More Indian Legends

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More Indian Legends;

The Legend of Winnedumah

Long, long ago there lived in what the white man calls Owens River Valley, two tribes, one, the Paiutes, occupying the eastern side and the slopes of the Inyo Range, the other the Waucobas on the western side on the slopes of the Sierras and in particular the region about Mt. Williamson and extending westward to the valley now called San Joaquin.

The roaring ocean backed up its waters and flooded the wonderful valley, so that the Indians had to signal to each other by fires, but the Great spirit sent a terrible earthquake which shook the mountains for many days, and the pale waters fled away and the green grass came again. The tribes were at war.

One day on his lookout on Mt. Williamson, a Waucoba Brave, espying two Paiute brothers ascending the crest of the Inyo Range set to the sinewy bow-string of his mighty bow, an arrow made from a tree growing only in the western mountains. The arrow released from the twanging bow, winged its way fifteen miles across the valley and pierced the back of one of the Paiutes, who fell dead, his body turning to stone and lying face down across the crest. Head to the east, and feet to the west, terrified his brother started to run, but the Waucoba warrior in a voice of thunder shouted to him the command, Winnedumah! which means, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. And lo, the Paiute instantly became the shaft of granite and has never since moved, awaiting his release by the great spirit.

Marvelous to tell the fatal arrow took root in the stone body of its victim and grew into a tree, still living like that from which the arrow was made and the only one of its kind in the Inyo Range.

An Indian Legend.

The coast people in northern California have a story about a mysterious people, the Hohgates, which reminds one of Hagoth. They are supposed to have erected the immense bed of mussel shells and bones on the table land near Crescent City, California. The Hohgates are said to have come in a boat, to have built houses, etc., as far back as the time the first natives came down from the north. They were hunters and fishers. They sailed to certain rocks and filled their boats with mussels. They had plenty of food, and the shells and bones thereof rapidly became a great shell mound.

One day, the Hohgates being out to sea struck a huge sea lion with their harpoon, and, unwilling to cut their line, were dragged toward a great whirlpool far toward the northwest. That was the place where souls go, where in darkness and cold, the spirits shiver forever. But just as their boat reached the edge of that fearful place, the rope attached to it broke and the sea monster was swept down into the whirlpool, while the Hohgates were caught up into the air. Swinging round and around their boat floated up into the heavens. Nevermore were they seen on earth, but there were seven stars in the skies that all men know of, and these stars are seven Hohgates that once lived where the shell mound now is.

Choctaw Flood Legend

In the far distant ages of the past, the people, whom the Great Spirit had created, became so wicked that he resolved to sweep them all from the earth, except Oklatabashih (People’s mourner) and his family, who alone did that which was good. He told Oklatabashih to build a large boat into which he should go with his family and also to take into the boat a male and female of all the animals living upon the earth.

He was sent as a prophet among them, who went from tribe to tribe and from village to village proclaiming the fearful tidings that the race was soon to be destroyed. No one paid any attention to him, however, and people went on in their wickedness as carelessly as ever. But one year, with the coming of autumn, mists and clouds gathered over the earth, so that there was no sun shining by day nor did the moon and stars light up the gloom of night. The situation grew gradually worse until the earth became shrouded in total darkness. The air was chill and all animate nature became silent. People too became silent and perplexed, but yet they gave no evidence of repenting for their evil deeds. They were compelled to find their way from place to place by light of torches.

The food that they had stored away became mouldy and unfit to eat. Soon the silence of the skies was broken by muttering thunder. As time went on, the thunderings grew louder and spread to almost every quarter of the sky. The wild beasts, overcome with terror, lost their dread of man and crept up around the village fires that gave the only relief from the general darkness and cold. People grew despondent, and the death songs were chanted everywhere. The Medicine Men could offer no explanation and had no hope to offer the striken people. But yet there was no repentance, no turning of a sinful people back to the Great Spirit – only a sullen fatalism.

One day very suddenly there came a crash of thunder much louder than had ever been heard before. The whole earth seemed to shake and tremble with the reverberation. Then, as people looked towards the north, they seemed to see a light – the first they had seen for many a long dark day. But whatever hope may have been aroused in their breasts was dissipated. For what they saw was not the return of the long lost sun, but it was the gleam of a great mountain of water, advancing in great billows from the north, covering the entire earth and destroying everything in its path. With the cry, “Oka Falamah, Oka Falamah” (the returning waters, the returning waters) the doomed people turned away in one last vain effort to escape. But there was no escape. All earth was at once overwhelmed in the mighty return of waters, except the great boat which, by the guidance of the Great Spirit, rode safely upon the rolling and dashing waves that covered the earth. During many moons the boat floated safely o’er the vast sea of waters.

Finally Oklatabashih sent a dove to see if any dry land could be found. She soon returned with her beak full of grass, which she had gathered from a desert island. Oklatabashih, to reward her for her discovery, mingled a little salt in her food. Soon after this the waters subsided and the dry land appeared: then the inmates of the great boat went forth to repeople another earth.
The Wichita, an Indian tribe of Oklahoma;

Tell the following story of “The Deluge and the Re-poling of the Earth”: “There came to the people some signs, which showed that there was something in the north that looked like clouds; and the fowl of the air came, and the animals of the plains and woods were seen. All of this indicated that something was to happen. The clouds that were seen in the north were a deluge. The deluge was all over the face of the earth.”

The water monsters succumbed. Only four giants remained, but they fell, too, each on his face. “The one in the south as he was falling said that the direction he fell should be called south.” The other giant said that “the direction in which he was falling should be called west — Where-the-sun-goes”. The third fell and named the direction of his fall north; the last called his direction “east — Where-the-sunrises”.

Only a few men survived. The wind also survived on the face of the earth; everything else was destroyed. A child was born to a woman (from the wind), a Dream-girl. The girl grew rapidly. A boy child was born to her. “He told his people that he would go in the direction of the east, and he was to become the Morning Star.”

This tale sounds like an incoherent story, but let us note its various elements: “something in the north that looked like clouds” which made people and animals huddle together in apprehension of an approaching catastrophe; wild beasts emerging from the forests and coming to human abodes; an engulfing tide that destroyed everything, even the monster animals; the determination of the new four quarters of the horizon; a generation later the birth of the Morning Star.
This combination of elements cannot be accidental; all these events, and in the same sequence, were found to have occurred in the middle of the second millennium before the present era.

The Indians of the Chewkee tribe on the Gulf Coast tell: “It was too hot. The sun was put ‘a handbreadth’ higher in the air, but it was still too hot. Seven times the sun was lifted higher and higher under the sky arch, until it became cooler.”
In eastern Africa we can trace the same tradition. “In very old times the sky was very close to the earth.”

The Kaska tribe in the interior of British Columbia relate: “Once a long time ago the sky was very close to the earth.” The sky was pushed up and the weather changed.
The sun, after being stopped on its way across the firmament, “became small, and small it has remained since then”.

Here is a story, told to Shelton by the Snohomish tribe on Puget Sound, about the origin of the exclamation “Yahu”. “A long time ago, when all the animals were still human beings, the sky was very low. It was so low that the people could not stand erect. … They called a meeting together and discussed how they could raise the sky. But they were at a loss to know how to do so. No one was strong enough to lift the sky. Finally the idea occurred to them that possibly the sky might be moved by the combined efforts of the people, if all of them pushed against it at the same time. But then the question arose of how it would be possible to make all the people exert their efforts at exactly the same moment. For the different peoples would be far away from one another, some would be in this part of the world, others in another part.

What signal could be given that all people would lift at precisely the same time? Finally, the word ‘Yahu!’ was invented for this purpose. It was decided that all the people should shout ‘Yahu!’ together, and then exert their whole strength in lifting the sky. In accordance with this, the people equipped themselves with poles, braced them against the sky, and then all shouted ‘Yahu!’ in unison. Under their combined efforts the sky rose a little. Again the people shouted ‘Yahu!’ and lifted the heavy weight. They repeated this until the sky was sufficiently high.” Shelton says that the word “Yahu” is used today when some heavy object like a large canoe is being lifted.
Could this also be the waters which carved out the Grand Canyon?……

Compliments of Speck…..

Ages before the first appearance of the white man, a dreadful flood visited the earth. Water fell from the heavens, gushed forth from the earth, and rolled in from the east and from the west, until the whole earth was submerged, destroying not only man and beast, but the wild Apache and the tawny coyote as well.

“Many of the people of Zuni rushed to the top of this lofty mesa; but by far the greater part, being unable to reach it, miserably perished in the surging waters. “In the midst of all this terrible flood, darkness came upon the earth. The sun forgot to rise, and gloom and desolation reigned supreme.

“Still the waters rose higher and higher, the Great Spirit thus showing himself to be exceedingly wroth with his children, who must offer him a fitting sacrifice, in order to
appease his anger, and induce him to abate the flood that he so suddenly and disastrously visited upon them. “After much hesitation, and many forebodings of evil, they at last determined to offer the only son and daughter of their cacique, the most beautiful youth and maiden in the tribe, as a propitiatory sacrifice.

“Binding their victims hand and foot, they carried them to the edge of the bluff, and hurled them into the seething waters below. A short time the flood was assuaged, having reached
the line, at this day distinctly visible, about thirty feet below the top of the mesa. “The small remnant of the people of Zuni, who had sought and( found a refuge on the summit of the mesa, were thus saved; and they here built the town, the ruins of which were around us, and erected the two monuments before spoken of, to mark the spot where the beautiful victims were made an offering to appease the wrath of the Great Spirit, that the remembrance of this terrible catastrophe might be perpetuated to the end of all time.”

The Hopi Stone Tablet

When the White Brother walked and talked with the Hopi Indians he taught them many things pertaining to His way of life, and told them the things that they must do to be saved in his kingdom, and they call it everlasting life. When He was getting ready to leave them they were sad and they said, “Please do not leave us. We wish that you stay with us and be our leader always. Wont you please stay and be our chief and lead us forward?” And the White Brother said, “No, I am sorry, I cannot stay at this time and be your religious leader or your chief, because I must return to my Father, he is waiting for me. But if you will remember to do the things that I have taught you and to always remember to be faithful, your White Brother will return to you in the last days before this earth is destroyed.

I am going to give you some ­thing to preserve and to take care of for your White Brother.
Then he showed them two stone tablets that he had that were identical. They were most beautiful and on these stone tablets were writings in ancient Hebrew or Egyptian. The stone tablet itself is carved pink marble. Besides instructions and the commandments how to live this life to be saved, there were prophesies concerning the last days, and that is the very last days’ prophesies – signs that would take place just prior to the return of the white brother when he would come to these Indians. Then the white brother said,

“I want you to notice that these two stone tablets fit together.  I am going to separate them.  I am going to give you one and I am going to take the other with me. In the last days there will be a White Brother who will return to you with this other stone tablet that I am taking. It will have exactly that same writing on it that is on your stone tablet. I am going to teach you what that writing says you must never forget it, and when the White Brother returns to you with the other stone tablet that he will have, it will have that same writing; it will be identical to yours and He will be able to read your stone tablet and tell you everything that is on your stone. They will fit together because where I am separating then they interlock and they will fit together again, showing that they are one and the same tablet.

He taught them the prophesies regarding the last days, and told them that they must go over these prophesies daily in their keva, that they must never forget them, that if ever one word is left off they must start at the beginning end go over them all. He said, that they must never forget the things that they were taught there that day, to remember these prophesies and to watch for them, because in the last days they would be fulfilled.

When they were starting to be fulfilled they would know for a surety that the White Brother is ready to return to the earth.

The Hopis took the tablet and prized it greatly. And then He took the other stone tablet with him and walked on what they call to this day the “Sacred Highway”.
He walked away from them into the east and faded into the heavens and He
has not been seen since.

But before He left them be said this to them, “I will be near you. You may not see me but I will be near you.” And before He left them the Hopi said, Where is your home? Where do you live? Where does your Father live?” And he said, My Father lives at Oraibi.” And they said, “Where is that?” And be said, “Do you see that white stone there on the other side of this village?” And they said, “yes.”

And He said, “That is Oraibi and it is there that my Father lives and although you cannot see him my Father lives there, and He is near to you. He has his hand over you for good and I will be near Him. I am going to return to Him and We will be with you often.” and that is when He walked away from them, and walked into the east and faded into the heavens with the other stone tablet.

The Hopis to this day still have the stone tablet that the White Brother left them in their keva and it is kept by their clan – I believe it is the Sun clan, or Fire clan in Old Oraibi “and it has bean guarded in all these hundreds and hundreds of years. It went on for hundreds of years that the Hopis wondered if the prophecies would ever be fulfilled that were on the stone tablet.

They wondered about them because although they went over them daily in their keva, still it seemed as though nothing ever cane to pass. Then finally their prophesies started to be fulfilled. One of the prophesies that was fulfilled was that there would be a carriage come to them with animals pulling it. This was when the horse and buggy, or the wagon pulled with oxen or how ever it was, that was the sign to the Hopis that there was the carriage being pulled with animals for the Hopi at that time never had any animals or any car­riages to be pulled. Then they ware told that there would be a carriage go across the land that would look like many houses connected together and it would go without nothing pulling it and they wondered how that could ever happen, how that could ever be fulfilled.

But when the train was invented the Hopi Indian knew then that that was one of their prophecies that was being fulfilled. So the carriages went across the land, looking like. it ‘was carrying many house, and toy recognized the train, they knew another one of their prophesies from the stone tablet was being fulfilled. Then it said that the carriage that was being pulled with horses would go without horses pulling it. And when the car was invented the knew that prophecy was fulfilled.

Then there would be many roads in the sky and people would be traveling in the sky. They watched the sky and the heavens and thought, – Oh, how could that prophesy ever be fulfilled. But eventually the airplane was invented and happily the Hopi knew that another one of the prophecies from the stone table had come to pass.

Another prophesy was the there would be many roads put across their land and that they would go all directions, and that from a distance these roads would look like running water. They couldn’t figure that out for a long time and it was not until after 1959 that the hard top oil road was put on the road out to Hopi land, and then they recognized another prophesy being fulfilled. Sure enough, from a distance, the hard topped oil roads looked like water running across the land. This is just a few of the Hopi prophecies I have brought to light at this particular tine.

There are many more. There is one of great importance.

This is the one that caused the Hopi to act and to act immediately because something had to be done. This was the prophesy that stated – when a houses of mica is built upon this land and all the nations of the world flow there to air their grievances, then whoever is the leader of the Hopi at that particular time must go to this house of mica (Glass) and warn all the nations of the world of the day of purification, that the White Brother is ready to return to the earth.

The Hopis watched and watched for this prophesy to be fulfilled. Finally the y read in the paper where the United Nations building had been built in New York and is was made of glass walls and that all the nations of the world were going there to air their grievances, just as it had been said in the prophecy on the stone tablet, Immediately they knew that that was the house of mica, or the house of glass and that they must go there now and warn all the nations of the day of purification.

So six Hopi Indians, the religious leader Dan Katchongva, David Monongye, Ralph Tawanga, Thomas Banyacya, and James ????? , went to the United Nations building in New York to warn all the nations of the world of the day of purification.

I can picture the Hopi as they were getting ready to go because since that time I have been out there and I have seen them prepare to go and take their message to other peoples, because a message must go to the world now. A sign has been given in heaven above and earth beneath, the Hopi message must go to the world. And so they held food sales and sold jewelry and belts and pottery and all manner of things they make themselves, to raise money. They are not wards of the government; they have never accepted money from the United States government, they are self supporting.

So the six Hopi Indians raised their own money and went back to the United Nations building, thrilled to know that now they were going back in fulfillment of a prophesy from the stone tablet, to warn all the nations of the world who were going to meet there in the house of glass walls, of the day of purification, that the white brother was ready to return to the earth.

When they got there they received a sad greeting. The old religious leader went to the information desk and told then who he was and that they had come all the way from Arizona to give a message to the United Nations Conference. They were told that they could not be admitted, that their message must be in writing and that they must write first for admittance. They said that they did not have that much time, and that they had come all the way from Arizona to give their message.

They were told “That does not make a bit of difference. We are sorry but we cannot admit you to the United Nation Building, not to the conference at this time.” And so they were turned away, As they were leaving the building, their hearts heavy within them because they had traveled so far, they decided to look around the house of glass walls, noting the height and beauty of the building, they were invited into some of the other United Nations rooms just to look around, and they bumped into some of their other Indian friends from other parts of the country, and they also had been given a sign that they must go to the United Nations to warn the nations of the world of the day of purification.

The Hopi then learned that they weren’t the only Indians that had been given this sign of recognition that they must do this. The Tuscarora Indians were there from New York for the same purpose. But none of them were admitted.They were happy to meet their Indian brother from across the country.

The Tuscarora Indians said, “Inasmuch as you have come all the way from Arizona to give this message to all the Nations of the word of the day of purification and that the white brother is ready to return, and we also have our message, we will meet at the long house in New York, on the Tuscarora Indian reservation and we will give our message there.” So they invited the Hopi Indians to Syracuse, New York, where they went to give their message to the Tuscarora, the Senica, and the six nations of the Iroquois, the same message that they would have given to the people of the United Nations had they have been admitted.

While they were giving their message the old chief, Dan Katchongva, made the statement – he was not surprised when they were turned away from the United Nations building in New York and were not admitted to give their message to the nations of the world, because wasn’t it further prophesied on their stone tablet for that which had not been told them they should see, and for that which they did not hear, they should consider.

You may compare this if you wish, to Third Nephi, chapter 21 of the Book of Mormon, and you will read where Jesus Christ was speaking of the Indian, or the Lamanite people, in the last days when a sign was given to them this would happen. The only difference in the passage of scripture in the Book of Mormon and the one quoted by Dan Katchongva was this – in the Book of Mormon it states Kings shall shut their mouths for that which had not been told them they shall see, and for that which they did not hear they shall consider. So the Hopi Indians gave their message to the Indian nations of people that met at Syracuse, New York – the Tuscarora Indians gave their message – and there was a happy reunion among the Indian people from all across this land.

Although they were not permitted to give their message to the white people and the people representing the world at the United Nation building in New York, still this very important message was given to their Indian people. And as it was prophesied in the Book of Mormon, for that which had not been told them they shall see – in other words they had not been permitted to give their message to the United Nations and to all the kings a rulers

– because it says in the Book of Mormon kings shall shut their mouths. They had not been permitted to give it to the kings and rulers, still those same kings and rulers, many of them would be alive to see and hear their word, that the white brother was ready to return to the earth, and although they would not here them they would see this happen, and although they would not hear them they would live to consider the words that were spoken that day.






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