and of priesthood are placed upon the shoulders of the man and the woman together. In this place the woman and the man perform the second anointing and they wait upon the Lord. It is in this place that the Lord does visit them and they receive a sure and certain witness of their acceptance before Him. Yea, He does take them by the hand and introduce them into that world wherein the Father dwells.

12) These are the seven buildings of the Temple, and they are most sacred.

Chapter Three

1) Now, I have written many records concerning the works of the Nemenhah during my lifetime and they are all placed in the libraries of Mentinah. Yea, I have written much, but I do perceive by the Spirit that not all of my writings will be brought out of the dust in the last days. For, the bulk of my writings have more to do with the earthly works of the people and of their building a nation.

To be Continued…cj

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