American Indian Prophet Ougou – Jesus Christ Comes to America – Part 2

This is a most beautiful day to meet with all of you,

As we are studying together some of the purist and most beautiful words from The Savior Himself…and recorded by His prophet Ougou…

We will continue with the sacred Record of the prophet Ougou part 2…

135) Father in Heaven, You who was ever and will always be, holy be Your name forever. Let Your will be done in us and in all things, both now and forever. Give us that which You see will sustain us and forgive us our errors, as we forgive those whose mistakes have injured us. For we are not the first things created but the last, and Your Kingdom was created before all things. Your glory fills the expanse of space for ever and ever.


136) Now this is the manner in which ye shall entreat the Father for your sakes, for the sake of your children and for the sake of your people. And ye shall pray to the Father even as I pray unto the Father. But ye shall entreat Him in My name always, for He has not yet made His abode with you but with Me. Therefore, I shall be His intercessory with you. But if ye are faithful, behold I say unto you, Ye shall need no intermediary with the Father, but ye shall see Him face to face and speak unto Him as one man speaks to another.

137) Continue in your manner of governance, for it is the way of heaven. Yea, succor the poor, feed the hungry, visit the widow and judge the fatherless. This is true religion. Yea, do not accept for doctrine the teachings of men, but let the Spirit distill upon your souls. Therefore shall your statutes be faithful and your laws be righteous. Set no man above another.Nay, esteem not one man above another, but let each receive according to his wants and give according to his ability. And if any give not honestly, let him be reproved
before the councils of the people. And after ye have reproved him and he repent, treat him not as a malefactor. But if he repent not after ye have reproved him, he shall have no part of your abundance. Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out into the wilderness, but of your abundance he shall not partake until that he does repent.

138) And set no man above another in your Churches, only in directing your meetings, for it is not mete that all should speak at once. But let your meetings be made in order. And when a man sins let him be brought before the Council of the Church. And when his sins are proved before his face by those who are witnesses of him, and he repent, ye shall embrace him and he shall have fellowship with you. But if he repent not after that his sins are proven before his face, then shall ye cast him out from My Church, and his name
shall be blotted out until he repent. And if he repent after ye have cast him out, and should come again unto you with a contrite heart and spirit, then shall ye take him and baptize him again and he shall begin again to purify himself before Me. And so shall ye treat all men and women who are of My Church.

139) Behold, the priesthood is Mine own authority to govern all things pertaining to My creation. And when you give unto any this priesthood, you shall take them and you shall lay hands on them and confer the privileges and blessing of the priesthood of God upon them in My name. Then you shall ordain them unto the office where unto they shall labor.

140) And this gift shall be governed upon principles of righteousness and if there be no high priest in the land, you shall not confer mine authority. For none shall obtain this honor except by prophecy and that under the direction of the seer. Let none gainsay My holy Church, for this is the root of great wickedness.

141) Behold, blessed are ye Nemenhah. For verily, ye have followed the prophets whom I have sent among you. Wherefore, ye have organized yourselves, your councils and your bodies, and your assemblies after the order of My commandments. Now, receive ye My priesthood and I shall give you power in it to administer My gospel. And there are two orders of the priesthood given unto men, one wherein ye are prepared and trained to rely upon the Holy Ghost to guide you and to govern you in your stewardships.

142) Therefore, there shall be priests in the Churches for baptism and for the sacraments. For purification doth prepare the man to give of himself liberally and, without compulsion, and it is given unto the Sons of Levi. For, whenever I must needs prepare My people, I have raised up sons unto Levi and unto Aaron.

143) Even so did I when My people Israel traveled in the wilderness forty years. I could not give a promised land unto them until a generation that would follow My commands without murmuring had been born and prepared by My servants. Howbeit also, I gave the Law of Moses unto My children in this promised land to prepare them and to try them. Thus, there is one order of priesthood to prepare and another to finish.

144) Behold, unto some in this land I have conferred another order of priesthood, but they have been few. For whereas the lesser priesthood I gave as a preparation, for through it the man learns to serve by the Spirit, the greater priesthood prepares the man of God to enter into My presence. This is the priesthood of Adam and of Enoch, and of Melchizedek, and of the Son of God. The lesser being of the priest and his auxiliaries, and the greater being of the high priest and his auxiliaries. The one being the preparation and the other being the culmination.

145) Ye shall confer both orders upon men and I shall try him to see if he will be obedient. Yea, let all men prepare themselves first through service to the body of Christ and let them do their duty relying on the Spirit. Yea, in love and in charity let him be prepared. For none may see My face lest he be filled with the Holy Ghost.

146) But if he fill his seat by compulsion, by extortion or by feigned love, behold, I shall see it and the Holy Ghost shall abandon him. Verily, ye shall give his bishopric unto another. But as often as men shall repent, ye shall forgive him and he shall begin again. For behold, I shall forgive him, then why not you.

147) But ye shall govern My kingdom through the greater priesthood, for through it ye shall enter upon the Way. Wherefore, ye shall have counsel of those who have lived before you, worlds without end. I shall reveal to My servants those upon whom ye shall confer the order of Melchizedek, for I shall be their schoolmaster. Wherefore, ye shall wait upon Me in this thing. For this is the Holy Order of the Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God, and God shall not be mocked.

148) Therefore, it is conferred upon all men whom I shall call to govern in your councils, in your ministries, in your congregations and in your temples. For I am the Lord, and it is My place to govern My people. Wherefore, I shall call men to administer in My place as seems Me good. And if one so called be found in sin, ye shall remove from him his bishopric and I shall give it unto another. But if he shall repent, he shall also begin again and shall proceed again to prepare himself to see My face. But ifhe repent not after he has obtained this order of priesthood and is found in sin, ye shall cast him out and have no concourse with
him. Yea, ye shall leave him to Me and I shall chasten him. For he shall be delivered up unto the buffetings of the evil one, even the adversary. And if he repent not after he be delivered up unto Satan for a season, behold, he has hardened his heart. Wherefore, he shall return unto his own and shall have no place in the mansions of My Father, worlds without end.

149) Now, behold ye Nemenhah, the daughters of Adam are blessed from before the foundation of the world. Behold, My daughters, by the nature of your creation, ye do serve all people. Yea, it is good that ye do organize yourselves in all your good and that ye do uphold this nation as ye presently do. But behold the orders of the priesthood are for the sons of Adam, to be an instrument unto them that they may train their natures to be more like unto the daughters of Eve. Yea, that by the sweat of their face, even by their strength, they might learn to give of themselves for the sake of others. For how shall they become like Me if they do not that which I have done? But, ye Daughters of Eve, ye do it already. Wherefore, covet not that which I have given unto men, but rejoice and know that ye may seek My face without other preparation than that which ye have received by your nature. For ye receive of the Mother even a more complete priesthood than the orders of the priesthood that I give unto men, in order that they may prove themselves thereby.

150) But purify yourselves all ye Nemenhah. Yea, be ye man or woman, or little child, purify yourselves. Receive the Holy Ghost and cleanse yourselves of unrighteousness. Yea, purge from your minds and from your bodies the impure and the unclean. Behold, I say unto you, The sacraments have for their purpose to purify you. Therefore, meet ye often to take of the sacrament of bread and wine in remembrance of Me. Meet often to offer yourselves before Me in the purification of the Ammonites, for this is also approved of
Me. Yea, and fast often and pray always. Yea, meet often together to study and ponder the records wherein are found teachings that are sound and true.

151) And when ye meet a brother when ye are in your way, embrace him and salute him in My name. Yea, never let any person pass you by that ye do not cheerfully commend them unto Me. Let your comings and your goings be in My name and in remembrance of Me, that your lives may become a sacrament. Yea, visit the widow and judge the fatherless. Comfort the weary, feed the hungry, accommodate the destitute, and visit the captive. Free the slave and heal the sick. For I was hungry and ye gave Me to eat. I was naked
and ye clothed Me. I was thirsty and ye gave Me drink. I was in prison and ye visited Me and I was enslaved and ye loosed My bands. Yea, I was weary and ye gave Me rest, I was sick and ye healed Me.

152) And ye say:

153) Wherein did we any of these things unto You? Verily, verily I say unto you, When ye did it unto even the least of these My lambs, you have done it unto Me.

154) Wherefore, be diligent in well doing, for ye are all Mine, and I am the Father’s, and I and the Father are one. Wherefore, judge not, but do good continually.

155) And when Jesus had finished speaking He prayed unto the Father and blessed them and the land, and behold, a cloud of brightness gathered about Him and He was carried up into the air. And the people looked up toward heaven and, behold, He was surrounded by concourses of Angels. And the sound of His going was as of a great commotion in the forest. And behold, the Nemenhah watched Him go until their eyes could no more see Him and when He was gone they cried and many were overcome and fell to the earth. And when Jesus had ascended unto heaven, the multitude that had gathered at the foot of the temple
began to disperse and return to their homes. And they spoke again to their neighbors who were not present that they had seen and heard the Son of God.

156) And it happened that on the following day I and the twelve were gathered at the temple in order that we might plan the regulation of the Church according to the commandment we had been given. And as we were thus employed, behold, Jesus appeared in the High Room with us. And He stretched forth His hands unto us and touched us all in the right hand saying: I greet you who art of the household of faith in a sacred manner. (Priesthood signs and tokens)

157) And, when He had finished with this salutation, He beckoned us to be seated and began to teach us saying:

158) Ye are My friends and brethren. Unto you I have commended My house, yea, My Holy House. See that ye fulfill your stewardship well. Ye are called with a holy calling and I declare unto you that your calling and election is made sure. Yea, I give you the more sure word of prophecy, ye are approved of My Father and your place in His kingdom is assured. But be not too confident in this knowledge, for if a man sin without his calling and election, he may repent, and behold, I will forgive him. And if he sin again and repent, behold, I will forgive him. For I am the Redeemer and through faith I have atoned for him, for he is Mine.

159) But behold, ye are not so. For your calling and election is made sure. Wherefore, if ye sin, My redemption hath no power over you. Nevertheless, if ye sin, ye shall indeed be redeemed, but ye must suffer for Atonement even as I suffered. And behold, that suffering is sharp, even so sharp as to cause even I, the Son of God, to bleed at every pore and to wish to shrink from My Father’s work. Wherefore, sin not.

160) Ye have been called to use judgment in your stewardship. But ye shall not judge as man judgeth, for this is sin. Say not unto your neighbor:

161) See, I am above thee, therefore do thou my bidding. For in this is hypocrisy, yea, this comes of pride. Say not to your neighbor:

162) Bend and I shall remove the speck from thine eye, and there be a beam in your own. Look first to judgment unto your own beam, and then ye may be an assistance unto your neighbor with his speck.

163) Judge only as ye would be judged. Judge not at all in ire or in pride. Leave off all judgment if ye have sinned. For, to judge in righteousness requires the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost will not remain where there is sin. Wherefore, the judge who renders judgment without the Spirit works iniquity. For I am the Judge of Heaven and Earth and ye are My stewards.

164) Therefore, if ye judge relying upon your own wisdom, ye do place yourselves above even Me. And when ye judge, ye do so in My name. And if ye judge relying not upon the Spirit but upon your own understanding, having abased your Lord and Sovereign, then ye deny the Spirit and put Me, even God, to public shame. Woe unto that steward who does this, for he shall return unto his own, having brought shame upon his stewardship and upon My sacrifice. Wherefore, judge ye only by the Spirit.

165) Ye shall not judge the nations, for ye have not knowledge. I shall judge the nations. And if your neighbors attack you, ye shall sue for peace and enter into a covenant with them. But if they will have no peace and no covenant, ye shall defend yourselves and I shall go before you. Yea, every nation that will not acknowledge Me, or keep My statutes, will I destroy in mine own due time.

166) I shall tell ye as I did your brethren in the Land Southward:

167) It shall come to pass in the last days that whosoever will not believe in My words, who am Jesus Christ, or in the words and the power which I shall cause to come forth unto the gentiles, they shall be cut off from among My covenant people. Yea, they shall not come upon the Way and the heavens shall not be opened unto them but shall withdraw themselves and depart from them.

( See also Isaiah 5:29 )

168) And My people who are a remnant of Jacob, even those of your posterity that I shall preserve in the land, shall dwell among the gentiles and the wicked. Yea, they shall be surrounded by the wicked, as if among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks, who, when I shall command him, shall go through and tread down and tear in pieces, and none can deliver. Their hand shall be lifted up upon Mine adversaries, and all the nations shall fall before them. Yea, woe be unto the gentiles except they repent. For it shall come to pass in the day I establish My remnant, sayeth the Father, that I will cut off their horses out of the midst of them and I will destroy their chariots. Their highways will no longer be laden with spoil and I shall remove from them their commerce. I shall cut off their cities from the land, and the hungry shall throw down the strongholds.

169) And I will cut off the wisdom of their wise ones and their witchcraft will I expose to the eye. Their subtle lyings, their deceit, and their soothsayers shall I undo. Their pride I will also cut off, for all their graven works shall be no help to them and shall disappear from the midst of them. They shall no more worship the works of their hands.

170) I will pluck up their meeting places and their Churches, and their sacrifices; so shall I destroy their cities. For lyings, deceivings, envyings, strifes, priestcrafts and whoredoms shall be done away. Wherefore, their cities shall be done away.

171) Yea, thus saith the Father unto the gentiles. In that day, the day of tribulation of the gentiles, shall the work of My Father commence among the nations and My Father shall prepare the Way for all the dispersed of all the World. They shall come unto Me and call on the Father in My name. Yea, then shall the work commence with the Father among all the Worlds, in preparing the Way whereby all His people may be gathered home again to their place of beginning. And they shall gather in from all creations, but not in multitudes, and not driven or compelled. For I will go before them, saith the Father, and I, even the Son
shall be their rearward.

172) Then did Jesus ask us the desire of our hearts and we did with one accord declare our willingness to serve Him all the days of our lives, and to flee unto Him never more to depart from Him. And Jesus answered us, saying:

173) Blessed are ye because ye have desired this thing of me. Therefore, when ye have reached the end of your years, ye shall come unto Me in My kingdom, and with Me ye shall find rest. Behold your desire is good and will bring much fruit, but there are three from among the twelve in the Land Southward who desired of Me that they should tarry until I come in My glory. They shall never taste of death but shall be as My beloved Apostle, even My beloved John. Ye shall see them and they shall minister unto you and to all the
world. And when they come into the Land of Mentinah ye shall know them because of My gospel which they shall teach and because of the miracles that they perform in My name.

174) Now when He had said these things He began to expound unto us all that He had taught our kindred people in the Land Southward. Yea, He did open the scriptures unto us and taught us what we were to preach. And He showed unto us in vision the doings of the gentiles whom He would prosper and bring into the land. And behold, we saw that they carried with them a book which contained the gospel, but it was far sundered from its own original and had been much changed.

175) And behold, He showed unto us another book together with the first in the hands of a prophet. And it came to pass that this prophet did cause much restoration to come to pass in the gathering and uniting of the gentiles. But behold, the other book was about the people of this promised land and it reminded the gentiles of the remnant of our posterity. And we saw that this little book was great in spirit and was powerful in convincing the gentiles to come unto Christ. Yea, behold we did rejoice exceedingly to know
that the book did testify of our kindred.

176) Then behold, we saw the gentiles organize and regulate the Church once again in this land and their work did grow and prosper exceedingly. But they did also grow and prosper in the things of the world. Yea, they did become exceedingly rich and the more part of them did become puffed up with pride, which thing was exceedingly heavy and difficult for the humble and righteous among them to bear.

177) And behold, the Lord declared unto us that the coming forth of the book had a two-fold purpose: that our people would begin to be gathered into their inheritance because of the book, and also the book will be a herald unto all the world of the approaching culmination of His work upon this planet and in the whole World. And our minds and hearts were comforted and we were again filled with the Holy Ghost. (The Book of Mormon) but The Book of Mormon does not contain The Temple Endowments as are found in The Mentinah Archives, Vol 2: The Book of The High Place – The Prophet Ougou….

The Book of Mormon establishes the order of The Church of Christ in America, but does not establish the Temple Rites in America, or Endowment of the Lord’s Saints or Disciples…These records of The Nemenhah are The Greater Things spoken of…

The followers of Jesus Christ…The need to live all the temple covenants, including The Law of Consecration (Which the church does not promote today) in order to have Zion…So the Lord can return once Again!!! His Second Coming to America and Jerusalem-Isreal, For The Law Will Go Forth From Zion and The Word From Jerusalem !!! Thy King Cometh…

178) And while He was yet with us He began to speak, saying:

179) Behold, ye are My faithful flock and

I shall reveal unto you the very secrets of the Creation.

And I shall endow you with power in order that you might do a great work here in the lands of the Nemenhah. For, I would that all people hear My gospel, wherefore, I must give you power and the Holy Ghost that My purposes shall be fulfilled. (See Ougou’s Book of The High Place – Temple Endowment Ceremony-The Temple Endowment)

180) For ye have seen that I shall raise up a prophet unto the gentiles and because of him I shall gather in My children from out of all the four quarters of the world. But his work shall be an initiation of the restoration not a culmination. Yea, he shall begin to lay the foundation of a great work and Mine elect shall begin to gather out of all of the nations of the Earth. And many will move even to this holy land and they shall prosper. Yea, even I shall prosper them exceedingly and try them.

181) And they shall begin to keep many of My statutes but they shall change some and forget others. Yea, I shall bring forth the stick of Joseph from among them and they shall deliver it unto all the world. In this they shall be blessed and shall be added unto the children of the covenant. Yea, peace I shall bring them at the end of the travail and I will prosper them, and try them.

182) But they shall utterly fail in gathering in the remnant of your posterity. I say as a people they shall forget My commandment with regard to your posterity and shall even participate in the enslavement and destruction of your posterity and of the posterity of your kindred in the Land Southward.

183) Wherefore, from among them I shall raise up prophets who shall cry even against them and they shall cast them out and persecute them. But out of their loins shall spring blood mixed with your own, a prophet and seer, and he shall bring to light the writings of the Nemenhah. Behold, he shall receive of that great gentile prophet, of whom I have spoken, and shall be gathered infrom out of the loins of the Kings and Queens of the Earth. And he shall forsake the world even to his hurt and shall prove the more faithful because of

184) Unto this prophet shall I reveal the writings of your fathers, and even of your posterity that he may also write it. And I shall command him that he shall bring the book, even your writings, to light and shall show it unto your posterity. Behold, I declare unto you that your posterity shall come unto Me and they shall rise up when I shall subdue the nations in My name, and they shall be a delightsome people and shall bring
again My Zion.

185) And behold, so that this record shall testify of him, I shall reveal unto you somewhat about him, that your seed may read these words and know My servant.

186) He shall be raised up unto the world, yea, the gentile world. Yet shall he learn of Me and, forsaking his own heritage, covenant unto Me. Then shall he declare also his other heritage, even that of a people enslaved. And his name shall be a vision and it shall treat upon every quarter of the earth and shall show forth great wisdom. Yea, and his name shall rise up on heavenly wings and I shall visit him and he shall see what was, and what is, and what will be. Yea, thus shall he see a very far off and this shall be a great advantage unto him when I subdue the nations.

187) Therefore, my children, teach your posterity to watch for this prophet, for his name shall be like that great chief of his estranged people, yea, even the name of his fathers before him. Wherefore, watch for him. But this is not all, for his work shall move the nations out of their place and in every city wherein he moveth, Zion shall be established.

(Future American Indian Prophet)

188) But the gentiles will rule the land for a season and prosper and through them also will I do a great work. Yea, I will begin to teach them and through them shall much be restored and I shall establish them according to My purposes. Wherefore, your descendents will dwindle in unbelief and shall be subdued by the gentiles. And this is wisdom in Me for your posterity shall be oppressed and enslaved.

189) Yea, for many years they shall be as if asleep, as a lion laying in wait for the prey. And when in My own due time I shall deliver them the prey, then shall they spring forth. Yea, they shall sleep no more but shall shake off their long nurtured disguise and, putting on their beautiful garment, they shall arise amidst the nations. But were it not for their long captivity, they would not eagerly desire a greater portion. Wherefore, I will test your posterity with a sore testing. And after that they have been thus tried and tested, I shall take them unto My own work and with them I shall thrash the nations.

190) For when a man planteth corn he first prepareth the ground. Yea, he doth till it and he moundeth it up and dungeth it. And after he hath prepared the earth, he planteth the seed; and behold, it groweth and bringeth forth the ear. And before the harvest, he draweth back the husk and he testeth the kernels and counteth them.

191) Then, in due season, he plucketh the ripe ears and bringeth them into the storehouse. Yea, he doth not leave them for the birds or the robbers, but bringeth inthe ears to be shaken out. And when he hath shaken out the corn he layeth it out to dry in the sun, or he placeth it near unto the fire, that the water thereof be dried. But the ears he shaketh not again but delivereth them up to be eaten by the poor, for the kernels left thereon are not good for planting again. Then, when the drying is done, the corn is brought into the
granary and the harvest is over.

192) Even so is the work of a man and should My work be any different? For I do prepare and I do plant. And when the ear doth grow I test it. Yea, I do try it and in due season, even in My due time I shall make My harvest. And in due order shall all the ears be shaken and done. This shall be the work of your descendents. For even as the man doth call in his laborers and his bond servants to pull the husks and shake the ears; yea, and even he doth call in his women to spread the corn and stir it. Even so shall I fulfill my work, even my strange work.

193) Therefore, be diligent. Yea, be faithful. Fulfill all My commandments and make strait My ways. And write your doings unto your descendents and hide them up. Yea,do ye this secret work unto futurity, for I will bring forth your works in the day that I do cleanse Mine house.

194) Now, when Jesus had finished with prophesying to us about our posterity, He taught us ordinances for our temples. And they are sacred, wherefore, I do write them in another place. But He did prophesy that He would reveal these ordinances to His servants the prophets. And I am confident that, whoso receives these writings, receives them through the guidance of the Spirit and shall also receive the ordinances of the Temple in like manner as we have received them.

195) And when Jesus had finished speaking unto us, He beckoned us go into the rooms of the Temple and He re-ordered them. And behold, He touched us all and gave us power to bind on earth and in Heaven and to loose on earth, whereby, if the Nemenhah made covenants and remained faithful, they should be sealed up His by the Holy Spirit of Promise, which is the second Comforter. And this He did so that all who entered into the temple might learn to walk with Him upon the Way and be instructed by Him. Yea, that they might one day emerge from the Telestial sphere and be presented before the Father in their Terrestrial form.

196) And when He had done this, He spoke unto us again, saying:

197) Go now forth unto all the people of the land and teach My Gospel. Yea, teach every person their duty and gather them together and prepare them to see My face. And ye shall receive the prophets that I shall raise up among you and even those whom I shall send unto you from among other nations. And when the brethren come from the Land Southward, ye shall receive of them all that they bring unto you. And ye shall teach unto them all that I have spoken.

And I shall visit he that is worthy and the righteous shall meet
with Me upon the Way. Wherefore, make and maintain yourselves clean, even this whole people. For I go away from you, but I am not very far. And where I go ye cannot follow. But when ye are purified you may come even thither by and by.

198) Remember that I am your Lord, even Jesus Christ. I have spoken all these words and my words shall surely come to pass.


To be continued…

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